Justice As Feelings: Balance and Fairness in Emotions

Ever pull the Justice card in a reading for feelings and wonder, “What in the world does this mean for how I’m feeling?” Well you’re in the right place. This card is loaded with meanings that will reach deep into your emotional core.

Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or contemplating an ex, Justice brings with it fairness and equality, however, justice reversed will bring with a great time for introspection and figuring out how you wish to navigate relationships in the future!

So keep reading to find out everything you need to know!

Key Takeaways

General Symbolism

  • Fairness: A call for equitable treatment and balance.
  • Emotional Level-Headedness: Rationality and equanimity in emotional states.
  • Ethical Integrity: Upholding moral values and principles.
  • Emotional Reckoning: A “reap what you sow” moment in emotions.
  • Cosmic Responsibility: A nudge to recognize the balance between fate and free will.

Upright Justice

  • Singles: Rational assessment of love life, potential karmic returns.
  • Couples: Mutual respect and well-considered decisions.
  • Ex-Partners: Closure and a balanced view of the past.
  • Family/Friends: Fairness, mutual respect, and healthy boundaries.

Reversed Justice

  • Singles: Love life out of balance, overlooked opportunities.
  • Couples: One-sided efforts and unresolved issues.
  • Ex-Partners: Lingering issues and emotional imbalance.
  • Family/Friends: Questions of fairness, potential inequities.

What Does Justice As Feelings Symbolize?

When the Justice card graces your tarot spread, you’re likely experiencing a keen sense of fairness, balance, and, well, justice. This isn’t about passionate highs or gut-wrenching lows; it’s about feeling level-headed. Are you in a situation that calls for impartial judgment or ethical considerations? Your emotional state might be facilitating this need for balance.

Justice holds the scales, reminding us that our feelings often come with consequences. This card can signal a “reaping what you sow” moment emotionally. So, have you been nurturing healthy emotional habits or suppressing feelings? Either way, Justice says it’s time for emotional reckoning.

In the Tarot deck, Justice follows The Wheel of Fortune, a card of fate and destiny. This sequence suggests that while fate might play a role in our lives, justice calls us to account for our own emotional actions. Are you acknowledging the cosmic responsibility that comes with free will?

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Upright Justice

When the Justice card appears in an upright position to represent feelings, it symbolizes a sense of fairness. This is a great sign that the you or the person you’re thinking about is feeling aligned with the principles of justice, truth, equality, and moral integrity.

I love when justice appears upright, and I often see it as a sign that you’re thinking at your clearest, and whatever decisions you’re making right now are with a head that is thoroughly screwed on.

Key Emotional Qualities

  • Fairness: You may feel a strong sense of justice or fairness, wanting to make sure everyone is treated equally.
  • Emotional Balance: There’s a sense of equilibrium, as if you’re weighing your feelings and thoughts carefully before making a decision.
  • Ethical Clarity: You might feel emotionally clear about what’s right and wrong, guided by a strong moral compass.
Relationship ContextEmotional ToneKey MeaningsActionable Advice
For SinglesBalanced, RationalFair assessment of romantic prospects, karmic returnsWeigh pros and cons, ensure fairness in treatment
Existing RelationshipsEquilibrium, FairnessMutual respect, well-considered decisionsContinue mutual investment, make well-thought-out commitments
For An ExClosure, ResolutionMutual understanding, balanced view of the pastSeek closure and personal growth
Family & FriendsBalanced, EquitableFairness, mutual respect, healthy boundariesInvest in relationships, maintain open communication

For Singles

For singles, the Justice card shows you’re in period of balanced emotions and rational decision-making in your love life. You may be assessing your romantic prospects with a fair and logical mind. In fact, you’re likely in a space where you’re willing to weigh the pros and cons of entering a relationship carefully.

It may also signify that if you’ve been putting positive energy into the dating world, the universe is about to deliver something meaningful. But keep in mind, justice is a two-way street; it requires fairness and balance from you just as much as you expect it from others.

Here’s what Justice means as a love outcome!

For Existing Relationships

If you’re in a relationship, drawing Justice upright usually reflects a sense of equilibrium and fairness between both parties. It showing us that both you and your partner are committed to maintaining a balanced relationship where mutual respect, honesty, and integrity are highly valued.

This is a solid sign that the relationship is on the right track. Decisions made now, especially if they involve commitments like moving in together or marriage, are likely to be well-considered and mutually beneficial.

It’s a reassuring indicator that the emotional and practical elements within your relationship are aligning well. So, are you both investing equally into the relationship? If so, this card suggests that you should continue to do so, as it will likely reap fulfilling rewards.

For An Ex

if you still have feelings for an ex, this is one of the best cards you can pull. It indicates a sense of closure and resolution regarding the past relationship. The chances are now that both parties have come to some form of mutual understanding or acceptance about why things ended.

This means you’ve achieved a balanced view of the past, appreciating both the good times and lessons learned. It may also mean that any lingering issues have been or should be addressed for the sake of personal growth and future relationships. Have you found the closure you need to move on? If so, this card confirms that you’re on the right path to emotional balance and readiness for new beginnings.

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For Family Friends

When Justice Upright appears for family and friends, then you are most likely experiencing a balanced and fair exchange or reliance on your close knit group. You’ve established fairness, mutual respect, and an equitable distribution of emotional and sometimes even material support amongst yourselves.

Each person’s role and contribution within the relationships are recognized and valued. In essence, it’s a positive indicator of healthy boundaries and open communication, suggesting that this is a good time to invest in these relationships further. So, do you feel like these relationships are in a good place? If so, this card serves as affirmation.

Upright Justice As Feelings

Common Misinterpretations

Justice upright is frequently misinterpreted as simply signifying legal matters or external fairness. Its deeper meaning encompasses truth, balance, and accountability in all aspects of life. It’s about ethical action and personal integrity, beyond just legal issues.

As A Shadow Card

In the shadow it shows that right now in life you’re taking too rigid an approach to fairness, leading to harsh judgments. It reminds us to temper justice with compassion and to understand the complexity of situations before making definitive judgments. Remember, not everything is as black and white as it seems.

What Does Justice Reversed As Feelings Symbolize?

If you’ve pulled Justice Reversed it means someone is feeling imbalance, unfairness, and possibly a sense of moral ambiguity. Be warned, this card brings the energy of someone who may be struggling with ethical dilemmas or feeling emotionally out of sorts.

Key Emotional Qualities

  • Emotional Imbalance: You may feel like your emotions are skewed or out of balance, making it difficult to make fair judgments.
  • Unfairness: There’s a sense that something is not right, perhaps feeling like you’ve been wronged or that you’re not treating others fairly.
  • Moral Ambiguity: You might feel confused about what’s right and wrong, leading to emotional indecision or ethical dilemmas.
Relationship ContextEmotional ToneKey MeaningsActionable Advice
For SinglesImbalance, UnfairnessLove life out of balance, overlooked opportunitiesGive fair chances, reevaluate priorities
Existing RelationshipsImbalance, InjusticeOne-sided efforts, unresolved issuesAddress imbalances openly, strive for fairness
For An ExUnresolved, ImbalanceUnfairness, lingering issuesConfront or let go of unresolved matters
Family & FriendsFairness QuestionedPossible inequities among loved onesEvaluate fairness, right any wrongs

For Singles

In a feelings readings for singles, Justice Reversed signifies that something in your love life is out of balance or unfair. Maybe you’re still hung up on an ex and can’t see new love potential? Perhaps you’re overlooking someone who’s been right under your nose?

A lot of people see cards reversed as a negative, whereas I always see them as a huge opportunity for growth. So if you have pulled Justice Reversed, now may be the time to give a fair chance to someone you’ve been overlooking.

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For Existing Relationships

For relationships, Justice Reversed shows that there’s a sense of unfairness or imbalance that needs to be addressed. Maybe one partner feels they’re putting in more effort, or perhaps there’s an underlying issue that’s been swept under the rug. This card nudges you to take a hard look at the relationship and work together to restore balance. Ignoring these signs can lead to resentment or a widening emotional gap, so it’s best to tackle the issues head-on.

For An Ex

When it’s for an ex, Justice Reversed generally implies unresolved issues between you two. This could mean that either party feels they were treated unfairly or that the relationship ended on unequal terms. If these feelings are hanging in the air, it will make it difficult to achieve closure or move on fully. Here it serves as a prompt reminder to either confront these lingering issues or consciously work on letting them go.

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For Family & Friends

When Justice Reversed appears for family and friends, it’s time to assess whether you feel like you are being treated fairly. Or in fact, if you’re treating someone else fairly.

If you have pulled this card, now is the time to do some soul searching. Is there anything you’re holding onto in regards to a friend or family member? Or is there something you may have done that they haven’t let go of?

Now may be the time to gently bring this up and try to right any wrongs. And remember, in the spirit of justice, make sure you’re doing so in a way which is both fair and equal.

Justice Reversed As Feelings

Common Misinterpretations

Justice reversed is often seen as just injustice or unfairness. However, it also suggests something more complex – a misalignment with one’s truth or ethical dilemmas. It’s not just about external injustice, but internal moral conflicts. Remember, something may be unfair to you but objectively fair.

As A Shadow Card

As a shadow card, Justice Reversed is often a sign that you may currently be avoiding accountability for your actions. It challenges you to confront personal biases and to seek truth, encouraging a deeper understanding of fairness and integrity, as well as figuring out where your moral compass points.

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Justice Combinations As Feelings

As always, here are some combinations that can go with the Justice card when we’re talking about our feelings. Remember to also use your intuition and what you’re feeling in the moment as well as what the card is telling you however.

Justice with The Lovers

When Justice and The Lovers come together it’s about finding emotional equilibrium in a romantic relationship. You likely feel that both parties are contributing equally to the relationship, or at least that’s the ideal you’re striving for.

Justice with Seven of Swords

If you draw Justice with the Seven of Swords, it’s a sign you may be feeling deceived or that something’s amiss in the relationship. Emotionally, you’re likely looking for accountability, either from yourself or your partner. The essence here is a desire for transparency and fair play. Isn’t honesty the best policy, especially when navigating feelings?

Justice with The Hanged Man

The combination of Justice and The Hanged Man suggests a conflicting emotional state where you’re weighing the pros and cons of sacrificing for the relationship. On one hand, you seek fairness; on the other, you’re contemplating whether the emotional sacrifice you’re making is worth it.

Justice with Ten of Pentacles

Justice combined with the Ten of Pentacles signifies a focus on long-term emotional and material stability. You’re likely feeling that the relationship should not only be emotionally rewarding but also fair in the sharing of resources or family responsibilities. In essence, it’s the pursuit of a well-rounded, equitable partnership.

Justice with The Tower

When Justice is paired with The Tower, it means there are impending shifts or even upheavals coming. You’re likely feeling a need for a drastic rebalancing of the relationship. This could mean confronting uncomfortable truths for the sake of long-term fairness. Now may be the time to tear down emotional barriers, and give your relationship a fresh start.

Justice with Six of Cups

Combining Justice with the Six of Cups suggests that you might be feeling nostalgic about past relationships or emotional states, but you’re also weighing whether revisiting the past would bring a fair and balanced present. It’s like an emotional inventory, comparing what was to what is. Do past affections measure up to current realities?

Justice As Feelings Infographic


Now you know everything there is to know about justice as feelings! Remember, justice is a great time to look at how balanced your life is, and decide whether your actions and emotional reactions have been fair and just. If not, don’t be too harsh on yourself, just learn, grow and try again tomorrow! As long as you’re not making the same mistakes you’re not wasting your time.

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