Nine Of Wands As Feelings: Love Is Just Around The Corner

When the Nine of Wands steadfastly steps into your reading, you may find yourself enveloped in a mantle of resilience and cautious anticipation. When the Nine of Wands materializes in a feelings-oriented reading, it’s like the universe is whispering acknowledgment of your struggles and your undeterred spirit, affirming the protective guard you’ve built around your emotional self.

But hold fast, for the Nine of Wands speaks of not only the physical and emotional defences you’ve constructed but also of your internal fortitude and persistent endurance. Ever found yourself in a situation where, despite the scars and ongoing challenges, you remain standing, watchful, and ready to face whatever comes next?

That’s the resilient whisper of the Nine of Wands, urging you not only to safeguard your emotional well-being but also to acknowledge the strength that resides within, having been tempered in the fires of challenges past. So, are you prepared to honour your strength while remaining open to what lies ahead?

Today, we’ll explore the depth and complexity of pulling the Nine of Wands, in both its upright and reversed positions, understanding how your indefatigable spirit is both your shield and your triumph in the emotional battles you navigate!

Key Takeaways

General Symbolism

  • Emotional Resilience: Weathering life’s emotional storms with grit.
  • Guardedness: Protecting oneself from potential heartbreak or disappointment.
  • Anticipation: Preparing for a looming emotional or spiritual test.
  • Transformation: Transmuting past struggles into wisdom and learned lessons.

Upright Nine of Wands

  • Singles: Cautious optimism and maintaining healthy boundaries in new romantic prospects.
  • Couples: Resilience and defensive posture to protect and cultivate the existing relationship.
  • Ex-Partners: Wariness and emotional shielding during lingering interactions or unresolved issues.
  • Family/Friends: Balancing cautious protection with unwavering loyalty and support.

Reversed Nine of Wands

  • Singles: Feeling defeated or overwhelmed in the pursuit of love, potentially close to giving up.
  • Couples: Possible neglect of issues and lowering guards in an unhealthy manner, potentially ignoring red flags.
  • Ex-Partners: Releasing tensions and perhaps too quickly lowering emotional defenses.
  • Family/Friends: A risk of becoming complacent and neglecting personal boundaries in relationships.

What Does Nine Of Wands As Feelings Symbolize?

When the Nine of Wands shows up in a tarot reading centered on feelings, I find it most often points to emotional resilience. You may be feeling a bit worn out but determined, like a seasoned warrior who’s seen a few battles. While you’re almost at the finish line, you still need to keep your guard up.

The Nine of Wands can also serve to remind you that you’ve been hurt before and are wary of getting hurt again. However, for love to grow you need to be vulnerable.

Spiritually, the Nine of Wands teaches us the value of endurance. Life throws many emotional curveballs our way, and this card assures us that we’re more than capable of catching them. How are you transforming your past emotional struggles into wisdom?

Lastly this card brings with a a feeling of anticipation, like you’re preparing for some final emotional or spiritual test. You’ve been through the ringer, and now you’re almost at the end of this emotional cycle. Are you ready for whatever comes next?

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What Does The Upright Nine Of Wands As Feelings Symbolize?

When the Nine of Wands shows up in a reading about feelings, the universe is telling you, “You’re almost there; just hang on a little longer.” This card is the epitome of resilience, determination, and a little bit of guardedness. So, what’s this card saying about your current emotional state?

  • Emotional Fortitude: The Nine of Wands suggests you’ve been through some emotional battles but you’re still standing. It’s like that exhausted resilience that helps make sure you’ll never quit.
  • Guarded Optimism: You might be hopeful but cautious. Often times our past makes us build emotional walls!
  • Preparedness: This card also may serve to show that you’re bracing for what comes next. You are emotional curveballs that might come your way.
  • Lessons Learned: Having faced several challenges, you’re wiser now. The Nine of Wands reminds us to take this wisdom with you into any new relationships.
  • Soul-Searching: There’s a depth to your feelings right now, you may be touching emotions and having ideas you haven’t had before. Do you sense that your challenges are shaping not just your emotional but also your spiritual understanding of yourself?
Upright Nine Of Wands As Feelings

For Singles

For singles, the Nine of Wands often represents a feeling of cautious optimism. Unlike cards that suggest total freedom and carefree dating, this card implies you’ve been through some challenges but are still hopeful. It’s like going on a date after a series of failed relationships; you’re hopeful but also a bit guarded. It’s a reminder to maintain healthy boundaries when letting someone new into your life.

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For Existing Relationships

In existing relationships, the Nine of Wands signifies resilience and a defensive posture. Unlike cards that indicate total harmony, this one serves to show us that you’re feeling the need to protect what you’ve built together. It’s similar to patching up vulnerabilities in a long-term relationship. This is an amazing time for you and your partner to grow and protect what you’ve built together.

For An Ex

Regarding an ex, the Nine of Wands suggests a feeling of wariness and defensiveness. Unlike cards that indicate a clean break or total indifference, this one implies you’re still carrying some emotional baggage. Maybe you’re safeguarding your feelings as you navigate any lingering interactions.

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For Family and Friends

Among family and friends, the Nine of Wands typically indicates a mix of caution and loyalty. Unlike cards that suggest an easy going social circle, this one points to a phase where you might be on guard, yet still committed to your loved ones. Think of it as being the protective older sibling or a vigilant friend. Are you feeling the need to be a pillar for those closest to you?

Relationship ContextEmotional ToneKey MeaningsActionable Advice
For SinglesCautious OptimismApproaching dating with cautious optimism and guarded boundaries.Continue to be open to new connections but maintain healthy boundaries and protect your emotional well-being.
For Existing RelationshipsResilience & ProtectionDemonstrating resilience and a protective stance in an established relationship.Use this period to address any vulnerabilities in your relationship, communicate openly, and strengthen your bond.
For An ExWariness & Emotional BaggageNavigating interactions with an ex while feeling wary and carrying emotional baggage.Reflect on whether these interactions are helping or hindering your healing process. Consider setting clear boundaries.
For Family and FriendsCaution & LoyaltyBalancing caution and loyalty within family and friend circles.Be a supportive presence for your loved ones while also maintaining your own boundaries and self-care. Be vigilant without becoming overly protective.

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What Does Nine Of Wands Reversed As Feelings Symbolize?

Ah, the Nine of Wands reversed is a card with some emotional layers worth unpacking. When it appears, it’s a nudge to look deep within and confront any uneasy feelings, you currently have. Let’s dive into what this card may symbolize about your emotional state.

  • Exhaustion and Burnout: When upright, the Nine of Wands speaks of resilience, but its reversed position most often indicates emotional or physical exhaustion. Feel like you’re running on fumes? Maybe your emotional tank is on empty.
  • Defeatist Attitude: This card can signify a loss of faith in yourself or the situation, feeling like it’s easier to just give in. Like the overwhelming thought that no matter what you do it won’t be good enough.
  • Lack of Vigilance: The upright Nine of Wands often suggests being on guard. When reversed, it could indicate a lapse in emotional or situational awareness. Remember while it’s important to let your guard down, there are times you need to be alert.
  • Pessimism and Negative Outlook: While the upright version suggests optimism despite obstacles, the reversed card lets us know you might have a more pessimistic perspective.
  • Release of Burdens: Interestingly, the reversed Nine of Wands can also signify the letting go of emotional or situational burdens. Maybe you’re finally realizing that some battles aren’t worth fighting.
Nine of wands reversed As Feelings

For Singles

When it comes to being single, the Nine of Wands reversed often signifies feeling overwhelmed or giving up too easily. Unlike the upright version that stands for resilience, this card suggests you might be feeling defeated in your quest for love. It’s as if you’ve swiped left one too many times and are questioning whether you’ll ever find “the one.” Don’t let past failures dictate your present actions.

For Existing Relationships

In established relationships, this card typically points to a sense of weariness or a breakdown in defense mechanisms. Unlike more optimistic cards, the Nine of Wands reversed suggests you might be letting your guard down, but not necessarily in a good way. It’s like overlooking red flags because you’re tired of fighting. Are you avoiding issues that should be addressed?

For An Ex

In the context of an ex, the Nine of Wands reversed often denotes a release of tension or letting go of defensiveness. Unlike its upright counterpart, which suggests you’re still guarded, this one implies you may be letting go of lingering resentments. While this may be the emotional release you’ve been waiting for, make sure you’re not lowering your guard prematurely.

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For Family and Friends

With family and friends, this card generally represents a lowering of defenses and possibly neglecting boundaries. Unlike the upright card, which signifies protective caution, this reversed version suggests you may be growing complacent in your interpersonal relationships. Make sure you’re not letting friends and family over step your boundaries.

Relationship ContextEmotional ToneKey MeaningsActionable Advice
For SinglesOverwhelmed & DefeatedFeeling overwhelmed and defeated in the quest for love, possibly giving up too easily.Reevaluate your approach to dating, learn from past experiences, and consider seeking support or guidance to regain confidence.
For Existing RelationshipsWeariness & Lowered GuardExperiencing weariness and a breakdown in defense mechanisms within an established relationship.Acknowledge any issues that need addressing and ensure open communication with your partner to maintain a healthy relationship.
For An ExRelease of Tension & Letting GoLetting go of tension and defensiveness in interactions with an ex.Embrace this opportunity for emotional release but remain cautious about reopening old wounds or lowering your guard too quickly.
For Family and FriendsLowered Defenses & ComplacencyLowering defenses and possibly neglecting boundaries in relationships with family and friends.Reestablish and maintain healthy boundaries within your interpersonal relationships to ensure mutual respect and understanding.

Nine Of Wands Combinations As Feelings

Through these intriguing combinations with the Nine of Wands, we gain a multi-dimensional perspective on the various feelings that can accompany a defensive stance. Whether it’s a guarded optimism or a fortified resilience, these pairings illuminate the complexity of human emotions. So, when you find yourself on the defensive, what layers of feelings are you navigating?

Nine of Wands with The Fool

When the Nine of Wands pairs up with The Fool, you might be feeling a cautious sense of new beginnings. It’s like you’ve been through the wringer, but now see a glimmer of a fresh start ahead. You’re hopeful, yet also a bit wary.

Nine of Wands with Five of Cups

Combine the Nine of Wands with the Five of Cups, and you’re likely feeling defensive but also regretful. It’s as though you’re guarding what you have left while mourning what you’ve lost. It’s a bittersweet emotional cocktail that blends caution with sadness.

Nine of Wands with The Emperor

When the Nine of Wands and The Emperor come together, you might feel like your defenses are structured and strong, backed by authority or discipline. It’s as if you’ve built not just a wall, but a fortress around you, one designed to stand the test of time.

Nine of Wands with Queen of Pentacles

Pairing the Nine of Wands with the Queen of Pentacles indicates a feeling of cautious nurturance. You’re defending your territory, yes, but also taking care of what’s inside it—be it family, projects, or assets. It’s like being a mother bear watching over her cubs, protective yet tender. Ever felt that fierce yet loving urge to shield your loved ones?

Nine of Wands with The Wheel of Fortune

Combine the Nine of Wands with The Wheel of Fortune, and you’re feeling defensive amidst unpredictability. Life is throwing curveballs, and you’re both wary and prepared for whatever comes next. It’s like standing guard while knowing that anything could happen, and usually does.

Nine of Wands with Two of Swords

When the Nine of Wands and the Two of Swords are in a spread together, it implies you’re feeling defensive but indecisive. You’re on high alert, yet you’re not sure which direction the threat will come from, making you hesitant to act.

Nine Of Wands As Feelings Infographic


In summary, the Nine of Wands in a feelings-oriented tarot reading symbolizes emotional resilience, caution, and guarded optimism. In the upright position, it signifies emotional fortitude, preparedness, lessons learned, and soul-searching. For singles, it implies cautious optimism in the dating world, while in existing relationships, it points to resilience and a need to protect the relationship. Regarding an ex, it suggests wariness and defensiveness, and among family and friends, it indicates a mix of caution and loyalty.

Conversely, when reversed, the Nine of Wands represents exhaustion, defeatism, a lack of vigilance, pessimism, and the release of burdens. In the realm of singledom, it often signifies feeling overwhelmed or giving up too easily. In existing relationships, it suggests weariness or a breakdown in defenses. For an ex, it implies a release of tension or letting go of defensiveness. Among family and friends, it indicates a lowering of defenses and potential boundary neglect.

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