Ace Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning: Upright & Reversed

The Ace of Cups is a card of new beginnings, especially when it come to relationships. It shows a cup overflowing with water, symbolising an overabundance of feelings and the start of emotional experiences. When drawn it means there will be a blossoming of new relationships, or deepening of existing ones. When reversed, the Ace of Cups it normally means there are emotional blocks, or repressed feelings.

If you’re curious to learn more about the Ace of Cups, and it’s impact on your life, as well as what all the symbolism of the card means, then keep reading to find out everything there is to know!

NumerologyRepresents the number 1, symbolizing hard work, self dependence, and creativity
Zodiac SignOften associated with the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), reflecting deep emotional experiences and intuition.
Ruling PlanetThe Moon (for Cancer) and Neptune (for Pisces), reflecting themes of emotional depth and psychic intuition. Mars/Pluto (for Scorpio), signifying intense emotional transformations.
ElementWater, symbolizing emotions, intuition, and the flow of feelings.
Yes or NoOften considered a strong “Yes,” suggesting emotional fulfillment and the beginning of a new loving or emotional journey.
CrystalsRose Quartz and Moonstone are often associated with the Ace of Cups, promoting love, emotional healing, and nurturing of oneself and others.

Symbolism Of The Ace Of Cups

  1. The Cup: The cup is the central symbol of the card, representing the vessel of emotions, intuition, and the subconscious.
  2. The Overflowing Water: The water flowing from the cup, shows an abundance of emotions, love, and spiritual fulfillment. It shows that right now emotions are abundant and available to everyone.
  3. The Hand: The hand offering the cup from a cloud, symbolizes a gift or opportunity from the divine or the universe. The experience being offered is a blessing/new opportunity for emotional growth.
  4. The Dove: The dove descending on the cup, carrying small disc or wafer in its beak is again another symbol of divine love, peace, and purity. The disc or wafer represents the communion wafer, symbolizing spiritual nourishment and the union between the physical and spiritual realms.
  5. The Five Streams of Water: The five streams of water flowing from the cup, represent the five senses and the emotional fulfillment that comes from engaging with the world through your senses.
  6. The Lotus or Water Lily: The lotus flowers and water lilies around the cup, are symbols of purity, spiritual awakening, and rebirth.
Ace Of Cups Symbolism

The Ace Of Cups Upright Meaning

At the heart of the Ace of Cups is the theme of love and new relationships. It often gets drawn when a person is about to enter a period of new emotional connection, whether it’s with a new romantic partner, deepening friendships, or getting closer to your family. It’s most likely that soon you’ll be going through heartfelt experiences and the joy that comes with connecting deeply with others. So make sure you keep your heart open and embrace the love that surrounds you.

Compassion and emotional generosity are a couple of other key aspects of this card. Right now you may be feeling more empathetic than usual and more connected to the feelings of others. It’s about experiencing a greater sense of emotional understanding and expressing kindness and compassion in your interactions. It can also be a time for you to share the lessons you’ve learnt, especially with emotions and to cultivate a nurturing and supportive environment around you.

However, moving away from love, creativity and new feelings are also HUGE indications that come from the Ace of Cups. Right now you may be feeling like you’ve got a lot of creative inspiration, which is being driven by the power of your emotions. Your feelings are a rich source of artistic expression and tapping into your emotional depth at this moment in time will lead to profound creative work. So explore your emotions through your favorite creative outlets and let your intuition guide your artistic endeavors.

Ace Of Cups Upright Meaning

It can also symbolize emotional awakenings. You could be going through a phase where you’re getting more tune with your own emotions and are more open to exploring and expressing your feelings. You will be going through a phase of greater emotional awareness and sensitivity, so use this time to embrace and understand the full spectrum of your emotions.

So, in short, the upright Ace of Cups symbolizes the onset of new and profound emotional experiences. It represents a time of love, new relationships, compassion, creativity, and emotional awakenings. It encourages you to embrace and express your emotions, to connect deeply with others, and to let your feelings inspire your creative endeavors. The Ace of Cups invites you to open your heart to the rich emotional experiences life has to offer.

Love and Relationships

If you’re wondering about love, The Ace of Cups is a card about emotional beginnings in your love life. If you’re single, there is the potential of a new, emotionally fulfilling relationship on the horizon. And if you’re already in a relationship, now may be a time of creating new and deeper bonds than you currently have. So open your heart to love, and let in the warmth and joy of deep, meaningful connections.

Careers and Finance

When it comes to your job and money, the Ace of Cups may not seem like an obvious fit, but it actually brings a message of emotional fulfillment in your work. Perhaps you’re discovering work that you truly love or feeling more connected to your colleagues. Financially, it might signal a time when you’re more in tune with your values, making financial decisions that align more closely with what brings you emotional satisfaction.


Spiritually, the Ace of Cups signifies a blossoming of emotional and spiritual understanding. Your heart may be opening wider, allowing you to connect more deeply with your spiritual self and the universe. So explore your spirituality through the lens of your emotions, and find ways to express the spiritual beliefs that resonate with your deepest feelings.

Yes or No

For yes or no questions, the Ace of Cups is a resounding ‘yes’, especially for matters of the heart. New beginnings, emotional fulfillment, and deep connections are favorable at this time. So trust your feelings and follow your heart, for you can expect positive outcomes in matters where emotions play a central role.

Book Recommendation – The Art Of Loving by Erich Fromm

If you’re feeling the love in your life right now, then I’d definitely recommend the book “The Art Of Loving” by Erich Fromm. It reminds us that love is the ultimate need and desire for all humans, whether that is romantic, parental, brotherly etc. It’s such a great reminder that love is the driving force in everyone!

The Ace Of Cups Reversed Meaning

When reversed, the Ace of Cups, shows that you may be going through a variety of emotional challenges, such as coldness, emptiness, and even a sense of emotional loss. You may also find difficulties in connecting with your emotions or with others, leading to feelings of being unloved or emotionally unfulfilled.

When we’re talking about the Ace of Cups reversed, one of the main components is a sense of emotional coldness or emptiness. You might be experiencing a time where your emotions feel blocked or inaccessible, leading you to a sense of disconnection from both yourself and to others. You’ll need to explore what is causing this emotional distance and find ways to reopen the channels of emotional expression.

And you may also be dealing with repressed emotions. You might be holding back or suppressing your feelings due to fear, past hurts, or societal expectations. Gently explore these emotions, recognizing that acknowledging and expressing your feelings is a step towards emotional healing and balance.

Ace Of Cups Reversed Meaning

The reversed Ace of Cups can also indicate a time where you’re feeling emotional loss or you’re feeling unloved. You may feel as though your emotional needs are not being met, or you might be struggling with feelings of loneliness or rejection. Just remember, sometimes its best to look within for emotional fulfillment and to consider seeking support if you’re finding it hard to navigate these feelings.

If you’re reading wasn’t about love, then the Ace of Cups is a signifier that you may be suffering with blocked creativity. The flow of energy that is so abundant in the Ace of Cups upright can become stifled when the card is reversed. This is normally because your emotional blockages are hindering your creative expression. You may need to work on your repressed emotions as a path to unblocking your creative potential.

So the Ace of Cups reversed symbolizes a period of emotional and creative challenges. It is telling you that you need to confront and address blocked or repressed emotions and to seek ways to reconnect with yourself. Encouraging a journey towards understanding and expressing your feelings, leading to a more fulfilled emotional life.

Love and Relationships

Right now you may be going through some emotional turmoil. The Ace of Cups Reversed shows you’re currently experiencing feelings of coldness or emptiness, making it difficult to connect deeply with your partner. If you’re single, it could be manifesting as a struggle to find emotional fulfillment, possibly feeling unloved or disconnected.

Career and Finances

For your career and finances, it shows us that you may not be feeling connected to your work right now. You might be feeling a sense of general dissatisfaction, or your emotions could be clouding your financial judgment. It’s a reminder to realign your professional and financial pursuits with what truly fulfills you emotionally.


When it comes to your spirituality, the Ace of Cups reversed shows there could be some kind of blockage that’s affecting your spiritual growth. You might be holding back feelings or struggling to connect with your spiritual side. You need to look at these barriers, and understand that addressing and expressing your feelings is crucial for spiritual healing and balance.

Yes or No

For a yes or no question, reversed, the Ace of Cups usually leans towards a ‘no.’ Emotional or creative challenges you’re facing might be hindering your progress in the situation you’re asking about. It’s a signal to first deal with these emotional issues before expecting a positive outcome.

Book Recommendation – The Language Of Emotions: What Your Feelings Are Trying To Tell You by Karla Mclaren

If you feel like you’re having a hard time connecting to your feelings right now, then you definitely need to check out this book! It will help you not only understand, but also embrace all of your emotions, and not only feel them, but know how to deal with them effectively!

Journaling Prompts For The Ace Of Cups

If you use tarot as a way to journal (which I’d highly recommend doing), here are some great journaling prompts to think about:

  1. Think about the last time you felt emotionally open and receptive. Why were you able to do this, and how did it feel?
  2. Think about a current situation where you can benefit from being more open. How might it change the outcome of the current circumstances?
  3. What in your life brings you great joy? Why does it make you happy, and how can you express more gratitude for it?
  4. Think of an area in your life where you may need to go through some emotional healing. What steps can you take to nurture and make yourself feel whole again?
  5. Think about how you express love and compassion to yourself. How do you think self love looks to you, and how can you practice it more?
  6. Ask yourself how you express love and compassion in your relationships. In what ways can this affect your connections with others?

Final Message Of The Ace Of Cups

Drink from your heart’s well. Let kindness flow over you, clearing away any doubts or fears. This love, for others or yourself, is special. Take care of it, help it grow, and let it lead you.

A hidden stream of love and support is always with you. Trust this flow and let it guide you to happier places.

Hold out your hands for a full cup. Accept the flood of feelings, insights, and creativity it brings. It’s okay to be open and show who you really are. Your true light is needed in the world, and sharing it brings more happiness and friendships.

Remember, this is just the start. Love’s seeds are planted, growing deep in your promise. Be kind and patient, help them grow, and watch them turn into something amazing.


To summarise, The Ace of Cups shows a time for emotional beginnings, and that this time in your life will be rich in love and deep connections. It encourages openness to love, and embracing creativity fueled by emotions.

Reversed, the Ace of Cups indicates emotional challenges like coldness or struggling to understand your emotions, showing you the need to explore and heal repressed emotions for fuller emotional expression.

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