Queen Of Wands As Intentions Towards You: Upright & Reversed

Imagine walking into a space where one presence – the Queen of Wands – seems to light up the room. Her intentions towards you are as warm and inviting as the sun’s rays, but what deeper impact does she hold over your life? Is she a nurturing force, encouraging you to grow and shine in your own right, or could her powerful persona cast a shadow over your own aspirations? The Queen of Wands represents a compelling dichotomy between inspiration and dominance.

As you reflect on her influence, consider how her radiant confidence aligns with your personal growth. Are you ready to embrace the lessons of strength and assertiveness she offers, or is it time to find your path in her glowing trail?

Key Takeaways

The Upright Queen Of Wands

  • Dating: Intentions involve confident, charming, and warm dating, aiming for a passionate connection.
  • Relationships: In established relationships, it signifies leading with love and enthusiasm, infusing the partnership with vibrancy.
  • Exes: Concerning ex-partners, it suggests intentions motivated by a desire to heal or rekindle with care.
  • Commitment: Regarding commitment, it symbolizes a devoted approach, deepening emotional bonds.
  • Friends & Family: In social and family life, it represents intentions to nurture relationships and create a loving environment.
  • Careers: Professionally, it indicates leading with charisma, inspiring others and fostering collaboration.

The Queen Of Wands Reverse

  • Dating: In dating, it suggests intentions that might seem domineering, potentially stifling a connection.
  • Relationships: In established relationships, it can indicate a tendency to become possessive, potentially causing strain.
  • Exes: Regarding ex-partners, it implies intentions driven by a desire for control, possibly leading to conflicts.
  • Commitment: In terms of commitment, it might signal a need for dominance, hindering emotional growth.
  • Friends & Family: Within social circles, it implies intentions to assert control, potentially straining relationships.
  • Careers: Professionally, it suggests expectations to lead with authority but potentially harming teamwork and causing tension.

Symbolism of The Queen Of Wands

In the Queen of Wands, a figure sits on her throne with a sunflower in one hand and a wand in the other, symbolizing warmth, vibrancy, and a magnetic personality. As an intention, this card suggests embodying confidence, charisma, and a strong sense of self. It encourages you to step into your power, to be assertive in your pursuits, and to lead with grace and inspiration.

The Queen of Wands calls for embracing your uniqueness, nurturing your creative impulses, and inspiring those around you with your energy and optimism. She represents a figure of strength and assurance, reminding you to assert yourself and your ideas with confidence and warmth.

The Upright Queen Of Wands As Intentions

The Queen of Wands upright in a tarot reading embodies confidence, charisma, and a strong sense of self-assuredness. This card symbolizes intentions that are infused with a dynamic energy, a nurturing yet independent spirit, and an assertive approach to life’s challenges. When the Queen of Wands appears, it suggests an eagerness to lead, to inspire, and to embrace challenges with a positive and proactive attitude.

Queen Of Wands Upright As Intentions


In dating, someone influenced by the Queen of Wands might approach their romantic interests with confidence and warmth. They are likely to be open, honest, and direct about their intentions, seeking a partner who resonates with their energetic and passionate approach to life. Their intention is to find a connection that is both stimulating and supportive.

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In a relationship, the Queen of Wands indicates a desire to nurture the partnership with a mix of strength and compassion. This might involve encouraging mutual growth, maintaining an independent identity within the relationship, and fostering a dynamic and respectful bond. The intention is to build a partnership where both individuals can thrive and support each other.

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Regarding ex-partners, the Queen of Wands suggests a forward-looking attitude and an intention to maintain dignity and self-respect. An ex reaching out might do so from a position of self-confidence, seeking closure or interaction in a way that upholds mutual respect and personal integrity.

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In terms of commitment, the Queen of Wands signals a readiness to engage fully and enthusiastically. Someone considering a deeper commitment with you is likely doing so from a place of self-assurance, wanting to enrich the relationship with their vibrant energy and to ensure that it remains dynamic and fulfilling.

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Friends & Family

The Queen of Wands in the context of friends and family implies an intention to be a source of strength and encouragement. There might be efforts to inspire or lead within the family or social group, bringing a sense of enthusiasm and positivity to interactions and activities.

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Professionally, the Queen of Wands can indicate a leadership role or a position where your dynamic and confident nature is recognized and valued. You might be seen as a source of inspiration, expecting you to take charge of situations with your characteristic blend of warmth and assertiveness.

Your Intentions

If the Queen of Wands resonates with you, you’re likely feeling empowered and confident in your abilities. Your intentions might be focused on pursuing your goals with determination, leading by example, and inspiring others with your passion and drive.

Actionable Advice

  • Embrace Your Confidence: Trust in your abilities and lead with assurance in all aspects of your life.
  • Inspire Others: Use your energy and enthusiasm to motivate and encourage those around you.
  • Maintain Balance: While being assertive and dynamic, remember to also be compassionate and nurturing.

Common Misinterpretations

The Queen of Wands is sometimes mistaken for domineering or overly aggressive behavior. However, this card actually represents a balanced approach to leadership and ambition, combining strength with warmth and independence with compassion.

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The Queen of Wands upright encourages you to step into your power and embrace your dynamic nature. It’s a call to lead with confidence, to nurture your relationships with warmth and generosity, and to approach life’s challenges with a positive and proactive attitude. This card reminds you of the strength that lies in being assertive yet empathetic, and the power of inspiring others with your passion and enthusiasm.

The Queen Of Wands Reversed As Intentions

When the Queen of Wands is reversed in a tarot reading, it often represents intentions that may be clouded by insecurity, overbearing behavior, or a lack of confidence. This card in its reversed position can indicate a struggle with self-doubt, a tendency to be overly controlling, or an imbalance in how one’s energy and assertiveness are expressed.

Queen Of Wands Reversed As Intentions


In the dating realm, someone influenced by the Queen of Wands reversed might exhibit uncertain or inconsistent behavior. Their intentions could be genuine in seeking a connection, but they might struggle with self-esteem issues or an inability to express their needs effectively. They may vacillate between being overly assertive and unassertive, creating a confusing dynamic.


In a relationship, the Queen of Wands reversed can indicate a phase where insecurities or controlling tendencies are causing strain. One or both partners might be dealing with feelings of inadequacy, leading to possessiveness or a lack of trust. The intention to maintain a strong bond is there, but it’s being overshadowed by negative behaviors or attitudes.


Regarding ex-partners, the Queen of Wands reversed suggests a possibility of unresolved issues manifesting as bitterness or resentment. An ex might reach out with intentions that are not entirely clear, possibly driven by unresolved emotions or a desire to exert control over the situation.


In terms of commitment, this card reversed often signals mixed feelings or a lack of clarity about the relationship’s direction. Someone might be contemplating a deeper commitment but is doing so with apprehension or fear, leading to a hesitant or inconsistent approach.

Friends & Family

Within your circle of friends and family, the Queen of Wands reversed can imply a tendency to dominate or control interactions. There might be a desire to be supportive and nurturing, but it could be coming across as overbearing or meddlesome, leading to tension within the group.


From a career perspective, the Queen of Wands reversed might indicate a challenging dynamic where assertiveness is tipping into aggression or domineering behavior. People may expect you to take charge, but there could be concerns about your approach being too forceful or lacking in sensitivity.

Your Intentions

If you resonate with the Queen of Wands reversed, you might be feeling a conflict between wanting to assert yourself and dealing with inner doubts. Your intention is likely to express your leadership qualities or creativity, but you may need to address underlying issues of confidence or control.

Actionable Advice

  • Address Insecurities: Work on building your self-esteem and addressing any underlying issues that may be affecting your behavior.
  • Practice Self-awareness: Be mindful of how you’re expressing your assertiveness and energy. Strive for balance in your interactions.
  • Cultivate Empathy: Focus on understanding and empathizing with others to create more harmonious and effective relationships.

Common Misinterpretations

The Queen of Wands reversed is often misinterpreted as simply being aggressive or domineering. However, this card can also indicate an inner struggle with self-doubt and a need for self-reflection. It’s not just about external behaviors; it’s about understanding and balancing one’s inner drives and fears.

In essence, the Queen of Wands reversed calls for a reevaluation of how you express your assertiveness and creativity. It’s an invitation to explore and balance your inner strengths and weaknesses, ensuring that your actions and intentions align with a confident yet empathetic approach to life’s challenges and relationships.

Combinations That Go With The Queen Of Wands As Intentions

In tarot, the Queen of Wands is a symbol of confidence, vibrancy, and assertiveness. She represents the fiery energy of leadership and the warmth of a passionate heart. When we explore her in combinations with other cards, especially in the context of intentions, it’s like looking at how her dynamic and powerful energy interacts and influences different aspects of life. Now, let’s delve into how the Queen of Wands pairs with other tarot cards:

Queen of Wands and The Hierophant

Pairing the Queen of Wands with The Hierophant creates a blend of tradition and boldness. The Hierophant is about conformity, tradition, and institutions. This combination suggests a scenario where your strong, charismatic leadership from the Queen of Wands is applied within traditional structures or conventional settings. It’s about using your dynamic energy to influence or bring change in established systems.

Queen of Wands and Eight of Cups

The Queen of Wands combined with the Eight of Cups speaks to a journey of self-discovery. The Eight of Cups is about leaving behind what no longer serves you to seek a deeper truth. This pairing indicates using your confident and bold nature from the Queen of Wands to bravely embark on a journey of personal growth, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone.

Queen of Wands and Ace of Pentacles

When the Queen of Wands meets the Ace of Pentacles, it’s all about seizing new opportunities in the material world. The Ace of Pentacles represents new beginnings in business, finance, or physical health. This combination suggests a time where your natural leadership and enthusiasm from the Queen of Wands are key to initiating successful new ventures in these areas.

Queen of Wands and Six of Swords

The Queen of Wands alongside the Six of Swords indicates moving forward from difficulties with confidence. The Six of Swords is about transitions, often after challenging times, moving towards a more peaceful state. This pairing suggests using your inner strength and charisma from the Queen of Wands to lead yourself and possibly others out of troubled waters into calmer ones.

Queen of Wands and Three of Wands

Combining the Queen of Wands with the Three of Wands is a potent mix for future planning and expansion. The Three of Wands is about looking ahead, planning for the future, and expansion. This combination speaks to your ability to confidently set intentions for the future, envisioning and expanding your horizons with optimism and leadership.

Queen of Wands and Justice

Lastly, the Queen of Wands with the Justice card speaks to fair and charismatic leadership. Justice is about balance, fairness, and truth. This pairing suggests a time where your strong, assertive nature from the Queen of Wands is essential in making fair and balanced decisions. It’s about leading with integrity and ensuring fairness in your actions and decisions.


In summary, the Queen of Wands upright indicates intentions that are confident, charismatic, and nurturing. When someone’s feelings or actions towards you are represented by this card, they are likely projecting confidence and warmth, seeking to inspire and uplift you. Their intentions might involve taking a leadership role or providing support and encouragement, exuding a positive and vibrant energy.

Reversed, the Queen of Wands might suggest overly dominant or aggressive intentions towards you. They could be coming across as overbearing or demanding, possibly overshadowing cooperation with a need to control. This implies a need for them to balance their strong presence with empathy and understanding, ensuring their intentions are not overpowering or overwhelming.

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