Queen Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning: Upright & Reversed

The Queen of Swords coming near the end of the court cards represents clarity of thought and mastery over communication. She sits on her throne, sword pointed to the sky, symbolizing her ability to see through deception and speak the truth. Now you yourself or someone you know are embodying honesty and intelligence. She’s encouraging you to think clearly, communicate effectively, and maintain integrity. However, when reversed she often points to bitterness, harsh judgment, or a misuse of one’s intellect and words.

So if you want to learn more about the Queen of Swords, and power of truth, while also acknowledging the challenges of coldness or isolation that can accompany such clarity, emphasizing the balance between truth and compassion.

NumerologyRepresents number 4 (1+3) standing for knowledge, leadership, and confidence.
Zodiac SignLibra, reflecting balance, fairness, and clear judgment. The Queen of Swords leverages Libra’s diplomatic and just nature, cutting through deceit to reveal the truth.
Ruling PlanetVenus, the planet of harmony and relationships. While the Queen of Swords may seem stern, Venus’s influence brings a sense of fairness and balance to her decisions.
ElementAir, indicating a focus on intellect, communication, and the pursuit of truth. The Queen embodies the analytical and objective qualities of the air element.
Yes or NoYes, suggesting clear understanding and honest assessment. The Queen advises using intellect and fairness to navigate the situation.
CrystalsSodalite (for logical thinking and truth), Aquamarine (for calm reasoning and clear communication).

Symbolism Of The Queen Of Swords

  1. The Throne: The Queen sits on a stone throne, showing her authority in the realm of intellect and communication, as well as her experience in navigating life’s transformations with wisdom.
  2. The Sky: The backdrop of the Queen of Swords shows a blue sky, with clouds swirling underneath. This shows her domination over her thoughts, and the clarity her unclouded judgment has as well as the transparency with which she views the world. The open sky symbolizes limitless potential, suggesting that truth and honesty open the path to infinite possibilities. However, the clouds further down remind us that this mindset needs to be constantly worked for.
  3. Her Crown: The crown upon her head is simple yet elegant, again symbolizing her mastery over the all things intellectual and communicative.
  4. The Sword’s Position: The Queen of Swords holds her sword upright in one hand, pointing to the sky. This position signifies her readiness to cut through deceit, to uphold truth, and to make clear, unbiased decisions. The upward-pointing sword also symbolizes her connection to the realm of ideas and her commitment to intellectual integrity.
  5. Her Gaze: The Queen’s gaze is direct and penetrating as she stares straight forward, suggesting her ability to see through falsehoods and to perceive the truth in any situation. Her eyes reflect her mental sharpness, her capacity for critical thinking, and her uncompromising pursuit of honesty.
  6. Her Robes: The Queen’s robes are simple and flowing, showing her fluidity of thought and the grace with which she communicates. The robes can also signify protection, as her wisdom and experience shield her from deception and manipulation (grey being the color of inner knowing and higher knowlede).
  7. The Solitary Nature: The Queen’s solitary presence underscores her independence and self-reliance. She is comfortable in her own company, relying on her intellect and inner resources to guide her.
  8. The Lone Bird: The lone bird in the sky still show she has freedom and a lack of restriction, however, it warns that sometimes the more we know, the more constrained we become, as only one bird is left flying.
Queen Of Swords Symbolism

The Queen Of Swords Upright Meaning

The Queen of Swords is a remarkable blend of honesty and independence. She stands tall, not swayed by the chaos of the world around her, grounded in her truth and integrity. She’s the ideal of clear, direct communication, always speaking her mind with a sharp wit and a clear understanding of the situation at hand. Her honesty isn’t just about being truthful; it’s about being authentic and genuine, offering insights that cut through deception and misunderstanding like a sword through air.

Independence is another key message of the Queen of Swords. She is someone who relies on her own judgment and abilities, navigating life’s challenges with a strong sense of self-reliance. This independence doesn’t just mean going it alone; it’s about the capacity to make decisions based on your own principles, rather than being influenced by external pressures or expectations. She stands as a symbol of autonomy, encouraging us to trust in our own inner wisdom and to follow our own path with confidence.

Principled and fair, the Queen of Swords operates within a framework of justice and integrity. She is the embodiment of fairness, approaching every situation with an unbiased perspective. This fairness is closely tied to her ability to set clear boundaries and to communicate these boundaries directly. She knows where she stands and expects others to respect her space and principles. Her approach to life is governed by a strong moral compass, guiding her actions and decisions with a focus on what is right and just.

Queen Of Swords Upright Meaning

The Queen’s communication style is as direct and unambiguous as her approach to life. She values clarity and precision in conversations, preferring straightforwardness over vagueness or evasion. This directness is a hallmark of her character, reflecting a desire for open and honest dialogue. Her ability to communicate so clearly is a powerful tool, allowing her to express her thoughts and boundaries without misunderstanding.

In essence, the Queen of Swords invites us to embrace honesty, independence, and principled living. She encourages us to be fair and unbiased in our judgments, to set and respect clear boundaries, and to communicate directly and authentically. By embodying these qualities, we can navigate life with a sharp mind and a clear heart, cutting through confusion to find truth and integrity in our actions and interactions.

Love and Relationships

The Queen of Swords in love suggests a time for clear and honest communication within your relationships. You need to speak your truth with love and respect, ensuring that your needs and boundaries are clearly understood. It reminds you that relationships need to be built on mutual respect and understanding, where both partners feel heard and valued. For singles, the Queen of Swords advises you to maintain your standards and to communicate your expectations clearly to potential partners. It’s a reminder that being true to yourself is the foundation of any strong and healthy relationship.

Career and Finances

For your career and finances, the Queen of Swords symbolizes the importance of making decisions based on logic and a understanding the situation. You might be called upon to move through complex issues at work, and this card suggests using your intellect and impartial judgment to find the best course of action. Financially, it advises you to be straightforward in your dealings and to make financial decisions with a clear head, ensuring that you’re managing your resources wisely and with integrity.


Spiritually, the Queen of Swords calls you to seek your personal truth with honesty and courage. It’s a time to cut through any illusions or self-deceit and to face the reality of your spiritual journey with clarity. It’s a time where you should be going after the pursuit of wisdom, and it’s here to remind you that sometimes, the most profound spiritual insights come from looking at things from a new, unclouded perspective. It’s about using your discernment to navigate your spiritual path and to embrace the growth that comes from self-awareness and authenticity.

Yes or No

For a yes or no question, the Queen of Swords is a ‘yes,’ especially if it involves situations requiring honesty, clarity, and independent decision-making. It signifies that approaching your question with directness and integrity will lead to a favorable outcome. However, it also reminds you to consider all aspects carefully, ensuring that your actions are aligned with your principles and the truth of the situation.

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The Queen Of Swords Reversed Meaning

When the Queen of Swords appears reversed in a reading, the positives that come from her upright version are more askew. It highlights traits such as bitterness, cold-heartedness, and a tendency towards pessimism. In this state, the Queen’s typically sharp insight and clarity of thought are overshadowed by negative emotions and attitudes. Instead of using her intelligence and honesty for constructive communication, she might become overly critical or cynical, pushing others away with her harsh words.

The Queen of Swords reversed is also a sign of being overly emotional, which contrasts sharply with her usual depiction of emotional control and independence. This emotional turbulence can lead to actions and decisions that are out of character, driven by the heart rather than the head. It’s a reminder that even the most rational minds can sometimes be overwhelmed by feelings, leading to uncharacteristic behavior.

Moreover, this card reversed warns of malicious intent, manipulative behaviors, and deceit. Where the upright Queen values honesty and directness, her reversed counterpart may resort to manipulation and dishonesty to achieve her ends. This manipulation is not just about misleading others; it’s a strategic, often harmful use of information or emotions to control or influence situations to her advantage.

Queen Of Swords Reversed Meaning

The cold-heartedness and bitterness that comes from the Queen of Swords reversed shows a deep-seated resentment or disappointment that has hardened the heart. This emotional state can make her seem distant or uncaring, unable to connect with others in a meaningful way. Pessimism further colors her worldview, making it difficult for her to see the positive potential in situations or people.

So, the Queen of Swords reversed serves as a caution against allowing negative emotions and behaviors to overshadow our better qualities. It calls on us to be mindful of our attitudes and actions, encouraging us to seek balance and to approach our interactions with others with empathy and honesty. Recognizing these traits within ourselves can be the first step towards healing and finding a more positive path forward.

Love and Relationships

In love, the Queen of Swords reversed might signal a phase where there are communication barriers, possibly due to past hurts making one or both partners defensive. This could manifest as coldness or an unwillingness to open up, leading to misunderstandings or feelings of isolation. It asks you to look inward, to understand how your own defenses might be contributing to relationship challenges. For singles, it asks you to look at how you present yourself to potential partners; ensure you’re not coming across as too detached or cynical, which might push interesting prospects away.

Career and Finances

If you were wondering about your career and finances, the Queen of Swords reversed points towards negativity impacting your professional relationships or decisions. There could be a tendency to be overly critical of colleagues or to make financial decisions based on fear rather than facts. It’s important now more than ever to strive for clarity and to seek constructive ways to address workplace challenges. Financially, ,don’t let pessimism dictate your actions, instead seek a more balanced and thoughtful approach to money management.


Spiritually, the Queen of Swords is a sign you might be experiencing a period of skepticism, possibly feeling disconnected from your spiritual path or disillusioned with concepts you once found meaningful. It encourages you to explore the roots of these feelings, to question without closing yourself off to potential answers. Sometimes, a period of doubt can lead to a deeper, more authentic connection with your spiritual beliefs.

Yes or No

For a yes or no question, the Queen of Swords reversed signals caution, so it’s generally seen as a no. It shows that your current state of mind or the situation around you might not be conducive to a positive outcome. It’s a call to reassess your approach, to clear away negativity, and to seek a path that aligns more closely with truth and integrity.

Book Recommendation – Thanks: How Practicing Gratitude Can Make You Happier by Robert A Emmons And Michael McCullough

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Journaling Prompts For The Queen Of Swords

If you’ve drawn the Queen of Swords and you want to reflect on what this means for you in your life right now, then here are some great journaling prompts you can ask yourself:

  1. Think of a situation where clear thinking and objectivity helped you make an important decision. How did you cut through the noise to see the truth?
  2. Write about a time when your independence or self-reliance was particularly important. How did relying on your own judgment shape the outcome?
  3. What life experiences that have contributed most to your wisdom? How have these lessons shaped your approach to current challenges?
  4. Write about the importance of honesty in your relationships. How do you balance being truthful with being compassionate?
  5. If the Queen of Swords could give you advice on a current issue, what would she say? How can you use this guidance to move forward?
  6. The Queen of Swords often symbolizes a figure who has endured loss but has grown stronger. Reflect on a personal loss and the strength it has brought you.

Final Message Of The Queen Of Swords

Embrace clarity and truth. Don’t let emotions cloud your judgment. Cultivate a sharp mind, analyze situations objectively, and seek the truth, even when it’s uncomfortable. Remember, clear thinking leads to wise decisions and empowers you to navigate life’s complexities with grace.

Speak your truth with courage. Don’t shy away from expressing your thoughts and opinions, even if they differ from others. Remember you have strength to articulate your beliefs authentically and with conviction, inspiring others to do the same. Your voice deserves to be heard, and genuine communication fosters deeper connections.

Lead with strength and compassion. Power without empathy is tyranny. Wield your intellect and influence with kindness and understanding. Champion positive change, guide others with honesty, and use your strength to uplift and empower those around you.

Balance logic with intuition. Don’t rely solely on cold logic or blind emotion. Learn to listen to your gut feelings while keeping your head in the loop.

Cut through illusions and facades. Don’t be fooled by appearances. Like a skilled swordsman, hone your discernment to see through superficiality and uncover the truth beneath the surface. Question assumptions, challenge norms, and seek deeper understanding beyond the masks people wear.

And finally, trust your power. You have the strength and wisdom to achieve your goals and create a positive impact. Don’t forget your potential, and tap into your inner power and pursue your dreams with unwavering confidence. Remember, even the sharpest sword gathers dust without the hand to wield it.


To recap the Queen of Swords is about honesty and independence, symbolizing the importance of clear communication and self-reliance. She encourages us to embrace our truths, make decisions based on personal convictions, and navigate life with integrity and fairness.

Reversed, she is a caution against bitterness, emotional turmoil, and deceit. Avoid letting clear insight give way to cynicism, and pushing others away with harshness or manipulation.

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