Four Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning: Upright & Reversed

The Four of Wands is an extremely positive card, showing you’re going to be going through a period of joy and celebration. It can appear in readings when you are experiencing or about to experience a happy event or a time of good fortune, especially where community and family are involved. Reversed, however, you may feel like there’s some internal conflict, or lack of external support in your life.

If you want to know more about what the Four of Wands means then keep reading to find out everything you need to know!

Key Takeaways

NumerologyRepresents the number 4, commitment, faithfulness, love and honesty
Zodiac SignAries, reflecting energy, enthusiasm, and the initiation of new ventures.
Ruling PlanetVenus, aligning with the card’s themes of harmony, beauty, and celebration in relationships and communities.
ElementFire, symbolizing passion, creativity, and the spark that ignites celebrations and achievements.
Yes or NoOften considered a strong “Yes,” suggesting success, harmony, and a time for celebration.
CrystalsGreen Aventurine and Rose Quartz are often associated with the Four of Wands, promoting harmony, happiness, and heart-centered joy.

Symbolism Of The Four Of Wands

  1. The Wands: The four wands, standing firmly in the ground, represent stability and firm foundations. They show us a strong community and foundation has been built.
  2. The Canopy or Garland: The wands are connected by a garland which symbolize celebration, joy, and festivities. They represent a time of happiness and being rewarded for hard work. And of course, the fruits are like the fruits of your labour.
  3. The Figures Celebrating: The people celebrating show contentment, community, and sharing success with others. It points to a time of joyous occasions like weddings, festivals, or other significant communal events.
  4. The Castle or Home in the Background: The castle in the background shows security, comfort, and a sense of belonging. It shows that not only are you reaching a level of security within yourself, but also in your home life.
  5. The Colors: The color yellow is extremely prominent in this card and it represents positivity, optimism, and happiness.
  6. The Open Space: You’ll also notice the amount of open space within the cards which shows an openness to new possibilities. While there is stability and celebration, there is also room for growth and new opportunities.
Four Of Wands Symbolism

The Four Of Wands Upright Meaning

The Four of Wands upright is such a joyful and positive card. It’s a card of celebration, harmony, and stability. It signifies moments of happiness and contentment in your life, marking occasions for rejoicing and relaxation.

At the heart of the Four of Wands is the theme of celebration and joy. It appears when you have reasons to celebrate, such as weddings, reunions, festivals, and any significant life event that brings people together. It radiates a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment, urging you to take a moment to enjoy the fruits of your labor with friends and family.

Harmony and relaxation are also key aspects of this card. It shows you’re in a period where you feel at peace with yourself and with those around you. It’s a time of stability and security, where you can relax and enjoy the comforts of home and community. You are having a nice break from the challenges and struggles of life, and being offered a chance to recharge and celebrate the stability you’ve created in your life.

Four Of Wands Upright Meaning

The concept of homecoming or reunions is another important element of the Four of Wands. Soon you will be returning to a place or people that feel like home, where you are welcomed and celebrated, you may feel like people who have been busy in their own lives are returning to yours. It’s about belonging and finding your place in the world, whether that’s with family, friends, or a community that shares your values and interests.

In addition, taking it one step further, the Four of Wands can represent laying down roots and establishing a sense of belonging. You may be moving into a new home, building a family, or finding a community where you feel a deep sense of connection and support.

So, the upright Four of Wands symbolizes celebration, harmony, and stability. It is a card that brings a message of joy, relaxation, and the importance of community and belonging. It encourages you to take the time to enjoy special moments with loved ones and to appreciate the sense of stability and harmony in your life.

Love and Relationships

The Four of Wands is a card about celebrating your relationship, maybe marking an anniversary or taking a big step together like getting engaged. For singles, someone may enter your life who feels like an old friend, even if they’re new! Or maybe someone you have a deep connection with who you never saw in a romantic light will change your perspective on them!

Careers and Finance

At work, the Four of Wands is pretty much a job well done. You may have nailed a big project, or you’re finally feeling settled in your career. Financially, it’s like a moment of relief where you’re feeling stable and secure, maybe even celebrating a new home or a big purchase. So enjoy your hard work’s payoff, and throw a party for it!


Spiritually, the Four of Wands, again is like coming home. You might finally feel like your beliefs are making sense to you or feel a deep sense of peace and belonging. It’s a time to celebrate your spiritual growth, maybe through a ceremony or gathering. You may feel like you’re a part of something bigger right now, so enjoy it!

Yes or No

For yes or no questions, the Four of Wands is a big fat ‘yes’. It’s like the universe is throwing confetti in the air and saying, “Go for it!” This card is all about positive outcomes and reasons to celebrate, so whatever you’re asking about, it’s looking good. Keep that festive spirit going and enjoy the ride!

Book RecommendationThe Art Of Happiness by Dalai Lama

Now that you’re in a phase of happiness and contentment, it’s a good time to learn how to stay in this state for as long as possible. After reading this book, I learnt that happiness is more about your mindset than external factors in your life. And because of this I’d highly recommend it if you’ve drawn the Four of Wands Upright

The Four Of Wands Reversed Meaning

When this card appears reversed, it shows that there may be a lack of harmony in your environment, especially in places that should be sources of comfort, like your home, friends and family. It might show up as disagreements with family members, tension with the people you live with, or a general feeling of discord in places that normally provide stability. It may even leave you feeling isolated.

You may also have challenges finding your sense of belonging or laying down roots. You might feel transient or unsettled, lacking a sense of permanence or stability in your life. It could be a phase where despite the desire for a secure and welcoming home or community, circumstances seem to prevent it, leaving you feeling unsupported or adrift.

Four Of Wands Reversed Meaning

On a more positive note, in terms of personal celebration and inner peace, the Four of Wands reversed shows that while you’re celebrating, it’s a more introspective celebration. You might find that your achievements or moments of joy are not shared or celebrated by others as you would hope, but you’re still having an internal celebration, where you find contentment and peace within yourself, even if external recognition is lacking.

Additionally, there could be conflicts or issues within your social circle. Instead of feeling supported and welcomed, you feel like an outsider, even isolated and lonely. It encourages you to address these issues and seek harmony, whether it means finding resolution within your current environment or seeking a new community where you feel more aligned.

So to sum it up quickly, the Four of Wands reversed symbolizes internal conflicts, feelings of transience, and challenges in establishing a sense of belonging. It suggests a need to focus on inner peace and personal celebration, and to address issues that prevent you from feeling supported and rooted in your environment.

Love and Relationships

When it comes to your romantic connections, you may feel like you’re hitting a rough patch right now. It could be those little squabbles with your partner or feeling a bit disconnected. If you’re single, it might feel like your love life is a bit on the rocks, like you’re not quite finding your place with anyone you meet. So take this time to focus on finding internal happiness and peace, even when things aren’t picture-perfect.

Careers and Finance

Career-wise, the reversed Four of Wands might mean you’re not feeling the usual support or camaraderie at work. Maybe there’s some office tension, or your job doesn’t feel as secure as it used to. Financially, it could reflect a sense of instability, like you’re not quite sure where you stand. It’s a nudge to find your own sense of security and to create a plan that helps you feel more grounded.


Spiritually, the reversed Four of Wands is about finding your sanctuary within. You might not find the connection you’re looking for outside, and this happens sometimes. Just remember, that in any sort of spirituality you need, it’s always inside you, not outside. It’s a time to turn inward, create your own peace and finding comfort in your personal beliefs and practices.

Yes or No

For yes or no questions, the reversed Four of Wands leans towards a ‘no’, or at least a ‘not right now’. External factors might not be in your favor, and it’s a time to focus on internal harmony and addressing any personal or environmental issues before moving forward.

Book Recommendation – Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jono Kabat-Zinn

If you’re feeling the energy of the Four of Wands, then this book is definitely going to help you out. It’s going to remind you that being present in the moment is one of the best things you can do when you’re dealing with instability, especially when it comes to relationships with those around you!

Journaling Prompts For The Four Of Wands

With the main theme of the Four of Wands being celebration your success and being around people you love, you can guess that the journaling prompts are also going to be around this too!

  1. Think about a recent accomplishment or milestone. How did you celebrate it, and why was it significant to you?
  2. Can you think about a friend or someone close to you that you’re just always on the same wavelength with? Why do you think you two work so well together, and is it something you can replicate with your other friends?
  3. Think about what you’re working towards right now. How do you plan on celebrating once you reach your goal?
  4. What does stability mean in your life, and how can you create and maintain it?
  5. Where in your life are you feeling strong security right now? How did you achieve it?
  6. What does ‘home’ mean to you? What makes it special, and how does it support your well-being?

Final Message Of The Four Of Wands

Look around you. See the garlands woven with laughter and light, the crowns of accomplishment woven with shared sweat and dreams. Look at the amazing things you’ve build, with the people you love and cherish. A haven of harmony, a garden where roots dig deep and blessings bloom.

But do you remember the journey? The struggles, the stumbles, the seeds sown in uncertainty? They were just steps that led you here, to this joyous place where the echo of triumph resounds. Now, let the sweet melody of victory wash over you. Savor the taste of achievement, the warmth of camaraderie, the intoxicating scent of possibility.

But remember, that celebration is not just a fleeting spark. It’s a hearth kindled to keep you warm, a rhythm that binds you with those you love. Tend to it, nourish it with your smiles and generosity. Share your bounty with those who walk beside you, and let their laughter be your music.

For in life we are all intricately woven to each other, each unique, yet part of a magnificent whole. Celebrate your own victories, yes, but don’t forget the canvas you share. Lift your tribe up, dance under the starry canopy of success, and let the echoes of your revelry paint the future with vibrant hues.

So go forth, with a heart brimming with joy. Let the Four of Wands be your compass, guiding you towards sunlit meadows and shared feasts. Remember, the foundation you built holds not just memories, but promises. Promises of new beginnings, new dreams to ignite, and fresh tapestries to weave.


In summary, The Four of Wands is a great card to pull, bringing with it a time of celebration and community. While people think it’s a card of happiness, it’s more a card of contentment, marking significant life events that bring joy and relaxation.

When reversed, The Four of Wands shows there may be a lack of harmony in your life, or that you’re feeling unsettled or isolated. On a more positive note though, it can simply be a sign of internal celebrations and contentment without external recognition.

Overall, The Four of Wands, is a card that revolves around celebration and community. Whether you’re feeling like you have enough love in your life right now, or you’re enjoying your own sense of achievement, it asks you to focus on being content with what you’ve achieved so far!

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