Judgement As Intentions Towards You: Upright & Reversed

Judgment in your tarot reading is a powerful call to reflection and transformation. What does this mean for someone’s intentions towards you? Upright, Judgment might indicate a desire for renewal, an awakening, or a significant shift in the relationship. Is this person calling you towards a moment of truth or significant change? Reversed, Judgment could suggest a refusal to let go of the past or a reluctance to embrace necessary change.

Judgment is a profound one, signaling moments of reckoning and renewal. Let’s uncover the transformative message Judgment holds and what it reveals about the intentions shaping your path.

Key Takeaways

Judgement Upright

  • Dating: Seeking a meaningful connection based on a clear understanding of relationship needs.
  • Relationships: A phase of re-evaluation and renewal with honest conversations and clear intentions about the future.
  • Exes: Reflecting on the past and actions with the intention of seeking closure, making amends, or considering a fresh start.
  • Commitment: Clarity and purpose in intentions, a decision made with certainty and readiness for the next chapter.
  • Friends & Family: Intentions of healing past issues, strengthening bonds, leaving behind what no longer serves, and embracing a future with clear intentions.
  • Careers: A time of significant decisions and realizations, focused on making meaningful changes or improvements based on past evaluation.
  • Your Intentions: A call to reassess life and make important decisions based on understanding past experiences, seeking a path that aligns with personal beliefs and growth.

Judgement Reversed

  • Dating: Mixed signals, carrying past baggage, torn between commitment and single life.
  • Relationships: Stagnation, avoidance of important issues, reluctance to address underlying problems or concerns.
  • Exes: Lack of closure, unclear intentions, hovering between nostalgia and reconciliation, leading to mixed signals.
  • Commitment: Cold feet, doubts about taking the next step, wrestling with fears or uncertainty.
  • Friends & Family: Unresolved tensions, unspoken issues affecting relationships, avoidance of conflicts or uncomfortable discussions.
  • Careers: Reluctance to adapt or embrace change, resistance to evolving methods or ideas, leading to professional frustration.
  • Your Intentions: Personal stalemate, struggling with letting go of the past or making crucial life decisions, uncertainty about moving forward.

Symbolism of Judgement

Judgement depicts a significant moment of awakening and rebirth. The imagery typically shows an angel, often Gabriel, blowing a trumpet, with people rising from graves below, ready to be judged. This scene represents a call to a higher existence, the realization of one’s true purpose, and the shedding of past restraints. The people rising symbolize transformation and the readiness to face new challenges or a new phase of life.

The card is about self-evaluation, redemption, and the moment of clarity that comes with profound personal realizations. As an intention, it encourages reflecting on past actions, understanding their consequences, and embracing a new way of being. It’s a call to rise to your full potential, to embrace a higher level of consciousness, and to be ready for rebirth and renewal.

Upright Judgement As Intentions

Imagine hearing a call that awakens you to a new understanding or perspective. That’s the essence of the Judgement card when it appears upright in a tarot reading. It symbolizes intentions that are about awakening, renewal, and making significant decisions or judgments. When this card shows up, it suggests that the intentions of those around you, or within a particular situation, are driven by a desire for transformation and a clear understanding of the past to make way for the future.

Judgement Upright As Intentions


In the dating scene, someone influenced by Judgement might come across as having a clear idea of what they want. They’re not about playing games or lingering in the gray area. Their intentions are likely about seeking a meaningful connection that aligns with their newfound understanding of what they need in a relationship.

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If you’re in a relationship, Judgement indicates a phase of re-evaluation or renewal. You and your partner might be taking a hard look at where you’ve been and where you’re headed. It’s a time for honest conversations and clear intentions about the future. This card suggests a mutual desire to grow and evolve together.

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Talking about exes, Judgement upright can mean they’re reflecting on the past and their actions. If an ex reaches out, their intention might be to seek closure, make amends, or even consider a fresh start, but from a place of deep understanding and introspection.

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Regarding commitment, Judgement brings a sense of clarity and purpose. If someone’s thinking about getting more serious with you, they’re likely doing it with a full understanding of why they want it and what it means. It’s a decision made not in haste but with a sense of certainty and readiness for the next chapter.

Friends & Family

For friends and family relationships, Judgement suggests intentions of healing past issues or strengthening bonds. It’s like a collective awakening to what’s important and a desire to move forward in a positive, more understanding way. It’s about leaving behind what no longer serves and embracing a future with clear intentions.


At work, Judgement can point to a time of significant decisions and realizations. Maybe your boss or colleagues are looking at the bigger picture and their intentions are about making meaningful changes or improvements. It’s a phase of evaluating past actions and planning for future success.

Your Intentions

If Judgement is resonating with you, you’re likely feeling a call to reassess your life and make important decisions. You’re looking at your past experiences to guide your future choices, seeking a path that truly aligns with who you are and what you believe in.

Actionable Advice

  • Reflect on the Past: Take time to think about your journey and how it’s shaped you.
  • Embrace Change: Be open to transforming aspects of your life that need a fresh start.
  • Make Conscious Choices: Use your newfound clarity to make decisions that reflect your true self.

Common Misinterpretations

Judgement is often seen as a card of harsh criticism, but it’s more about self-evaluation and awakening. It’s not about judging others; it’s about understanding your life’s path and making informed, conscious choices based on that understanding.

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Judgement upright as intentions towards you signals a time of awakening and transformation. Whether it’s in personal relationships, professional endeavors, or your own personal growth, this card invites you to embrace change, learn from the past, and move forward with clarity and purpose. It’s about making informed choices that lead to a more fulfilling and authentic life.

Judgement Reversed As Intentions

Imagine you’re at a crossroads, but instead of choosing a path, you’re just standing there, unsure and hesitant. This is what Judgement reversed in a tarot reading often feels like. It reflects intentions that are muddled by indecision, a reluctance to confront the truth, or an unwillingness to let go of the past. This card reversed suggests a period of inner turmoil or denial, where the necessary steps for growth and change are being delayed or ignored.

Judgement Reversed As Intentions


In the world of dating, someone influenced by Judgement reversed can be pretty confusing. They might show interest in you, but you can sense they’re not all in. It’s like they’re carrying baggage from past relationships or they’re stuck on an ex. They want to start something new, but part of them is still holding onto old flames or past hurts. They might even be torn between wanting a serious relationship and enjoying the single life, leaving you wondering where you stand.


If you’re in a relationship, Judgement reversed suggests you’re both hitting a rough patch where things feel stagnant. Maybe there are important things you need to talk about, but it feels easier to sweep them under the rug. It’s like you both know deep down what needs to be addressed – whether it’s commitment issues, communication breakdowns, or differing life goals – but there’s a reluctance to open that can of worms. This card is a nudge that avoiding these issues won’t make them disappear; they’ll just keep simmering under the surface.


When it comes to ex-partners, Judgement reversed often indicates a lack of closure. An ex might pop back into your life, but their intentions could be unclear. Maybe they’re feeling nostalgic, or they’re unsure about their decision to part ways. It’s like they’re hovering around, not fully ready to let go, but also not ready to make a clear move towards reconciliation. This could lead to mixed signals and a sense of limbo regarding where you both stand.


Regarding commitment, this card reversed often points to cold feet. If someone’s thinking about getting more serious with you, they might be wrestling with doubts or fears. Maybe they’re scared of losing their freedom, or they’re unsure if you’re ‘the one’. It’s like they’re on the brink of taking a leap, but they keep looking back, wondering if they’re making the right choice.

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Friends & Family

In your friendships and family dynamics, Judgement reversed can indicate unresolved tensions or unspoken issues. Maybe there’s an underlying conflict no one wants to address, or there’s a family secret that everyone’s avoiding. It’s like there’s an elephant in the room that everyone is trying to dance around, but it’s affecting the harmony of your relationships.

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In the workplace, Judgement reversed could indicate a reluctance to adapt or evolve. Maybe your team is sticking to outdated methods, or your boss is hesitant to embrace new ideas. It feels like the company needs a fresh direction, but there’s resistance to change, leaving you feeling frustrated or stuck in a professional rut.

Your Intentions

If you’re resonating with Judgement reversed, it might indicate that you’re at a personal stalemate. You could be struggling with letting go of the past or making a crucial life decision. It’s like you’re standing at the edge of a new chapter, but you’re looking back, unsure if you’re ready to turn the page.

Actionable Advice

  • Confront Your Fears: Acknowledge what’s holding you back and face it head-on. Sometimes the things we fear are not as scary as they seem.
  • Seek Guidance: If you’re struggling to make a decision, talking to someone you trust can offer new perspectives.
  • Reflect on Your Choices: Take some quiet time to think about what you really want and what steps you need to take to get there.

Common Misinterpretations

Judgement reversed is often viewed solely as a negative indication of stagnation or denial, but it’s also about the internal struggle we all face at times. It’s a reminder that growth often comes from confronting uncomfortable truths and making tough decisions. It’s not a sign of failure but an invitation to introspection and eventual transformation.

Judgement reversed as intentions towards you suggests a period of hesitation and introspection. It’s a call to break free from the chains of indecision and to courageously face the changes and choices that life presents. It’s about finding the strength to let go of the past, embrace the present, and confidently step into the future.

Combinations That Go With Judgement As Intentions

When The Judgment card in tarot is paired with other cards, it reveals intentions focused on transformation, awakening, and significant life changes. Known for symbolizing judgment, rebirth, and important decisions, the interactions of this card with others highlight intentions ranging from seeking personal redemption to embracing a new phase of life.

Judgment and The Sun

When Judgment meets The Sun, it suggests an intention to embrace a personal transformation with optimism and vitality. This person is looking to start a new chapter in their life, filled with positivity and clarity. The Sun’s energy adds a layer of joy and assurance to this period of change, indicating a rebirth that is not only significant but also deeply fulfilling.

Judgment and The High Priestess

Combine Judgment with The High Priestess, and it reflects an intention to delve deeply into one’s subconscious as part of their transformation. This individual seeks to uncover hidden truths about themselves, using intuition and inner wisdom to guide their path of self-discovery and renewal.

Judgment and Six of Cups

Pair Judgment with the Six of Cups, and it brings an intention to reconcile with the past or to revisit old relationships with a new perspective. This person aims to heal past wounds or reconnect with their history, using their newfound understanding to bring closure or renewal to past connections.

Judgment and The Empress

Mix Judgment with The Empress, and it indicates an intention to nurture and grow in the new phase of life they are entering. This combination speaks to a rebirth that involves embracing creativity, fertility, and abundance, using these nurturing qualities to flourish in their renewed journey.

Judgment and The Tower

Judgment alongside The Tower suggests an intention to rebuild and transform after experiencing sudden upheaval or change. This person is focused on rising from the ashes of disruption, viewing the chaos as an opportunity for profound personal growth and a chance to rebuild their life on more authentic foundations.

Judgment and Knight of Wands

When Judgment meets the Knight of Wands, it signifies an intention to pursue a new path or direction with passion and enthusiasm. This individual is ready to embrace change and act on their newfound purpose with energy and boldness, eagerly moving forward into the next phase of their life.

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In summary, Judgement upright regarding someone’s intentions towards you signifies a period of reflection and significant decision-making. This person’s intentions might be focused on renewal and making critical choices that could affect both of you. They are likely seeking transformation and are calling on you to join them in this phase of rebirth and awakening.

Reversed, Judgement might indicate hesitation or reluctance in their intentions towards you. They could be delaying important decisions or refusing to face the necessary changes. This suggests a need for them to confront what needs to be addressed in your relationship, encouraging them to move forward with clear intentions and a readiness to embrace a new phase.

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