King Of Wands As Intentions Towards You: Upright & Reversed

In the realm of tarot, the King of Wands stands as a figure of aspiration and control. But what does his confident and assertive demeanor signify for you? Is he extending an invitation to collaborate on ventures filled with success and innovation, or does his commanding nature hint at a more autocratic approach? This King’s intentions raise questions about the balance of power and collaboration in your life. Are you prepared to align with his vision and leadership, or is there a need to assert your own authority?

As you contemplate your relationship with this dominant figure, consider whether his presence is a call to shared leadership or an opportunity to forge your own path in the light of his fiery ambition.

Key Takeaways

The Upright King Of Wands

  • Dating: Intentions involve confident, charming, and warm dating for a passionate connection.
  • Relationships: In established relationships, it signifies leading with love and enthusiasm to build a dynamic partnership.
  • Exes: Regarding ex-partners, it suggests intentions driven by a desire to heal or rekindle with care.
  • Commitment: In terms of commitment, it symbolizes a devoted approach, deepening emotional bonds.
  • Friends & Family: In social and family life, it represents intentions to nurture relationships and create a loving environment.
  • Careers: Professionally, it indicates leading with charisma, inspiring others, and fostering collaboration.

The King Of Wands Reversed

  • Dating: In dating, it suggests intentions that might seem domineering or stifling a connection.
  • Relationships: In established relationships, it can indicate a tendency to become possessive, potentially causing strain.
  • Exes: Regarding ex-partners, it implies intentions driven by a desire for control, possibly leading to conflicts.
  • Commitment: In terms of commitment, it might signal a need for dominance, hindering emotional growth.
  • Friends & Family: Within social circles, it implies intentions to assert control, potentially straining relationships.
  • Careers: Professionally, it suggests expectations to lead with authority but potentially harming teamwork and causing tension.

Symbolism of The King Of Wands

The King of Wands is depicted as a commanding figure, seated on a throne, holding a blossoming wand. He symbolizes leadership, vision, and an entrepreneurial spirit. As an intention, the King of Wands encourages taking charge of your life, leading with vision and courage. It’s about being a trailblazer, setting ambitious goals, and inspiring others through your actions and convictions.

This card invites you to embrace a leadership role, to influence with passion and integrity, and to drive forward with determination and creativity. The King of Wands is a powerful motivator, urging you to pursue your ambitions with confidence and to lead by example in all your endeavors.

The Upright King Of Wands As Intentions

The King of Wands upright in a tarot reading embodies leadership, vision, and an entrepreneurial spirit. This card symbolizes intentions that are driven by ambition, a desire to achieve, and the ability to inspire and lead others. The presence of the King of Wands suggests an eagerness to take charge, to influence, and to pursue goals with a clear and passionate vision.

King Of Wands Upright As Intentions


In the dating world, someone influenced by the King of Wands might approach relationships with confidence and a clear idea of what they want. They tend to be charismatic and direct in their intentions, seeking a partner who aligns with their ambitious nature and who appreciates their strong leadership qualities.

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If you’re in a relationship, the King of Wands can signal a period of active involvement and initiative-taking in the partnership. This might involve setting goals together, actively working on improving the relationship, or taking the lead in planning future endeavors. The intention is to build a dynamic and fulfilling relationship where both partners feel empowered and inspired.

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Regarding ex-partners, the King of Wands suggests an intention of leadership and taking control of one’s emotional journey. An ex might reach out with a mature and clear perspective, seeking closure or a new beginning based on a strong sense of self-awareness and personal goals.

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In terms of commitment, the King of Wands indicates an intention to lead and guide the relationship with confidence and clarity. Someone considering a deeper commitment with you is likely doing so with a vision of what they want the future to look like, ready to take the necessary steps to build a strong and successful partnership.

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Friends & Family

The King of Wands in the context of friends and family implies an intention to be a guiding force or an influential figure within the group. There might be efforts to inspire, advise, or lead family members and friends, perhaps by organizing activities, offering support, or providing leadership in family matters.

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Professionally, the King of Wands suggests a leadership role or significant influence in your work environment. Right now, you’re expected to take initiative, bring creative solutions, and lead projects or teams with confidence and vision. The intention here is to utilize your leadership skills to achieve professional success and inspire those around you.

Your Intentions

If the King of Wands resonates with you, you’re likely feeling confident in your abilities to lead and influence. You might be focused on achieving your goals with determination and a clear vision, ready to take on challenges and inspire others with your passion and drive.

Actionable Advice

  • Lead with Confidence: Embrace your leadership qualities and use them to positively influence your personal and professional life.
  • Stay Visionary: Keep your long-term goals in sight and work steadily towards them.
  • Inspire Others: Use your energy and enthusiasm to motivate and encourage those around you to reach their potential.

Common Misinterpretations

The King of Wands is sometimes seen as overbearing or excessively authoritative. However, this card actually represents a balanced approach to leadership – one that combines ambition with wisdom and the ability to inspire others without dominating them.

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The King of Wands upright encourages you to embrace your natural leadership abilities and to use them to pursue your ambitions and to positively influence those around you. It’s a reminder of the power of a clear vision and the importance of inspiring others through your actions and decisions. This card calls for leading with both passion and responsibility, ensuring that your influence is both empowering and constructive.

The King Of Wands Reversed As Intentions

When the King of Wands appears reversed in a tarot reading, it often signifies intentions that may be affected by impulsiveness, arrogance, or a lack of direction. This card in its reversed position can represent a struggle with controlling one’s assertive and dynamic energies properly. It suggests a phase where leadership qualities are present but might be misapplied or hindered by overconfidence or lack of foresight.

King Of Wands Reversed As Intentions


In the dating realm, someone influenced by the King of Wands reversed may exhibit overbearing or inconsistent behavior. Their intentions could be genuine in seeking a connection, but they might struggle with balancing their assertiveness and understanding the needs of their potential partner. This might lead to coming on too strong or failing to build a genuinely supportive and respectful connection.


If you’re in a relationship, the King of Wands reversed can indicate a period where one partner may be exhibiting dominating or impulsive traits. This can lead to friction or power struggles within the relationship. The intention to lead and guide the relationship might be there, but it needs to be tempered with empathy and mutual respect to maintain harmony.


Regarding ex-partners, the King of Wands reversed suggests a potential for unresolved issues manifesting as control or ego clashes. An ex might reach out with intentions that are driven by a desire to assert dominance or to revisit the relationship from a position of power, rather than mutual understanding.


In terms of commitment, this card reversed often signals uncertainty or a misguided approach. Someone might be contemplating a deeper commitment but could be doing so for the wrong reasons, such as a desire to maintain control or out of a sense of ego, rather than a genuine connection and mutual growth.

Friends & Family

Within your circle of friends and family, the King of Wands reversed can imply a tendency to be overbearing or inflexible. There might be an intention to lead or influence, but it could be coming across as authoritarian or insensitive, creating tension or resistance within the group.


From a career perspective, the King of Wands reversed might suggest that colleagues or superiors expect you to take a leadership role, but there might be concerns about your approach being too autocratic or lacking in collaborative spirit. It suggests a need to refine your leadership style to be more inclusive and considerate.

Your Intentions

If you resonate with the King of Wands reversed, you might be struggling to harness your leadership qualities effectively. You could be feeling the drive to lead and make an impact but might need to work on balancing assertiveness with empathy and strategic planning.

Actionable Advice

  • Reflect on Your Approach: Consider whether your leadership style is too domineering and work on being more inclusive and empathetic.
  • Balance Confidence with Humility: While self-assurance is important, pair it with humility to ensure your actions are well-received.
  • Develop Self-Awareness: Be aware of how your actions and decisions impact others, and strive for a leadership approach that uplifts and supports.

Common Misinterpretations

The King of Wands reversed is often interpreted as sheer arrogance or tyranny, but it can also represent a need for self-reflection on how to use one’s strengths in a more positive and effective way. It’s not just about a flawed character; it’s about finding balance and channeling one’s energies constructively.

The King of Wands reversed invites a reassessment of how you utilize your leadership skills and ambitions. It encourages a more thoughtful approach to wielding power and influence, ensuring that your actions are guided by wisdom and a genuine desire to positively impact those around you. This card reminds you to align your intentions with a balanced and considerate approach, fostering an environment of mutual respect and growth.

Combinations That Go With The King Of Wands As Intentions

The King of Wands in tarot is a figure of authority, charisma, and bold action. He embodies the qualities of leadership, creativity, and a pioneering spirit. When we consider him in combinations with other cards, especially regarding intentions, it’s like examining how his assertive and visionary nature influences different facets of life. Let’s explore how the King of Wands pairs with other cards from both the Major and Minor Arcana:

King of Wands and The Tower

When the King of Wands meets The Tower, it suggests dramatic changes led by bold leadership. The Tower represents sudden upheaval and transformation. This combination can indicate that your decisive actions (King of Wands) might bring about significant changes or even disruptions. It’s a call to use your leadership skills to navigate through unexpected changes or to initiate bold transformations.

King of Wands and Two of Pentacles

Combining the King of Wands with the Two of Pentacles speaks to balancing multiple responsibilities with confidence. The Two of Pentacles is about juggling responsibilities, often financial or practical matters. This pairing suggests using your dynamic leadership and creative approach (King of Wands) to manage and balance these competing priorities effectively.

King of Wands and The Moon

The King of Wands alongside The Moon presents a contrast between clarity and uncertainty. The Moon is about mystery, intuition, and navigating through unclear situations. This combination might indicate a period where your confident and assertive nature (King of Wands) is challenged by situations that are not as they seem. It’s about leading with intuition in times of uncertainty.

King of Wands and Four of Cups

Pairing the King of Wands with the Four of Cups suggests a need to re-energize or re-focus your attention. The Four of Cups is about contemplation, apathy, or missed opportunities. This combination can indicate that your leadership and enthusiasm (King of Wands) might be needed to pull yourself or others out of a state of disengagement or complacency.

King of Wands and Nine of Swords

The King of Wands combined with the Nine of Swords indicates leading through difficult, anxious times. The Nine of Swords is associated with worry, anxiety, and fear. This pairing suggests using your strong leadership and problem-solving abilities (King of Wands) to tackle challenges head-on, especially those causing stress or anxiety.

King of Wands and Judgment

Lastly, the King of Wands with Judgment is about making important decisions with confidence. Judgment represents rebirth, inner calling, and significant life choices. This pairing suggests a period where your leadership (King of Wands) plays a crucial role in major life transformations or decisions. It’s about using your authority and vision to guide yourself and others towards a new phase of life.


To recap, the King of Wands upright signifies intentions that are visionary, ambitious, and action-oriented. This person likely has clear goals and a strong desire to achieve success, possibly involving you in their ambitious plans. Their approach is likely to be assertive, innovative, and focused on creating progress and achieving significant outcomes.

When reversed, the King of Wands might indicate intentions that are overly aggressive or unrealistic towards you. They could be focused on their ambitions to the point of neglecting other aspects of your relationship or failing to consider practical limitations. This suggests a need for them to reassess their approach, aligning their ambitious intentions with a more realistic and considerate strategy.

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