Justice (XI) Tarot Card Meaning: Upright & Reversed

The Justice card in a tarot reading means more than just legal matters; it’s a complex symbol of balance, truth, and fairness. From its balanced scales to its commanding sword, each element of the Justice card has a profound story to tell.

Whether you find this card in an upright or reversed position, it offers deep insights into your journey through life. So here’s what it means:

Key Takeaways

Justice Upright:

  • Symbolizes fairness, truth, and karmic balance.
  • Encourages decisions based on honesty and integrity, considering the long-term impact.
  • In love, highlights the need for clear communication and equitable treatment.
  • Career-wise, stresses ethical behavior and fairness in professional dealings.
  • Spiritually, prompts reflection on actions and alignment with personal values.
  • Usually indicates a ‘yes’ in yes/no questions, if related to fairness and ethical choices.

Justice Reversed:

  • Implies injustice, imbalance, or shirking accountability.
  • Warns against self-deception or unfairness in personal or professional matters.
  • In relationships, signals imbalances or lack of honesty.
  • Professionally, suggests unethical practices or unfair outcomes.
  • Spiritually, urges confronting inner truths and rectifying personal imbalances.
  • Often a ‘no’ in yes/no questions, reflecting unfairness or ethical misalignment.
NumerologyRepresents the number 8 Numerology, meaning balance and karma, power and authority
Zodiac SignLibra, associated with harmony, fairness, and balance in relationships.
Ruling PlanetVenus, reflecting love, beauty, and balance.
ElementAir, symbolizing intellectual thought, justice, and moral actions.
Yes or NoIt’s a “Maybe,” suggesting a need for a balanced approach or more information before decision-making.
CrystalsLapis Lazuli and Red Jasper are often associated with promoting fairness, justice, and balanced perspectives.

Symbolism Of Justice

  1. The Scales: The scales in one hand symbolize balance, fairness, and impartiality. They remind us that decisions should be made with a clear mind and a balanced perspective, weighing all sides of an issue.
  2. The Sword: The sword stands for power of reason and justice. Just like the Suit of Swords it represents intelligence, and the sharpness of mind needed to make fair decisions and the ability to cut through illusions to see the truth. It’s double edge also reminds us that actions have consequences, both positive and negative.
  3. The Seated Figure: If you look at the card the figure has an androgynous look about him. This helps show that Justice is about balance. However, the male stance gives off masculine energy which shows stability and authority. They are planted and solid in the way they sit showing Justice is not easily swayed and stands firm in its judgments.
  4. The Pillars: Seated between two pillars, like the High Priestess and The Hierophant. They represent things like good and evil, right and wrong. It also shows the boundaries of the law, and that Justice must remain within them.
  5. The Red Robe: Red is a symbolization of passion and strength in tarot cards, so this is a clear symbolisation that Justice needs to be focused and true.
  6. The Crown: Again, the crown on the head shows us authority, control, and the right to rule. However, this right to rule does not come from man, but from the higher laws of the universe that this figure adheres to.
  7. The Foot Forward: One foot in front of the other shows the need to step forward and take action in the pursuit of justice, it’s there to show us that real Justice requires action.
  8. The Veil: The veil separates the figure from the rest of the world. Here Justice is all that matters, and it will carry on into the real world. It’s also purple which signifies compassion, and spirituality.
Justice Symbolism

Justice Upright Meaning

As you can guess, when you pull Justice upright it represents fairness and truth. It holds a deep and powerful message about balance and equilibrium in life. If you’ve drawn it upright and you’re thinking about a future event, it suggests that a fair and just decision will be made OR that you are currently in a situation where you need to make a decision based on fairness and truth.

It is a reminder to weigh your choices carefully and to consider the consequences of your actions. It honesty and integrity, asking you to approach your situation with a balanced and clear mindset.

It also reminds us of the law of karma – the idea that what you put out into the world comes back to you, similar to The Wheel of Fortune. It’s a reminder that your actions and decisions have long-term consequences, both for yourself and for others. So think about how your actions affect the greater balance of your life and the lives of those around you.

Justice Upright Meaning 11

You’ll notice Justice normally comes up a lot more when there are formal agreements in the forefront of your life, such as contracts, legal proceedings, or negotiations. It shows there is a need for fair dealings and suggests that the outcome will be just, based on the merits of the situation. So remain objective and seek out the truth, as it will lead to a fair and equitable resolution.

Furthermore, no a more personal level, Justice represents the need for accountability for yourself. You need to take responsibility for your choices and understand that every action has a reaction. Assess your life and your decisions, to ensure that you are living in alignment with your truths and values.

Lastly, the upright Justice card symbolizes the achievement of balance and equality. It’s about recognizing the importance of maintaining equilibrium in your life, you are urged to strive for a balanced approach in all aspects of your life, understanding that maintaining this balance is key to a fair and just existence.

So as you can see, Justice in its upright position is a powerful call for fairness, balance, and truth in your life. It urges you to consider your actions carefully, to act with integrity, and to remember that your choices have far-reaching consequences for both yourself and others.

Love and Relationships

In love, it reminds you of the importance of fairness and balance in your relationships. Right now, honesty and clear communication are essential, and decisions should be made considering both parties’ feeling. It also points to a need to resolve any imbalances or injustices in your relationship.

Careers and Finance

For your careers or finances, Justice highlights the need for ethical practices and fair dealings. Decisions should be based on merit and truth, especially in legal matters, contracts, and negotiations. Remember to always act with integrity and to expect that honesty will lead to a just outcome in your dealings.


Spiritually, you need to think about your current karma and the whether you’re truly living in alignment with your values. Reflect on your actions and their impact on your spiritual journey, and remember that each choice contributes to the balance of your inner self as well as the universe.

Yes or No

For yes or no questions, the upright Justice card leans towards a ‘yes’, especially if the question relates to fairness, and ethical decisions. Your outcome will be favourable as long as they’re based on fairness and truth. Or the answer you seek will be aligned with justice and moral integrity.

Justice Reversed Meaning

Reversed, Justice takes on a more twisted meaning. Reversals symbolizes imbalance, unfairness, or a lack of accountability. Characterized by its scales and sword, Justice yearns for fairness and truth, but when reversed, these qualities are in jeopardy or are being neglected.

Firstly, the reversed Justice card can means there’s a situation where injustice or unfairness prevail. You might be dealing with circumstances where you feel wronged, or where the truth is not being honored. It’s a warning to scrutinize the situation carefully, seeking out hidden truths or biases.

Justice Reversed Meaning

In addition to external unfairness, the reversed Justice card can also point to a lack of self-honesty. You may not be being truthful with yourself about your motivations, actions, or feelings. This self-deception can lead to imbalances in your life, as it prevents you from seeing things as they truly are and making informed decisions. And remember, the karma is still there, so whatever decisions you make now, will come back in the future.

Continuing with the idea of imbalance in your life, it shows right now something is out of alignment, and this disharmony might be causing you distress or conflict in your life. You need to route out these imbalances and work towards rectifying them to restore harmony in your life.

In legal or formal matters, the reversed Justice card can be a sign of a delayed or unsatisfactory outcome. In legal disputes, for example, it may indicate a verdict or a settlement that doesn’t feel just or fair. However, it’s also advising you to remain cautious and proceed with thoroughness in your legal and contractual dealings, emphasizing the need to stay vigilant against potential injustices or loopholes.

If you’ve drawn Justice Reversed, it’s also time to look at whether you’re taking responsibility for your own actions. You may be avoiding accountability in your life, and you need to address this before you can move forward. This avoidance can lead to a build-up of unresolved issues and conflicts. The card is a prompt to confront these issues and accept the consequences of your actions, seeking to redress any imbalances they have caused.

It can also serve as a reminder that sometimes, life can feel inherently unfair. Things might happen that seem unjust and are beyond your control. In these situations, the card encourages you to seek out your inner sense of justice and balance, reminding you to uphold these principles in your own life, even if the external world doesn’t always reflect them.

Overall, Justice Reversed is a complex symbol pointing to issues of fairness, truth, and balance. It calls for introspection, honesty, and a re-evaluation of one’s actions and circumstances, urging a path towards rectifying imbalances and striving for greater integrity and equilibrium.

Love and Relationships

In relationships, Justice Reversed suggests imbalances or unfairness. It might reflect a situation where you or your partner feel wronged, or where there’s a lack of honesty. It encourages you to address these issues, seek the truth, and strive for fairness to restore balance in your relationship.

Careers and Finance

When it comes to your careers and finances, it warns of potential unfairness or ethical issues. There could be a lack of transparency in business dealings or an unsatisfactory outcome in legal matters. Remember to stay vigilant and honest in your professional and financial decisions, to help rectify any injustices.


Spiritually, there may be some personal imbalance right now, possibly due to self-deception or avoiding accountability. You need to look at yourself with honesty about your motivations and actions. Acknowledging and addressing these inner truths is essential for spiritual balance and growth.

Yes or No

For yes or no questions, it leans towards a ‘no’, suggesting that the situation might be marked by unfairness or imbalance. It advises caution and a deeper look into the matter, as the current circumstances may not be aligned with justice and truth.

Combinations For Justice

Major Arcana CardMeaning with Justice
The FoolStarting new friendships or relationships with honesty and treating everyone fairly.
The MagicianUsing your skills to talk and act in a way that’s fair and right in your relationships.
The High PriestessListening to your gut feelings to help you understand and be fair to others in your relationships.
The EmpressBeing kind and caring in your relationships, but also making sure everyone is treated equally.
The EmperorBeing a leader or taking charge in a way that is fair and respects everyone equally.
The HierophantSticking to traditions or beliefs in a way that is fair and kind to everyone involved.
The LoversMaking choices in love or friendships that are honest and treat everyone the way they should be treated.
The ChariotGoing after what you want but making sure you’re being fair and not hurting others in the process.
StrengthBeing brave and strong in your relationships, but also being kind and fair.
The HermitTaking time to think about what’s right and fair in how you treat others in your relationships.
Wheel of FortuneUnderstanding that life has ups and downs, but trying to be fair to others no matter what happens.
The Hanged ManLooking at things differently and being willing to change to be more fair in your relationships.
DeathBig changes in relationships, but making sure these changes are fair and honest.
TemperanceFinding a good balance in how you treat others, making sure it’s fair and kind.
The DevilBreaking free from bad habits or relationships, focusing on being fair and good to yourself and others.
The TowerGoing through tough times or big changes in relationships, but rebuilding them in a fair and just way.
The StarBeing hopeful and positive in relationships, but also being realistic and fair.
The MoonDealing with confusing feelings or situations in relationships, but trying to be clear and fair.
The SunHaving happy and positive relationships, where being honest and fair makes things even better.
JudgmentLooking back at past relationships and deciding to be more fair and honest in the future.
The WorldFeeling complete and happy in your relationships because you’ve been fair and treated everyone well.

Journaling Prompts For Justice

If you’re using a tarot journal, here are some questions you should consider asking yourself:

  1. Think of a time when you had to make a decision that required fairness. How did you approach this, and what impact did your decision have?
  2. Can you think of a time where acknowledging your own mistakes was necessary? How did you feel about this, and more importantly, what did you learn?
  3. Think about how you define fairness in your life. Do you feel like you’re fair, and why is this important to you?
  4. How can you try to maintain objectivity when you’re making important decisions, and in what moments do you find it the most challenging?
  5. What is your personal philosophy on justice, and how can you make sure you’re incorporating this in your day to day life.

Final Message Of Justice

“Seek balance and fairness in all aspects of your life. Remember, every action has a consequence, and the truth will always prevail. Stay honest with yourself and others, and make decisions that reflect your integrity.

Trust in the universe to deliver the justice you deserve, but also take responsibility for your own choices. Your path towards harmony and equilibrium is within your control.”


In summary, Justice upright in tarot represents fairness, truth, and the need for balance. It signifies a time to make decisions based on honesty and integrity, considering the consequences of your actions. It’s a reminder of the law of karma and the importance of equitable actions in formal agreements such as contracts and legal proceedings. In personal life, it urges accountability and living in alignment with your values. It’s about striving for balance and understanding the impact of your choices on yourself and others.

Reversed, Justice symbolizes imbalance, unfairness, or a lack of accountability. It may indicate situations of injustice, self-deception, or unresolved conflicts. In legal or formal matters, it warns of potential injustices or unsatisfactory outcomes. It’s a call to introspect, to be honest with yourself, and to take responsibility for your actions to restore harmony.

Overall, Justice, whether upright or reversed, is a call for fairness, truth, and balance. It urges introspection, honesty, and a careful consideration of your actions, reminding you of the long-term consequences of your choices and the importance of living with integrity.

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