Five Of Swords As How Someone Sees You: Upright & Reversed

If someone thinks of you as the Five of Swords, they might see you as someone who often ends up in tricky situations. But what’s the real story? Do they think you’re the type who always needs to win, even if it’s tough, or do they see you as someone who gets caught in arguments a lot?

This card usually means there’s a bit of a struggle or conflict happening. We’ll take a closer look to see if they view you as someone who stands up for yourself, even when it’s hard, or if they think you might be picking too many battles.

Key Takeaways

The Upright Five of Swords

  • For Singles: You appear assertive, maybe too confrontational. Others see strength but also challenges in connecting with you.
  • For New Relationships: Your partner may find you competitive. They like your clarity but might want more cooperation.
  • For Existing Relationships: Your partner sees your occasional combativeness. They value your strength but wish for more harmony.
  • For Exes: Exes recall your conflicts. They remember your need to win, impacting your past relationship.
  • In Careers: At work, you’re seen as driven but possibly aggressive. Your competitiveness is noted, sometimes straining teamwork.
  • For Friendship: Friends see your outspokenness. They respect your honesty but are cautious of potential arguments.
  • Self-Perception: You view yourself as strong-willed. You know your assertiveness can be a strength and a challenge.

The Five of Swords Reversed

  • For Singles: You’re seen as learning from past conflicts. Potential partners notice your shift toward peaceful connections.
  • For New Relationships: Your partner appreciates your conflict avoidance. They see your maturity and desire for a respectful bond.
  • For Existing Relationships: Your significant other values your move toward peace. They see a positive change in your relationship.
  • For Exes: Exes notice your evolution from conflict to peace. They recognize your growth from past experiences.
  • In Careers: Colleagues see your shift from conflict to collaboration. You’re now seen as a team player, enhancing group dynamics.
  • For Friendship: Friends appreciate your new approach to avoid conflicts. They see you as more approachable and considerate.
  • Self-Perception: You see this phase as personal growth. You value peaceful resolutions over winning arguments.

Symbolism of The Five Of Swords

The Five of Swords typically portrays a figure standing alone, holding three swords, while two other swords lie on the ground. In the distance, two figures are walking away, suggesting defeat and retreat. This card’s imagery conveys the aftermath of a conflict, with the central figure appearing victorious but isolated.

The scattered swords and the stormy sky symbolize the destructive nature of the conflict and the hollow victory it has produced. It’s a scene of strife where the pursuit of personal gain or being right has led to losses for everyone involved. The card warns of the consequences of unchecked ambition or winning at all costs, suggesting that such victories can lead to solitude and strained relationships.

The Upright Five Of Swords As How Someone See’s You

When others view you through the Five of Swords, they may perceive you as someone who is often involved in conflicts or challenging situations, possibly coming across as a person who seeks to win at any cost. This tarot card is typically associated with conflict, tension, and the aftermath of a battle, suggesting a scenario where victory may have been achieved but not without consequences. To those around you, this could indicate a tendency to engage in power struggles or disagreements, with an emphasis on emerging as the victor, even if it means alienating others or achieving a pyrrhic victory.

Five Of Swords Upright As How Someone See's You

For Singles

In the realm of dating and relationships, potential partners might see you as someone who is assertive, perhaps to the point of being confrontational. They may perceive you as uncompromising or as someone who places a high value on being right or having the upper hand in discussions or disagreements. This could be seen as both a strength and a challenge in forming new romantic connections.

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For New Relationships

If you’re in a new relationship, your partner might feel that your approach to conflicts or disagreements is more competitive than cooperative. They may see you as someone who prioritizes winning arguments or being in control, which could lead to tension or misunderstandings in the early stages of your relationship.

For Existing Relationships

In an ongoing relationship, your significant other might perceive you as occasionally combative or keen on having the last word in disagreements. They may feel that this trait can sometimes create unnecessary tension or challenges in the relationship, potentially leading to situations where the outcome of a conflict feels hollow or unsatisfying for both parties.

For Exes

Ex-partners may remember your interactions as being marked by conflicts or power struggles. They might recall times when winning an argument or proving a point seemed to take precedence over mutual understanding or resolution, impacting the overall dynamics of your past relationship.

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In Careers

At work, colleagues and supervisors might view you as competitive and determined, possibly to the point of being overly aggressive in pursuing your goals or ideas. While this can be seen as a strength in certain situations, it might also lead to strained relationships or a lack of collaboration in the workplace.

For Friendship

Friends may perceive you as someone who is not afraid to speak your mind or stand your ground, but they might also be wary of potential conflicts or disagreements with you. They may appreciate your strength and conviction but could be concerned about the impact of your approach on the harmony of the group.

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You might see yourself as a strong-willed individual, unafraid to stand up for your beliefs or viewpoints. While you recognize your ability to engage in and often win conflicts, you might also be aware of the potential downsides of this trait, such as strained relationships or the feeling of hollow victories.

What You Should Do

  • Seek Balance in Interactions: Strive for a balance between standing your ground and being open to compromise or collaboration.
  • Reflect on Outcomes: Consider the long-term outcomes of conflicts and whether the victory is worth the potential costs to relationships and harmony.
  • Foster Understanding: Work on fostering understanding and mutual respect in your interactions, recognizing that winning an argument does not always equate to a positive resolution.

Through the Five of Swords, your tendency to engage in and often prevail in conflicts is evident to those around you. This perception highlights both your strength in standing up for yourself and the potential challenges in maintaining harmonious relationships. Balancing your assertive nature with empathy and cooperation can lead to more fulfilling interactions and outcomes.

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The Five Of Swords Reversed As How Someone See’s You

When others perceive you through the Five of Swords reversed, they may see you as someone who is attempting to move away from conflict and seeking resolution or reconciliation. This tarot card in its reversed position often signifies a desire to avoid unnecessary battles, to make amends, or to step back from situations where no true victory can be achieved. To those around you, this could indicate a shift from previously engaging in power struggles to now seeking more peaceful resolutions, showing a willingness to compromise or let go for the sake of harmony.

Five Of Swords Reversed As How Someone See's You

For Singles

In the context of dating and relationships, potential partners might see you as someone who has learned from past conflicts and is now more inclined towards creating harmonious connections. They may appreciate your reluctance to engage in unnecessary arguments and your efforts to ensure clear, respectful communication, making you an attractive prospect for a stable and mature relationship.

For New Relationships

If you’re in a new relationship, your partner might recognize your efforts to avoid conflict and appreciate your commitment to maintaining a peaceful and understanding dynamic. They could see this as a sign of your maturity and your desire to build a relationship based on mutual respect and empathy.

For Existing Relationships

In an ongoing relationship, your significant other likely values your recent shift towards reconciliation and peace. They may see your current approach as a positive development, leading to a more harmonious and supportive partnership where conflicts are resolved constructively rather than combatively.

For Exes

Ex-partners might observe your transition from conflict towards reconciliation and perceive this change as a positive evolution in your character. They may recognize that you have grown from past experiences and are now more focused on resolving issues amicably.

In Careers

Colleagues and supervisors at work likely notice your shift from engaging in conflicts to seeking more collaborative solutions. You might be seen as someone who now prioritizes team harmony and effective communication, which can enhance your role as a team player and a cooperative colleague.

For Friendship

Friends probably appreciate your current stance of avoiding unnecessary conflicts and your efforts to maintain harmony within the group. They might see you as more approachable and considerate, valuing your willingness to listen and compromise.


You may view this phase as an important part of your personal growth, recognizing the value of peaceful resolutions over winning arguments. This approach reflects your understanding that maintaining relationships and harmony is often more important than emerging as the victor in conflicts.

What You Should Do

  • Continue to Avoid Unnecessary Conflicts: Keep focusing on avoiding unnecessary battles and seeking amicable solutions.
  • Foster Open Communication: Encourage open and honest communication in your interactions, as this can prevent misunderstandings and conflicts.
  • Embrace Compromise: Recognize the value of compromise and collaboration. Sometimes, letting go of the need to win can lead to more positive and lasting outcomes.

Through the reversed Five of Swords, your shift away from conflict and towards reconciliation and peace is clearly seen by those around you. This change highlights your growth in understanding the importance of harmonious interactions and the limitations of engaging in power struggles. Your willingness to seek peaceful resolutions and to prioritize relationships over conflicts is a testament to your personal development and empathy.

Five Of Swords As How Someone See's You Infographic

Combinations That Go With The Five Of Swords For How Someone See’s You

As you know The Five of Swords in tarot is all about conflict, tension, or winning at all costs. It’s like being in a tricky situation where things might not feel all that great. When you see this card with others in a reading about how someone sees you, it gives hints about how they think you handle tough times, disagreements, or when you’re trying to get your way. Each different card that shows up with the Five of Swords tells a bit more about what people might think about your style in these challenging moments.

Five of Swords and The Empress

When the Five of Swords and The Empress come together, it suggests that people might see you as someone who can be protective and nurturing, even in tough times. You’re likely viewed as caring deeply, but also possibly getting caught up in conflicts, especially when it comes to matters close to your heart.

Five of Swords and The Chariot

The combination of the Five of Swords with The Chariot could mean that others see you as very driven and focused on your goals, even if it means facing some challenges along the way. This pairing might show that people think you’re determined to win or succeed, but they might also worry that you could push too hard or overlook others’ feelings in the process.

Five of Swords and The Devil

Pairing the Five of Swords with The Devil might indicate that people see you as someone who can get tangled up in unhealthy situations or power struggles. This combo can suggest that others view you as potentially getting stuck in negative patterns, especially in situations where there’s a lot of tension or competition.

Five of Swords and The Moon

When the Five of Swords is combined with The Moon, it can imply that people see you as someone who might not always show everything that’s going on beneath the surface during conflicts. You might be viewed as mysterious or hard to read, with others unsure of your true intentions or feelings in tricky situations.

Five of Swords and Justice

With Justice, the Five of Swords might show that others see you as someone who fights for what you believe is right, even in the midst of conflict. This pairing suggests that you’re viewed as someone who wants fairness, but they might also think that you sometimes take a hard-line approach to get it.

Five of Swords and The Hierophant

The Five of Swords alongside The Hierophant could suggest that people see you as someone who challenges the status quo or traditional ways of doing things, especially when you feel they’re unfair. This combination might indicate that you’re viewed as a bit of a rebel, not afraid to stir things up if it means standing up for what you believe in.


In summary, the Five of Swords suggests you’re perceived as someone who might win conflicts but at a significant emotional or relational cost. This view implies that you engage in disputes or arguments, often prioritizing your own interests or beliefs, even if it strains relationships. It can indicate a perception of you as needing to rethink how you handle disagreements, leaning towards more collaborative or empathetic approaches.

Reversed, the Five of Swords implies a shift away from conflict towards reconciliation or compromise. This perspective suggests that you’re seen as someone willing to acknowledge past mistakes or misjudgments in conflicts and seek resolution. It indicates a move towards healing and mending strained relationships, showing a willingness to put aside ego and work towards mutual understanding and peace.

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