King Of Cups As Intentions Towards You: Upright & Reversed

The King of Cups stands as a symbol of emotional stability and wisdom. But what does his steady presence say about someone’s intentions towards you? Upright, he may represent a person who offers emotional support and guidance, a calming influence in the tumultuous sea of life. But when reversed, could this King’s intentions become less clear, perhaps indicating emotional manipulation or a lack of emotional maturity? The King of Cups invites you to reflect on the balance of emotions and wisdom in your relationship. Is his influence a grounding force, or are there undercurrents that need addressing?

Join us in exploring the King of Cups’ realm, where emotional mastery and complexity reign, and uncover the real intentions guiding this emotional ruler.

Key Takeaways

The Upright King Of Cups

  • Dating: Approaching with genuine care and emotional depth, valuing meaningful connections.
  • Relationships: Deeply committed to maintaining a healthy, emotionally fulfilling bond.
  • Exes: Intentions of closure or maintaining a friendly rapport with emotional maturity.
  • Commitment: A thoughtful and serious approach, considering emotional responsibilities.
  • Friends & Family: Intentions are nurturing and supportive, fostering emotionally rich relationships.
  • Careers: Bringing emotional wisdom and a calming presence to the workplace, aiming for collaboration and harmony.
  • Your Intentions: Focused on nurturing emotional stability and offering wise counsel in your relationships.

The King Of Cups Reversed

  • Dating: Approaching with emotional turmoil or insincerity, leading to instability.
  • Relationships: Struggling with emotional regulation or honesty, causing uncertainty.
  • Exes: Lack of closure or unresolved emotional manipulations, unclear or unhealthy intentions.
  • Commitment: Hesitation or insincerity driven by fluctuating emotions, rather than a stable partnership.
  • Friends & Family: Emotionally manipulative or unstable intentions, straining relationships.
  • Careers: Difficulty with emotional control affecting interactions and decisions, leading to an unfavorable work environment.
  • Your Intentions: Challenges in managing emotions in a balanced way, potentially affecting relationships.

Symbolism of The King Of Cups

The King of Cups is depicted seated on a throne amidst turbulent waters, holding a cup and a scepter, indicative of his command over the emotional and creative realms. The water around him represents the depth and complexity of emotions, yet he remains calm and composed. This king is a figure of emotional balance, maturity, and diplomatic leadership. He embodies wisdom, understanding, and a nurturing spirit, offering guidance and support with a compassionate approach.

As a symbol, the King of Cups suggests mastering emotions, providing emotional support to others, and leading with empathy and understanding. He encourages you to embrace emotional stability, to use your emotional intelligence in dealing with situations and people, and to remain calm and composed, even in the face of emotional upheaval. The King of Cups is a reminder of the strength found in emotional maturity and the importance of balancing feelings with rational thought.

The Upright King Of Cups As Intentions

When the King of Cups appears upright in a tarot reading, it typically signifies intentions that are guided by emotional wisdom, maturity, and a deep sense of understanding. This card reflects an approach towards you that’s characterized by compassion, emotional stability, and a nurturing spirit. It’s like encountering someone who possesses a profound ability to handle emotions with grace and offer supportive, wise counsel.

King Of Cups Upright As Intentions


When it comes to dating, the King of Cups upright as intentions suggests that someone might be approaching you with genuine care and emotional depth. They likely view relationships as meaningful connections and are looking for more than just a superficial encounter. This person might bring a level of emotional intelligence and stability to their interactions with you, offering a sense of security and understanding that is both rare and valuable.

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If you’re already in a relationship, the King of Cups can indicate a partner who is deeply committed to maintaining a healthy, emotionally fulfilling relationship. They likely prioritize open communication, empathy, and mutual support. Their approach to the relationship is balanced and mature, aiming to create a harmonious and nurturing environment where both partners feel understood and cared for.

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For past relationships, the King of Cups suggests a mature and understanding approach to handling post-relationship dynamics. An ex-partner represented by this card might reach out with intentions of closure or maintaining a friendly rapport, characterized by emotional maturity and a desire for peaceful interactions.

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When it comes to commitment, the King of Cups indicates a thoughtful and serious approach. Someone considering a deeper commitment with you is likely doing so with a full understanding of the emotional responsibilities involved. They bring a level of emotional intelligence to their decision, ensuring that any steps towards greater commitment are made with care and consideration for both parties’ emotional well-being.

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Friends & Family

For friends and family, the King of Cups points to intentions that are nurturing and supportive. Loved ones might come to you with an understanding and caring attitude, seeking to provide emotional support or guidance. This card suggests a desire to foster emotionally rich and healthy family dynamics and friendships.

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In a professional setting, the King of Cups can indicate a colleague or superior who brings emotional wisdom and a calming presence to the workplace. They may approach you with intentions of collaboration and support, valuing your emotional contributions and aiming to maintain a harmonious and respectful work environment.

Your Intentions

If you find yourself resonating with the King of Cups, your own intentions are likely oriented towards nurturing emotional stability and offering wise counsel in your relationships. You might be focused on creating a balanced and emotionally healthy environment in both your personal and professional life.

Actionable Advice

  • Embrace Emotional Leadership: Utilize your emotional maturity to guide and support others.
  • Maintain Compassion: Keep offering understanding and empathy in your interactions.
  • Balance Emotion with Reason: Continue to approach situations with a balanced perspective, blending emotional insight with logical thinking.

Common Misinterpretations

The King of Cups upright is often misunderstood as a symbol of emotional suppression or stoicism. While it does signify emotional mastery and control, it encourages a healthy balance of emotions and empathy rather than the absence of feelings. This card represents the ability to maintain composure and stability in challenging situations without implying emotional detachment.

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The King of Cups upright as intentions highlights a time of emotionally mature and wise interactions. It encourages you to appreciate and seek out connections where emotional intelligence and stability are valued. In relationships, whether personal or professional, this card signifies a nurturing, supportive presence that can greatly contribute to the overall emotional health and well-being of everyone involved.

The King Of Cups Reversed As Intentions

When the King of Cups appears reversed in a tarot reading, it often points to intentions that are impacted by emotional instability, manipulation, or a lack of emotional maturity. This card in its reversed position can suggest that the emotions guiding intentions towards you may be volatile, uncontrolled, or even disingenuous. It’s like dealing with someone who struggles to manage their emotional world effectively.

King Of Cups Reversed As Intentions


When it comes to dating, the King of Cups reversed as intentions might mean that someone is bringing a degree of emotional turmoil or insincerity to their approach. They could be unpredictable or inconsistent in their feelings, making it hard to establish a stable, meaningful connection. Their intentions may be clouded by their own unresolved emotional issues, leading to a potentially confusing dating experience.


For those in a relationship, this reversed card can suggest a partner who is struggling with emotional regulation or honesty. They might flip between being emotionally overbearing and distant, creating a sense of uncertainty in the relationship. Their inability to maintain emotional stability might lead to challenges in fostering a supportive and nurturing bond.


Regarding ex-partners, the King of Cups reversed can indicate a lack of closure or unresolved emotional manipulations. An ex reaching out might be doing so from a place of emotional confusion, with intentions that are not entirely clear or healthy. Their approach could be influenced more by their own emotional needs than a genuine concern for mutual well-being.


In terms of commitment, this card reversed suggests hesitation or a lack of sincerity. Someone considering a deeper commitment with you might be conflicted, driven by fluctuating emotions rather than a true desire for a stable partnership. Their intentions could be marred by an inability to navigate their emotional landscape effectively.

Friends & Family

Within your circle of friends and family, the King of Cups reversed might imply emotionally manipulative or unstable intentions. Efforts to connect or support could be undermined by selfish emotional needs or a lack of genuine empathy, leading to strained relationships.


Professionally, this card reversed could reflect a colleague or superior who struggles with emotional control, affecting their interactions and decisions. They might intend to be supportive and understanding but often let their own emotional challenges dictate their behavior, leading to a less-than-ideal work environment.

Your Intentions

If you identify with the King of Cups reversed, you might be facing challenges in managing your emotions in a balanced way. Your intentions to build strong relationships could be complicated by your own emotional volatility or issues with emotional honesty.

Actionable Advice

  • Seek Emotional Balance: Focus on developing healthier ways to manage and express your emotions.
  • Cultivate Emotional Honesty: Strive for sincerity in your emotional interactions, avoiding manipulation or insincerity.
  • Address Personal Issues: Work on resolving any underlying emotional issues that are affecting your relationships.

Common Misinterpretations

The King of Cups reversed is often seen merely as a sign of emotional manipulation or immaturity. However, it can also represent the struggle and journey toward achieving emotional stability and maturity. It’s not just about the negative aspects of emotional control; it’s about recognizing the challenges and working towards emotional health and balance.

The King of Cups reversed as intentions encourages a careful examination of both your own and others’ emotional motivations. It serves as a reminder of the complexities of emotional management and the importance of approaching relationships with sincerity and a genuine desire to understand and balance emotions. This card invites you to navigate emotional waters with awareness and empathy, seeking to build connections that are based on true emotional understanding and maturity.

Combinations That Go With The King Of Cups As Intentions

The King of Cups in tarot represents emotional stability, maturity, and a compassionate approach. When this card is paired with others to understand someone’s intentions towards you, it often highlights a balanced, understanding, and emotionally intelligent perspective. The King of Cups is known for his ability to manage feelings and relationships with wisdom and empathy. Let’s explore how this card interacts with other tarot cards to shed light on someone’s intentions:

King of Cups and The Magician

When the King of Cups meets The Magician, it suggests intentions that are not only emotionally mature but also aimed at manifesting positive outcomes. The Magician symbolizes resourcefulness, power, and action. This combination can indicate a person who is emotionally wise and wants to use their abilities to create positive changes or make things happen, possibly in relation to you.

King of Cups and Three of Swords

Pairing the King of Cups with the Three of Swords indicates an intention to heal or mend a situation that involves emotional pain or heartbreak. The Three of Swords is about sorrow, loss, and heartache. This suggests someone who is trying to approach a difficult situation with understanding and empathy, possibly seeking reconciliation or healing.

King of Cups and Queen of Wands

Combining the King of Cups with the Queen of Wands can imply intentions that blend emotional depth with dynamic energy. The Queen of Wands is about vibrancy, charisma, and determination. This pairing suggests a person who is emotionally supportive and understanding, yet also enthusiastic and passionate about their intentions or plans with you.

King of Cups and The Hierophant

The King of Cups alongside The Hierophant might suggest a desire to maintain traditional values or structures in a relationship, approached with emotional intelligence and understanding. The Hierophant represents tradition, conformity, and moral standards. This indicates intentions that are grounded in traditional values or beliefs, but approached with compassion and emotional wisdom.

King of Cups and Six of Pentacles

With the Six of Pentacles, the King of Cups reveals intentions focused on generosity and fairness, underpinned by emotional stability. The Six of Pentacles is about giving, receiving, and balance. This pairing suggests a desire to interact with you in a fair and balanced manner, offering support or assistance with empathy and understanding.

King of Cups and The Star

Lastly, the King of Cups with The Star indicates intentions that are not only emotionally balanced but also inspired by hope and a positive outlook. The Star is a card of hope, renewal, and spiritual insight. This combination suggests someone who combines their emotional maturity with a hopeful vision for the future, possibly seeing you as part of this optimistic path.


In summary, the King of Cups upright in relation to someone’s intentions towards you reflects emotional maturity, understanding, and a balanced approach to feelings. This person likely intends to provide emotional stability and support, handling emotional matters with wisdom and calm. Their approach is likely one of empathy and emotional intelligence, aiming to maintain harmony and understanding in your relationship.

Reversed, the King of Cups might suggest emotionally manipulative or unstable intentions towards you. They could be struggling to control their emotions or using their emotional insight in a negative way. This indicates a need for them to reassess their emotional approach, striving for genuine empathy and emotional integrity in their interactions with you.

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