Nine Of Swords As Feelings: Are You Going Through Sleepless Nights?

The Nine of Swords is a haunting tarot card that plunges you into the depths of worry, anxiety, and sleepless nights. Whether you’re single, in a relationship or, thinking about an ex, the Nine of Swords has some serious wisdom to impart.

While it does have themes of worry, and anxiety, it also brings with it a whole ton of benefits as well! So keep reading to find out everything there is to know!

Key Takeaways

General Symbolism

  • Emotional Turmoil: Represents periods of acute emotional and mental stress.
  • Anxiety & Overthinking: Tendency toward excessive worry and intrusive thoughts.
  • Confrontation: Invites you to face emotional distress head-on.
  • Catharsis: Potential for emotional release or breakthrough.

Upright Nine of Swords

  • Singles: Time to confront deep-seated fears and anxieties.
  • Couples: Emotional turbulence that needs immediate attention.
  • Ex-Partners: Facing unresolved emotional issues or regrets.
  • Family/Friends: Period of worry and overthinking about loved ones.

Reversed Nine of Swords

  • Singles: Light at the end of the tunnel, time for emotional clarity.
  • Couples: A break in emotional storms, indicating potential for solutions.
  • Ex-Partners: Reevaluating past fears and anxieties.
  • Family/Friends: Moving towards emotional resilience and acceptance.

What Does Nine Of Swords As Feelings Symbolize?

When the Nine of Swords appears in a tarot reading about feelings, it frequently points to a time of emotional distress and mental struggle. Like when you’re lying awake at night, overwhelmed by a flurry of worries and fears. Right now you may be stuck in a cycle of negative thinking that seems impossible to break.

In short this card embodies the essence of emotional and mental turmoil. It’s a wake-up call, highlighting the heavy burden of anxiety, guilt, or regret you may be carrying. Are your emotions creating a cloud of negativity that’s hard to dispel? And how is that affecting your overall well-being?

The Nine of Swords also invites you to break free from this self-imposed emotional prison. While it may seem like there’s no way out, this card urges you to confront these emotions head-on. Could this be a pivotal moment for you to seek help, either from trusted friends, family, or even professional counseling?

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What Does The Upright Nine Of Swords As Feelings Symbolize?

The Upright Nine of Swords is often regarded as one of the more challenging cards in the tarot deck, especially when it comes to emotional matters. This card tends to signify deep worries, anxieties, and even nightmares. These feelings can be overwhelming, often exacerbated by overthinking or spiraling negative thoughts.

The emotional landscape here is fraught with the kind of inner turmoil that can keep you up at night, turning each concern over in your mind until it becomes a towering issue. Yet, within this card lies a call to action— an invitation to confront these fears head-on, rather than letting them consume you.

  • Emotional Overload: The Nine of Swords frequently appears when you’re dealing with an emotional overload, often manifesting as anxiety or depression. The card captures that feeling of lying awake at 3 a.m., thoughts racing uncontrollably. Have you experienced moments like these, where your thoughts spiral and sleep escapes you?
  • Mental Distortions: One of the tricky aspects of this card is how it can point to cognitive distortions— essentially, your mind playing tricks on you. These distortions can significantly impact your emotional health. Have you noticed times where your worries were based more on speculation than reality?
  • Facing the Unfaced: This card invites you to confront issues you may have been avoiding. It’s that nagging feeling that you need to deal with something, but you’ve been pushing it to the back of your mind.
  • Emotional Catharsis: Interestingly, the Nine of Swords can also indicate the potential for emotional release or catharsis. Sometimes hitting rock-bottom emotionally can serve as a wake-up call, prompting significant change.
  • Inner Critic: Another element worth noting is the role of the inner critic. This card can represent that self-critical voice in your head that exacerbates feelings of worthlessness or insecurity. How much are you influenced by this internal monologue?
Upright Nine Of Swords As Feelings

For Singles

If you’re single and pulling the Nine of Swords upright, the emotional landscape might seem like a stormy sea right now. The card is like a mirror, reflecting your anxieties and fears. Have you been stressing over loneliness or past failures in love? This card says it’s time to confront, not escape, these feelings. But remember, confronting doesn’t mean drowning in them.

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In Relationships

In the context of relationships, the upright Nine of Swords is a tough one but important. It’s an indicator that emotional issues could be running high, affecting both you and your partner. Ever had those nights where you just can’t stop worrying about the future of your relationship? Well, the card tells you that you’re not alone, but it’s crucial to tackle these anxieties head-on.


If you’re thinking of an ex-partner, the Nine of Swords could indicate unresolved emotional baggage. Perhaps you’re plagued with regret, or maybe you’re replaying past scenarios in your mind. It’s not uncommon to have these thoughts, but the card urges you to process these feelings rather than suppressing them. Are you ready to confront these emotions and finally lay them to rest?

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Family and Friends

When it comes to family and friends, the Nine of Swords may signal a period of worry or overthinking. You could be anxious about a family member’s health or a falling out with a friend. However, the card suggests that internalizing these worries won’t solve anything. Ever found that talking things out with someone you trust can alleviate emotional burdens? It’s time to lean into that.

What Does Nine Of Swords Reversed As Feelings Symbolize?

The Reversed Nine of Swords is like the first glimmer of dawn after a long, dark night of the soul. If the upright version is about grappling with overwhelming anxiety and emotional burdens, then the reversed Nine of Swords signals a turning point, a release, or even a sense of relief. The weight hasn’t fully lifted, but there’s now room to breathe. It’s as if you’ve been carrying around a backpack full of rocks and someone has just helped you take it off. While this doesn’t mean all the problems are solved, it does indicate the beginning of emotional healing or at least a break in the emotional storm.

  • The Light at the End of the Tunnel: The card hints that emotionally, you’re starting to see a way out. It’s the first hint that your anxieties or worries might not be as insurmountable as they once seemed.
  • Emotional Processing: One of the cornerstones of this card is the idea of emotional processing or coming to terms with what’s troubling you. Unlike the emotional paralysis associated with the upright version, the reversed Nine of Swords points to a moment of clarity.
  • Letting Go of Self-Criticism: A significant change marked by the reversed Nine of Swords is the softening of the inner critic. If you’ve been blaming yourself or wallowing in guilt, this card suggests easing up on self-criticism.
  • A Wake-up Call: Interestingly, sometimes the Reversed Nine of Swords can serve as a wake-up call. It might indicate that your fears were overblown or that a much-feared outcome didn’t materialize, causing you to rethink your anxieties.
  • Acceptance and Resilience: The card often points to a level of emotional resilience or acceptance. It’s the recognition that although things aren’t perfect, they are manageable. Are you ready to take control of your emotional landscape again?
Nine Of Swords Reversed As Feelings

For Singles

If you’re single and pull the Nine of Swords reversed, it’s like finally seeing the light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Been beating yourself up over past relationships or stressing about the future? This card is a hint that you can ease up on that self-criticism. You’re beginning to find clarity, shaking off the emotional paralysis associated with its upright version.

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For Relationships

In a committed relationship, this card represents a break in the emotional storms you both might have been going through. The Nine of Swords reversed suggests you’re both starting to see ways to navigate your issues. Unlike the all-consuming worries you might have felt before, now it seems like there are solutions within reach. So, are you both ready to put down the emotional baggage and start working on solutions?

For Exes

Dealing with an ex? The Nine of Swords reversed is like an emotional exhale. You’ve had your moments of dread thinking about your past relationship, but now, this card indicates those fears might have been overblown. It’s a wake-up call to reevaluate your anxieties. Maybe you’re starting to see that it wasn’t the end of the world after all?

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For Family and Friends

In the realm of family and friendships, the reversed Nine of Swords points to a period of increased emotional resilience and acceptance. If there’s been tension or unresolved issues, this card suggests you’re moving toward more peaceful emotional waters. It’s as if someone just helped you take off that backpack filled with emotional rocks.

Nine Of Swords As Feelings Infographic

Nine Of Swords Combinations As Feelings

The Nine of Swords is often nicknamed the “nightmare card,” and understandably so. When it shows up in a feelings reading, you know you’re delving into some deep psychological waters. But tarot is all about layers of meaning, and combining the Nine of Swords with other cards can open up new dimensions to its interpretation. So, let’s journey into six card combinations that’ll make you see the Nine of Swords in a whole new light.

1. Nine of Swords + The Lovers

When you pair the Nine of Swords with The Lovers, you’re diving into emotional complexities. The Lovers signify choices in matters of the heart, and the Nine of Swords might be the consequence of a tough decision you’ve made. Are you second-guessing a relationship or a choice you’ve made? This combo says it might be time to face your fears and confront that emotional turmoil head-on.

2. Nine of Swords + Eight of Pentacles

The Eight of Pentacles is all about hard work and mastery. Combined with the Nine of Swords, it could indicate that your emotional stress is work-related, or perhaps it’s a signal that your perfectionism is haunting you. Either way, what’s clear is that your worries are very much related to your efforts in some area of life. Is it time to ease up and give yourself a break?

3. Nine of Swords + The Star

Oh, what a fascinating duo these cards make! The Star is a card of hope and inspiration, a total contrast to the Nine of Swords’ sense of dread. In a feelings reading, this could signify that your anxieties and fears may not be as bad as you think. Are you mistaking a shadow for a monster? Hold onto hope; things might not be as grim as they appear.

4. Nine of Swords + Five of Cups

Talk about emotional overload! The Five of Cups represents grief, loss, or disappointment, while the Nine of Swords shows the mental anguish that can come from those feelings. This combo is a wake-up call. If you’re stewing in a pot of regrets and what-ifs, isn’t it time to refocus and find a way to heal?

5. Nine of Swords + Judgment

Judgment often symbolizes a kind of reckoning or evaluation, and when coupled with the Nine of Swords, it suggests that your inner turmoil might be self-induced. Are you too hard on yourself? Maybe the guilt or regret you’re feeling needs to be examined, learned from, and then forgiven. This is your chance for emotional rebirth. Are you ready to take it?

6. Nine of Swords + Four of Swords

The Four of Swords represents rest and recuperation, a seeming antidote to the Nine of Swords’ anxiety. This combination might be advising you to take a step back and allow yourself some peace of mind. Could it be that your worries are a sign you need to pause and recharge your emotional batteries?


When the Nine of Swords appears in a tarot reading about emotions, it signifies a period of intense mental and emotional unrest. It acts as a mirror reflecting your deepest fears, anxieties, and worries. The card challenges you to confront these unsettling feelings head-on, offering the potential for emotional catharsis and eventual healing. In essence, it’s a wake-up call to tackle your emotional burdens and seek the help or change you need.

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