Knight Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning: Upright & Reversed

The Knight of Cups is often seen as the bringer of emotional messages and opportunities. It shows a knight on horseback, holding a cup as if offering a gesture of love or invitation to explore deeper feelings. It’s about the pursuit of dreams, romance, and the charm of following one’s heart. However, in its reversed position, the Knight of Cups can suggest over-idealization, disappointment, or unrequited emotions, cautioning against getting lost in fantasies.

To find out what this card means in your life, and what it means in your card draw, then keep on reading to find out everything there is to know!

NumerologyIn Numerology the Knight of Cups is associated with the number 3 which emphasizes spirituality, empathy and understanding
Zodiac SignAssociated with Pisces, reflecting depth of feeling, romance, and charm.
Ruling PlanetNeptune, for its association with Pisces, emphasizing dreams, intuition, and idealism.
ElementWater, symbolizing the flow of emotions, creativity, and connection.
Yes or NoOften considered a “Yes,” suggesting progress in emotional matters and positive outcomes in love and relationships.
CrystalsRose Quartz and Amethyst, promoting love, emotional healing, and spiritual insight.

Symbolism Of The Knight Of Cups

  1. The Knight: The Knight of Cups is a romantic, charming figure, seen as a messenger of emotions and love. He represents someone who is in touch with their feelings and intuition, and who approaches life with a sense of idealism.
  2. The Cup: He holds a cup, which is a symbol of the emotions, the subconscious, and intuition. Unlike the other knights, who are more action-oriented, the Knight of Cups is more reflective, focusing on his feelings and dreams.
  3. The Horse: The horse in the Knight of Cups is shown calmly moving forward, symbolizing a graceful approach to situations. The horse represents the controlled movement of emotions and the ability to navigate them with ease and poise.
  4. The Forward Movement: The forward movement of the horse also represents progress and the pursuit of one’s dreams and emotions. It suggests moving forward in a matter of the heart, whether it’s a romantic pursuit, an artistic endeavor, or following a dream.
  5. The Armor and Attire: The Knight’s armor and clothing are ornate and artistic, showing his connection to beauty, art, and aesthetics. It symbolizes the romantic and dreamy nature he has.
  6. The Landscape: The background shows a river/stream, which symbolizes the flow of emotions and the Knight’s journey through their emotional landscape. But, the tranquil nature of the water suggests a peaceful approach to emotional matters.
Knight Of Cups Symbolism

The Knight Of Cups Upright Meaning

The Knight of Cups, is all about romance, charm, and creativity. He represents someone who approaches life with deep feelings and a strong sense of idealism. With an innate grace and the heart of a poet, the Knight of Cups is a symbol of the pursuit of dreams and romantic adventures.

At its core, the Knight of Cups is about expressing love and affection in a manner that is both heartfelt and captivating. It gets drawn when new romantic opportunities are on the horizon, this could be the beginning of a relationship filled with emotional depth and connection. And he represents someone who is not afraid to wear their heart on their sleeve, offering love with generosity and warmth.

Knight Of Cups Upright Meaning

Charm and grace are other attributes of the Knight of Cups. He asks that you approach situations right now with gentleness and a consideration for other people. Remember, kindness and compassion are often a magnet that draw people toward you. So embrace these qualities, and approach your relationships with empathy and understanding.

Imagination and creativity are also ideas brought forward too! The Knight of Cups is a dreamer, and he finds inspiration in the world around him which then gets expressed through creative endeavors. Right now your creative juices are flowing, so channel your emotions into artistic expressions that resonate with your deepest self.

One important thing to note that the Knight of Cups is an idealist, viewing the world through a lens of hope and possibility. He represents the pursuit of dreams and aspirations, driven by a strong belief in the power of love and beauty. So follow your heart and to stay true to your ideals, even in the face of cynicism or skepticism.

So, the Knight of Cups symbolizes the romantic, charming, and creative aspects of personality. It signifies a period of emotional expression, artistic inspiration, and the pursuit of ideals. He invites you to embrace love and creativity with grace and to approach life with a sense of wonder and idealism.

Love and Relationships

The Knight of Cups heralds a time of romantic adventures and the pursuit of dreams in love. It shows the possibility of new relationships brimming with deep feelings and connections. Whether you’re already in a relationship or single, you will soon deepen your emotional bonds through heartfelt expressions of love. The Knight encourages you to express your affection openly and generously, promising a phase of romance where being vulnerable is your strength.

Career and Finances

The Knight of Cups is a reminder that charm and grace can be powerful assets in professional settings, even opening doors that logic and pragmatism cannot. Now may be a good time to pursue career paths that align more closely with your passions and dreams, and they may even lead to opportunities where your work feels more like a calling than a job.


For spirituality, The Knight of Cups asks you to look at things with imagination and a belief in the unseen. Try to connect with your inner world through creative and artistic expressions, finding spiritual growth in the beauty around and within you. Follow your heart and intuition, allowing them to guide you toward deeper insights and a more fulfilling spiritual journey.

Yes or No

For yes or no questions, the Knight of Cups leans towards a “yes,” especially in matters related to following your heart, pursuing your dreams, and embracing creativity. It encourages optimism and faith in the power of your emotions, and there will be positive outcomes when you approach life with an open heart and a willingness to explore the depth of your feelings.

Book Recommendation – Callings: Finding And Following An Authentic Life by Gregg Levoy

As you can see the Knight of Cups is quite the romantic, but he’s not just in love with a person, he’s in love with life itself. That’s why I’d highly recommend checking out this book if you’ve drawn the Knight of Cups in a reading, as this will help you find both the courage to chase after your dreams, as well as looking for what truly aligns with you.

The Knight Of Cups Reversed Meaning

The Knight of Cups reversed in a tarot reading is more about struggling to navigate emotions and relationships, especially highlighting issues such as an overactive imagination, unrealistic expectations, and emotional instability. It points to the darker side of romantic idealism, including jealousy, moodiness, and the potential for disappointment.

An overactive imagination is one of the key themes of the Knight of Cups reversed. You might be letting your imagination run away with you, creating expectations or scenarios in your mind that are not grounded in reality. Remember, it’s important to differentiate between wishful thinking and what is actually possible, for a pragmatic approach to your dreams and desires.

And with that in mind, unrealistic expectations are another significant aspect of the Knight of Cups reversed. In fact, you may end up setting yourself up for disappointment by expecting too much from others or from situations. Try to manage your expectations more and strive for a balance between idealism and realism in your life.

Knight Of Cups Reversed Meaning

Jealousy and moodiness also get brought to the forefront when we’re dealing with the Knight of Cups. Often they stem from insecurity or from placing too much emotional investment in the hands of others. So consider taking a step back to understand the root of these feelings and to work on cultivating a sense of emotional self-sufficiency.

The Knight of Cups reversed can also serve as a caution against putting all your eggs in one basket and reminds you to find fulfillment within yourself, rather than relying solely on external sources. And when things do go wrong make sure you don’t overreact when it comes to your feelings. Reversed, the Knight of Cups can signal tantrums or an inability to manage your feelings effectively.

So, the Knight of Cups reversed symbolizes the potential pitfalls of letting emotions and imagination dictate your actions without a grounded perspective. It encourages a reevaluation of expectations, a focus on emotional stability, and a reminder to cultivate inner fulfillment to avoid the pitfalls of jealousy, moodiness, and disappointment.

Love and Relationships

The Knight of Cups reversed serves as a cautionary tale for love and relationships, warning against letting an overactive imagination and unrealistic expectations cloud your judgment. Be aware of jealousy, moodiness, and potential disappointments that can arise from romanticizing situations too heavily. It’s a reminder to keep a balance between your dreams of love and the reality of your relationships, striving for emotional stability rather than getting lost in fantasy.

Career and Finances

For career and finances, the Knight of Cups reversed asks you to be wary of pursuing goals that are not grounded in reality. It might be tempting to chase after dreamy aspirations without a solid plan, but this card warns against letting idealism dictate your financial or career decisions. Aim for a pragmatic approach to your ambitions, recognizing the difference between what feels romantically appealing and what is practically achievable.


Spiritually, the Knight of Cups reversed calls attention to the dangers of becoming too absorbed in a fantasy world, neglecting the practical aspects of your spiritual journey. It could indicate a period where emotional turbulence clouds your spiritual clarity, urging you to seek a more grounded approach to your beliefs and practices. It encourages you to differentiate between genuine spiritual insights and the illusions cast by wishful thinking.

Yes or No

When the Knight of Cups appears reversed in a yes or no question, it suggests a cautious approach. The answer is generally a “no,” especially if the question involves matters heavily influenced by emotions or unrealistic expectations. It’s a signal to reevaluate the situation with a more critical eye and to consider whether your desires are truly in line with reality, reminding you to ground your decisions in practicality rather than fantasy.

Book Recommendation – Letting Go: The Pathway Of Surrender By David R. Hawkins

Because the Knight of Cups is all about letting emotions cloud your thinking and potentially lead you to take actions that aren’t the right choice for you, i’d definitely recommend this book! It gives you steps and ways you can release any emotional buildup inside you, helping you make the best decisions going forward!

Knight Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning: Upright & Reversed

Journaling Prompts For The Knight Of Cups

As you know, the Knight of Cups is one of the romantics of the tarot card, but he also brings with him creativity and charm. If you’ve drawn him in a reading and you want to know more about what he means for you, here are some journaling prompts to think about:

  1. When was the last time you pursued a romantic ideal or dream. What drove you, and how did the experience align with your expectations?
  2. When you date, do you feel like you’re the knight in shining armor or the damsel in distress? What can you do to make sure you’re not swinging too wildly in either direction?
  3. Think about the last emotional journey life too you on. What caused it, and what lessons did you learn along the way?
  4. Think about the last decision where you followed your heart. How did it turn out, and would you make the same choice again?
  5. Is there a current dilemma you’re dealing with right now? How can you listen to your heart while also being mindful of logic and consequence?
  6. How can you creatively express your emotions? What are your outlets and how do they help you process your feelings?

Final Message Of The Knight Of Cups

Embrace your inner hero. You possess the strength and compassion to be a champion for what you believe in. Don’t shy away from difficult situations, from standing up for the vulnerable, or from fighting for causes close to your heart. Remember, true courage lies not in the absence of fear, but in acting despite it.

Follow your heart’s desires. Don’t let practicality silence the whispers of your soul. The most fulfilling life is one lived in pursuit of your deepest passions. Trust your intuition, embrace emotional exploration, and allow your heart to guide you on a path paved with purpose and meaning.

Be a beacon of hope and inspiration. The world needs more compassionate souls, radiating warmth and optimism. Offer encouragement, share your enthusiasm, and let your belief in humanity be a guiding light for others. Remember, even the smallest act of kindness can ripple outward, creating a wave of positive change.

Express your emotions authentically. Don’t be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve. Embrace your vulnerability, communicate with honesty, and let your true self shine through. Remember, genuine connection thrives on emotional transparency and vulnerability.

Nurture your creativity. Creativity is not just a hobby, it’s a bridge connecting your inner world to the world outside. Write, paint, sing, or explore any avenue that allows your emotions to find expression. Remember, creativity is a powerful tool for healing, growth, and connection.


In short, the Knight of Cups upright is about creativity, romantic ideals and chasing after your dreams. This is the perfect time for expressing love and affection freely and you’re encouraged to approach life with grace and imagination.

Reversed, though, you need to be wary of not having unrealistic expectations, and potential disappointments. Remember the risks of an overactive imagination which can lead to jealousy, and a reliance on external validation.

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