Page Of Swords As Intentions Towards You: Upright & Reversed

The Page of Swords stands with a look of keen interest and alertness, embodying a spirit of curiosity. But what does this youthful energy signify about someone’s intentions towards you? Is it a sign of eager communication and a desire to understand, or could it represent a tendency towards scrutinizing and questioning? The Page’s presence raises questions about the nature of inquisitiveness in your relationship. Is this person genuinely interested in learning and growing with you, or is there an underlying motive in their quest for information?

The Page of Swords invites you to ponder the fine line between healthy curiosity and over-analysis. So let’s delve into the intentions behind this card’s questing gaze and what it reveals about the dynamics at play in your interactions.

Key Takeaways

The Upright Page Of Swords

  • Dating: A genuine curiosity to understand your thoughts and experiences, often marked by open communication.
  • Relationships: Keen interest in open and honest communication, with a focus on discussing ideas and solving problems together.
  • Exes: A desire to communicate or seek clarity about past issues in the relationship.
  • Commitment: An intellectual approach to understanding the dynamics of the relationship before making decisions.
  • Friends & Family: Intentions to communicate openly, explore new perspectives, and engage in straightforward discussions.
  • Careers: An interest in learning and problem-solving, often seen as a desire to collaborate and engage in thoughtful discussions.
  • Your Intentions: An inclination to approach situations with curiosity, a desire for understanding, and a willingness to communicate openly.

The Page Of Swords Reversed

  • Dating: Attempting to understand you but going about it the wrong way, leading to mixed signals and misunderstandings.
  • Relationships: A tendency to overthink or misinterpret words and actions, resulting in miscommunication or assumptions.
  • Exes: Desire to communicate or reconnect, executed in a confusing or puzzling manner.
  • Commitment: Misguided approach to discussing the future of the relationship, creating more questions than answers.
  • Friends & Family: Intentions to connect and communicate, hampered by misunderstandings or a lack of tact.
  • Careers: Desire to collaborate or offer insights but ending up creating confusion due to inexperience or poor communication skills.
  • Your Intentions: A need to fine-tune your approach to ensure clear and well-received communication in interactions with others.

Symbolism of The Page Of Swords

The Page of Swords features a young figure standing in an open landscape, sword raised high and eyes looking keenly towards the horizon. The windswept terrain and the clouds in the sky give a sense of movement and change. This imagery suggests alertness, curiosity, and a readiness to tackle intellectual challenges.

The Page, with sword in hand, symbolizes the pursuit of knowledge, the readiness to engage in debate, and the willingness to explore new ideas. The card captures the youthful energy of learning and communication, embodying the spirit of inquiry and intellectual discovery. The Page of Swords is a reminder to stay curious, to question the world around you, and to approach life with a sharp mind and an eagerness to learn.

The Upright Page Of Swords As Intentions

The Page of Swords upright in a tarot reading typically represents curiosity, mental agility, and a desire for knowledge, especially in relation to someone’s intentions towards you. This card suggests that the person in question is likely to approach you with a mindset of learning and discovery. They may exhibit a keen interest in understanding you or the situation at hand, often marked by a youthful and somewhat analytical approach.

Page Of Swords Upright As Intentions


In the dating scene, the Page of Swords might indicate that someone you’re interested in is trying to understand you better. They may show an eagerness to learn about your thoughts, beliefs, and experiences. Their intentions are likely driven by a genuine curiosity and a desire for open communication, though sometimes they may come across as overly inquisitive or analytical.

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For those in relationships, this card can suggest a partner who is keen on open and honest communication. They might be interested in exploring new ways of understanding each other, discussing ideas, and solving problems together. However, there can be a tendency to overanalyze or to focus too much on the intellectual aspect of the relationship.

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Regarding ex-partners, the Page of Swords can imply a desire to communicate or to understand what went wrong in the relationship. Their intentions might involve seeking clarity or closure, possibly through honest discussions or by analyzing past interactions.

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In terms of commitment, this card reflects an intellectual approach to understanding what commitment means in the relationship. The person may be analyzing the pros and cons or seeking to understand the dynamics at a deeper level before making any decisions.

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Friends & Family

For friendships and family relationships, the Page of Swords suggests an intention to communicate openly and to understand each other better. It can indicate a phase where straightforward discussions and a willingness to explore new perspectives are favored.

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In your career, this card might indicate a colleague or contact who approaches you with curiosity and a desire to learn. They may seek your input, engage in thoughtful discussions, or show an interest in collaborative problem-solving.

Your Intentions

If the Page of Swords resonates with you, it may reflect your own inclination to approach situations with curiosity and a desire for understanding. It suggests an intention to communicate openly, to learn, and to engage intellectually with those around you.

Actionable Advice

  • Foster Open Communication: Encourage honest and inquisitive conversations.
  • Balance Curiosity with Sensitivity: While seeking understanding, be mindful of others’ boundaries and emotions.
  • Embrace Learning: Be open to new ideas and perspectives in your interactions.

Common Misinterpretations

The Page of Swords is often misinterpreted as representing nosiness or unwanted prying. While the card does signify curiosity and a desire for knowledge, it’s more about a healthy intellectual interest and a quest for understanding rather than intrusive or gossip-driven behavior.

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The Page of Swords upright represents an inquisitive and intellectually driven individual who seeks to understand and connect with others on a deeper level. Embrace open conversations, balance curiosity with sensitivity, and be open to learning from others. While the Page of Swords signifies a genuine interest in understanding, it’s important to avoid being overly inquisitive or disrespectful of personal boundaries.

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The Page Of Swords Reversed As Intentions

The Page of Swords reversed in a tarot reading often signifies confusion, miscommunication, or the misuse of information, particularly when considering someone’s intentions towards you. Picture a young detective who’s a bit too eager and somewhat clumsy – they’re trying to solve a puzzle but end up creating a bit more of a mess. This card suggests that the person in question might approach you with unclear or ill-defined intentions, possibly marked by a lack of experience or an inclination to jump to conclusions.

Page Of Swords Reversed As Intentions Towards You


In the whirlwind world of dating, the Page of Swords reversed can be like receiving mixed signals over text messages that leave you guessing. It might indicate someone who is trying to figure you out but going about it the wrong way – think of sending cryptic messages or playing ‘hard to get’ in an attempt to pique your interest. Their intentions could be driven by curiosity, but a lack of maturity or clarity in expressing themselves might lead to misunderstandings or a communication breakdown.


In established relationships, this card can be akin to a scene from a sitcom where one partner misinterprets a comment and creates a whole episode’s worth of drama. It suggests a partner who might be overthinking things or misinterpreting words and actions. There’s an intention to understand and connect, but it’s clouded by miscommunication or a tendency to make assumptions without getting all the facts straight.


When it comes to exes, the Page of Swords reversed might be like getting a text out of the blue that’s open to a hundred interpretations. It implies a desire to communicate or reconnect but executed in a way that’s more puzzling than clear. They might be struggling with how to express their true feelings or intentions, leading to awkward or confusing interactions.


As far as commitment goes, this card is the person who brings a prenup to a romantic dinner – good intentions, wrong execution. It reflects a somewhat misguided approach to discussing the future of the relationship. The person may be trying to address important topics but ends up creating more questions than answers, often because of a lack of clear communication or understanding.

Friends & Family

For friendships and family, the Page of Swords reversed can be like the family game night where everyone ends up arguing about the rules. It indicates intentions to connect and communicate, but hampered by misunderstandings or a lack of tact. Someone may be trying to make a point or share an opinion but ends up stepping on toes instead.


In a career context, imagine this card as the overeager intern who accidentally sends a draft email to the entire company. It might suggest a colleague or professional contact who intends to collaborate or offer insights but ends up creating confusion or misinterpretation due to a lack of experience or poor communication skills.

Your Intentions

If you’re resonating with the Page of Swords reversed, it’s like being the main character in a comedy of errors – you’re trying to get your point across, but somehow it’s getting lost in translation. It reflects an intention to communicate and engage, but perhaps you need to fine-tune your approach to ensure your message is clear and well-received.

Actionable Advice

  • Clarify Your Communications: Think of your words as a GPS – they need to be clear and precise to get you to the right destination.
  • Avoid Jumping to Conclusions: Take a step back and gather all the facts before forming an opinion – it’s like detective work without the magnifying glass.
  • Embrace Patience and Learning: Remember, even the best detectives started as rookies. Be patient with yourself and others in the process of communication and understanding.

Common Misinterpretations

The Page of Swords reversed is often mistaken as just a sign of malicious gossip or deliberate deceit. While it can indicate a mishandling of information, it’s more frequently about a lack of maturity or experience in communication, leading to unintended miscommunications rather than deliberate harm.

The Page of Swords reversed as intentions towards you is a reminder that communication can sometimes be a tricky business, like trying to solve a puzzle with half the pieces missing. It encourages an approach of patience, clarity, and understanding – both in how we interpret others’ messages and in how we convey our own. It’s a call to refine our communication skills, ensuring that our intentions are as sharp and clear as the sword we metaphorically wield.

Combinations That Go With The Page Of Swords As Intentions

In combinations with other cards, The Page of Swords can offer insights into someone’s intentions, especially highlighting their desire for communication, understanding, or vigilance.

Page of Swords and The Star

With The Star alongside the Page of Swords, it suggests intentions that are hopeful and inspired, blended with a desire for clarity and truth. The Star is about hope, inspiration, and serenity. This combination indicates a person who is optimistic and looking forward to the future, wanting to communicate honestly and clearly in their interactions with you.

Page of Swords and Three of Cups

Combining the Page of Swords with the Three of Cups indicates a social or friendly approach, mixed with an intellectual curiosity. The Three of Cups is about friendships, celebrations, and community. This pairing suggests intentions to engage in social interactions or friendships with you, possibly with an eagerness to learn or share ideas.

Page of Swords and The Emperor

When the Page of Swords meets The Emperor, it shows a disciplined and structured approach to their intentions, coupled with an inquisitive mindset. The Emperor represents authority, structure, and control. This combination can imply a person who is trying to understand or communicate with you in a way that is organized and well-thought-out, possibly seeking stability or guidance.

Page of Swords and Eight of Wands

The Page of Swords alongside the Eight of Wands suggests a swift and direct approach to communication or action. The Eight of Wands is about speed, movement, and quick developments. This indicates intentions that involve rapid communication or quick actions, likely driven by a desire to get to the bottom of things or to make something happen fast.

Page of Swords and Ten of Pentacles

With the Ten of Pentacles, the Page of Swords reveals intentions focused on long-term security or family matters, combined with a quest for knowledge or understanding. The Ten of Pentacles is about family legacy, long-term success, and security. This pairing suggests a desire to understand or communicate about matters related to family, long-term plans, or security, possibly involving you in these plans or discussions.

Page of Swords and Five of Wands

Lastly, the Page of Swords with the Five of Wands can point to intentions involving some conflict or competition, approached with a keen mind and curiosity. The Five of Wands represents competition, conflict, and struggle. This combination can imply that the person is interested in engaging in or understanding a competitive situation or conflict, possibly involving you, with a sharp mind and a desire for clarity.


In summary, the Page of Swords upright indicates intentions that are curious, inquisitive, and somewhat vigilant. When someone’s feelings or actions towards you are represented by this card, they might be seeking to understand more about you or the situation. Their approach is likely analytical and communicative, possibly involving asking questions or seeking clarity. They might be eager to discuss, debate, or exchange ideas with you.

Reversed, the Page of Swords might suggest that their intentions, while still curious, could be manifesting as gossip, miscommunication, or a lack of focus. They could be prone to saying the wrong thing at the wrong time or misunderstanding your words or actions. This implies a need for them to be more thoughtful in their communication and to ensure that their curiosity does not lead to unintended consequences in your interaction.

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