Five Of Pentacles As Feelings: Are You Feeling Shut Out?

The appearance of the Five of Pentacles in your reading often rings the bell of emotional or relational hardship. Yet, there’s a deeper story. This card serves as a call to confront and navigate the emotional storms in your life.

Ever felt emotionally or relationally stranded and yet found hidden reserves of strength? That’s the Five of Pentacles pushing you to find your inner sanctuary amid external scarcity. Want to transform your emotional struggles into strength? Stick around.

Key Takeaways

General Symbolism

  • Emotional Struggles: The card represents emotional hardships and feeling alone.
  • Inner Resilience: This card also hints at the power of inner strength to overcome adversities.
  • Seeking Support: There’s an often-overlooked invitation to ask for help and emotional or spiritual guidance.
  • Reality Check: Challenges you to differentiate between feelings of emotional lack and actual emotional poverty.

Upright Five of Pentacles

  • Singles: Points to emotional dry spells and a need for introspection.
  • Couples: Indicates emotional distance and urges open communication.
  • Ex-Partners: Highlights lingering emotional baggage, suggesting a need for closure.
  • Family/Friends: Signifies feeling unsupported and encourages reaching out.

Reversed Five of Pentacles

  • Singles: Suggests a shift towards a more positive emotional outlook.
  • Couples: Signals the crumbling of emotional barriers and deeper connection.
  • Ex-Partners: Indicates easing of emotional burden and newfound freedom.
  • Family/Friends: Symbolizes stronger emotional bonds and community support.

What Does Five Of Pentacles As Feelings Symbolize?

The Five of Pentacles often signifies feeling emotionally destitute or isolated. You might feel like you’re going through a rough patch, and emotional support seems scarce.

It encourages you to dig deep and confront your emotional difficulties head-on. Think of it as trudging through a snowstorm; the journey is harsh, but you’re bound to find shelter eventually.

Feelings of being left out in the cold, both literally and metaphorically, come to the forefront with this card. It may feel like no one is coming to your rescue. But remember, sometimes help is right around the corner and you just need to ask. So, have you considered reaching out?

Remember in times of emotional scarcity, introspection becomes a vital tool. The Five of Pentacles may be urging you to turn inward and re-evaluate your emotional priorities. It’s often in our moments of deepest struggle that we find our greatest strengths. Are you ready to take this introspective journey?

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What Does The Upright Five Of Pentacles As Feelings Symbolize?

The Five of Pentacles Upright is most often seen as a signifier of hardship, emotional or otherwise. Here, you find yourself traversing a landscape where feelings of lack, insecurity, and isolation loom large. It’s as if you’re wandering through an emotional winter, searching for a sanctuary that seems elusive.

Sometimes, this card appears during periods when you’re grappling with feelings of emotional poverty—moments when the soul feels empty and the heart heavy. Ever wondered what’s causing this emotional chill in your life? Is it external circumstances, or perhaps, inner emotional conflicts? This card encourages you to dig deep and navigate through these complex feelings.

  • Emotional Struggles: The Five of Pentacles often shows up when you’re going through emotional hardships. Whether it’s loneliness, rejection, or a sense of emotional abandonment, this card captures those moments. Have you recently felt cut off or distanced from emotional warmth?
  • Insecurity and Self-doubt: This card can illuminate inner states of insecurity and self-doubt. It’s as if you’re carrying around a heavy emotional burden that’s hard to shake off. Are these insecurities causing you to isolate yourself even further?
  • Seeking Support: Interestingly, the Five of Pentacles also serves as a call to seek emotional or spiritual support. It’s easy to overlook, but often the card shows figures near a place of sanctuary. Have you considered reaching out for emotional or even spiritual guidance?
  • Emotional Scarcity vs. Reality: While this card often signifies lack, it’s crucial to differentiate between feeling poor emotionally and being emotionally impoverished. The mind can sometimes amplify emotional scarcity, making situations appear worse than they are. Are your feelings of lack rooted in perception or reality?
  • Inner Resilience: On the flip side, this card also hints at the possibility of inner strength. It’s a testament to human resilience, the ability to carry on despite emotional adversities. Are you tapping into your inner resources to get through this emotional phase?
Upright Five Of Pentacles As Feelings

For Singles:

When the Five of Pentacles pops up for singles, it could be pointing at an emotional dry spell. Perhaps you’re feeling the weight of loneliness or the sting of recent rejections? But let me tell you, this card can serve as a wake-up call. Have you considered why you’re feeling this way and what steps you could take to get back to a more positive emotional state?

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For Existing Relationships:

Couples, take note! The Five of Pentacles might signal a phase where you and your partner are emotionally distant. It can be disheartening, but it’s also a chance for deep reflection. Have you considered talking openly about what’s causing this emotional distance? Sometimes a heart-to-heart conversation can be the sanctuary you need.

For Exes:

If you’re dwelling on an ex, this card is your emotional mirror. It’s showing you how you’re still carrying the burden of that past relationship. I’ve been there; holding onto emotional baggage can be exhausting. So ask yourself, is it time to seek some form of closure so you can move forward?

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For Family and Friends:

In the realm of friendships and family, the Five of Pentacles can point to feeling emotionally unsupported or misunderstood. It’s tough, right? But have you tried reaching out for the emotional or spiritual support you need? Sometimes the sanctuary we seek is closer than we think.

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What Does Five Of Pentacles Reversed As Feelings Symbolize?

The Five of Pentacles Reversed signals a move toward emotional relief, as if a heavy cloud of worry and lack has started to lift. The emotional winter you might have been trudging through is now giving way to a spring of renewed optimism. It’s like finding a warm hearth just when you thought you were lost in the cold. Ready to explore what this emotionally uplifting card means for you?

  • Easing Emotional Strain: The first and most immediate message of the Five of Pentacles Reversed is a lessening of emotional hardship. If you’ve been grappling with feelings of loneliness or abandonment, this card suggests a potential reprieve. Have you recently experienced a shift that lightened your emotional load?
  • A Shift Towards Abundance: Interestingly, the reversed Five of Pentacles often implies a shift from a mindset of scarcity to one of abundance. In an emotional context, this could mean developing a more optimistic outlook or rekindling relationships. Are you consciously working toward a more abundant emotional state?
  • Emotional Independence: The card also highlights the possibility of gaining emotional independence. Whether it’s breaking free from co-dependency or learning to find happiness within, it’s about gaining emotional self-sufficiency. How much are you leaning on external factors for emotional fulfillment?
  • Emotional Support and Community: While the upright Five of Pentacles often signifies feeling left out in the cold, its reversed counterpart points to the benefits of community and support. Have you considered reaching out for emotional aid or joining a group that nourishes your soul?
  • Redefining Emotional Values: Lastly, this card may imply a time for reevaluation. It’s an invitation to redefine what emotional security and well-being mean to you. Are your emotional goals aligned with your current values?
Five Of Pentacles ReversedAs Feelings

For Singles:

For singles, the Five of Pentacles Reversed is a beacon of hope, signaling a possible end to that vexing emotional void. This card hints at the thawing of the icy loneliness you may have been feeling, gradually replacing it with a sense of emotional richness. Have you started to notice a shift towards a more positive emotional outlook recently?

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For Existing Relationships:

In the context of relationships, this card suggests that emotional barriers are beginning to crumble, fostering an environment for deeper connection. If your relationship has been feeling emotionally distant, now may be the opportune time for renewal. Would you agree that you’re sensing a new emotional depth in your interactions?

For Exes:

If you find yourself revisiting the past and dwelling on an old relationship, the reversed Five of Pentacles indicates that the emotional burden may be lifting. A newfound sense of freedom and emotional independence is on the horizon. Have you felt a recent easing in the emotional hold your past relationship had on you?

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For Family and Friends:

When it comes to friendships and familial relationships, this card symbolizes the strengthening of emotional bonds and community support. It could signify reconciliation, a renewed sense of belonging, or simply feeling emotionally nourished by your social circle. Are you starting to feel more emotionally integrated and supported in your friendships or family life?

Five Of Pentacles As Feelings Infographic

Five Of Pentacles Combinations As Feelings

Tarot is a multi-dimensional tool, and the layers become richer when we pair the Five of Pentacles with other cards. Let’s delve into six combinations that can provide a more comprehensive understanding of this intriguing card in a feelings context.

Five of Pentacles + The Emperor

When this card combines with The Emperor, the spotlight is on emotional hardship caused by rigidity or control issues. Here, the Five of Pentacles symbolizes emotional scarcity or exclusion, while The Emperor suggests a firm structure or authority figure. Are you struggling because of emotional barriers or restrictions? This pairing prompts you to consider whether you need to shake up the status quo to find emotional relief.

Five of Pentacles + Two of Cups

The blend of the Five of Pentacles with the Two of Cups suggests a tug-of-war between emotional loss and the promise of emotional connection. The Two of Cups typically signifies a budding relationship or emotional unity, starkly contrasting the Five of Pentacles’ theme of loss. Do you feel like emotional connection is just beyond your reach? This combination urges you to recognize the available emotional support or partnerships that can help alleviate your struggles.

Five of Pentacles + Seven of Swords

Pairing this card with the Seven of Swords can imply deception or betrayal adding to emotional hardship. It might indicate that you’re feeling lost or abandoned due to dishonesty or ulterior motives. Are you experiencing a sense of betrayal that has left you emotionally out in the cold? This duo urges you to consider the underlying causes and how best to navigate this emotionally treacherous terrain.

Five of Pentacles + The World

When the Five of Pentacles meets The World, it could signify coming full circle from an emotional low point. The World represents completion and fulfillment, contrasting the emotional void of the Five of Pentacles. Are you nearing the end of a difficult emotional phase? This combination suggests that a transformative completion could provide the way out of your current emotional struggles.

Five of Pentacles + Six of Wands

When the Five of Pentacles combines with the Six of Wands, it often points to the potential triumph over emotional difficulties. The Six of Wands represents victory and recognition, offering a light at the end of the tunnel. Could your hardships be preparing you for an emotional breakthrough? This pairing hints at the potential for overcoming adversity and emerging stronger.

Five of Pentacles + The Hermit

The pairing with The Hermit can suggest that introspection or spiritual guidance may provide a path out of emotional hardship. While the Five of Pentacles often represents external struggle, The Hermit encourages looking inward for answers. Are you neglecting your inner world while facing your emotional challenges? This combo recommends a period of self-reflection as a remedy for emotional discomfort.


As you can see the five of pentacles when pulled means you need to do a lot of introspection. Right now your emotions aren’t in a good place, but remember, you don’t need to face this alone! While looking deep within yourself is still necessary, remember you can still reach out to your family and friends for support!

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