Four Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning: Upright & Reversed

The Four of Pentacles is a powerful card which centers on issues of security and control over what you currently have. You can see this clearly in the card which shows a figure holding tightly to four coins, showing an attachment to material security and a resistance to change due to fear of financial loss. It warns us against the limitations of being overly cautious or greedy. When reversed, it calls for you to let go of control, and reminds you that the only security comes from being able to flow with life’s ups and downs.

Being one of my favorite cards, you should definitely keep reading this article to find out exactly what it means for you in your life!

Numerology4: Represents knowledge, intelligence, confidence, and leadership.
Zodiac SignCapricorn: Illustrates the importance of financial stability, conservatism, and the careful management of resources.
Ruling PlanetSaturn: Stresses the value of conservation, discipline, and managing resources wisely to build a secure foundation.
ElementEarth: Denotes a focus on material security, practicality, and the accumulation of wealth.
Yes or NoMaybe: Reflects caution in financial matters, suggesting the need to reassess one’s grip on resources before making a decision.
CrystalsPyrite and Agate: For attracting wealth, promoting financial stability, and encouraging wise management of resources.

Symbolism Of The Four Of Pentacles

  1. The Four Pentacles: The pentacles show the importance of stability and material security but also hint at the limitations of being overly focused on material wealth.
  2. The Placement Of The Pentacles: A man is shown holding one pentacle tightly to his chest, with two under his feet and one atop his head. This shows his desire to protect and secure his assets or achievements, however, they also show he’s rooted in place.
  3. The Seated Figure: The figure sitting, typically on a bench or throne, suggests a position of power and stability but also immobility. His posture shows a reluctance to move or change, symbolizing a mindset that may resist growth or new opportunities due to fear of losing what is already possessed.
  4. The City in the Background: In the background there’s a huge sprawling city, which shows the social and communal aspects of wealth and stability. It represents opportunities for growth and interaction that the figure might be ignoring in favor of personal security.
  5. The Tight Grip: The way the figure clutches one of the pentacles close to his heart shows a deep fear of loss and a strong desire to control his environment and resources. This grip reflects the emotional and psychological aspects of security and the potential for greed or miserliness.
  6. The Closed Body Language: The figure’s closed-off posture, with arms wrapped around a pentacle and feet firmly planted on others, shows a resistance to openness and sharing. This body language reflects a protective attitude towards one’s possessions and achievements, cautioning against isolation and selfishness.
Four Of Pentacles Symbolism

The Four Of Pentacles Upright Meaning

The Four of Pentacles is about the double-edged sword of material security and the complexities of our relationship with money. Upright in a reading, It invites you to examine your attitudes towards money, possessions, and control. It asks you to find the balance between safeguarding what you’ve earned and becoming overly attached and possessive of what you have.

On one hand, the Four of Pentacles symbolizes stability and security. It’s a nod to the importance of being prudent, saving for a rainy day, and building a solid foundation for your future. It acknowledges the peace of mind that comes from having a safety net, encouraging you to manage your resources wisely to maintain financial stability. It’s about recognizing the value of saving money and being financially responsible as steps towards ensuring long-term security.

However, the card also warns against the pitfalls of materialism and an overly cautious attitude towards wealth. Possessiveness, stinginess, and hoarding can emerge as the shadow aspect of this card, highlighting an insecurity that drives one to cling tightly to material possessions. It challenges you to reflect on whether your relationship with money and resources is balanced or if fear is leading you to hold on too tightly, potentially at the expense of your personal growth and generosity.

Four Of Pentacles Upright Meaning

The theme of control is prominent with the Four of Pentacles, too, illustrating how the desire for financial security can sometimes translate into a need to control your environment and resources excessively. While having command over your financial situation is undoubtedly positive, you also need to remember that true security comes not just from material wealth but from a sense of inner peace and trust in the flow of life.

Materialism and wealth are also key aspects of this card, urging you to consider how much of your identity and sense of worth are tied to your possessions and financial status. It asks you to ponder the role that material success plays in your life and whether it aligns with your deeper values and aspirations. While it does encourage a healthy relationship with material wealth, it asks for one that allows you to enjoy and appreciate your blessings without becoming defined or constrained by them.

In essence, the Four of Pentacles is a complex card that invites you to explore the nuances of financial security, control, and materialism. It encourages you to strive for stability and responsibility in your financial affairs while remaining mindful of the dangers of becoming too fixated on material wealth. By finding a balance between safeguarding your future and living generously and openly, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor without letting them define or limit your experience of life. Remember, true wealth encompasses not just financial abundance but a richness of spirit and generosity of heart.

Love and Relationships

The Four of Pentacles highlights a tendency to hold tightly to one’s emotions or to the status quo in relationships, possibly out of fear of vulnerability or change. For singles, it shows there’s a need to open up and risk sharing more of yourself to foster deeper connections. When it comes to relationships, it calls for a balance between maintaining stability and allowing for growth and sharing, warning against the strain that possessiveness or a reluctance to invest emotionally can place on bonds.

Career and Finances

For career and finances, it underscores the importance of financial prudence and the value of building a secure foundation for your future. It encourages responsible management of resources but also warns against letting the pursuit of financial security become an obsession that overshadows other aspects of life. When it comes to your career, you need to think about whether a conservative approach to job security and finances is serving your broader goals or if it’s time to consider more generous or open-minded strategies.


When it comes to spirituality, the Four of Pentacles asks you to reflect on your attachment to material possessions and security, urging you to find balance and to seek wealth not just in physical terms but in spiritual fulfillment and generosity. It challenges you to consider how your material values align with your spiritual beliefs and to explore the freedom that comes from trusting in the universe’s abundance.

Yes or No

For a yes or no question, the Four of Pentacles is a “maybe,” with a caution to weigh your desire for security against the potential costs of being overly cautious or closed off. It advises careful consideration of how your current approach to stability and control might be influencing the outcome you seek, suggesting that flexibility and openness could be key to achieving your desired result.

Book Recommendation – The Richest Man In Babylon by George S. Clason

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The Four Of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

When the Four of Pentacles is reversed, however, it signals a shift towards openness and generosity. You might be feeling more inclined to share your wealth and blessings with others, breaking free from the grip of possessiveness that can sometimes accompany financial stability. It’s a reminder that generosity enriches not just the receiver but the giver too, fostering a sense of connection and abundance that goes beyond material wealth.

However, It also warns against the potential for financial insecurity and reckless spending. Right now you may be loosening the reins on your which, while liberating, may lead to instability if not managed carefully. It encourages you to find a balance between enjoying the fruits of your labor and maintaining a sensible approach to your finances, ensuring that your generosity does not compromise your own security.

Four Of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Greed is something else the Four of Pentacles reversed draws attention too, reflecting an excessive desire for more, driven by a deep-seated sense of lack or insecurity. Try to examine the motivation behind your spending habits, and consider whether they are fueled by a genuine need or a misplaced attempt to fill an emotional void.

Another message we can draw is that of self-protection. In its reversed position, the Four of Pentacles may mean that your actions, whether they lean towards generosity or spending, may be driven by an underlying effort to safeguard your emotional wellbeing. Spend some time thinking about how your financial decisions reflect your inner state and to consider how establishing a sense of security and self-worth that isn’t solely tied to material possessions can lead to true abundance.

So as you can see, the Four of Pentacles reversed is about embracing generosity and the joy of sharing, while also cautioning against the pitfalls of financial insecurity and the illusions of fulfillment that material wealth can bring. By moving through these waters with awareness and intention, you can cultivate a relationship with money that supports not just your material needs but your overall wellbeing and sense of connectedness to the world around you. Remember, true security comes from knowing what you value most and aligning your life with those deeper principles.

Love and Relationships

The reversal of the Four of Pentacles means there’s a turning point in how you handle closeness and sharing in relationships. For singles, it might mean opening up to new romantic opportunities by shedding past fears of vulnerability. For those in relationships, it encourages you to share more freely, breaking away from possessiveness or withholding, to enrich and deepen bonds through generosity and openness.

Career and Finances

When reversed it is a sign that now is a good a time to reassess your approach to financial security and work. You should try moving away from overly cautious saving to a more balanced stance that includes investing in opportunities for growth. However, it does also warn against careless spending, and highlights the importance of not letting fear of loss prevent you from making moves that could lead to greater abundance.


In spiritual terms, the Four of Pentacles reversed asks you for a release of material attachments in order to get more spiritual growth. Right now you’re being asked to explore the freedom and richness that come from prioritizing spiritual values over material possession, you may even need to go on a journey towards finding security and fulfillment in intangible forms of wealth, like community, faith, and personal growth.

Yes or No

For a yes or no question, the Four of Pentacles reversed is more of a “yes,” but with caution. It advises that openness and generosity may lead to positive outcomes, yet underscores the need for balance. It suggests that while it’s beneficial to loosen your grip on rigid control or saving, maintaining a level of practicality and mindfulness in your decisions is key to ensuring lasting security and prosperity.

Book Recommendation – The Abundance Mindset by Steven Covey

If you’ve drawn the Four of Pentacles reversed, then it’s a sign that you should be more generous with what you have. But obviously for most people this can be difficult. This is why I’d highly recommend reading The Abundance Mindset. It’s going to help you challenge the belief that there isn’t enough to go round, and instead help you to cultivate an abundance mentality, which will not only help those around you, but also help you attract more wealth.

Journaling Prompts For The Four Of Pentacles

If your feeling the Four of Pentacles energy, especially some of the more negative associations, then here are some journaling prompts to help you work through them!

  1. what makes you feel secure? Is it saving money, having a stable routine, or something else? Describe how these elements contribute to your sense of security.
  2. Is there anything you’re holding onto too tightly, whether it’s physical items, money, or even ideas? What might be the benefits of loosening your grip?
  3. Write about a time when fear of change influenced a decision you made about your resources. Looking back, how do you feel about that decision?
  4. Describe how you plan for future stability. What steps are you taking to ensure a secure foundation for yourself?
  5. Think about an act of generosity, either given or received, that had a significant impact on you. What did this experience teach you about the value of sharing?
  6. Think about how society’s views on materialism influence your own. Are there societal norms about wealth and possessions that you question or challenge?

Final Message Of The Four Of Pentacles

Release the grip on material security. Don’t be afraid to loosen your grasp on possessions, money, or even ingrained beliefs about security. True abundance transcends material wealth, and it often requires a leap of faith, trusting that releasing control paves the way for greater prosperity.

Don’t let anxieties about the unknown paralyze you. Acknowledge your fears, but don’t let them dictate your actions. Remember, the universe is abundant, and new opportunities arise when we are open to receiving them.

Don’t limit your view of abundance to just material possessions. Consider the richness of experiences, relationships, knowledge, and personal growth. Recognize that true wealth lies in living a fulfilling life, not just in accumulating things.

Cultivate generosity and gratitude. Don’t let your focus on security turn into possessiveness. Share your resources, time, and talents with others. Practice gratitude for what you have, and watch as abundance flows more readily into your life.

Invest in experiences, not just possessions. Instead of hoarding resources, use them to create meaningful experiences and memories. Travel, learn new skills, connect with loved ones – these investments enrich your life far beyond material possessions.

Remember, true security lies within, not outside of you. Your worth and ability to thrive isn’t defined by what you own. Cultivate inner peace, confidence, and self-worth, and you’ll find true security, regardless of external circumstances.


So as you can see, the Four of Pentacles highlights the fine line between securing financial stability and succumbing to materialism. It urges a balanced approach to handling finances, advocating for prudent saving while cautioning against becoming overly possessive or stingy. It asks you to reflect on your relationship with money, to ensure it doesn’t lead to an unhealthy attachment or restrict generosity.

When reversed, the Four of Pentacles suggests a shift towards financial openness, encouraging generosity but warning against financial recklessness. It prompts a reassessment of spending habits, possibly driven by deeper emotional needs rather than genuine necessity. You need to spend some time finding a middle ground where generosity doesn’t compromise personal security, and remember that true abundance encompasses more than just material wealth.

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