Eight Of Swords As Feelings: Are You Feeling Trapped Right Now?

The Eight of Swords is a poignant tarot card that embodies feelings of entrapment, limitation, and internal turmoil. Whether you’re delighting in solitude, navigating the foggy terrain of a new relationship, or feeling confined in a long-term partnership, the Eight of Swords serves as a catalyst for introspection.

Trust me, engaging with this card’s intricate layers could be your first step towards liberating your emotional life. So keep reading to find out everything there is to know!

Key Takeaways

General Symbolism

  • Emotional Constriction: Feelings of being trapped or confined emotionally.
  • Self-Imposed Limitations: You might be the one limiting your emotional freedom.
  • Roadmap to Liberation: The card offers a way out, if you’re willing to change your perspective.
  • Caution: Calls for deep introspection and awareness.

Upright Eight of Swords

  • Singles: Emotional quagmires and fear-based walls you might be building.
  • Couples: Moments of feeling stuck, but also a call to re-evaluate the relationship.
  • Ex-Partners: Lingering emotional baggage and unresolved feelings.
  • Family/Friends: Tension and walking on eggshells; time to assert your own emotional boundaries.

Reversed Eight of Swords

  • Singles: Breaking free from self-imposed emotional barriers.
  • Couples: Liberation and empowerment, with an emphasis on taking control.
  • Ex-Partners: Moments of closure and emotional release.
  • Family/Friends: Growing emotional independence and internal validation.

What Does Eight Of Swords As Feelings Symbolize?

When the Eight of Swords appears in a tarot reading centred on feelings, it signifies a state of emotional constriction or even paralysis. You may feel entangled in a web of your own thoughts and feelings, unable to move freely.

This card vividly symbolizes self-imposed limitations, whether they stem from fear, doubt, or insecurities. It challenges you to question why you feel trapped in your current emotional state. Are the walls you’re hitting really external, or are they boundaries you’ve set for yourself?

However, the Eight of Swords brings with it a roadmap to emotional freedom, and the first step is recognizing that you hold the key to your own liberation. Sometimes all it takes is a shift in perspective to see the way out. Are you ready to change your viewpoint and see the possibilities that lie ahead?

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What Does The Upright Eight Of Swords As Feelings Symbolize?

When it comes to emotions, the Upright Eight of Swords is a powerful indicator of complexity and inner turmoil. This card typically brings up feelings of confinement, as though you’re stuck in an emotional quagmire with no easy way out. It paints a picture of someone blindfolded, hands tied, surrounded by a cage of swords — a vivid metaphor for feeling trapped and powerless.

Yet, as claustrophobic as the image may seem, it also holds a kernel of transformative potential. Because, let’s be real: often, we’re the ones who place ourselves in these emotional cages to begin with. This card challenges you to take a closer look at the walls you’ve built around your feelings.

  • Emotional Traps: The Eight of Swords frequently manifests when you find yourself cornered emotionally. Whether you’re stuck in a challenging relationship or facing an overwhelming circumstance, this card captures the essence of feeling trapped. Have you ever found yourself in such a situation?
  • Self-Imposed Limitations: What’s even more intriguing is the notion that many of these barriers are self-created. You might be your own emotional jailer, building walls that separate you from happiness or freedom. Are self-doubt and fear hindering you from making meaningful emotional changes?
  • Victim Mentality: The card also delves into the mindset of seeing oneself as a victim. Are you relinquishing control of your own emotional destiny, falling into a self-defeating narrative? If you’ve drawn the eight of swords it’s time to re-evaluate this narrative!
  • Anxiety and Overthinking: One of the key issues with the Eight of Swords is emotional paralysis due to overthinking. It’s akin to spinning in circles within your own mind, unable to make a decision for fear of the repercussions. How much of your current emotional state is colored by unnecessary worry?
  • Seeking External Validation: Lastly, this card could signify that you’re basing your emotional well-being on the approval or validation of others. Instead of looking inward for emotional security, you seek it from external sources. Can you break free from this need for external validation?
Upright Eight Of Swords As Feelings

For Singles

Ah, singles, meet the Eight of Swords—a card that doesn’t mince words when it comes to emotional traps. If you’re stuck in a cycle of yearning for a relationship yet fearing commitment, this card is your wake-up call. How much of this emotional quagmire is self-imposed? Have you been building walls out of fear or self-doubt? Now’s the time to dismantle them, brick by brick, and liberate yourself.

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In Relationships

In committed partnerships, the Eight of Swords signals a critical junction. You may feel stuck or confined in the relationship, and it’s easy to fall into a victim mentality. But let me ask you this: Are you contributing to these feelings of entrapment? Perhaps through overthinking or by placing undue importance on the opinions of others? This card invites you to reclaim your emotional autonomy and co-create a healthier dynamic with your partner.


When dealing with exes, the Eight of Swords may symbolize lingering emotional baggage that keeps you tied down. Are you caught up in ‘what-ifs’ and ‘if-onlys’? These self-inflicted thoughts only serve to perpetuate your sense of being trapped. It’s time to reframe your narrative and, in doing so, find your way out of the emotional maze you’re in.

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Family and Friends

With family and friends, this card often manifests as the feeling of walking on eggshells. You might be holding back, careful not to upset anyone, and thus, trapping yourself in a cage of your own making. Are you seeking external validation to the point that you compromise your own feelings? Learning to assert yourself and valuing your own opinions can set you on the path to emotional freedom.

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What Does Eight Of Swords Reversed As Feelings Symbolize?

When the Eight of Swords appears reversed, it signifies a turning point emotionally. It’s like breaking free from mental shackles or finding a hidden door in a room you thought had none. This card speaks of liberation, newfound perspective, and the loosening of emotional binds that have kept you constrained.

  • Emotional Liberation: The reversed Eight of Swords suggests you’re at a point where you’re breaking free from emotional constraints. It’s a critical moment where you realize the door was never locked; you just needed to turn the handle.
  • Gaining Perspective: This card also indicates a shift in mindset that allows you to see your emotional landscape from a new vantage point. It’s like climbing a hill and suddenly seeing multiple paths where you thought there was only one.
  • Empowerment: Unlike its upright counterpart, which can indicate a victim mentality, the reversed Eight of Swords symbolizes taking control of your emotional destiny. You’re no longer the captive but the liberator. How can you harness this newfound agency to better manage your emotional life?
  • Lessening Anxiety: Another aspect of this card is a reduction in emotional stress and anxiety. You’ve navigated through the maze of overthinking and have found a clearer path. Have you noticed a decrease in anxiety or emotional tension recently?
  • Internal Validation: One of the most empowering features of this card is the shift from seeking external validation to finding self-assurance from within. It’s like finally understanding that your worth isn’t tied to what others think.
Eight Of Swords Reversed As Feelings

For Singles

The reversed Eight of Swords is like a fresh breeze for singles. Have you felt confined or stuck in your emotional life lately? Well, this card is basically shouting, “Freedom!” It signals that you’re finally breaking away from those self-imposed barriers. Think about it: How much of your previous emotional confinement was due to your own mindset? It’s an awakening moment, a chance to embrace the liberty to pursue what makes your heart sing.

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In Relationships

In relationships, this card heralds an era of empowerment. Gone are the days of feeling stuck or overly dependent on a partner’s approval. It’s like a fog has lifted, revealing multiple paths to happiness. So, how are you planning to leverage this newfound agency in your relationship? Trust me, it’s a game-changer for deepening your emotional bonds.


When it comes to exes, the reversed Eight of Swords could signify a moment of closure or emotional release. No more lingering anxieties or what-ifs. Have you noticed a sense of relief or closure when thinking about your past relationships? This card whispers, “It’s time to move on,” and you’re more than ready for it.

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Family and Friends

Within your circle of family and friends, the reversed Eight of Swords marks a significant shift. You’re learning to assert your emotional independence rather than seeking constant validation. Remember when you thought the opinions of your family and friends determined your self-worth? This card signifies that you’re beyond that now, relying on internal validation for emotional security.

Eight Of Swords As Feelings Infographic

Eight Of Swords Combinations As Feelings

The Eight of Swords often gets a bad rap as the “self-imposed prison” card. It can signal that you’re feeling trapped or restricted, largely due to your own thought patterns. But let’s not forget, the tarot is a multifaceted tool. When you pair the Eight of Swords with other cards, a more complex story unfolds. So, let’s unravel six different card combinations that can provide deeper insights into what the Eight of Swords is trying to tell you in a feelings reading.

1. Eight of Swords + The Sun

Ah, The Sun, a card filled with joy and positivity. It’s like the universe’s way of saying, “Cheer up!” When it appears alongside the Eight of Swords, it indicates a silver lining. Feeling trapped? The Sun suggests you have every reason to be optimistic. Is your own mindset holding you back from seeing the happiness that’s within reach?

2. Eight of Swords + Six of Cups

The Six of Cups is a card often associated with nostalgia and childhood memories. When paired with the Eight of Swords, this could indicate that your emotional blockages might be rooted in the past. Are you holding onto emotional baggage that’s become a self-made cage? Maybe it’s time to revisit the past to break free in the present.

3. Eight of Swords + The Magician

The Magician symbolizes power, skill, and action. Next to the Eight of Swords, it’s like a wake-up call. You have the tools you need to break free from your self-imposed limitations; you just need to recognize it. In a feelings reading, this combo pushes you to ask: what skills or strengths can you leverage to change your emotional landscape?

4. Eight of Swords + Ten of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles revolves around wealth, stability, and family. Combined with the Eight of Swords, this could suggest that your feelings of entrapment might be tied to family expectations or financial obligations. It’s as if the universe is asking you: Are societal norms or family pressures causing you emotional distress?

5. Eight of Swords + The High Priestess

The High Priestess is a card of intuition, unconscious knowledge, and mystery. When she’s combined with the Eight of Swords, the message is powerful: trust your intuition to break free. Are you ignoring inner wisdom because of fear or doubt? This duo insists that you have the emotional depth to navigate through your challenges.

6. Eight of Swords + Three of Wands

The Three of Wands signifies looking forward, expansion, and waiting for your ships to come in. Alongside the Eight of Swords, this might be a signal that your self-limitations are short-term. Your emotional situation is likely to improve, but perhaps you’re too wrapped up in the present to see it. Can you step back and take the long view?


Navigating the labyrinthine symbolism of the Eight of Swords is akin to walking through a maze of emotions. This card serves as both a mirror and a compass, urging us to confront our emotional barriers and self-imposed limitations. It forces us to ponder, are we truly trapped by external circumstances, or are we the architects of our own emotional confinement?

This card shines a light on the internal struggles we face, painting a vivid image of emotional paralysis. Yet, wrapped within this discomforting theme is a call to empowerment. Isn’t it time to seize the key to your own emotional liberation?

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