Eight Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning: Upright & Reversed

If you’ve drawn Eight of Wands then things are likely to start moving fast in your life. The card itself shows eight wands flying through the air, showing swift action, progress, and things coming to fruition quickly. But it’s not all sunshine, when reversed, the Eight of Wands can mean delays, obstacles, and stagnation are in your future and it asks for you to slow down your progress, or potentially even wait.

If you want to know more about what the Eight of Wands means for you in your reading, whether it be in love, relationships, for your career, or just life in general, then keep reading to find out!

NumerologyRepresents the number 8, symbolizing will power, determination, and strength.
Zodiac SignSagittarius, reflecting the desire for change, adventure, and swift movement.
Ruling PlanetJupiter, aligning with themes of prosperity, good fortune, growth and expansion.
ElementFire, symbolizing dynamic energy, rapid movement, and the swift progression of events.
Yes or NoA strong “Yes,” suggesting quick progression and positive momentum.
CrystalsCitrine and Clear Quartz are often associated with the Eight of Wands, promoting clarity, energy, and the acceleration of goals.

Symbolism Of The Eight Of Wands

  1. The Flying Wands: The wands flying through the air, symbolize movement, speed, and action. They’re in mid-flight, showing rapid progress and the swift unfolding of events.
  2. The Absence of Figures: Unlike many other tarot cards, the Eight of Wands doesn’t have anyone in it. This absence emphasizes the card’s focus on events and actions rather than people.
  3. The River or Stream: The river shown beneath the wands, symbolizing the flow of energy, ideas, and movement. It also represents emotions, showing that the card’s events may be emotionally charged.
  4. The Direction of the Wands: The wands usually point in one direction, showing a clear path forward. The uniform direction shows focus on multiple elements aiming towards a common goal.
  5. The Landscape: The background is a clear sky, representing clarity and the lack of obstacles. The openness of the landscape shows unlimited potential and the ease of movement.
Eight Of Wands Symbolism

The Eight Of Wands Upright Meaning

The Eight of Wands upright symbolizes swift movement, sudden changes, and rapid progress. You are in or are about to enter a period of accelerated action and quick decisions, which will bring a sense of excitement and urgency.

At its core, the Eight of Wands represents the rapid movement of events or situations. Things are suddenly picking up speed, propelling you forward at a pace that can be both exhilarating and daunting. As you can guess it appears when events are unfolding quickly, requiring you to think on your feet and make prompt decisions. It’s a time of change, where delays are replaced by swift progression.

It’s also a sign that right now you have a high level of energy, or multiple things happening together. This can manifest as a flurry of communication, a series of events happening in quick succession, or the need to juggle multiple tasks at once. It encourages you to embrace this pace, to stay adaptable, and to go with the flow of the rapid changes occurring around you.

Eight Of Wands Upright Meaning

Excitement and enthusiasm are some of the key themes of the Eight of Wands. The speed and movement signified by this card often bring a sense of anticipation and eagerness for what’s coming next. It’s a reminder to enjoy the ride, even as you keep up with the fast pace of developments.

In some readings, the Eight of Wands can also indicate travel, especially if it’s something that happens suddenly or is decided on a whim. There may be an impromptu trip or a journey that plays a significant role in the rapid changes you’re experiencing, and if you’re on the fence about it, the Eight of Wands is telling you to go!

So as you can see the upright Eight of Wands symbolizes quick movement, sudden changes, and a period of high energy and excitement. It represents a time where things are moving fast, requiring quick thinking and adaptability. This card encourages you to embrace the swift pace of events and to enjoy the sense of momentum and progress it brings.

Love and Relationships

With the Eight of Wands upright, love and relationships could be taking an exciting turn. You might find that things with your partner are moving faster than usual, bringing a thrilling rush of energy to the relationship. For singles, this card suggests you might suddenly meet someone new or that a current fling could quickly become more serious. It’s all about the rapid development of connections, so hold on tight and enjoy the ride!

Career and Finances

In the area of career and finances, the Eight of Wands indicates things are about to speed up. You could see fast progress in a project or suddenly find yourself juggling multiple tasks. It’s a time of dynamic energy at work, where quick decisions can lead to exciting outcomes. Financially, this card suggests rapid changes too, like an unexpected opportunity to boost your income. Stay adaptable and ready to act quickly.


Spiritually, the Eight of Wands speaks to a time of swift personal growth. You might find yourself rapidly discovering new aspects of your spirituality or experiencing a series of enlightening moments one after the other. This card encourages you to go with the flow of these quick changes, embracing the energy and excitement they bring to your spiritual journey.

Yes or No

For a yes or no question, the Eight of Wands upright is a strong ‘yes.’ It points to fast movement and quick progress, suggesting that whatever you’re asking about is likely to happen, and probably sooner than you expect. It’s a green light from the universe, telling you to get ready for some quick and exciting developments.

Book Recommendation – The Four Hour Work Week: Escape 9-5 Live Anywhere, And Join The New Rich by Timothy Ferris

This one is going to be career focused, so if that’s not what you’re reading is about then this may not be a book for you. However, when things are moving fast, it can often be a good idea to take this forward momentum and energy and motivate yourself to take it further. If you need motivation, then this is definitely the book for you! However, if you’re looking for something that gives you a more solid approach to success, then you may need another book.

The Eight Of Wands Reversed Meaning

When the Eight of Wands appears reversed, it means there are delays and frustrations. The swift pace of events and decisions that is characteristic of the upright card seem to stall, leading to a sense of being stuck or hindered. This can manifest as obstacles that delay plans, projects, or travel, causing a feeling of impatience or irritation.

It can also be a sign of resistance to change. In the face of necessary or inevitable transformations, the reversed Eight of Wands suggests a reluctance to move forward or adapt. This resistance can stem from fear of the unknown, comfort in the status quo, or simply a desire to have more control over the pace of changes.

Another theme found in the Eight of Wands reversed is the need for internal alignment. The external delays and frustrations you’re feeling are reflective of an inner misalignment or uncertainty. Take the time to reassess your goals and desires, ensuring that your actions are in harmony with your true intentions.

Eight Of Wands Reversed Meaning

If you’ve drawn this card it can also be because you’re slowing down or losing momentum. Where the upright Eight of Wands shows rapid progress, the reversed position shows you may be slowing down or progress feels sluggish or halting. It serves as a reminder to be patient and to understand that not all periods will be marked by high energy and quick movement.

However, it could be a caution against hastiness or being unprepared. In your eagerness to move forward, you might be tempted to act rashly or without proper planning, leading to chaos or mistakes. Take a step back to prepare properly before proceeding, ensuring that when the time for action comes, you are ready and able to move forward effectively.

In short, the Eight of Wands reversed symbolizes delays, resistance to change, and a loss of momentum. It suggests a need for patience, internal alignment, and careful planning. This card encourages you to address any inner doubts or hesitations and to prepare adequately for when the pace of life picks up again.

Love and Relationships

When it comes to relationships, the Eight of Wands reversed is a sign that things feel like they’re moving to slow which can be frustrating. In a relationship, you might feel like things are not moving forward as you’d like, making you feel stuck. For singles, you might be feeling like your dating life is non existent or there’s a slowdown in the development of a blossoming relationship. In either case, be patient and understand that not every phase in love is fast-paced.

Career and Finances

Right now you might be facing obstacles that delay your projects or goals at work. Financially, an expected financial opportunity may be taking longer to materialize than you hoped. Either way the Eight of Wands Reversed is a reminder to stay patient and to use this time to plan and prepare, so when things do pick up again, you’re ready to move forward effectively.


Spiritually, the reversed Eight of Wands points to a need for internal reflection. It could be that your current growth feels stalled or that you’re resisting new insights or changes in your beliefs. It invites you to explore any inner conflicts or doubts you may have, aligning your actions and goals with your true spiritual intentions.

Yes or No

For a yes or no question, the Eight of Wands reversed is a ‘no’ or at least a ‘not yet.’ The situation you’re asking about is likely experiencing delays or not progressing as quickly as you’d hoped. Remember to stay patient, now might not be the right time for action, but rather for preparation and alignment.

Book Recommendation: In Praise Of Slowness: Challenging The Cult Of Speed by Carl Honoré

If you feel like life is going too slow for you at the moment, then I’d definitely check out this book. Sometimes the universe is literally telling you to slow down, and I completely get feeling like you can’t. However, if you feel like this, then this book is definitely going to help you see the benefits of a slower lifestyle, and even how it can improve your life in the long run!

Journaling Prompts For The Eight Of Wands

If you’ve drawn the Eight of Wands you may be wondering how you’re going to move, and how you’re going to move fast. With this in mind, here are some great things you should sit down and ask yourself!

  1. Can you remember a time when things moved quickly in your life. What was the situation, and how did you adapt to the rapid changes?
  2. Think of a time when you had to act quickly. What drove your actions, and what was the outcome?
  3. What goal do you have where you need to build more momentum? What steps can you take to accelerate your progress?
  4. How can you stay open and prepared for unexpected opportunities that may arise soon?
  5. Are there any areas in your life where open communication are needed to help things develop quickly? What can you do to make sure you’re communicating effectively?
  6. In what ways you can you improve your ability to adapt quickly and maintain your composure? Especially when things are changing rapidly.

Final Message Of The Eight Of Wands

The air is electric with possibility, the winds of change bring rapid movement and progress. right now you are in the midst of this energy where everything seems to align, and your actions flow with an effortless momentum.

This is a moment of swift action, where delays and obstacles of the past dissolve, leaving a clear path ahead. Embrace this surge of forward motion; it’s a rare opportunity where the universe seems to conspire in your favor. Think of the arrows nocked in your bowstring flying straight towards its target, symbolizing your goals and dreams within reach.a

But with great speed comes the need for focus. Channel this burst of energy wisely. It’s easy to get swept up in the pace and lose sight of your direction. Keep your eyes on your goals, and let this wave of progress carry you closer to achieving them.

Remember, the Eight of Wands isn’t just about rapid movement; it’s a reminder to harness this energy, to make the most of this fleeting, potent time. It’s a call to action – to seize the moment, to ride the wave of opportunity, and to make strides towards your dreams with confidence and determination.

So, get ready, set your sights, and propel towards a future filled with promise and achievement.


So in short, the Eight of Wands Upright is about things progressing fast, and also your need to move fast as well. You may be feeling like you need to make decisions quickly, but this card is showing you that you have the capacity to do so. This card is about things picking up speed, requiring adaptability and quick thinking.

Reversed, it means there’s likely going to be delays and frustrations in your future, or you may also be experiencing them now. Internally, it can also show a resistance to change, as well as internal misalignment, or a loss of momentum. It warns you against hastiness, and asks that you go into future situations prepared.

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