Eight Of Wands As Intentions Towards You: Upright & Reversed

Have you ever felt like life suddenly picked up pace, bringing rapid changes or news? The Eight of Wands throws such scenarios into your path. Does this card indicate someone’s intention to propel a situation forward with great speed, or could it be signaling that a flurry of activity is about to enter your life? What does this swift energy mean for you? Is it a welcomed gust of progress, or does it feel like things are moving too quickly to keep up?

The Eight of Wands invites you to ponder the pace of your life and relationships. Let’s delve into what this card’s rapid motion means for you and how it aligns with your current journey.

Key Takeaways

The Upright Eight Of Wands

  • Dating: Intentions are geared towards advancing the relationship quickly, eager to escalate from casual dating to a more serious commitment without delay.
  • Relationships: In established relationships, it signifies a time of swift progress, making quick decisions about the future, and capitalizing on the momentum.
  • Exes: Regarding ex-partners, it suggests rapidly evolving intentions, possibly aimed at moving on or resolving past matters promptly.
  • Commitment: For commitment, it reflects a desire for decisive action and speedy progress, showing readiness for a deeper connection.
  • Friends & Family: Within social circles, it implies quick developments, spontaneous decisions, and enthusiastic forward movement in plans.
  • Careers: Professionally, it indicates a phase of rapid progress, sudden opportunities, and the intention to harness the momentum for growth.

The Eight Of Wands Reversed

  • Dating: In dating, it signifies intentions to progress the relationship but encountering unexpected delays or challenges that lead to hesitation.
  • Relationships: Within established relationships, it suggests intentions to evolve together are met with delays, requiring patience and understanding.
  • Exes: Regarding ex-partners, it might indicate intentions of reconciliation or closure facing complexities and time-consuming processes.
  • Commitment: In terms of commitment, it reflects a slowing down in decision-making due to doubts or external factors, creating uncertainty.
  • Friends & Family: Within social circles, it signifies intentions to organize events or resolve family matters, but progress is slower than desired.
  • Careers: From a career perspective, it indicates intentions to advance projects or initiatives swiftly, but facing setbacks and inefficiencies.

Symbolism of The Eight Of Wands

The Eight of Wands is often depicted with eight wands flying through the air at great speed, pointing downwards towards the earth. This imagery symbolizes swift action, rapid progress, and events unfolding quickly. The wands, seemingly in mid-flight, represent the swift movement of ideas, information, or situations. This card conveys a sense of momentum and change happening at a rapid pace.

The scene is dynamic, suggesting that things are moving forward and that delays are over. The wands’ descent implies that these fast-moving events or messages are about to land, bringing results or conclusions. This card is rich in the symbolism of movement, urging you to prepare for a busy period and to act quickly. The Eight of Wands encourages seizing the moment, as the pace of life is about to pick up. It’s a reminder that opportunities may come and go rapidly, and being able to adapt and respond quickly can lead to positive outcomes.

The Upright Eight Of Wands As Intentions

Imagine a flurry of activity, a rapid movement towards a goal. This is the essence of the Eight of Wands when it appears upright in a tarot reading. It symbolizes intentions that are centered around swift action, quick developments, and moving forward with purpose. When this card shows up, it suggests that the intentions of those around you, or within a particular situation, are geared towards accelerating progress and making things happen quickly.

Eight Of Wands Upright As Intentions


In the dating scene, someone influenced by the Eight of Wands might be eager to advance the relationship. Their intentions are likely to move things along at a fast pace, perhaps wanting to quickly escalate from casual dating to a more serious relationship. They are enthusiastic and clear about their interest, keen on seizing the moment and not wanting to waste time.

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If you’re in a relationship, the Eight of Wands can indicate a time where things are moving forward rapidly. You and your partner might be making quick decisions about your future together, such as moving in, getting engaged, or planning a trip. The intention is to capitalize on the momentum in your relationship and make the most of your time together.

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Regarding ex-partners, the Eight of Wands suggests intentions that are quickly evolving. An ex might reach out unexpectedly with a desire to address unresolved issues rapidly or to clarify their feelings post-breakup. It’s a sign of wanting to move on or resolve past matters without delay.

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In terms of commitment, this card signals a desire to take decisive action. Someone might be considering a deeper commitment with you and is likely to make their intentions known soon. They’re not interested in a long, drawn-out process; they prefer to move forward with confidence and speed.

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Friends & Family

Within your circle of friends and family, the Eight of Wands can mean quick developments or spontaneous decisions. Plans for gatherings, events, or family projects might come together rapidly, with everyone being on the same page and moving forward with enthusiasm.

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Professionally, the Eight of Wands suggests a period of rapid progress or sudden opportunities. Projects might be advancing quickly, deadlines may be approaching sooner than expected, or new opportunities could present themselves out of the blue. The intention here is to keep up with the pace and harness the momentum for professional growth.

Your Intentions

If you’re feeling the influence of the Eight of Wands, you might be in a mindset of making things happen quickly. You’re likely focused on immediate goals and looking for ways to achieve them as efficiently as possible. It’s a time for decisive action and riding the wave of fast-moving developments.

Actionable Advice

  • Keep Up the Pace: Stay alert and ready to act, as things may move faster than usual.
  • Be Decisive: Quick decisions might be necessary, so trust your instincts and act confidently.
  • Embrace the Momentum: Use this period of rapid movement to propel your projects and goals forward.

Common Misinterpretations

The Eight of Wands is sometimes seen as a card of haste and impulsiveness, but it’s more about seizing the moment and utilizing the energy of rapid developments. It’s not about recklessness; it’s about efficiently making the most of the opportunities that come your way.

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The Eight of Wands upright as intentions towards you signals a time of fast-paced action and quick developments. It encourages you to keep up with the momentum, make decisive choices, and embrace the swift pace of events unfolding around you. It’s a reminder to harness the energy of quick progress and use it to advance your goals and aspirations.

The Eight Of Wands Reversed As Intentions

When it comes to drawing the Eight of Wands reversed as intentions, think of a situation where forward momentum seems to be stalling. This card in its reversed position signifies intentions that are encountering delays or obstacles, causing plans to unfold more slowly than anticipated. The swift progress typically associated with the Eight of Wands is hampered, indicating a phase of frustration or the need for a revised approach.

Reversed Eight Of Wands As Intentions


When it comes to dating, someone influenced by the Eight of Wands reversed might have intentions to progress the relationship but find themselves hesitating or facing unexpected challenges. They might want to move things forward but are encountering issues that cause them to rethink their approach or slow down, perhaps due to miscommunications or doubts.


If you’re in a relationship, the Eight of Wands reversed can signal a period where intentions to grow and evolve together are met with delays. Plans you and your partner have might not be materializing as quickly as hoped, leading to a sense of frustration. The goal is still to move forward, but the pace is slower, necessitating patience and understanding.


Regarding ex-partners, the Eight of Wands reversed might suggest intentions of reconciliation or closure that are not going as smoothly as intended. An ex might reach out, hoping to quickly resolve past issues or rekindle the relationship, but find that the process is more complex and time-consuming than they anticipated.


In terms of commitment, this card reversed indicates a slowing down in decision-making. Someone considering a deeper level of commitment with you might be facing internal doubts or external circumstances that cause them to pause and reassess their intentions. It’s a phase of uncertainty where the willingness to commit is present but impeded by various factors.

Friends & Family

Within your circle of friends and family, the Eight of Wands reversed can signify intentions to organize events or resolve family matters that are meeting with delays. Efforts to bring people together or to address family issues might not be progressing as smoothly as desired, requiring a more patient and measured approach.


From a career perspective, the intentions towards you might be to advance projects or initiatives at a rapid pace, but these efforts are likely facing setbacks. The workplace environment might be one where people are eager to progress and achieve results quickly, but are finding that hurdles or inefficiencies are slowing down their intended momentum.

Your Intentions

If the Eight of Wands reversed resonates with you, it could reflect your own feelings of being held back or slowed down in your pursuits. You might be eager to move forward in various aspects of your life but are finding that circumstances or your own uncertainties are causing delays.

Actionable Advice

  • Exercise Patience: Understand that some delays can offer valuable time to reassess and improve your plans.
  • Address Obstacles: Identify and tackle any specific issues that are hindering your progress.
  • Stay Flexible: Be prepared to adapt your strategies in response to changing circumstances or new information.

Common Misinterpretations

The Eight of Wands reversed is often perceived merely as a sign of frustration or stalled progress, but it can also represent a beneficial slowing down. This pause can provide an opportunity to reevaluate your path and ensure that your actions are aligned with your true intentions.

Drawing the Eight of Wands reversed as intentions signifies a period where progress is slower than desired, inviting a reassessment of how best to move forward. Whether it’s in personal relationships, career, or other areas of life, this card encourages patience, flexibility, and a proactive approach to overcoming the challenges that are causing delays. It’s a reminder that sometimes a slower pace allows for more thoughtful and effective actions in the long run.

Combinations That Go With The Eight Of Wands As Intentions

Each of the following combinations brings a unique twist to the rapid energy of the Eight of Wands. In fact, they can help offer insightful perspectives on how events might unfold or how to best navigate the fast-paced changes they bring.

Eight of Wands and The Fool

When the Eight of Wands joins forces with The Fool, expect the unexpected! This combination suggests a leap of faith into new opportunities with incredible speed. It’s like jumping onto a fast-moving train to an unknown destination. You’re in for a whirlwind adventure where things evolve rapidly, possibly in a direction you never anticipated.

Eight of Wands and The Lovers

This pairing spells rapid developments in relationships or choices. The Lovers card brings a focus on harmony and relationships, while the Eight of Wands speeds up these connections. Whether it’s about making quick decisions in love or seeing a relationship evolve faster than usual, this combo is all about love on the fast track!

Eight of Wands and The Emperor

Combine the Eight of Wands with The Emperor, and you get swift, authoritative action. The Emperor’s structure and control, blended with the speed of the Eight of Wands, suggest a time of powerful and rapid leadership decisions. It’s like a CEO making quick, strategic moves to steer the company towards success.

Eight of Wands and Ace of Swords

When you mix the Eight of Wands with the Ace of Swords, think quick, clear communication. The Ace of Swords signifies clarity and breakthrough in thoughts or communication. Combined with the rapid energy of the Eight of Wands, this duo suggests fast-paced, truthful conversations or epiphanies. It’s like a lightning bolt of truth striking swiftly!

Eight of Wands and Ten of Cups

This combination is like a fast track to emotional fulfillment. The Ten of Cups is all about emotional contentment and family joy. When it comes together with the Eight of Wands, it suggests rapid developments leading to a happy, harmonious home life. It’s like a sudden, joyful family reunion where everyone’s happy to see each other.

Eight of Wands and Six of Pentacles

Lastly, the Eight of Wands with the Six of Pentacles indicates quick movements in financial or material assistance. The Six of Pentacles is about giving and receiving help. This pairing suggests that help or resources will come or go quickly. Think of it as a sudden bonus or an unexpected opportunity to lend a helping hand to someone in need.


In summary, when the Eight of Wands appears upright in relation to someone’s intentions towards you, it signifies a period of rapid progress and swift action. This person is likely intending to move things forward quickly in your relationship or a mutual project. Their intentions are focused on making rapid developments, bringing a sense of momentum and urgency to whatever is transpiring between you.

Reversed, the Eight of Wands indicates that their intentions of swift progress might be encountering delays or obstacles. They could be feeling frustrated by slowed momentum or unexpected hold-ups in advancing their plans with you. This suggests a need for patience and possibly a reevaluation of how to effectively move forward without the rapid pace they initially anticipated.

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