Justice As How Someone Sees You: Are You Too Righteous?

Justice represents balance, fairness, and the unyielding truth. Being perceived as this card could imply a view of you as a paragon of integrity, a judicious soul with a clear sense of right and wrong. But how does this affect your relationships and the way people approach you? Are you the moral compass, the fair judge that weighs every action and intention?

I’ll guide you through the essence of being seen as Justice, examining the virtues and burdens of such a steadfast and principled image. We’ll contemplate the scales in your hands and how this representation impacts your ability to navigate the complexities of human interaction.

Key Takeaways

Upright Justice As How Someone Sees You

  • For Singles: Others might view you as a potential partner who values fairness and treats relationships with the respect and equality they deserve.
  • For New Relationships: You may come off as a person with a strong moral compass, providing a sense of security yet setting high standards in a romantic setting.
  • For Existing Relationships: Your long-standing partner likely appreciates your commitment to balance and mutual respect, which helps maintain harmony in your relationship.
  • For Exes: Looking back, an ex may see that you dealt with the relationship in a just manner, even in parting ways, ensuring fairness was upheld.
  • In Careers: You’re probably seen as the ethical cornerstone in your workplace, known for making fair and fact-based decisions.
  • For Friendship: Friends likely regard you as their ethical guide, someone who provides grounded, impartial advice.
  • Self Perception: You see yourself as someone who lives by a strong moral code, striving to act with integrity and justice in all aspects of life.

Justice Reversed As How Someone Sees You

  • For Singles: Potential matches might sense some uncertainty or hesitation in you, casting doubts about your commitment or transparency.
  • For New Relationships: The person you’re dating could feel a sense of imbalance, questioning whether there’s a fair exchange of feelings and efforts.
  • For Existing Relationships: Your partner may feel that the scales of contribution and support are not balanced, which might bring tension into the relationship.
  • For Exes: An ex might hold onto the belief that fairness was lacking in the relationship’s resolution, with a sense of unresolved issues.
  • In Careers: Colleagues and leaders could perceive you as someone who may avoid responsibility or lack full transparency in your professional role.
  • For Friendship: Friends may view the relationship with you as somewhat one-sided, feeling they give more than they receive in return.
  • Self Perception: You likely see yourself as navigating through complex decisions, but it’s essential to reflect on how these decisions come across to those around you.

Symbolism of Justice

Justice reflects balance, fairness, and the importance of cause and effect. If you’re seen in the light of the Justice card, others may perceive you as a principled person, deeply committed to fairness and truth.

The figure of Justice, sitting between two pillars with scales in one hand and a sword in the other, embodies the equilibrium between intuition and logic. You might be respected for your impartiality and your ability to see every side of a situation before making a decision. People may seek your counsel because they trust in your ethical standards and your dedication to doing what’s right, not just what’s easy.

Upright Justice As How Someone See’s You

When someone sees you as the embodiment of upright Justice, they likely view you as a paragon of fairness and balance. You are perceived as someone who weighs decisions carefully and strives for equity in all things. To them, you represent integrity and the principle that every action has a consequence.

Upright Justice As How Someone See's You

For Singles

Your impartial nature is probably quite appealing, suggesting that you would be a partner who treats a significant other with respect and equality. Singles might see you as a potential match who would work diligently to maintain a balanced relationship.

Here’s what Justice means as a love outcome!

For New Relationships

In a budding romance, you might be seen as someone who has a clear sense of right and wrong, which could be both reassuring and intimidating. Your partner may value your honest and direct approach, knowing where you stand and what you value.

For Existing Relationships

A long-term partner likely admires your dedication to fairness and your ability to keep the relationship on an even keel. They see your relationship as one of mutual respect and shared values, where both partners are heard and appreciated.

For Exes

An ex might recognize in retrospect that you always acted with fairness, even if things didn’t work out. They may come to understand that your insistence on justice was for the good of both parties, aiming for a resolution that was balanced and just.

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In Careers

Colleagues and bosses likely respect your ethical standards and your drive to make decisions based on facts and fairness. You might be the go-to person for resolving conflicts or for taking on responsibilities that require a level of impartiality and sound judgment.

For Friendship

Your friends probably see you as the moral compass of the group, always striving to do what’s right. They might turn to you when they need advice that is unbiased and well-considered.

Want to know how the energy of the Justice card enters your life as a person?

Self Perception

You likely see yourself as a fair-minded individual, someone who aims to live by a code of ethics. You believe in justice and feel most aligned with yourself when your actions reflect your principles of equity and integrity.

What You Should Do:

  • Continue to cultivate your sense of right and justice, but also remember the importance of compassion and understanding.
  • While striving for fairness, also consider the emotional aspects of situations and how they affect the people involved.
  • Seek out others who share your values, as you will likely find a deep connection with those who also prioritize justice and fairness in their lives.

In sum, being seen as Justice personified suggests a deep respect for your moral fortitude and your dedication to doing what’s right. It’s a testament to your character and the balance you bring to your interactions with others. As you walk your path with a just heart, know that your actions resonate with the principles of truth and fairness that guide you.

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Justice Reversed As How Someone See’s You

When the Justice card shows up reversed, it’s like a signal flare for fairness—or the lack thereof. People might see you as someone who’s juggling the scales of truth and consequence a bit uneasily. It’s a cue that your actions or decisions might not be resonating with your usual moral compass in the eyes of others.

Justice Reversed As How Someone See's You

For Singles:

You could be coming across as ambiguous or wishy-washy to potential partners. There’s a chance they perceive you as someone who’s not laying all their cards on the table, leaving people to wonder about your true intentions.

For New Relationships:

Your new partner might be picking up vibes that you’re not all-in when it comes to balance and fairness. It can seem as though you’re holding back or not fully engaging in the give-and-take that new relationships thrive on.

For Existing Relationships:

Those in established partnerships could find this reversed card a red flag that you’re not meeting halfway. It might appear to your partner that you’re not pulling your weight or sharing the burdens equally, which could be causing friction.

For Exes:

An ex might feel that the scales tipped unfairly at the end of your relationship. They may harbor feelings that the breakup lacked a fair resolution or that there was an imbalance in how things were left.

In Careers:

At work, this card can be a nudge that others might view you as not quite playing by the rules. Coworkers or supervisors could see you as someone who skirts around responsibilities or lacks transparency in your professional interactions.

For Friendship:

Your friends may perceive an imbalance in your exchanges, possibly feeling like the camaraderie is one-sided. They might see you as a person who benefits from the friendship without equally contributing.


You might see yourself as navigating a labyrinth of complex decisions, but it’s crucial to pause and consider how these decisions appear to others. Striving for clarity and openness can significantly adjust the skewed perceptions.

What You Should Do:

  • Ponder over past interactions where your fairness might have been ambiguous and consider how you could have acted differently.
  • Work towards fostering straightforward, candid dialogue, particularly in circumstances where misunderstandings could arise.
  • Make a conscious effort to maintain an equilibrium in all forms of relationships, ensuring that you’re contributing just as much as you’re receiving.

The Justice card reversed nudges you to realign with the principles of fairness and honesty. It beckons you to scrutinize how your actions and decisions might be interpreted and to recalibrate them in a manner that portrays a fair and equitable image.

This introspection isn’t just about making amends but also about enhancing the integrity of how you are viewed by others. Embracing the essence of justice can have profound effects on your relationships and daily interactions. It’s about creating harmony, not only in what you do but also in the impression you leave behind.

Justice As Someone See's You Infographic

Combinations That Go With Justice For How Someone See’s You

Justice in tarot symbolizes balance, fairness, and karmic law. When this card interacts with others, it molds perceptions and defines how someone might view you in the framework of truth and equilibrium. Each combination with Justice enhances or tempers the qualities of fairness and ethics you’re believed to represent, influencing how others perceive your role in maintaining or restoring balance in various life scenarios.

Justice and The Lovers

When Justice meets The Lovers in a spread, it can imply that you’re viewed as someone who makes balanced choices in love, emphasizing fairness and equality in relationships. You’re likely seen as a partner who values harmony and considers all sides before making decisions. In their eyes, you might be the mediator in conflicts, the one who seeks a just resolution that serves the highest good of all involved.

Justice and Nine of Wands

Paired with the Nine of Wands, Justice may suggest that others see you as a resilient adjudicator, someone who has weathered many challenges and still stands firm on moral grounds. You’re likely perceived as a bastion of strength and integrity, especially when it comes to standing up for your beliefs or protecting those who rely on your fair judgment and courage to face adversities.

Justice and King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles alongside Justice often signifies that you are regarded as a figure of ethical leadership and material success. To others, you might embody the role of a fair-minded and responsible manager or provider, who applies a balanced approach to both fiscal matters and the welfare of those under your influence.

Justice and Two of Swords

This combination can highlight you as someone caught in a perpetual state of decision-making, reflecting a perception that you weigh choices with careful thought and impartiality. People may see you as the ultimate diplomat, often tasked with tough decisions, and always striving for a fair and balanced outcome, even when under pressure.

Justice and Queen of Cups

When Justice is combined with the Queen of Cups, it can color how someone perceives you as an empathetic and intuitive judge of character. You’re seen as blending understanding and emotional depth with a strong sense of justice. This mix suggests you are someone who listens to both the heart and mind, providing compassionate yet fair advice or guidance.

Justice and Six of Swords

The Six of Swords brings a sense of transition and movement to Justice. In this light, you’re likely viewed as a guiding force who helps others move towards a fairer or more balanced state of affairs. Whether it’s transitioning from conflict to peace or navigating through complex issues, your role is seen as pivotal in steering situations toward resolution and clarity.

Journaling Prompts

If you’ve drawn the Justice card as how someone sees you, then here are some questions you should ask yourself!

  1. What have I done that makes people see me as someone who really cares about being fair and balanced in life?
  2. Thinking about the choices I’ve made, why do people trust me to be fair and make the right call in tough situations?
  3. When I’ve had to sort out arguments or make peace, how do others see my way of dealing with it? Do they think I’m good at finding a fair solution?
  4. Can I remember times when others looked to me to decide something important, believing I’d be fair to everyone?
  5. How do I show my friends and others that being fair and just isn’t just talk for me, but something I really live by?
  6. Are there specific times when I’ve done something that made others say, “Wow, that was really honest and fair of you”?


    In summary, being seen as the Justice card indicates they see you as balanced, ethical, and fair. You’re viewed as someone who weighs decisions carefully and aims for fairness in all dealings. To them, you represent truth and the law, with a strong moral compass guiding your choices.

    Reversed, the Justice card may suggest they see you as lacking fairness or accountability. They might think you are not considering all sides or perhaps are dealing with some unresolved guilt or legal issues. It could also indicate they believe you’re in a situation where justice has not been served.

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