Celtic Cross Tarot Spread – A Complete Guide For Beginners!

What Does Each Position Mean?

The Celtic Cross Spread (3)

1. The Present

This card is the heart of your issue and what’s happening right now. It captures the essence of your emotions, thoughts, or circumstances, depending on what you’re focused on. It’s the “now,” reflecting your immediate environment or internal state. By understanding this card, you gain insight into the themes and issues that dominate your present situation, offering a foundation from which to explore further.

2. The Challenge

The challenge card reveals the main obstacle or conflict you’re facing. It’s the twist in your story, presenting either a problem to solve or a lesson to learn, hence the reason it literally covers the present. This card pushes you to confront what might be holding you back, offering clues on how to navigate through these waters to reach smoother seas.

3. The Past

The Past card takes a look into your history, it uncovers the experiences, influences, or decisions that have led you to where you are. It’s like the roots of a tree, some of which nourish and support, while others might be tangled or invasive. By recognizing these roots, you can better understand your current situation and how your past is playing a role.

4. The Future

This forward-looking card offers us a glimpse at what lies ahead, based on the trajectory of your current path and past actions. While not set in stone, it suggests possible outcomes and challenges you might face. It’s a call to action, reminding you that your choices today shape your tomorrow.

5. Above (Perceived Best Outcome)

The “Above” position reflects your highest aspirations or what you perceive as the best possible outcome for you in the future. It represents your ideal situation or the most favorable resolution, but also asks you to consider if this perception aligns with reality. This card can reveal hopes that might be out of sync with your actual path or, conversely, affirm that your dreams are within reach.

6. Below (Subconscious Beliefs)

Hidden deep beneath the surface, this card illuminates the beliefs, fears, and underlying motivations that influence your situation from the shadows. These are the unseen forces, the foundational aspects of your psyche that drive your actions and reactions. Bringing these to light can be transformative, offering a chance for self-awareness and growth.

7. Advice

This card is the advice the universe wants you to hear. It’s here to tell you what the best approach or mindset is to adopt in facing your current challenges. It’s a guiding voice that helps you navigate your path, offering wisdom that may not always be what you want to hear but is what you need to consider to move forward effectively.

8. External Influences

This card brings to light the external factors and people that are impacting your situation but are beyond your control. It’s a reminder of the broader context within which you operate, highlighting how external pressures, societal norms, or the actions of others play a role in shaping your journey.

9. Hopes And Fears

Here lies the duality of your deepest desires and darkest fears, often intertwined. This card reveals what you’re truly hoping for and what you’re afraid might happen, offering insight into how these aspirations and anxieties influence your path.

10. Outcome

The culmination of all other cards, the outcome presents a likely resolution to your situation based on the current energies and paths you’re on. It’s a synthesis of your question and the journey you’re taking, and it shows where you might land if you continue on your current course or heed the advice given by the other cards.

Making Connections & The Different Relationships

1 – 2 – The Heart Of The Matter: The Present and The Challenge

In the heart of the Celtic Cross, cards 1 and 2 form a critical axis that lays bare the essence of your current situation and its immediate challenges. Card 1, representing the Present, acts as a mirror, reflecting your current emotions, thoughts, and the circumstances enveloping you. It’s the snapshot of where you are right now, capturing the real-time essence of your life’s ongoing story. Then, pivoting to Card 2, the Challenge, the spread introduces the immediate obstacle or issue at hand. This card serves as a direct counterpoint to the Present, revealing what stands in your way or needs to be addressed for growth. Together, these two cards offer a clear-eyed view of the here and now, juxtaposing your current state with the hurdles that need jumping. It’s here to help you understand not just where you stand, but also what’s testing you, providing a foundation from which to explore deeper spiritual insights and paths forward.

1 & 2 - The Heart Of The Matter_ The Present and The Challenge

1 – 6 The Cross – Understanding The Situation You’re In

The connection between cards 1 to 6 in the Celtic Cross tarot spread takes us on a journey from your present state into the depths of your subconscious beliefs. It starts with what’s happening right now, showing what’s currently going on around you (Card 1), and quickly moves to the challenges you face (Card 2), reminding us that obstacles are part of our path. Then, it takes a step back to reflect on how past events (Card 3) have shaped where you stand today, providing context and depth to your current experiences. Looking ahead, it gives a glimpse into the future (Card 4), forecasting what might come based on your current path and past influences. This journey through time and possibility eventually leads you to understand the subconscious beliefs (Card 6) that underpin your actions and reactions, highlighting how your deep-seated beliefs and past experiences are intricately woven into the fabric of your present and future.

1 - 6 (The Cross) Understanding The Situation You're In

7 to 10 – The Staff: Advice to Outcome

The staff section of the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread takes a closer look at how external influences, advice, possible outcomes, and your own hopes and fears shape your journey. It’s like looking at a map that shows where you’ve been and the different paths you might take forward, considering everything from the people around you, (external factors) to wisdom from the universe (advice), and even the dreams and worries you hold onto (hopes and fears). By examining these various aspects, the spread gives you a fuller understanding of your current situation and helps guide your steps toward the future. It’s about piecing together a complete picture of your life’s path, considering both the seen and unseen forces that influence where you’re headed

7 to 10 - The Staff_ Advice to Outcome

1 and 6: Your Subconscious’ Effect On Your Present Situation

The connection between 1 and 6 in The Cross tarot spread is another area we can look at which helps you discover how your subconscious beliefs deeply influence your current situation. Starting with the present moment (Card 1), where you find yourself and your immediate circumstances, the spread quickly bridges to your subconscious mind (Card 6), revealing the hidden beliefs and past experiences that shape your reality, and the situation you’re in right now.

This journey uncovers the invisible threads that connect your deepest thoughts and feelings to the way you navigate your life now. It’s a revealing look at how the undercurrents of your subconscious mind cast ripples across the surface of your daily experiences, influencing your decisions, reactions, and ultimately, your path forward. This exploration into the synergy between your subconscious and your current state offers profound insights into understanding the why behind your what, shedding light on the unseen forces that guide your journey through life.

1 and 6 - The Cross_ Your Subconscious' Effect On Your Present Situation

3 to 6 – The Events Surrounding You: The Past to Subconscious Beliefs

Traveling from card 3 to card 6 in the Celtic Cross spread is like taking a journey through time, from your past to the deep thoughts you might not even realize you have. It starts with card 3, the Past, showing you where you’ve been and how those events have shaped you. It’s like looking back at a photo album of your life, seeing how old memories and experiences have brought you to where you are now.

Next up, we move to the future with card 4. This card gives you a general idea of where your life is going to be headed in the future, based on the path you’re currently on. Just remember, this isn’t set in stone, it’s just one possible outcome.

Then, when we get to card 5, we look at what you think THE BEST possible outcome that can happen is (although this may not be what the universe thinks is best). It’s like dreaming about the perfect ending to your movie, where everything works out just how you want it.

Lastly, we move to 6, which as you now know is exploring your Subconscious Beliefs. This card reveals the hidden thoughts and beliefs that are guiding your actions and feelings without you even realizing it.

So, from where you’ve been to what’s hidden inside you, this journey shows how everything in your life is connected, from your past adventures to the dreams and fears you hold deep down.

3 to 6 - The Events Surrounding You_ The Past to Subconscious Beliefs

3 – 1 – 4 (Past, Present, Future)

Now you have a good overview of everything, you can also look at your past, present, and future. Navigating from card 3 (the Past) to card 1 (the Present), and then to card 4 (the Future) in the Celtic Cross gives you a clear timeline of your life’s journey.

Starting with card 3, you look back at the events and decisions that have shaped you until now. This card highlights your history and how it influences your current situation. Then as you go to the card on the right (present), the focus is on your current state. It reflects your immediate circumstances, feelings, and the challenges you are facing at this moment.

Then, transitioning to card 4, you get a glimpse into one potential future. This card predicts the direction you’re heading based on your past actions and present situation, however, once again remember, this isn’t set in stone.

This progression from past to present to future lays out a straightforward path, showing how your experiences and decisions lead to your current situation and how they might influence what’s next.

3 - 1 - 4 (Past, Present, Future)

5 – 1 – 6 (Above, Present, Below)

This pathway from Above (5), through The Present (1), to Below (6) explores the relationship between your highest aspirations, your current reality, and the subconscious motivations that underlie your actions. It highlights how your dreams and ideal outcomes relate to your immediate circumstances and how, in turn, these are grounded in deeper psychological undercurrents. This exploration emphasizes the interaction between your desires, your reality, and the foundational beliefs that influence both, underscoring the complexity of achieving your goals while being true to your underlying self.

5 - 1 - 6 (Above, Present, Below)

5 and 10 – The Outcome You Want & The Likely Outcome

Looking at cards 5 and 10 in the Celtic Cross tarot spread links the outcome you desire with the likely result of your current path. Card 5, representing the outcome you’re aiming for, is all about your goals, aspirations, and the ideal scenario you hope to achieve. It’s like setting your sights on a target, focusing on where you want to be. This card reflects your highest potential and the best case scenario, depending on the choices you make and the effort you put in.

Then, moving to card 10, you’re presented with the likely outcome based on your current course. This card is the reality check, showing where you’re actually headed given the current dynamics, decisions, and influences shaping your journey. It takes into account the trajectory set by your actions, the environment around you, and even factors beyond your control.

The interplay between these two cards offers a deep dive into the difference between your aspirations and the practical outcome. Understanding this relationship can be a powerful motivator, urging you to align your actions more closely with your goals or to adjust your expectations based on realistic projections of the future. It’s a blend of hope and pragmatism, guiding you towards achieving the best possible result while staying grounded in the reality of your situation.

5 and 10 - The Outcome You Want & The Likely Outcome

2 to 7/8 – The Challenge & What You Can/Can’t Change

Moving from card 2 (The Challenge) to cards 7 and 8 in the Celtic Cross tarot spread takes us from understanding the immediate obstacle you’re facing to recognizing what aspects of this situation you have the power to influence and what you must learn to accept. Card 2 lays out the challenge or problem at hand, pinpointing the hurdle that’s currently in your path. This could be anything from a personal conflict to a career obstacle, but it’s essentially the main thing standing between you and your goals at this moment.

Card 7 then shifts the focus to what you can change. It’s about your personal power, the actions you can take, and the strategies you can employ to overcome the challenge identified by card 2. This card encourages you to look at your resources, your strengths, and the choices available to you that can alter the course of your journey for the better.

On the other hand, card 8 reveals what you can’t change. Often, there are external factors or deeper issues that are beyond our control, no matter how hard we try to influence them. This card teaches acceptance and the importance of distinguishing between the elements of a situation we can affect and those we must learn to navigate or endure.

Together, these cards offer a comprehensive view of your current predicament, empowering you with the knowledge of where your energy and efforts can be most effectively applied and teaching the wisdom of acceptance where it’s needed. This balance between action and acceptance is key to navigating challenges more smoothly and moving forward with greater peace and effectiveness.

2 to 7_8 - The Challenge & What You Can_Can't Change

6 and 9 – Subconscious With Hopes & Fears

Linking card 6 (Subconscious Beliefs) with card 9 (Hopes and Fears) in the Celtic Cross tarot spread uncovers how your deep-seated beliefs influence your current aspirations and anxieties. Card 6 delves into the core beliefs and hidden thoughts that drive your actions, often without your conscious awareness. These are the foundational ideas about life and yourself that you carry within. Moving to card 9, this card surfaces your dreams and the things that keep you up at night, laying out the emotional landscape you navigate based on those underlying beliefs.

The journey from your subconscious beliefs to your hopes and fears illustrates the direct impact that the often-unseen parts of your mind have on what you desire and what you dread. It’s a revealing look at how your innermost thoughts shape your emotional responses and ambitions, offering insights into the roots of your fears and the wings of your hopes. Understanding this relationship can be enlightening, helping you to realign your beliefs and manage your fears in pursuit of your dreams.

6 and 9 - Subconscious With Hopes & Fears

2 with 3/6 – The Challenge As A Potential Ongoing Obstacle/Internal Challenge

When you look at card 2 (The Challenge) along with cards 3 (the Past) and 6 (Subconscious Beliefs) in the Celtic Cross tarot spread, it shows how the problems you’re facing now can be linked to your past and what you believe deep down. Card 2 points out the main problem you’re dealing with right now. But when you connect it with card 3, it hints that this problem might have roots in things that happened before, showing how past events are still affecting you.

Then, when you tie card 2 to card 6, it goes even deeper, suggesting that your current challenge might also come from your inner beliefs. These are the ideas you carry inside that shape how you see the world and yourself. It’s like your current obstacle is not just something external you need to overcome but also something internal, tied to your past and your core beliefs.

Understanding this helps you see that solving your current problem might need you to think about and work through these old experiences and deep-seated beliefs. It’s not just about getting past a hurdle but also growing and learning from it.

2 with 3_6 - The Challenge As A Potential Ongoing Obstacle_Internal Challenge

3 and 5 – Near Past & Subconscious Energies

Connecting card 3 (the Near Past) with card 5 (Subconscious Energies) in the Celtic Cross tarot spread shows how recent events tie into your deeper self. Card 3 looks at the latest happenings that have impacted you, while card 5 dives into the hidden forces and beliefs guiding your actions. This link suggests your recent experiences are not just surface-level events but are also influencing your subconscious, shaping how you feel and decide things now. Understanding this helps you see the deeper effects of what’s just happened in your life.

3 and 5_ Near Past & Subconscious Energies

4 and 9 – Subconscious Energies & Hopes/Fears

Combining card 4 (Subconscious Energies) with card 9 (Hopes/Fears) in the Celtic Cross tarot spread shows how what’s going on deep inside you influences what you hope for and what you’re scared of. Card 4 looks into the deep-down forces and feelings that guide how you act, often without you even realizing it. These hidden parts of you affect how you see the world and react to it.

When you link this to card 9, it’s about your dreams and the things that worry you. This connection means your hopes and fears are often shaped by these deep, subconscious energies. Understanding this can help you figure out why you want certain things to happen and why some things scare you. Seeing how your innermost thoughts and feelings connect to your hopes and fears can make it easier to understand yourself and what you truly want or wish to avoid.

4 and 9 - Subconscious Energies & Hopes_Fears

2 and 8 – Obstacle & External Influence

Pairing card 2 (Obstacle) with card 8 (External Influence) in the Celtic Cross tarot spread helps you see the challenge you’re facing and how outside factors play a part. Card 2 identifies your main hurdle, while card 8 reveals how things you can’t control, like other people’s actions or broader situations, are affecting this challenge. Understanding this connection offers insight into navigating your obstacle by considering these external influences.#

2 and 8 - Obstacle & External Influence

The Significator

The Significator card represents the person getting the reading. It’s picked at the very start and sets the tone for the whole session. This card is crucial because it helps focus the reading on either who the person is, what’s currently going on in their life, or the main issue they’re dealing with.

When choosing the Significator, you should consider looking at the astrological sign, physical traits, and even the nature of their question to find a match. Some tarot readers pick the card based on a gut feeling, while others let the person they’re reading to choose a card that feels right to them. This card is placed at the center of the Celtic Cross spread, acting like the anchor for all other cards. This means it helps make sense of the reading by linking the other cards back to the querent’s personal situation.

Using a Significator can make the reading feel more connected and personal for the. It brings clarity and focus, helping the querent understand the bigger picture of what the cards are saying about their life’s journey or challenges.

However, remember the significator is a completely optional card and you don’t have to add it to your reading if you don’t want to.

Good Questions To Ask Before Doing The Celtic Cross

No matter what area of life you’re asking about, here are some great questions to ask yourself!

Personal Growth and Self-Discovery

  • What specific lessons am I currently being called to learn about myself?
  • In what areas of my life am I being asked to evolve or transform?
  • What aspects of my past are influencing my present self-discovery?
  • How can I embrace my vulnerabilities to foster growth?
  • What strengths do I possess that I’m not fully acknowledging?
  • How can I better align my actions with my true self?
  • What fears are holding me back from reaching my potential?
  • How can I cultivate self-compassion during times of change?
  • What can I do to foster a deeper connection with my inner voice?
  • Where should I direct my focus to support my personal development?

Relationships and Love

  • How can I attract the relationship that aligns with my highest good?
  • What can I do to heal from past relationships and move forward?
  • What qualities should I seek in a partner to complement my growth?
  • How can I improve communication within my current relationships?
  • What are the lessons I need to learn from my relationship dynamics?
  • How can I balance my needs with those of my partner?
  • What steps can I take to deepen the emotional connection in my relationships?
  • How can I let go of relationships that no longer serve me?
  • What is my role in resolving current relationship challenges?
  • How can I cultivate more love and harmony in my life?

Career and Education

  • What are the key influences affecting my career path right now?
  • How can I use my talents and skills to their fullest potential in my current job or future career?
  • What should I focus on to achieve my career aspirations?
  • How can I overcome obstacles in my professional life?
  • What opportunities for advancement or learning are available to me?
  • How can I align my career with my personal values?
  • What steps can I take to ensure job satisfaction and fulfillment?
  • How can I improve my relationships with colleagues or superiors?
  • What can I do to enhance my professional reputation or visibility?
  • How can education or continuous learning propel my career forward?

Spiritual Path

  • What spiritual practices will bring me closer to my higher self or purpose?
  • How can I open myself up to receiving divine guidance more clearly?
  • What is my spiritual path currently teaching me?
  • How can I deepen my connection to the universe or my spiritual beliefs?
  • What are the spiritual lessons from the challenges I’m facing?
  • How can I better integrate my spirituality into my daily life?
  • What actions can I take to support my spiritual growth?
  • How can I use my spiritual beliefs to navigate uncertainty?
  • What does my intuition tell me about my current situation?
  • How can I cultivate a sense of inner peace and serenity?

Health and Well-being

  • What steps should I take to improve my physical and mental health?
  • How can I create a more balanced lifestyle that supports my well-being?
  • What habits are impacting my health negatively, and how can I change them?
  • In what ways can I incorporate more physical activity into my daily routine?
  • How can I adjust my diet to better support my health goals?
  • What stress reduction techniques would be most effective for me?
  • How can I prioritize self-care to prevent burnout?
  • What are the main sources of negativity in my life, and how can I minimize their impact?
  • How can I improve my sleep quality to enhance overall health?
  • What steps can I take to foster a stronger sense of inner peace and contentment?

Financial Stability and Abundance

  • What mindset shifts are necessary for me to attract more abundance?
  • What practical steps can I take to improve my financial situation?
  • How can I better manage my expenses to align with my financial goals?
  • What are my financial priorities, and how can I focus on them?
  • How can I increase my income or generate new sources of revenue?
  • What investment strategies should I consider to grow my wealth?
  • How can I develop a more positive relationship with money?
  • What financial habits do I need to break to achieve financial freedom?
  • How can I use budgeting tools or resources to better track my finances?
  • What actions can I take to reduce debt and increase savings?

Creativity and Projects

  • What is blocking my creative energy, and how can I overcome it?
  • How can I bring more inspiration and flow into my work or projects?
  • What routines or habits can I establish to support my creativity?
  • How can I create an environment that nurtures my creative process?
  • What new skills or knowledge could enhance my creative endeavors?
  • How can I overcome the fear of failure or judgment that hampers my creativity?
  • What past successes can I draw upon to boost my confidence in my creative abilities?
  • How can collaboration with others spark my creativity?
  • What projects have I been procrastinating on, and what steps can I take to move forward?
  • How can I find balance between creative freedom and practical constraints?

Decision-Making and Choices

  • What do I need to consider before making a significant decision?
  • How can I discern which path aligns with my true desires and goals?
  • What are the potential risks and rewards associated with my options?
  • How will my decision impact my personal and professional life?
  • What advice would I give a friend facing a similar decision?
  • How much does fear influence my decision-making, and how can I address it?
  • What are the long-term implications of my decision?
  • How can I trust my intuition more when making decisions?
  • What steps can I take to gather more information or perspectives on my decision?
  • How can I prepare myself to adapt to the outcomes of my decision?

Tips To Remember When Doing The Celtic Cross

  • Deepen your Intention: Instead of a basic question, try a more focused inquiry. For example, instead of “What’s going on in my love life?”, ask “What blocks or hidden aspects are impacting my current relationships?”.
  • Use Tarot Journaling: Keep a record of your spreads, questions, interpretations, and how things unfolded after the reading. This will help you identify patterns and improve your intuition over time. It also helps you see overarching themes in your life that you may not have noticed.
  • Clarification Cards: If a card is unclear, draw one or two additional cards for clarification. These “clarifiers” can shed light on a confusing aspect of the main card.
  • Read Intuitively: Don’t rely solely on memorizing card meanings. Take time to examine the imagery and symbolism of each card. What emotions or gut feelings does it evoke?
  • Don’t Fear Negative Cards: A “negative” card doesn’t necessarily predict a bad outcome. It can highlight challenges or areas for growth.
  • Focus on Actionable Advice: While the Celtic Cross offers insight, it’s ultimately up to you to take action. Use the advice from the cards to make informed decisions and navigate your situation.
  • Respect Your Boundaries: If a reading leaves you feeling overwhelmed or anxious, take a break from tarot. Come back to it when you feel centered and ready.
  • Explore Different Decks: As you gain experience, you might find certain tarot decks resonate more with your style. Trying different decks can add fresh perspectives to your readings.
  • Make Sure You Look Out For Repetition: If you’ve been doing tarot cards for yourself, then make sure you’re looking for repetition and patterns that could be happening, helping

When Should You Do A Celtic Cross?

  1. Beginning of the Year: Start the year by using the tarot to set your goals and get a preview of what’s coming. This can be a great way to make a plan that considers upcoming opportunities and challenges, helping you tackle the year with confidence.
  2. Birthday: Your birthday marks a new chapter in your life. It’s a perfect time to reflect on what you’ve learned and accomplished in the past year and to set goals for the year ahead. A tarot reading can help pinpoint areas for growth and highlight promising opportunities.
  3. After a Breakup: Recovering from a breakup can be tough. A tarot reading during this time can offer comfort and insights into your path to healing and even open up perspectives on future relationships, helping you move forward with hope.
  4. Before Changing Jobs: If you’re thinking about switching jobs, a tarot reading can clarify the benefits and challenges of this big decision. It can guide you on how to approach your new role and maximize your success in transitioning to a new work environment.
  5. When Considering Moving: Planning to relocate can bring up lots of questions about what life will be like in a new place. A tarot reading can explore the potential benefits of the move and help you understand how it might affect different aspects of your life, like your career and personal relationships.
  6. When Starting a New Relationship: As you begin a new relationship, a tarot reading can be very insightful. It can reveal potential challenges and growth opportunities within the relationship, helping you and your partner build a strong, healthy bond.
  7. During Financial Uncertainty: When money matters are uncertain, a tarot reading can offer guidance on financial decisions and suggest ways to secure your financial future. It’s a tool for finding paths to stability when money issues feel overwhelming.
  8. When Feeling Stuck Creatively: If you’re struggling with creativity, a tarot reading can help rediscover your inspiration or solve problems blocking your creative flow. It’s like finding a map that shows you how to escape from a creative dead-end.
  9. Annual Reviews: At the end of each year, use a tarot reading to look back and see how far you’ve come and what you’ve accomplished. This can help you align your goals with what the tarot suggests for the coming year, making your planning more effective.
  10. When Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening: Going through a spiritual awakening can be confusing and intense. A tarot reading during this time can clarify what this awakening means for you and guide you on how to integrate these spiritual changes into your everyday life.

And there’s everything you need to know about the celtic cross! If you liked this article, then make sure you check out the rest of the website! Otherwise, have a great day!

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