Judgement (XX) Tarot Card Meaning: Upright & Reversed

While the Judgement card is often seen as a positive card, but it can also be a challenging one. It can urge you to face your fears and make changes in your life. If you are feeling stuck in a rut, the Judgement card may be telling you that it is time to let go of the past and move on. Which is oftentimes a lot easier said than done.

In this article we’ll take a look at what it means, and how it applies to different areas of your life! So keep reading to find out more!

Key Takeaways

Judgement Upright:

  • Rebirth, transformation, and inner awakening.
  • Represents a crucial moment for self-reflection and decision-making.
  • Encourages you to look at your past actions and align with your true purpose.
  • Signifies a period of enlightenment and spiritual renewal.
  • Calls for embracing new phases of life with learned lessons.

Judgement Reversed:

  • Resistance to transformation and awakening.
  • Avoidance in making important life decisions.
  • Unresolved issues and reluctance to learn from the past.
  • Points to self-doubt and difficulties in self-forgiveness.
  • Represents fear of judgment and hesitation in expressing true self.
NumerologyNumber 2 in numerology, representing forgiveness, gentleness and emotional balance.
Zodiac SignLibra, associated with balance, justice, and weighing decisions carefully.
Ruling PlanetVenus, reflecting harmony, beauty, and the balancing of opposing forces.
ElementAir, symbolizing intellectual decision-making, analysis, and communication.
Yes or NoOften considered a “Yes,” suggesting a positive outcome following a period of reflection and decision-making.
CrystalsRose Quartz and Lapis Lazuli are good stones for the Judgement card, supporting fairness, clarity in decision-making, and harmonious resolutions.

Symbolism Of Judgement

  1. The Angel: Typically Gabriel, blowing a trumpet, the angel symbolizes a higher call, and revelation. It’s time to step into your new life with spiritual purpose, and move forward, after being reborn.
  2. The Trumpet: The trumpet, often depicted with a flag, represents a call to resurrection and rebirth. It’s time for you to look at your past and make a decision on how you plan on moving forward in the future.
  3. The Cross on the Flag: The flag on the trumpet, is the flag of St George. It’s a symbol of faith, and spiritual awakening. It’s a sign of important transformations that are deeply spiritual or religious in nature.
  4. The Rising Dead: The call of the horn has people rising from coffins, representing the end of something and a new beginning. People of all ages are awoken, and this is because these spiritual changes can happen at any time in your life.
  5. The Spread of People: The diverse group of people symbolizes that the call to awakening or judgement is universal, transcending race, gender, and class. It’s a reminder that transformation and enlightenment are accessible to everyone.
  6. Water and Mountains: The mountains show the challenges and obstacles that have been overcome. The water signifies your emotions, and your subconscious thoughts. Notice how the people can easily stay afloat in them now.
  7. Nudity of the Figures: The nakedness of the figures shows stripping away of all pretences, and purity. Now that they are naked and seen they can give a fair evaluation of their life so far.
Judgement Symbolism

Judgement Upright Meaning

When upright, Judgement is symbol of rebirth, and transformation. With one step away from completion (The World) it’s also a time of decision making.

It represents a significant point in your life where you are facing a moment of profound inner awakening, calling you to weigh your past actions and decisions, and make peace with them.

It’s a wake-up call, urging you to reflect, reassess, and make choices that align more closely with your true purpose and personal growth.

If you’ve drawn it then you may feel like right now you’re facing a moment of deep self-evaluation. It’s a time for self-reflection, where you need to take a look at your past experiences and the lessons they’ve taught you.

Judgement Upright Meaning

This introspection can lead to a sense of renewal and transformation, as you shed old aspects of yourself that no longer serve you and embrace a new phase of your life. The Judgment card is about listening to your inner call and making choices that resonate with your higher self.

It also shows that right now you’re in a period of awakening and spiritual rebirth. You may find yourself becoming more aware of your life’s purpose and the path you need to take to fulfill it.

It’s a time for self-realization, to recognize your potential and the possibilities that lie ahead. So follow your inner guidance, to make choices that are true to yourself, and embrace the new opportunities that come with this transformation.

Judgement also brings forward the concept of karma and the idea that your past actions have led you to this point. You are now facing the consequences of past decisions, but in a way that offers growth and enlightenment.

It’s a reminder that every experience, good or bad, has been a stepping stone to where you are now, and it’s time to use these lessons to move forward in a more positive direction.

So as you can see Judgement Upright symbolizes a pivotal moment of self-reflection, awakening, and transformation.

It calls for a deep evaluation of your life’s journey, encouraging you to embrace change, listen to your inner guidance, and step into a new phase of your life with clarity and purpose.

And most importantly, it asks you to understand that whatever you’ve done the good and the bad, you need take the lessons you’ve learned and leave them behind.

Love and Relationships

In love, Judgement upright is like a moment of truth. If you’re single, it’s time to reflect on what you really want in a partner and let go of past heartaches. If you’re in a relationship, it’s about evaluating where you’ve been together and deciding where you’re going. It’s a chance to renew your commitment or, sometimes, to realize it’s time for a new chapter.

Careers and Finance

Career-wise, Judgement signals a big wake-up call. Maybe it’s time to finally go after that dream job or start a new business. If you’ve been on autopilot at work, this card says it’s time to reassess and realign with your true career aspirations. Financially, it’s about learning from past money mistakes and making smarter choices moving forward.


Spiritually, Judgement is all about finding your calling. The universe is asking you to find out what your purpose is now. Listen to your soul and follow its guidance. Now is the time for spiritual awakening, where you’re encouraged to shed old beliefs and embrace a more authentic spiritual path.

Yes or No

For yes or no questions, Judgement usually gives a ‘yes’, but with a twist. It’s saying yes, you can move forward, but make sure you’re doing so with full awareness and learning from the past. It’s a green light for decisions that lead to personal growth and align with your true self.

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Judgement Reversed Meaning

When it appears reversed in a tarot reading Judgement shows that there is a delay or obstacle in experiencing the awakening and transformation usually associated with its upright position. This delay, however, most of the time is coming from your own inner struggle or resistance to self-reflection and making necessary life changes.

And moving on from that point, one key aspect of Judgment Reversed is the avoidance of making crucial decisions or the inability to learn from past experiences.

There may be a sense of lingering doubts or unresolved issues holding you back from moving forward. This card can indicate a reluctance to face the truth about oneself or a situation, leading to stagnation or a feeling of being stuck in the past.

Remember, you’re just one step away from completion! So the moment you can move past what’s holding you back, the sooner you can move forward with your life!

With that in mind, sometimes it can point to self-doubt and a lack of self-forgiveness. You may be being too hard on yourself, or struggling with feelings of guilt or regret. Remember to practice self-compassion and understand that growth often comes from learning and moving beyond past mistakes.

Judgement Reversed Meaning

In some cases, this card can also represent a fear of judgment from others, which may be preventing you from expressing your true self or pursuing your genuine aspirations.

It calls for the need to listen to your inner voice and to make choices based on your personal truth and integrity, rather than conforming to external expectations.

So in short, when reversed, Judgement highlights challenges related to decision-making, self-reflection, and personal transformation.

It’s asking you to confront and overcome internal barriers, to learn from past experiences, and to embrace a path of growth and self-acceptance.

Love and Relationships

If you’ve drawn Judgement Reversed in love, it means you could be hesitating to make important decisions or you’re stuck on past issues. If you’re single, you might be holding onto past relationships and not allowing yourself to move forward. In a relationship, it could mean avoiding necessary conversations or decisions. It’s a gentle push to face those fears, forgive yourself and others, and start writing a new love story.

Careers and Finance

Career-wise, Judgement reversed can mean you’re doubting your path or avoiding a big career move. Maybe there’s a job you want but fear of failure is holding you back, or you’re clinging to a role that no longer fulfills you because it’s comfortable. Financially, it could be about not learning from past money mistakes. It’s time to trust yourself, learn from the past, and make those big decisions.


Spiritually, you may be struggling to find your true path. Maybe you’re not listening to your inner voice or you’re letting others’ opinions cloud your spiritual journey. You need to look inward, forgive yourself for any past missteps, and start embracing your personal spiritual journey, free from the weight of external judgments or self-doubt.

Yes or No

For yes or no questions, Judgement reversed often suggests a ‘no’, or at least not yet. Something within you might be holding you back from getting a clear answer. It’s advising you to take a step back, resolve any internal conflicts or doubts, and then revisit your question with a clearer perspective.

Combinations For Judgement

Major Arcana CardInteraction with Judgment
The FoolEmbracing new beginnings with reflective insight, learning from the past to start anew.
The MagicianSkillful reflection leading to insightful actions; reassessing talents and abilities.
The High PriestessDeep inner wisdom revealed through self-reflection; uncovering hidden truths.
The EmpressReevaluating nurturing approaches; understanding the impact of care and abundance.
The EmperorAuthority and structure under review; assessing leadership decisions and their consequences.
The HierophantTraditional beliefs and teachings undergo a period of reevaluation and introspection.
The LoversReflecting on relationship choices and their outcomes; understanding the impact of decisions in love.
The ChariotReassessing ambition and direction; understanding the results of determination.
StrengthEvaluating inner strength and resilience; learning from challenges to build courage.
The HermitIntrospection leading to profound self-awareness; understanding life’s lessons through solitude.
Wheel of FortuneReflecting on the cycles of life and fate; understanding how past actions influence current circumstances.
JusticeAssessing past actions for fairness and balance; understanding the consequences of decisions.
The Hanged ManReflecting on sacrifice and patience; reevaluating perspectives and past delays.
DeathEmbracing transformation and change; reflecting on endings and new beginnings.
TemperanceAssessing balance and moderation in life; integrating past experiences for harmony.
The DevilConfronting past attachments and limitations; breaking free from negative patterns.
The TowerReflecting on past upheavals and their impact; rebuilding life with newfound awareness.
The StarHope and inspiration following a period of self-reflection; renewed faith after introspection.
The MoonMoving from uncertainty to clarity; understanding hidden fears and subconscious influences.
The SunReflecting on past successes and happiness; understanding the role of positivity in personal growth.
The WorldReflecting on life’s journey and achievements; understanding the integration of experiences.

Journaling Prompts For Judgement

Being all about reflection, and thinking about your past, you can see why I love journaling with Judgement so much. While we should always be looking forward, sometimes it’s nice to look back. At our victories and our mistakes, and most importantly, to see how we’ve grown! With that in mind, here are some great journaling prompts I’d recommend!

  1. Think about this phase of life you’ve just gone through. Were there any accomplishments or challenges you faced, and how did you learn from them?
  2. Are there any areas in your life where you’re being too hard on yourself? Remember, life is a learning journey, how can you be more gentle with yourself in the future?
  3. Can you think of a time you forgave someone else even though it was hard? What did this do for you?
  4. Is there something you’ve been holding onto that you need to forgive yourself for? How can you let go of this burden you’ve been carrying around with you?
  5. Think of all the life lessons you’ve learned so far, how are they going to help you in your life?
  6. Take a moment to see how much you’ve changed over the years. How are you proud of who you’ve become, and what bad habits do you need to get rid of?

Final Message Of Judgement

Cast away your old habits, and the dusty cloak of self-doubt. Stand before the mirror of truth, unflinching, and greet the reflection with understanding and grace. You have walked through trials, embraced shadows, and learned from every misstep. This is your moment of judgement, but judge not with harshness, but with the gentle wisdom of hindsight.

Forgive yourself, forgive others, and let go of the shackles of regret. The scales of karma balance, lessons learned pave the way for new beginnings. This is not an end, but a rebirth, a phoenix rising from the ashes of the past.

Heed the call within, the whisper of your authentic purpose. The resurrection trumpet sings not of judgment, but of a chance to rise to your full potential. Shed the skin of who you thought you were, and step into the vibrant being you are meant to be.

Choose your path with discernment, guided by the inner compass of your intuition. Let compassion be your torch, illuminating the landscape before you. Remember, every choice is a prayer, shaping the world you wish to inhabit.

Embrace the unknown, not with fear, but with the thrill of discovery. Leap into the void, trusting the wings you didn’t know you possessed. This is your moment to soar, to paint the canvas of your life with the colors of your dreams.

This is not a final message, but a declaration of liberation. You are judged not by others, but by the strength of your own spirit. Go forth, then, and be the judge of your own destiny. Write your own epic, light your own path, and claim the glorious kingdom that lies within.

Remember, you are the author, the hero, and the judge of your own story. Rise, shine, and claim your rightful place in the sun.


In one sentence, Judgement is about making peace with your past, and accepting everything was necessary to get to where you are now. Once the self-evaluation is done it’s time to embrace your new phase of life. It brings forward the concept of karma, indicating that your past actions have led you to this point of growth and enlightenment.

Reversed, Judgement shows a delay in awakening and transformation due to internal struggle or a resistance to self-reflection and change. You may be avoiding decision-making, have unresolved issues and most importantly be finding it hard to forgive yourself.

Overall, Judgement shows now is the time for introspection. It emphasizes the importance of self-evaluation, embracing change, and moving forward with your newfound purpose!

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