Justice As Intentions Towards You: Upright & Reversed

When Justice appears, it’s like standing in a courtroom of life where truths are unveiled and decisions are made. But what does Justice’s sword and scales reveal about someone’s intentions towards you?

Upright, Justice signifies fairness, honesty, and the search for truth, suggesting intentions grounded in integrity. But if reversed, could it indicate injustice, bias, or a skewed perception of fairness? The tale of Justice is more than just right versus wrong; it’s a nuanced story of balance and morality. Join us as we delve into understanding the deeper implications of Justice’s intentions and what they herald for your interactions and relationships.

Key Takeaways

Justice Upright as Intentions

  • Dating: Expect straightforward and honest intentions, valuing transparency and equality in the relationship.
  • Relationships: Maintain harmony and balance, addressing issues with honesty and integrity, upholding fairness and mutual respect.
  • Exes: Seek a fair and balanced approach to resolving past issues, aiming for equitable and just resolutions.
  • Commitment: Consider commitment with a sense of duty and fairness, ensuring the well-being of both partners.
  • Friends & Family: Strive for fairness and equilibrium within relationships, acting as a mediator and upholding justice.
  • Careers: Encourage balanced and ethical approaches in the workplace, decisions made with consideration for justice and equality.
  • Your Intentions: Focus on fairness and upholding integrity in your actions and decisions.

Justice Reversed as Intentions

  • Dating: Beware of intentions tainted by unfairness or dishonesty, with potential lack of transparency.
  • Relationships: Address potential issues of inequality or injustice, with a need for open communication and fairness.
  • Exes: Watch out for a lack of fairness in dealing with past relationship issues, which can hinder resolution or closure.
  • Commitment: Be cautious of intentions that may not be fully honest or just when considering commitment.
  • Friends & Family: Be mindful of intentions not aligned with fairness, which can lead to a sense of injustice or favoritism.
  • Careers: Be cautious of intentions lacking fairness and integrity in the workplace, watch for decisions influenced by bias or improper motives.
  • Your Intentions: Reassess your approach to fairness and honesty, consider realigning your actions with integrity.

Symbolism of Justice

The Justice card portrays a figure seated between two pillars, symbolizing balance and fairness, holding a sword in one hand and scales in the other. This imagery represents the search for truth and the need for decisions to be made with fairness and impartiality. The sword signifies clear, logical thinking, and the scales depict the weighing of evidence or options.

Justice focuses on seeking truth, creating harmony through fair dealings, and making decisions with integrity. This card encourages a balanced approach, considering all sides of a situation, and acting with ethical standards in mind. It’s about striving for equilibrium in personal affairs and ensuring that actions align with a sense of fairness and honesty.

Upright Justice As Intentions

When Justice appears upright in a tarot reading, it symbolizes intentions grounded in fairness, balance, and truth. This card is like the scales of justice, embodying the principles of moral righteousness and ethical decisions. It represents a desire to approach situations with integrity, aiming for equitable and honest outcomes. Justice indicates a commitment to doing what’s right and fair, both personally and in relation to others.

Justice Upright As Intentions


In the dating scene, someone influenced by Justice may approach you with intentions that are straightforward and honest. They value transparency and equality in a relationship, seeking a connection where both parties are treated with respect and fairness. Expect them to be clear about their intentions and to approach the relationship with a sense of ethical responsibility.

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For those in relationships, Justice suggests intentions to maintain harmony and balance. This person likely strives for a fair and equal partnership, where issues are addressed with honesty and integrity. They believe in resolving conflicts with a just and reasonable approach, upholding the values of fairness and mutual respect.

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In terms of an ex’s intentions, Justice indicates a fair and balanced approach to resolving past issues. They might seek closure or interaction in a manner that respects both parties, aiming for a just and equitable resolution that considers the interests and feelings of everyone involved.

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Will There Be Commitment?

When contemplating commitment, Justice implies intentions that are driven by a sense of duty and fairness. The person in question is likely to consider the implications of commitment seriously, aiming to make a decision that is just and takes into account the well-being of both partners.

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Friends & Family

Within the dynamics of friends and family, Justice points to intentions of ensuring fairness and equilibrium. This individual may often play the role of mediator, ensuring that everyone is heard and treated justly. They aim to create an environment where fairness prevails and conflicts are resolved through impartial and ethical means.

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For intentions towards you, Justice suggests a balanced and ethical approach in the workplace. Colleagues or superiors might approach you with intentions that reflect a commitment to fairness and integrity. Expect decisions involving you to be made with consideration for justice and equality, adhering to moral and professional standards.

Your Intentions

If influenced by Justice, your intentions are likely focused on fairness and upholding integrity. It’s a call to approach your decisions and actions with a sense of ethical responsibility, ensuring that you are fair and just in your dealings with others.

Actionable Advice

  • Prioritize Fairness: Strive to be fair and equitable in all your interactions. Treat others as you would like to be treated, with respect and impartiality.
  • Seek Balance: In decision-making, aim for balanced outcomes that consider all sides. Avoid biases and strive for objectivity.
  • Uphold Integrity: Maintain honesty and integrity in your actions. Let your decisions be guided by a moral compass that values justice and fairness.

Common Misinterpretations

Justice is often interpreted solely in the context of legal matters or punitive justice. However, its broader significance in tarot encompasses the pursuit of balance, fairness, and truth in all areas of life. It’s not just about legalistic right and wrong; it’s about approaching life with a commitment to ethical fairness and moral righteousness.

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Justice upright as intentions towards you suggests that others may approach you with a mindset of fairness and balance. Their interactions with you are likely guided by a desire for honest and equitable exchanges. Expect dealings that are rooted in a sense of moral fairness, where honesty and integrity are key.

Justice Reversed As Intentions

When Justice appears reversed in a tarot reading, it often signifies intentions that may be skewed by bias, injustice, or a lack of accountability. This inversion of Justice is like a scale that has been thrown off balance, suggesting a departure from fairness and ethical conduct. It symbolizes situations where fairness is not being upheld, and decisions or actions might be influenced by partiality or dishonesty.

Justice Reversed As Intentions


In the dating context, Justice reversed can point to someone’s intentions being tainted by unfairness or dishonesty. They might not be entirely open about their feelings or intentions, leading to a lack of transparency in the relationship. Their approach could be influenced more by self-interest than mutual respect and equality.


For those in existing relationships, this card reversed signals intentions that may not honor the principles of fairness and balance. There could be issues of inequality or injustice in the relationship, where one partner feels their needs or views are not being considered equitably. This imbalance might stem from a lack of open communication or a failure to address issues honestly.


In terms of an ex’s intentions, Justice reversed suggests a lack of fairness in dealing with past relationship issues. They might be avoiding taking responsibility for their actions or refusing to acknowledge their part in the relationship’s breakdown. This approach can hinder the process of achieving a fair and balanced resolution or closure.

Will There Be Commitment?

When considering commitment, Justice reversed indicates intentions that may not be fully honest or just. The person in question might be weighing their options in a way that is not entirely fair or might be reluctant to commit due to unresolved issues of fairness in the relationship.

Friends & Family

Within the dynamics of friends and family, Justice reversed may indicate intentions that are not aligned with fairness. This person might be contributing to or enduring situations where not everyone’s perspective is being considered equally, leading to a sense of injustice or favoritism within the group.


Professionally, as intentions towards you, Justice reversed can indicate a lack of fairness and integrity in the workplace. Colleagues or superiors might approach you with intentions that are not based on merit or equality. Be cautious of situations where ethical standards are compromised or where decisions seem to be influenced by bias or improper motives.

Your Intentions

If Justice reversed is influencing your intentions, it’s a sign to reassess your approach to fairness and honesty. Consider whether your actions and decisions are being guided by integrity, and if not, what changes you can make to realign with these values.

Actionable Advice

  • Promote Fairness: Strive to bring balance and fairness into all your interactions. Address any personal biases that might be influencing your decisions.
  • Encourage Honesty: In your relationships, foster an environment where honesty is valued and all parties can express themselves openly and fairly.
  • Seek Justice: Where there is imbalance or injustice, take steps to rectify it, ensuring that fairness prevails.

Common Misinterpretations

Justice reversed is often perceived as only representing legal problems or severe injustice. However, its broader meaning in tarot includes the subtle imbalances and everyday biases that can skew our perceptions and actions. It’s not just about legal or moral wrongdoing; it’s about recognizing and correcting the smaller imbalances that disrupt fairness in our lives.

Justice reversed as intentions towards you suggests that others may approach you with a lack of fairness or honesty. Their interactions might be influenced by personal biases or a reluctance to deal openly and justly. This card serves as a reminder to be vigilant about fairness in your relationships, encouraging you to address any imbalances and strive for integrity and balance in all your interactions.

Combinations That Go With Justice As Intentions

Justice in tarot combinations opens up a world where fairness, balance, and truth take center stage. Each pairing with Justice tells a story of striving for equilibrium and moral clarity. This card, symbolizing the pursuit of fairness and accountability, adds a layer of ethical depth to its interactions with other cards. These combinations aren’t just about what’s right and wrong; they’re insightful reflections on how we seek harmony and truth in our lives.

Justice and The Fool

When Justice meets The Fool, it’s like blending wisdom with innocence. This combination suggests an intention to approach new beginnings with a sense of fairness and open-mindedness. Think of someone stepping into the unknown, but with a clear sense of what’s right and wrong. They’re not just starting anew; they’re doing it with a strong sense of justice and honesty.

Justice and The Emperor

Pairing Justice with The Emperor is all about law and order. It’s a powerful mix of authority and fairness. This combination speaks to a person who aims to lead or make decisions with a strong sense of justice. They’re like a fair and just ruler, making sure that every decision is balanced and morally sound.

Justice and The High Priestess

Combine Justice with The High Priestess, and you get a blend of truth-seeking and intuition. It’s like having a wise judge who not only looks at the facts but also listens to their inner voice. This person is keen on uncovering the truth, but they’re also tapping into their intuition to guide their sense of fairness.

Justice and Six of Cups

Justice and Six of Cups together speak to a nostalgic fairness. This is about balancing past experiences with present situations. It’s like someone looking back at their childhood memories to understand what’s fair today. They’re using lessons from the past to inform their current sense of justice.

Justice and The Star

Justice with The Star is a hopeful combination. It’s about striving for fairness while keeping an optimistic outlook. Imagine someone who’s working towards a better, fairer world, filled with hope and guided by their ideals. They’re not just seeking justice; they’re doing it with a belief that things can get better.

Justice and The Tower

Finally, when Justice meets The Tower, it’s about finding balance in chaos. This pairing suggests an intention to restore order after sudden upheaval. Picture someone in the middle of a storm, trying to make sense of it all and bring back stability. They’re focused on getting to the truth and setting things right, even when everything around them is falling apart.


In summary, when Justice appears upright in relation to someone’s intentions towards you, it suggests a desire for fairness, balance, and truth in your interaction. This person likely seeks an equitable relationship and may be focused on ensuring that any dealings with you are honest and just. They might be looking to resolve any issues or misunderstandings to maintain harmony and fairness.

Reversed, Justice could indicate that their intentions towards you might be lacking in fairness or balance. They might not be seeing the situation clearly or could be letting bias affect their judgment. This suggests a need for them to reconsider their approach towards you, striving for greater objectivity and a more balanced perspective.

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