Queen Of Swords As How Someone Sees You: Upright & Reversed

If you’re seen as the Queen of Swords, others might view you as someone who’s super smart and always speaks their mind. What does this mean for you, though? Do they respect your clear way of communicating and your ability to see the truth, or do they find you a bit too direct sometimes?

This card usually represents someone who’s experienced and has a lot of wisdom to share. Let’s explore whether they see you as a strong and fair person who gives great advice, or if they’re a bit cautious because you always tell it like it is.

Key Takeaways

The Upright Queen Of Swords

  • For Singles: Seen as straightforward and clear, attracting partners with your clarity but potentially intimidating the more reserved.
  • For New Relationships: Your partner admires your intellectual approach and clear communication but seeks emotional depth.
  • For Existing Relationships: Viewed as a pillar of strength and sound advice, yet a desire for emotional vulnerability is present.
  • For Exes: Remembered for your clear thoughts and boundaries, respected for honesty but sometimes lacking emotional connection.
  • In Careers: Known as a critical thinker and straight shooter, valued for insights but sometimes needing a more diplomatic approach.
  • For Friendship: Seen as wise and rational, giving honest advice but sometimes missing empathetic responses.
  • Self-Perception: Valuing truth and clarity, understanding the need to balance honesty with empathy and understanding.

The Queen Of Swords Reversed

  • For Singles: Perceived as having high standards and a critical eye, attractive yet intimidating, requiring cautious expression.
  • For New Relationships: Partner may feel the sting of your words, desiring more warmth and emotional connection.
  • For Existing Relationships: Sometimes seen as overly analytical or emotionally distant, with a need for more empathetic communication.
  • For Exes: Recalled for critical nature or blunt communication leading to misunderstandings and a need for emotional warmth.
  • In Careers: Recognized for critical thinking, yet directness can sometimes be cold or unapproachable.
  • For Friendship: Valued for honest opinions and clarity but sometimes needing gentler interactions during sensitive moments.
  • Self-Perception: Understanding of forthright communication style, working on expressing thoughts considerately.

Symbolism of The Queen Of Swords

In the Queen of Swords, a regal figure sits upon her throne, holding a straight sword pointed skyward, while her other hand is extended as if she is inviting conversation or offering insight. Her throne is often adorned with butterflies and clouds, representing transformation and the realm of thought. The clear sky in the background symbolizes clarity of mind and openness.

This card reflects intelligence, independence, and unemotional judgment. The Queen of Swords suggests a person who is perceptive and articulate, someone who can cut through confusion and misunderstanding to get to the heart of the matter. She represents honesty and direct communication, and her presence in a reading can indicate the need to think clearly, communicate effectively, and maintain independence and impartiality in decision-making.

The Upright Queen Of Swords As How Someone See’s You

When seen through the lens of the upright Queen of Swords, people may perceive you as someone who embodies clarity of thought, direct communication, and intellectual power. This tarot card often symbolizes a person who is honest, independent, and has a keen sense of perception. To those around you, you might appear as a figure of authority and wisdom, someone who approaches life with a clear, analytical mind and who is not afraid to speak the truth.

Queen Of Swords Upright As How Someone See's You

For Singles

In the realm of dating, potential partners might find your straightforwardness and clarity refreshing. You could be seen as someone who knows what they want and communicates it without ambiguity, which can be both attractive and intimidating. Your directness might be appreciated, but it could also make some people cautious about approaching you.

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For New Relationships

If you’re in a new relationship, your partner likely admires your intellectual approach and your ability to articulate your thoughts and feelings clearly. They might appreciate your honesty and the mature, no-nonsense way you handle the relationship. However, they could also be seeking warmth and emotional depth alongside your intellectual prowess.

For Existing Relationships

In a long-term relationship, your significant other might see you as a pillar of strength and a source of sound advice. They may value your ability to see things objectively and your straightforward way of resolving issues. Nevertheless, they might also hope for moments of emotional vulnerability and softer communication.

For Exes

Ex-partners may remember you as someone who was always clear about your thoughts and boundaries. They might respect your intellectual independence and honesty but also recall times when they wished for more emotional connection or less blunt communication.

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In Careers

At work, colleagues and supervisors probably view you as a critical thinker and a straight shooter. You might be known for your ability to cut through the noise and get to the heart of matters with your sharp insights. However, they might sometimes wish for a more diplomatic approach in your interactions.

For Friendship

Your friends likely see you as the wise and rational one in the group, the person who gives honest advice and keeps things realistic. They appreciate your clarity and intelligence but may also sometimes long for more empathetic responses or emotional support.

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You may see yourself as someone who values truth and clarity above all else. You understand the strength in your honest and intellectual approach, but you might also be aware of the importance of balancing this with empathy and understanding in your relationships.

What You Should Do

  • Maintain Your Honesty: Continue to value and practice honesty in your interactions, as it is one of your core strengths.
  • Balance Intellect with Empathy: Work on blending your intellectual clarity with emotional intelligence to enhance your relationships.
  • Cultivate Soft Communication Skills: Develop softer communication skills to accompany your directness, making your interactions more harmonious.

The upright Queen of Swords, as a reflection of how someone sees you, speaks to your intellectual clarity, directness, and strong sense of truth. It underscores your ability to approach life with a clear mind and straightforward communication. By balancing your intellectual strengths with emotional sensitivity, you can forge deeper connections and have more fulfilling interactions.

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The Queen Of Swords Reversed As How Someone See’s You

Viewed through the reversed Queen of Swords, others might perceive you as someone who occasionally struggles with communication, possibly coming across as overly critical or detached. This tarot card in its reversed position often suggests a tendency towards harshness in judgment or a lack of empathy in interactions. To those around you, it might seem like you have a sharp intellect but sometimes use it in a way that can be perceived as cutting or insensitive.

Queen Of Swords Reversed As How Someone See's You

For Singles

In the dating scene, potential partners may perceive you as someone with high standards and a critical eye. While your discernment can be attractive, it might also be intimidating, leading them to feel they need to be cautious about how they express themselves around you.

For New Relationships

If you’re in a new relationship, your partner might occasionally feel the sting of your words or find your approach somewhat aloof. They could perceive a need for more warmth and emotional connection, feeling that your communication style sometimes lacks the softer, more nurturing aspects.

For Existing Relationships

In an ongoing relationship, your significant other may sometimes find your manner to be overly analytical or emotionally distant. They might appreciate your clarity of thought but also wish for more open-hearted and empathetic communication to balance the intellectual aspects of your relationship.

For Exes

Ex-partners might recall times when your critical nature or blunt communication contributed to misunderstandings or hurt feelings. They could view these traits as part of the challenges in the relationship, where emotional warmth and understanding were needed.

In Careers

At work, colleagues and supervisors likely recognize your ability to think critically and articulate your ideas clearly. However, they might also see a need for you to soften your approach, as your directness can sometimes come off as cold or unapproachable.

For Friendship

Your friends probably value your honest opinions and your ability to offer clear insights. Yet, they might also be aware of times when your words can be sharp, hoping for more gentle and empathetic interactions during sensitive moments.


You might see yourself as someone who values truth and directness, understanding that your communication style can be forthright. Recognizing this, you may be working on finding ways to express your thoughts in a manner that is both honest and considerate of others’ feelings.

What You Should Do

  • Practice Empathy: Try to put yourself in others’ shoes, especially when your natural inclination is to critique or analyze.
  • Soften Your Communication: Work on delivering your insights and opinions in a way that is constructive and sensitive to others’ feelings.
  • Cultivate Emotional Intelligence: Enhance your emotional intelligence to better understand and respond to the emotional needs of those around you.

Seen through the reversed Queen of Swords, your current phase may be perceived as one of learning to balance your intellectual strengths with emotional sensitivity. This perspective highlights the importance of empathetic communication and the need to temper intellect with kindness. By working on these aspects, you can improve your relationships and interactions, making them more fulfilling and harmonious.

Queen Of Swords As How Someone See's You Infographic

Combinations That Go With The Queen Of Swords For How Someone See’s You

When the Queen of Swords appears alongside other cards in a tarot spread, her presence shapes the perception of you as a figure embodying intellectual clarity, insightful communication, and a no-nonsense approach to life’s complexities. Each pairing with the Queen of Swords can unveil how others view your analytical skills, your ability to see the truth in situations, and your straightforward way of expressing thoughts and feelings.

Queen of Swords and The Lovers

The combination of the Queen of Swords with The Lovers might suggest that people perceive you as someone who navigates the complexities of relationships with clear-headedness and honesty. In matters of the heart, you may be seen as a voice of reason, able to dissect emotions and articulate your needs and observations with precision and fairness.

Queen of Swords and The Chariot

When aligned with The Chariot, the Queen of Swords can indicate that you are viewed as a strategic and focused individual. Your communication style might be seen as direct and effective, helping you to advance your goals and intentions with clarity. People may perceive you as someone who not only knows where they are going but also communicates this direction with certainty and intelligence.

Queen of Swords and The Moon

Pairing the Queen of Swords with The Moon suggests that others see you as a beacon of clarity in times of uncertainty and emotional turbulence. While the realm of emotions and intuition can be confusing and opaque, you’re recognized for your ability to bring a rational and clear perspective to these situations, guiding yourself and others with insightful analysis and thoughtful communication.

Queen of Swords and Ten of Pentacles

In the presence of the Ten of Pentacles, the Queen of Swords is seen as someone who approaches long-term security and familial matters with wisdom and practical insight. You might be viewed as a stabilizing force in family dynamics, offering clear and sage advice, especially in areas concerning legacy, stability, and material wealth.

Queen of Swords and The Star

With The Star, the Queen of Swords suggests that you are perceived as someone who blends optimism and hope with a realistic and logical outlook. This combination might indicate that people see you as a visionary thinker who remains grounded in reality, inspiring others with your clear insights and balanced perspective.

Queen of Swords and The Tower

Combining the Queen of Swords with The Tower can portray you as someone who confronts upheaval and dramatic change with a calm and composed demeanor. In the midst of chaos and transformation, you may be seen as an individual who offers clear-sighted guidance and maintains a rational perspective, providing a steadying influence during times of turmoil and uncertainty.


In summary, the Queen of Swords portrays you as someone who is intellectually sharp and perceptive, known for clear thinking and straightforward communication. This view suggests you’re seen as independent and analytical, capable of cutting through confusion to the heart of matters with ease. It conveys a perception of you as someone who values truth and clarity, possibly coming across as a bit detached or stern, but always fair and honest in your judgments.

Reversed, the Queen of Swords might suggest a perception of being overly critical or emotionally detached. This view indicates you’re seen as someone who might be quick to judge or harsh in your assessments, potentially leading to misunderstandings or strained relationships. It can also imply a need for greater empathy and warmth in your interactions, balancing your intellectual strengths with a more compassionate approach.

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