11 Tarot Spreads For Beginners (For Love, Guidance & Everything Else)

Starting to learn tarot cards is exciting, but it can also be a bit confusing. Think of it like learning to ride a bike; at first, it seems tricky, but once you get the hang of it, you’re off on an adventure. For beginners, it’s super helpful to start simple, and that’s where the 3, 4, and 5-card spreads come in. These spreads are great when you’re just getting started, helping you explore topics of love, life advice, and the journey from the past to the future without getting lost.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at these easy-to-use tarot spreads that are perfect for anyone just starting out. Whether you’re curious about your love life, looking for some guidance, or trying to understand how your past is going to affect your future, these spreads are a great place to start!. They’re simple, but don’t let that fool you. They pack a lot of insight and can really help you get to know the tarot cards and yourself a whole lot better. Let’s dive in and start this exciting journey together!

Three Card Tarot Spreads

Past Present Future

Past Present Future Tarot Spread

The Past, Present, Future tarot spread is a timeless and straightforward layout that helps you understand how past events have shaped your current situation and also provides a glimpse into where you’re headed. It’s great for gaining clarity and perspective on your life’s trajectory. Here’s what each card means in the spread.

  1. Past Card: This is your reflection card, looking back at the lessons learned, obstacles overcome, and the foundation that has been built. It highlights the experiences that have led to your current situation, offering insights into how your past actions and decisions are influencing your present.
  2. Present Card: Of course, the present is about your current state, showing us your immediate situation, feelings, and challenges. This card is a snapshot of the now, guiding you to understand what is directly affecting your path and how your current mindset or circumstances are shaping your future.
  3. Future Card: And the last card is foretelling us of what’s to come, it shows the glimpse of potential outcomes and paths forward. It represents your direction and possible future based on the trajectory set by your past and present. Remember, the future is fluid, and this card encourages mindfulness about the choices and actions that lead to different futures.

Best Time to Use:

  • At Significant Turning Points: Such as graduating, starting a new job, or entering a new relationship, to understand how past experiences are shaping your present and might influence your future.
  • During Periods of Uncertainty or Change: To gain insights into the trajectory of your current path and how you might need to adjust to achieve your desired outcomes.
  • At the End of a Cycle: Like the end of the year, after completing a big project, or following a breakup, to reflect on your growth and plan your next steps.

Blessings Challenges Action

Blessings Challenges Action Tarot Spread
  1. Blessings Card: The first card draws attention to the positive influences and resources at our disposal. It’s a reminder of the good in our lives, be it in the form of personal strengths, supportive relationships, or fortunate circumstances. Acknowledging these blessings is not just about gratitude; it’s about recognizing the tools we have to navigate our journey.
  2. Challenges Card: The second card confronts us with the current obstacles or conflicts that may be standing in our way. These challenges are not roadblocks but signposts, urging us to think creatively and grow. By identifying and understanding these challenges, we’re better prepared to face them head-on and find ways to move forward.
  3. Outcome Card: The third card provides a glimpse into the potential future, shaped by how we leverage our blessings and navigate our challenges. This card doesn’t predict a fixed destiny; instead, it offers a projection based on the present trajectory, inviting us to consider if we are on the path we wish to follow or if adjustments are needed.

Best Time to Use:

This spread is most effective when you’re at a crossroads or feeling a bit lost in life.

  • During Times of Personal Reflection: Like at the start of a new year or on your birthday, to assess your current situation and plan for the year ahead.
  • When Facing a Major Life Decision: To weigh the pros and cons and understand the potential challenges and benefits.
  • Whenever You Feel Overwhelmed: To gain clarity on the positive aspects of your situation and the obstacles you need to overcome.

Situation Action Outcome

Situation Action Outcome Tarot Spread
  1. Situation Card: This is the starting point. It helps you see what you’re facing right now. Like a snapshot, this card captures the essence of the moment or issue at hand, helping you to understand the context and specifics of your current situation. It’s crucial for setting the scene and getting a handle on what’s really going on.
  2. Action Card: Next up, this card suggests a course of action. Based on the current situation, it offers ideas or strategies for what you might do next. It’s like getting advice on how to respond or which direction to take. This step is about exploring your options and considering what moves could lead to the best outcome.
  3. Outcome Card: Finally, this card gives you a glimpse into the future. It predicts the possible result of taking the suggested action. Think of it as looking into a crystal ball to see how things might unfold if you follow the advice given. While the future is always uncertain, this card can give you a sense of direction and potential endgame.

Best Time To Use

The Situation, Action, Outcome spread is a fantastic way to gain clarity when you’re at a crossroads or just need some guidance. It helps you break down complex situations into manageable parts: understanding what’s happening, figuring out what to do about it, and seeing where your actions might lead. This approach empowers you to make informed decisions and move forward with confidence, knowing you’ve considered your situation from all angles.

Improving Finances

Improving Finances Tarot Spread

The “Improving Finances” tarot spread is a focused three-card layout aimed at enhancing your financial awareness and encouraging healthier money management. By identifying your main financial leak, recognizing your strongest financial advantage, and helping you find a strategy to harmonize these aspects, it gives you such a great idea on how you can get more money for yourself. Here’s a closer look at what each card represents and when this spread might be most beneficial for you.

  1. Drain Card: This card points out where your finances might be leaking or what’s causing your resources to diminish. It highlights unnecessary expenses, debts, or areas where you’re overspending without realizing it. Understanding this card is crucial because it shows you what you need to change or cut back on to improve your financial situation.
  2. Financial Asset Card: The financial asset card is about your financial strengths and assets. It could be skills, investments, savings, or other resources you have that can be leveraged to increase your wealth. Recognizing these assets is empowering; it helps you see what you have working in your favor and how you can use these advantages more effectively.
  3. How to Balance Them Card: The final card in this spread is here to offer wisdom on how to bring your finances into harmony. This card is drawn to help give you strategies for managing your money better, and combining the lessons from the first two cards. The advice you should try to draw can vary from saving, investing, reducing debts, or finding a middle ground between spending and saving.

Best Time to Use This Spread:

  • At the start of a new year or financial quarter, when setting goals and budgets.
  • When you’re feeling financially stressed or uncertain and need clarity on how to proceed.
  • Before making significant financial decisions, like investing, buying a home, or starting a business.
  • Anytime you wish to assess your financial health and look for ways to improve it.

What Stands In Your Way Of Fulfilment

What Stands In Your Way Of Fulfilment

This tarot spread is all about helping you achieve your personal goals and overcoming hurdles. It comprises three pivotal cards that guide you through understanding your sense of fulfilment, identifying any obstacles in your path, and helping you figure out the next steps you need to move through them. Here’s what each card symbolizes and the optimal timing for using this spread:

  1. Fulfilment: This card is about what truly satisfies you at your core. It help remind you of the achievements, states of being, or relationships that bring you a deep sense of contentment and joy. It’s also here to help you understand your current satisfaction levels and what areas of your life contribute most significantly to your sense of fulfilment.
  2. Obstacle: The second card brings to light the primary challenges or barriers preventing you from reaching your full potential or achieving your desired state of fulfilment. These could be external circumstances, internal conflicts, or even unrecognized fears and doubts that hinder your progress.
  3. What to Do: Offering guidance on how to overcome the identified obstacles, this card is about the actions, mindset shifts, or resolutions you need to help you move forward. It’s about finding the most effective way to address the challenges highlighted by the Obstacle card, paving the way toward achieving your goals.

Best Time to Use

This spread is particularly beneficial when you’re seeking personal growth or feeling stuck in your current situation. Use this spread:

  • When Setting New Goals: To get a clear understanding of what fulfillment means to you and to identify any potential challenges ahead.
  • During Times of Transition or Decision-Making: If you’re facing significant changes or need to make important decisions, this spread can provide clarity on what truly matters to you and the obstacles you might need to navigate.
  • When Feeling Unfulfilled or Restless: If you’re experiencing a sense of dissatisfaction or uncertainty about your direction, this spread can help pinpoint the roots of these feelings and suggest actionable steps toward greater satisfaction.

Using this tarot spread during these pivotal moments will help illuminate the path to personal fulfillment, helping you to understand the essence of what you seek, acknowledge the hurdles on your journey, and discover actionable strategies to achieve your aspirations.

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Four Card Tarot Spreads

How To Break Through The Barriers Of Fear

Overcoming Fear Tarot Spread

When confronting fear, understanding its roots and navigating through them is crucial. This four-card tarot spread designed to address overcoming fear is going to help you do exactly that. It will help you explore the origin of your fear, assess its likelihood of manifesting, identify factors that might exacerbate it, and find guidance on how to overcome it.

What Each Card Means:

  1. Where Is My Fear Coming From: This card takes a look at the source of your fear, helping to uncover whether it’s rooted in past experiences, current situations, or anxieties about the future. Understanding where you fear comes from is the first step in addressing it effectively.
  2. Is This Likely to Happen: Fear often stems from our anticipation of future events. This card evaluates the probability of your fear actually becoming a reality, offering a more objective perspective on what you’re afraid of.
  3. What Makes It Worse: Certain actions, thoughts, or external factors can intensify your fear. We now use this card to find these aggravators, as well as to learn what’s feeding your it or making it seem more daunting than it is.
  4. How Can I Overcome This Fear: The final card in this spread focuses on solutions and strategies for conquering your fear. It’s there to provide the steps, mindset shifts, or supports you might seek out to help you move past what frightens you.

Best Time to Use

This tarot spread is especially beneficial in moments when fear seems to hold sway over your decisions or emotional well-being. Consider using this spread:

  • When Facing a New Challenge or Opportunity: If fear is preventing you from taking a step forward, this spread can help identify and address those fears, making it easier to move forward.
  • During Periods of Anxiety or Stress: When fear feels overwhelming or paralyzing, this spread can offer clarity on its origins and how to mitigate it, providing a sense of empowerment.
  • When Preparing for Significant Life Changes: Major transitions often bring about fear of the unknown. This spread can help you understand and navigate these fears, allowing for a smoother transition.

Your Life Journey

Life Journey Tarot Spread

The “Your Life Journey” tarot spread is a four-card layout that does exactly what it says on the tin, giving you a layout of the aids and obstacles you may encounter, and the potential outcome of your journey through life. It’s a reflective tool for understanding where you are, what can support your growth, what challenges you might face, and the possibilities that lie ahead.

Card Meanings

  1. Where Are You Now: This card is to make you aware of your current situation or how you’re feeling. It helps you to see your starting point clearly, acknowledge your feelings, and look at the circumstances, and significant themes of your life at this moment.
  2. What Can Help You on Your Journey: This card helps you uncover the resources, relationships, or inner qualities that can support you as you move forward. It highlights the positive influences and assets at your disposal, offering guidance on how to best use them.
  3. What Will Hinder You on Your Journey: This card reveals potential obstacles, challenges, or internal conflicts that may impede your progress. Understanding these potential hindrances allows you to prepare for and navigate them more effectively.
  4. What Is Your Potential If You Follow It: The final card in this spread paints a picture of what could be achieved or realized on your journey. It speaks to your potential and the fulfillment or accomplishments that await if you remain committed to your path.

Best Time to Use

You can use this card at any point in your life, however, I’d definitely recommend using it when you’re feeling lost in life, or you’re not sure of your purpose. I find that oftentimes it helps bring you back to your true purpose, and moves you away from things in life, that while fun, don’t ultimately serve you.

Your Month Ahead

Your Month Ahead Tarot Spread

The “Month Ahead” tarot spread is an insightful tool designed to guide you through the upcoming month, week by week. By drawing one card for each week, you’ll keep an eye out for the opportunities and challenges you may encounter and the actions required to move through them effectively. It’s here to help you approach each week with awareness and strategy.

Card Meanings

  1. Week 1 – Opportunity/Challenge: The first card reveals what the initial week holds for you. It may highlight an opportunity you should embrace or a challenge you might face. Understanding this can set the tone for how you begin your month, helping you to start on the right foot.
  2. Week 2 – Opportunity/Challenge: As you move into the second week, this card builds upon the foundation of the first, offering insight into what you’ll encounter next. Whether it’s a chance to grow or an obstacle to overcome, this card provides guidance on what to expect and how to prepare.
  3. Week 3 – Opportunity/Challenge: The third card gives you a glimpse into the mid-month events. You may notice a turning point, and the card drawn for this week will often indicate the nature of this shift, helping you to align your efforts with your goals more effectively.
  4. Week 4 – Opportunity/Challenge: The final card in this spread covers the last week of the month, rounding out your month-long journey. It offers a final piece of insight into what to watch for as the month concludes, ensuring you end on a strong note and carry momentum into the next.

(Alongside the insight each card provides, it’s essential to reflect on the actionable advice implied by each. Whether it’s seizing an opportunity, facing a challenge head-on, or adjusting your strategy, consider what steps you can take to navigate the week proactively.)

Best Time to Use

This spread is most effective when used at the end of the current month or the very beginning of a new month. It’s designed to give you a roadmap for the month ahead, allowing you to:

  • Plan and Prepare: Knowing what each week might bring enables you to plan your actions and allocate your resources more effectively.
  • Stay Agile: Anticipating challenges and opportunities allows you to stay flexible and adapt your strategies as the month progresses.
  • Reflect and Adjust: As you move through the month, this spread encourages ongoing reflection, helping you to adjust your approach based on the realities of each week.

By using the “Month Ahead” spread, you equip yourself with the knowledge and foresight to navigate the upcoming month with confidence, making the most of the opportunities that come your way and meeting challenges with preparedness and resolve.

Five Card Tarot Spreads

The Horseshoe Spread

Horseshoe Spread (For Problems)

The Horseshoe Spread is a tarot layout that offers a broad perspective on a particular situation or problem you’re facing. It’s designed to uncover various layers of your current predicament, from visible influences to those lurking beneath the surface, and guides you towards a potential resolution. Here’s a detailed look at what each card in the spread signifies and when it’s most beneficial to use this approach.

Card Meanings

  1. What Your Problem Is Right Now: This card directly addresses the core issue or challenge you’re facing. It helps to clarify the situation, ensuring that you’re working with a clear understanding of the problem at hand.
  2. What Influences Are Affecting This: The second card sheds light on the external factors, people, or circumstances that are contributing to or exacerbating your problem. It’s about identifying the elements in your environment that have a direct impact on your situation.
  3. What Hidden Influences Aren’t You Aware Of: This card reveals the unseen forces, subconscious motives, or overlooked aspects that are influencing your situation. These could be internal feelings, external pressures you haven’t considered, or hidden obstacles.
  4. What Action Should You Take: Offering guidance on how to address your problem, this card suggests a course of action. It points towards behaviors, decisions, or changes that could be beneficial in resolving the issue at hand.
  5. What Is the Likely Outcome of This Action: The final card provides insight into the potential results of following the advised action. It gives you a glimpse into the future, helping you to understand the possible consequences of your choices and efforts.

Best Time to Use

The Horseshoe Spread is particularly effective in situations where you need a comprehensive understanding of a complex issue. Consider using this spread:

  • When Facing a Multifaceted Problem: If you’re dealing with a situation that seems to have multiple layers or dimensions, this spread can help you untangle the web and see things more clearly.
  • Before Making a Significant Decision: When you’re on the cusp of making a big choice and want to ensure you’ve considered all angles, this spread can provide the depth of insight needed to proceed with confidence.
  • During Times of Confusion or Stagnation: If you’re feeling stuck or unsure about how to move forward, the Horseshoe Spread can illuminate the path, revealing hidden influences and suggesting actionable steps.

By delving into the nuances of your current predicament, the Horseshoe Spread empowers you to make informed decisions, face your challenges with clarity, and navigate towards a resolution with a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics at play.

Five Year Plan Spread

The Five Year Plan Tarot Spread

The Five Year Plan Spread is a strategic tarot spread designed to assist you in mapping out your long-term goals and the path to achieve them. It provides clarity on your current position, your aspirations, the actions needed to reach your goals, potential challenges along the way, and whether a change in direction is advisable. Here’s how each card in this spread can guide your planning and decision-making process.

Card Meanings

  1. Where Are You Right Now: This card assesses your current situation, including your achievements, challenges, and the overall state of your life. It sets the foundation by giving you a clear starting point for your five-year plan.
  2. Where Would You Like to Be in 5 Years: The second card encourages you to envision your ideal future. It represents your goals, dreams, and where you aim to be in five years. This card helps clarify your long-term objectives and ensures they resonate with your true desires.
  3. What Should You Do to Get There: This card outlines the actions, steps, or strategies you should consider to move closer to your goals. It suggests practical measures and changes you might need to implement to progress on your desired path.
  4. What Challenges Will You Have to Overcome: Recognizing potential obstacles is crucial for preparedness. This card reveals the challenges, setbacks, or issues you might encounter along the way, helping you to anticipate and strategize how to navigate them.
  5. Do You Need to Move On or Stay Where You Are: Finally, this card offers advice on whether to pursue a new direction or to continue on your current path. It provides insight into whether change is necessary for growth or if perseverance in your present situation will lead to your desired outcomes.

Best Time to Use

The Five Year Plan Spread is particularly useful during significant moments of reflection and decision-making. It’s best utilized:

  • At the Start of a New Chapter: Whether it’s the beginning of a new year, after a major life event, or when you’re feeling the urge for change, this spread can help you set a clear direction.
  • When Considering a Major Life Change: If you’re contemplating a significant shift, such as a career change, moving to a new place, or starting a new venture, this spread can guide your decision-making process.
  • During Periods of Uncertainty: When you’re unsure about your future or feel like you’re at a crossroads, this spread can offer clarity, motivation, and a structured approach to planning your next steps.

By taking a comprehensive look at your current state, aspirations, and the journey between them, the Five Year Plan Spread empowers you to craft a thoughtful and achievable roadmap for your future, highlighting the actions needed and the challenges to be aware of, all while considering the necessity of change to reach your long-term goals.

Past Present Future (In-depth)

In-Depth Past Present Future Tarot Spread

The In-Depth Past, Present, and Future tarot spread is a powerful tool for gaining a comprehensive understanding of your journey through time. This spread goes beyond the surface, offering insights into significant past events, current circumstances, and future projections. It’s particularly suited for those seeking deep reflection and long-term perspective on their life’s direction. Here’s a breakdown of what each card represents:

Card Meanings

  1. What Happened in Your Far Past: This card looks at significant events or influences from your distant past, shedding light on how these foundational experiences have shaped your present. It could highlight lessons, patterns, or pivotal moments that have a lasting impact.
  2. What Happened in Your Recent Past: Focusing on more immediate past events, this card examines influences or situations that are still fresh and may be directly affecting your current state. It’s about understanding the recent past’s role in setting the stage for today.
  3. What Is Happening Now: This card captures the essence of your current situation, including challenges, opportunities, and your emotional and mental state. It offers a snapshot of your life at this moment, providing clarity on the factors that are most influential right now.
  4. What Can You Expect in the Near Future: Looking slightly ahead, this card predicts the likely outcomes and experiences you’ll encounter in the short term. It’s about understanding what’s on the horizon, helping you to prepare for upcoming developments.
  5. What Will Happen Further Down the Line: The final card extends your gaze into the more distant future, offering insights into where your current path may lead you. This long-term perspective helps to illuminate potential destinations or outcomes based on the trajectory set by your past and present.

Best Time to Use

This tarot spread is invaluable for those moments of significant decision-making, transition, or when contemplating life’s larger patterns and directions. It’s particularly useful:

  • During Times of Personal Reflection: Such as on birthdays, new years, or anniversaries, when you’re naturally considering your progress and direction.
  • When Considering Major Life Changes: Whether contemplating a career shift, a move, or other significant life decisions, this spread can provide the depth of insight needed to make informed choices.
  • In Periods of Uncertainty or Seeking Closure: If you’re trying to make sense of past events or need guidance on how to move forward, this spread can offer clarity and help you see the bigger picture.


As you can see, learning tarot spreads doesn’t have to be hard, and in the fact the 3 and 4 card spreads are incredibly easy. And once you have them down remembering the 5 card spreads if just as simple! So if you liked this article, make sure you check out the rest of the website! Otherwise, have a great day!

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