King Of Swords As Intentions Towards You: Upright & Reversed

The King of Swords stands as a figure of authority and strategy. But what does his commanding intellect suggest about his intentions towards you? Is he a guiding force, providing direction and insight, or does his analytical nature overlook the emotional aspects of your relationship?

The King’s role in your life prompts reflection on the intersection of logic, leadership, and empathy. What might his strategic thinking reveal about the dynamics at play between you?

Key Takeaways

The Upright King Of Swords

  • Dating: Pursuing romance with strategy, thoughtfulness, and clear intentions, valuing intellectual stimulation and honesty.
  • Relationships: Approaching relationship issues with rationality and fairness, being a reliable and trustworthy partner.
  • Exes: Addressing past issues or tensions with maturity and candor, seeking clarity through direct and honest communication.
  • Commitment: Making thoughtful and well-considered decisions, communicating intentions with clarity and seriousness.
  • Friends & Family: Offering sound, well-considered advice, valuing truth and integrity, providing unbiased perspectives.
  • Careers: Serving as a seasoned leader or mentor, guiding with confidence and intelligence, aiming for the best outcomes.
  • Your Intentions: Approaching situations with wisdom, fairness, and clarity, prioritizing truth and integrity in communication and actions.

The King Of Swords Reversed

  • Dating: Applying logic where empathy is needed, potentially coming off as aloof or insensitive in attempts to connect intellectually.
  • Relationships: Striving for fairness but appearing cold or authoritarian, leading to a disconnect in resolving issues.
  • Exes: Wanting to reach out or resolve past issues but struggling due to an overly analytical or emotionally detached approach.
  • Commitment: Seeking certainty and clarity but approaching the topic without considering emotional nuances, potentially being rigid or unrealistic.
  • Friends & Family: Aiming to provide guidance but being overly critical or dogmatic, possibly influenced by personal biases.
  • Careers: Intending to maintain order and efficiency but potentially micromanaging or stifling creativity, leading to a counterproductive work environment.
  • Your Intentions: Needing to reassess the balance between logic and empathy in interactions to avoid appearing overly critical or lacking emotional depth.

Symbolism of The King Of Swords

The King of Swords sits on his throne, appearing as the ultimate authority figure. He holds a sword upright in one hand, symbolizing his intellectual power and ability to make clear, unbiased judgments. The throne and the surroundings often feature butterflies and crescent moons, symbols of transformation and the subconscious mind, respectively.

This king embodies wisdom, fairness, and ethical decision-making. He is a figure of authority who relies on intellect and objective reasoning rather than emotions. The King of Swords encourages you to think logically and to lead with fairness. He represents a rational approach to problem-solving and decision-making, emphasizing the importance of clear thinking, ethical standards, and integrity in leadership.

The Upright King Of Swords As Intentions

The King of Swords upright in a tarot reading is a strategist in the midst of a grand chess game. In relation to someone’s intentions towards you, this card suggests a demeanor that is authoritative, analytical, and incredibly sharp-witted. It’s as if you’re interacting with someone who possesses a keen intellect and a commanding presence, someone who approaches situations with clarity and precision. Their intentions are likely guided by a strong sense of fairness and a desire for truth, underpinned by a deep understanding of human nature and situations.

King Of Swords Upright As Intentions


When dating, the King of Swords might represent someone who approaches romance like a chess grandmaster approaches a game: with strategy, thoughtfulness, and a clear understanding of their own intentions. This person likely values intellectual stimulation and honest communication and may come across as refreshingly straightforward. They’re the type who would rather engage in deep, meaningful conversations than partake in surface-level chit-chat.

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For those in relationships, this card can symbolize a partner who prides themselves on rationality and fairness. They are likely to approach relationship issues with a level head, seeking resolutions through logical reasoning and open dialogue. This person tends to be a reliable and trustworthy partner, often acting as a pillar of strength in the relationship.

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When it comes to ex-partners, the King of Swords may indicate a person who wants to address past issues or lingering tensions with maturity and candor. If an ex is reaching out under this influence, expect them to be direct and honest in their communication, perhaps seeking to clarify misunderstandings or to offer a rational perspective on what transpired between you.

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In matters of commitment, the King of Swords denotes a clear and thoughtful approach. Someone influenced by this card will not make decisions impulsively; instead, they will consider all aspects carefully and communicate their intentions with clarity and seriousness. They understand the weight of their decisions and are likely to be straightforward about their plans and expectations.

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Friends & Family

For friendships and family, the King of Swords suggests a role of a wise advisor or a voice of reason. This person values truth and integrity and tends to offer sound, well-considered advice. They are someone you might turn to for an honest opinion or guidance, knowing they will give you an unbiased perspective.

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In a career context, imagine this card as a seasoned leader or a mentor. It might suggest a colleague or superior who leads with confidence and intelligence. Their intentions are likely focused on achieving the best outcomes, using their experience and knowledge to guide decisions and actions in the workplace.

Your Intentions

If you resonate with the King of Swords, it reflects your intent to approach situations with a blend of wisdom, fairness, and clarity. You value truth and integrity and aim to communicate and act in ways that reflect these principles.

Actionable Advice

  • Cultivate Clear Communication: Strive to be as clear and straightforward in your interactions as others expect you to be.
  • Embrace Fairness and Rationality: Approach decisions and interactions with a fair and balanced mindset.
  • Lead with Wisdom: Use your experience and understanding to guide your actions and influence those around you positively.

Common Misinterpretations

The King of Swords is often misinterpreted as being cold or unemotional. However, this card actually represents a type of emotional intelligence that prioritizes clarity and truth over sentimentality. It’s not about a lack of emotion, but rather about managing emotions in a way that leads to fair and rational outcomes.

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The King of Swords upright as intentions towards you is a powerful reminder of the strength found in clarity, wisdom, and fairness. This card encourages us to approach our interactions with a level head and a clear vision, ensuring that our actions and words are guided by integrity and understanding. Like a skilled leader in a complex game, the King of Swords teaches us to navigate life’s challenges with strategic thoughtfulness and a commitment to truth.

The King Of Swords Reversed As Intentions

Picture the King of Swords reversed in a tarot reading as a once-great strategist who’s lost sight of the big picture. In relation to someone’s intentions towards you, this card suggests a mindset that, while still analytical and authoritative, might now be clouded by biases, misjudgments, or over-critical tendencies. It’s akin to a chess grandmaster who, in a moment of distraction, makes a move that jeopardizes the whole game. This individual’s intentions are likely still driven by a desire for clarity and truth, but their judgment may be impaired by personal issues or a skewed perspective.

King Of Swords Reversed As Intentions Towards You


When it comes to dating, the King of Swords reversed might resemble someone who tries to apply logic where empathy is needed. Their attempts to connect intellectually might come off as aloof or insensitive. They intend to establish a bond based on mutual understanding and respect, but their approach could be marred by a lack of emotional sensitivity or a tendency to be overly critical.


In your relationship, this card can manifest as a partner who intends to maintain harmony and resolve issues but does so in a way that feels detached or authoritarian. They might strive for fairness, but their methods could come across as cold or unyielding, leading to a disconnect rather than a resolution.


When it comes to exes, the King of Swords reversed may indicate an individual who wants to reach out or resolve past issues but struggles to do so effectively. Their approach might be overly analytical or lacking in genuine warmth, which could hinder meaningful communication or reconciliation.


In matters of commitment, this card reflects an intention to discuss and plan for the future, but potentially in a way that’s too rigid or unrealistic. The person might be seeking certainty and clarity but could be approaching the topic without considering the emotional nuances involved.

Friends & Family

For friendships and family, the King of Swords reversed can suggest a figure who aims to be a guiding force or a voice of reason but ends up being overly critical or dogmatic. Their intentions to provide sound advice or direction might be affected by their personal biases or a tendency to see things only from their perspective.


In a career setting, imagine a leader or mentor who, while intending to guide and direct, ends up micromanaging or stifling creativity. This card might indicate a colleague or superior whose intention to maintain order and efficiency leads to a counterproductive work environment.

Your Intentions

If the King of Swords reversed resonates with you, it may reflect a need to reassess how you’re balancing logic with empathy in your interactions. While your aim may be to bring clarity and direction, consider whether your approach could be perceived as overly critical or lacking in emotional depth.

Actionable Advice

  • Balance Logic with Empathy: Strive for an approach that combines rational thought with emotional intelligence.
  • Avoid Being Overly Critical: Practice patience and understanding, recognizing that not all situations benefit from a strictly analytical approach.
  • Reflect on Your Perspective: Regularly assess whether your viewpoints are balanced and fair, or if they are being clouded by personal biases.

Common Misinterpretations

The King of Swords reversed is often misinterpreted as purely negative, signifying manipulation or malicious intent. However, it more accurately represents a distortion of otherwise positive qualities – like intelligence and fairness – due to personal biases, emotional detachment, or a lack of self-awareness.

The King of Swords reversed as intentions towards you serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between intellect and emotion in our interactions. It underscores the importance of self-awareness and empathy, ensuring that our pursuit of truth and clarity is not at the expense of compassion and understanding. Just like a wise ruler who must consider the hearts of his people as well as the facts at hand, we are called to navigate our relationships with both rationality and emotional insight.

Combinations That Go With The King Of Swords As Intentions

When this card is paired with others to understand someone’s intentions towards you, it often highlights a rational, strategic approach, possibly coupled with a strong sense of fairness and authority. The King of Swords represents someone who is analytical and assertive in their intentions. Let’s explore how this card interacts with other tarot cards to reveal more about someone’s intentions:

King of Swords and The Fool

When the King of Swords meets The Fool, it suggests intentions that combine clear, strategic thinking with a willingness to embark on new beginnings or take risks. The Fool symbolizes new adventures, innocence, and spontaneity. This combination can indicate a person who is ready to start a new chapter or journey, approaching it with wisdom and a clear mind.

King of Swords and Four of Cups

Pairing the King of Swords with the Four of Cups indicates a situation where someone is contemplating their intentions towards you, possibly feeling a bit disengaged or dissatisfied. The Four of Cups is about contemplation, apathy, and missed opportunities. This suggests a person who is thoughtfully considering their emotional state or connection with you, using their analytical skills to assess the situation.

King of Swords and Six of Pentacles

Combining the King of Swords with the Six of Pentacles can imply intentions that involve fairness and generosity, approached in a balanced and thoughtful manner. The Six of Pentacles is about giving, generosity, and balance. This indicates someone who intends to interact with you in a fair and balanced way, possibly offering support or assistance.

King of Swords and The Lovers

The King of Swords alongside The Lovers might suggest a decision-making process regarding a relationship or partnership. The Lovers represents choices in relationships. This combination can point to a person who is using their clear thinking and judgment to make a decision about their relationship or connection with you.

King of Swords and The Star

With The Star, the King of Swords reveals intentions that are guided by clarity and rational thought, yet also inspired by hope and optimism. The Star symbolizes hope, inspiration, and serenity. This pairing suggests someone who combines their intellectual prowess with a hopeful outlook, possibly seeing you as part of a brighter future.

King of Swords and Ten of Swords

Lastly, the King of Swords with the Ten of Swords might indicate intentions that are influenced by a recent ending or conclusion. The Ten of Swords is about betrayal, endings, and loss. This combination can suggest a person who, after experiencing a difficult end or disappointment, is now using their logical and analytical abilities to move forward or rethink their intentions towards you.


In summary, the King of Swords upright indicates intentions that are rational, authoritative, and thoughtful. When someone’s feelings or actions towards you are represented by this card, they are likely approaching the relationship with logic and fairness. Their intentions are marked by a desire for truth and justice, valuing clear thinking and effective communication. They might be a guiding figure, offering wise counsel or leadership in your interactions.

Reversed, the King of Swords might suggest that their intentions, though logical, could become overly cold or analytical. They might be neglecting the emotional aspects of your relationship, focusing too much on rationality and not enough on empathy. This implies a need for them to incorporate a more balanced approach, combining their intellectual strengths with emotional understanding and sensitivity.

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