Five Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning: Upright & Reversed

As you can see on the card, the Five of Wands is a card that is all about conflict, and testing yourself against those around you. The card itself shows a group of men engaged in a struggle or contest, showing their disagreement and rivalry. It shows us challenges or disputes that may arise in life, reflecting a period of tension or competitive situations. When reversed, however, the Five of Wands signifies the resolution of conflicts, moving past disagreements, or the end of competition.

If you want to know more about The Five of Wands and what it means in your love life, career, and spirituality, then keep reading to find out everything there is to know!

NumerologyRepresents the number 5, symbolizing communication, adventure, but also overconfidence
Zodiac SignLeo, reflecting boldness, the desire for recognition, and the challenge of ego.
Ruling PlanetSun, aligning with themes of personal power, identity, and the struggle for dominance.
ElementFire, symbolizing dynamic energy, conflict, and clashing wills or ideas.
Yes or NoMost often a “maybe” suggesting struggle, disagreement, or the need to overcome challenges before proceeding.
CrystalsRed Jasper and Carnelian are often associated with the Five of Wands, promoting courage, endurance, and assistance in navigating through conflict.

Symbolism Of The Five Of Wands

  1. The Clashing Wands: The main feature of the Five of Wands is the group of people, each holding a wand, sparring with each other. This is a representation of struggle, competition, and the challenges of differing opinions or viewpoints. If you look though, the wands are not being used to cause harm, instead this is a mock conflict about proving a point rather than causing damage.
  2. The people: The people are young, which shows youthful energy, enthusiasm, and sometimes a lack of maturity in handling disputes. Their engagement in the struggle can also represent the trials and tests that are necessary for growth and development.
  3. The Lack of Focus: The chaotic arrangement of the wands and the seemingly random directions in which the figures are looking or aiming shows confusion, lack of clear direction, and the chaos that often accompanies competition or argument.
  4. The Landscape: The background unremarkable the blue of the sky stands for truth and understanding, which underscores the focus on the conflict and competition. But the field which isn’t lush, but rather dying shows that this environment might not be the best solution to the situation and could be adding to the confusion.
  5. The Postures and Expressions: The body language and expressions of the figures are animated, reflecting the ever changing nature of their interactions, which could quickly turn aggressive. It’s a great way to show the intensity of debates, arguments, or competitions.
Five Of Wands Symbolism

The Five Of Wands Upright Meaning

The Five of Wands upright represents conflict, competition, and tension, however, they’re more like a mock battle rather than a deeply serious conflict. But it does capture the fact that right now in life you’re dealing with clashing ideas or personalities, and the challenges that come with navigating diverse opinions and approaches.

At its core, the Five of Wands is about situations where there’s a lack of harmony and agreement. It appears when you’re encountering disagreements or conflicts, where everyone has their own opinion or strategy, and these differences are leading to a clash of egos or ideas. I always think that the conflicts depicted by the Five of Wands are usually not deeply serious or harmful though; they’re more akin to a lively debate or a friendly competition.

And with that in mind the card is also about competition. Manifesting as healthy rivalry, such as in sports or business, where the challenge is to outdo others while still maintaining respect and fair play. It encourages you to see competition as a way to sharpen your skills and strategies, rather than as a negative or destructive force.

Five Of Wands Upright Meaning

When it comes to your inner world, the Five of Wands can represent the internal conflict of different ideas or choices. You may be in a period of indecision or feeling inner tension as you try to reconcile different parts of yourself or make a choice between competing paths.

Diversity of ideas, while potentially leading to conflict, is also an essential element of this card. And through these clashes and challenges, you’ll be able to gain new perspectives and insights. It encourages you to embrace differences and to see the value in opposing viewpoints, even if they initially cause friction.

So, the upright Five of Wands symbolizes conflict, disagreement, and competition. It often indicates a situation that is more akin to a mock battle than a serious confrontation, inviting you to engage in healthy competition and to learn from the diversity and tension of conflicting ideas. It’s a reminder that, although challenging, these conflicts can lead to personal growth and a broader understanding.

Love and Relationships

When it comes to love, the Five of Wands shows a time of minor conflicts or disagreements. If you’re in a relationship, it might be that you’re facing some healthy debates or playful challenges with your partner, just make sure neither of you take them to heart.

For singles, it could mean going through the competitive aspects of dating or meeting people with differing viewpoints. It’s about learning to appreciate these differences and using them to deepen your understanding of what you want in a relationship. And remember, dating isn’t about one upping the other person.

Careers and Finance

For your career, the Five of Wands points to a competitive environment. You might be in a situation where you’re vying for a position, working on a challenging project with a team, or just dealing with office politics. Financially, it could represent the challenges of a competitive market. Use these situations to hone your skills and strategies, and remember that healthy competition can be a catalyst for growth and improvement.


Spiritually, the Five of Wands can show internal struggles or conflicts regarding your beliefs and spiritual practices. You might be questioning your path or facing contrasting inner voices. Try exploring these different aspects of your spirituality to find what truly resonates with you, and remember that spiritual growth often involves reconciling diverse perspectives.

Yes or No

For yes or no questions, the Five of Wands suggests a ‘maybe’, indicating that the outcome is likely influenced by external conflicts or challenges. The path to your answer involves going through these competitive and conflicting situations, and the outcome might depend on how well you handle these dynamics.

Book Recommendation – Mindset: The New Psychology Of Success by Carol S. Dweck

There are actually so many books you can read that will benefit you, if you’re feeling the Five Of Wands energy right now. However, overall, I’d say this is your best choice. It will help you view confrontations and debates through a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset helping you expand as a human!

The Five Of Wands Reversed Meaning

When reversed, the meaning shifts away from external conflict and competition towards resolution, cooperation, and even internal harmony. It suggests that you are leaving behind lively debates, competition, and instead there is an easing of tensions and resolution of disagreements, both within oneself and with others too.

As you can guess, one of the key themes of the Five of Wands reversed is the resolution of conflict. Where the upright version indicates clashes and disagreements, the reversed shows this healthy debate is coming to an end. It can often manifest as people finding common ground, reaching compromises, or simply deciding that the conflict is not worth continuing. You and the people around you are moving away from discord to harmony, from competition to collaboration.

And this migration isn’t just about your external world, but also your inner conflict. If you’ve been struggling with your internal thoughts lately, the Five of Wands reversed shows a resolution is near. You are finding ways to reconcile the inner tensions within you, and this will lead to a greater sense of peace and self-understanding.

Five Of Wands Reversed Meaning

However, it can also mean that you’re avoiding conflict altogether. While this can be positive, and show you have a desire for peace and harmony, it can also show a reluctance to address necessary issues. It’s a reminder to find the balance between maintaining peace and confronting important matters that need resolution.

Lastly, and in my opinion, one of the best meanings, it can show a shift from competition to cooperation. In situations where there used to be rivalry or a struggle for dominance, now there might be a willingness to work together, recognizing that collaboration can be more effective than conflict.

In short, the Five of Wands reversed symbolizes the easing of tensions and the resolution of conflicts. It suggests a move towards internal and external harmony, cooperation, and the avoidance of unnecessary disagreements. This card encourages a peaceful approach to resolving differences and embracing a more collaborative and understanding mindset.

Love and Relationships

In love, the reversed Five of Wands shows there is a calming of tensions in your relationship. If you’ve been experiencing petty squabbles or misunderstandings, you may be finding ways to resolve these issues and work together to create a happy household.

For singles, you’re starting to move away from dates that you’re constantly debating more solid connections based on shared interests. It’s a sign of growing understanding and mutual respect in your love life.

Careers and Finance

Career-wise, the reversed Five of Wands indicates you will most likely soon leave a competitive environment. Conflicts with colleagues might be resolving, or you may find more effective ways to collaborate on projects.

Financially, it asks you to consider a move away from aggressive tactics to strategies that are more wholesome in managing your finances or business dealings. It’s a period of finding balance and working together for common goals.


Spiritually, the reversed Five of Wands points to resolving inner conflicts and finding peace within yourself. You are starting to reconcile the different areas of your beliefs which is a fantastic sign!

Yes or No

For yes or no questions, the reversed Five of Wands leans towards a ‘yes’. And remember resolution and cooperation will lead to positive outcomes. It’s also important to remember that during this time you’ll get the best results through working with other people!

Book Recommendation: Getting Past No: Negotiating In Difficult Situations by William Ury

While tensions may be easing in your life right now, there may still be some hard conversations to have. If you feel like one or more of these conversations will be coming up soon, then I’d highly recommend this book. And while it may seem like it’s only helpful in a business setting, I’ve found it’s really helped me in all areas of my life.

Journaling Prompts For The Five Of Wands

If you feel like you’re in the wars right now, and constant debate or conflict are exhausting you, here are some journaling prompts you should consider to gain clarity in your life!

  1. Think about your most recent disagreement. How did you handle it? What did you do well, and what could you have done better?
  2. What is your typical approach to arguments? Do you confront them or avoid them? And if so does this serve you well?
  3. Think about when you’re in competition. Does it motivate you, or do you shy away from it? What can you do to make the most of healthy competition?
  4. Is there a significant challenge in your life that you’ve overcome? What did you discover within yourself when you did this?
  5. Have you ever been in a time where you had to spend a lot of time with someone completely different from you? How did you handle it, and what did you do to bond with them?

Final Message Of The Five Of Wands

Do not fear the storm that gathers, for it is in the crucible of conflict that strength is forged. Look around you. Remember, conflict is not your enemy. It’s the whetstone that sharpens your resolve, the wind that propels your sails. Embrace the challenge, the clash of ideas, the jostle for dominance. Let it ignite your passion, fan the flames of your desire, and push you beyond your perceived limits.

Do not be cowed by the shadows that dance around you. Those who shrink from the heat of competition will find themselves consumed by it. Stand tall, raise your voice, and let your spirit be a lighthouse in the storm. Fight for what you believe in, not with malice, but with conviction, with the righteous fire of a dreamer who refuses to be extinguished.

But remember, too, the power of unity which is forged in the fires of conflict. For in the dance of competition, respect can bloom, understanding can flicker, and alliances can be forged. Seek not to crush your opponents, but to learn from them, to push each other to greater heights. Let the clash of wills be a catalyst, not a chasm.


As you can see, The Five of Wands is all about competition, this can be in the form of debates, testing your mettle with others and in rare cases serious conflicts. In short, it can show where differences in opinions can begin to clash. Don’t neglect this healthy rivalry but embrace it, view competition as a way to sharpen skills, and dealing with internal conflicts and diverse ideas. It signifies personal growth through navigating conflicting viewpoints.

Reversed, The Five of Wands shows that conflicts are being resolved and that you and your friends moving past heated conversations and finding peace (you’ll also be finding peace inside yourself as well). However, it also warns against avoiding necessary conflicts and moving away from competition

Overall, The Five of Wands, whether upright or reversed, centers around conflict, and competition as well as how to resolve these elements. It shows the challenges of dealing with diverse opinions and the benefits of embracing and resolving these conflicts for personal and collective growth.

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