Seven Of Swords As How Someone Sees You: Upright & Reversed

If you’re the Seven of Swords in someone’s eyes, they might think you’re in a situation where you have to be really careful or maybe even a bit sneaky. How do they see this? Do they think you’re smart and figuring things out in a tricky situation, or are they a bit suspicious about what you’re up to?

This card often has to do with being clever but maybe not always in the most straightforward way. We’ll look into this and figure out if they see you as a smart planner or if they’re not quite sure they can trust what you’re doing.

Key Takeaways

The Upright Seven of Swords

  • For Singles: You’re seen as mysterious in dating, keeping your true feelings hidden.
  • For New Relationships: Your partner may think you’re not fully open, causing uncertainty.
  • For Existing Relationships: Your significant other might want more direct communication, feeling distanced by your guarded nature.
  • For Exes: Exes recall your independent strategies impacting your past relationships, sometimes causing misunderstandings.
  • In Careers: At work, you’re known for independent problem-solving but might benefit from more teamwork.
  • For Friendship: Friends see your strategic approach as a strength but wish for more openness from you.
  • Self-Perception: You view yourself as strategic and self-reliant but recognize the need for more openness.

The Reversed Seven of Swords

  • For Singles: Potential partners notice you’re becoming more open, making deeper connections easier.
  • For New Relationships: Your new partner appreciates your growing honesty, building trust in your relationship.
  • For Existing Relationships: Your long-term partner welcomes your shift towards shared decision-making, strengthening your bond.
  • For Exes: Ex-partners see your move towards transparency as positive personal growth.
  • In Careers: Colleagues and bosses view you as a team player now, enhancing collaboration.
  • For Friendship: Friends appreciate your more inclusive and open approach, deepening your connections.
  • Self-Perception: You see this change as personal development, valuing openness and collaboration more.

Symbolism of The Seven Of Swords

The Seven of Swords often shows a figure sneaking away from a campsite, carrying swords stealthily. This card is imbued with themes of strategy, stealth, and sometimes deception. The act of taking the swords in secret suggests a hidden agenda or a strategy that involves cunning or indirect tactics.

The card can represent a need to approach a situation strategically, but it also warns of the potential downsides of being overly secretive or resorting to deceit. It’s about the fine line between strategy and trickery, suggesting careful consideration of how you achieve your goals.

The Upright Seven Of Swords As How Someone See’s You

When people look at you through the lens of the upright Seven of Swords, they might see someone who’s navigating life with a tactical and sometimes solitary approach. This card typically suggests a level of cunning, strategy, and perhaps a preference for working independently. To those who know you, it might seem like you’re adept at maneuvering through life’s challenges in your own unique way, but this might also make them wonder about your openness and willingness to share or collaborate.

Seven Of Swords Upright As How Someone See's You

For Singles

In the world of dating, potential partners may find you intriguing but somewhat elusive. They might perceive you as someone who keeps their true intentions close to the chest, leaving them guessing about your sincerity and commitment. This air of mystery could be both alluring and puzzling, making it challenging for them to fully connect with you.

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For New Relationships

If you’re in the early stages of a relationship, your partner might feel that you’re not entirely open with them. They could sense that you’re holding back or managing aspects of the relationship with a cautious, strategic approach, which might make them question the depth of your feelings and commitment.

For Existing Relationships

Your long-term partner may be accustomed to your independent and strategic way of handling matters. However, they might wish for more direct communication and involvement, feeling that your guarded approach sometimes creates a distance between you two.

For Exes

Ex-partners might recall how your tendency to keep things to yourself or to strategize independently affected your relationship. They could see this as a significant factor in the dynamics of your past connection, perhaps contributing to misunderstandings or a lack of trust.

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In Careers

At work, colleagues and supervisors might notice your knack for strategy and independent problem-solving. While these qualities can be advantageous, they might also feel that you could benefit from more collaboration and openness, which could foster better teamwork and shared success.

For Friendship

Your friends are likely to see your tactical approach to life’s challenges as a strength. However, they might also hope for more openness and sharing from you, feeling that a closer, more collaborative bond could enhance your friendships.

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You might see yourself as someone who navigates life with a strategic mind, often preferring to rely on your own methods and plans. While you recognize the benefits of your independent approach, you might also be aware of the value of being more open and collaborative with others.

What You Should Do

  • Encourage Openness: Try to share more with those around you, opening up about your thoughts and plans.
  • Embrace Collaboration: Recognize the benefits of working with others and consider how teamwork can enrich both personal and professional aspects of your life.
  • Balance Strategy with Transparency: While maintaining your strategic approach, work on being more transparent and straightforward, especially in close relationships.

Seen through the upright Seven of Swords, your current approach to life might appear to others as tactically adept yet somewhat solitary. It’s a path where you might benefit from balancing your strategic nature with more openness and collaboration, helping you navigate towards richer, more fulfilling connections and experiences.

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The Seven Of Swords Reversed As How Someone See’s You

When viewed through the reversed Seven of Swords, people may perceive you as shifting away from a previously solitary and strategic approach, moving towards greater transparency and collaboration. This reversal often indicates a departure from tactics that may have involved secrecy or acting alone, suggesting a new phase of openness and honesty. Those around you might notice this change, seeing you as becoming more forthcoming and willing to engage openly in various aspects of life.

Seven Of Swords Reversed As How Someone See's You

For Singles

Potential romantic partners may observe a change in your approach to relationships. Where you might have once seemed guarded or elusive, you now appear more open and genuine, making it easier for them to connect with you on a deeper level.

For New Relationships

In a new relationship, your partner likely appreciates your increasing honesty and directness. This change can create a sense of security and trust, laying a strong foundation for the future of your relationship.

For Existing Relationships

Your long-term partner may welcome your newfound openness. What might have previously been a more individualistic approach now gives way to more joint decision-making and shared experiences, strengthening your bond.

For Exes

Ex-partners might recognize your move towards transparency and collaboration as a positive shift. This change could reflect personal growth and a willingness to approach relationships differently than in the past.

In Careers

At work, colleagues and supervisors are likely to see you as more of a team player. Your shift from working independently to engaging more collaboratively could lead to improved teamwork and collective success.

For Friendship

Friends probably notice and appreciate your more open and inclusive approach. Your willingness to share and collaborate more can enrich your friendships, making your interactions more meaningful and connected.


You may view this transformation as a significant step in your personal development. Recognizing the limitations of a solitary approach, you might now see the value in openness, honesty, and working alongside others.

What You Should Do

  • Continue Embracing Openness: Keep fostering a transparent and honest approach in your interactions.
  • Cultivate Collaborative Relationships: Seek out opportunities to work and engage with others, appreciating the benefits of shared experiences and ideas.
  • Reflect on Your Growth: Acknowledge the personal growth that comes with this change, understanding how it positively impacts your relationships and endeavors.

Seen through the reversed Seven of Swords, your evolving approach to life is becoming more visible to those around you. This shift towards openness and collaboration marks a significant change in how you navigate the world, promising richer and more fulfilling experiences in both personal and professional spheres.

Seven Of Swords As How Someone See's You Infographic

Combinations That Go With The Seven Of Swords For How Someone See’s You

In tarot, the Seven of Swords often hints at tactics, discretion, and sometimes, a bit of sneakiness. It’s like being in a situation where you’ve got to be a bit clever or cautious. Now, when this card shows up alongside others in a reading about how someone perceives you, it’s like getting a sneak peek into their thoughts about your strategic side, how you handle tricky situations, and maybe even your secretive streak. Let’s shuffle the deck and see what unique insights different combinations with the Seven of Swords reveal about you in the eyes of others.

Seven of Swords and The Lovers

Combining the Seven of Swords with The Lovers might suggest that others see you as someone who makes strategic choices in relationships. Maybe you’re seen as a bit guarded in love, or as someone who weighs decisions carefully, always thinking a few steps ahead in matters of the heart.

Seven of Swords and The Wheel of Fortune

With The Wheel of Fortune, the Seven of Swords could indicate that people view you as someone who navigates life’s ups and downs with a bit of craftiness. You might be seen as adapting quickly to change, always with a trick up your sleeve, ready to turn any situation to your advantage.

Seven of Swords and Strength

When paired with Strength, the Seven of Swords might imply that you’re seen as combining cleverness with inner fortitude. People could view you as someone who tackles challenges not just with brute force, but with a smart, calculated approach, using both brain and brawn.

Seven of Swords and The Star

The Seven of Swords alongside The Star could suggest that people see you as someone with high aspirations, but perhaps a bit elusive in how you pursue your goals. You might be viewed as a dreamer with a plan, always keeping some of your strategies and hopes close to your chest.

Seven of Swords and Judgment

With Judgment, the Seven of Swords can imply that others view you as a bit of a mystery, making decisions based on your own unique moral compass. You might be seen as someone who operates a bit differently, always thinking outside the box and making choices that surprise others.

Seven of Swords and The World

The combination of the Seven of Swords with The World might indicate that you’re seen as a global thinker with a few secrets. This pairing suggests that people see you as someone who has a broad vision and is always a few steps ahead, but maybe not always revealing your full game plan.


In summary, being perceived as the Seven of Swords suggests a view of you as secretive or possibly deceptive. This card conveys mistrust or caution from others, seeing you as someone who might not be entirely transparent or who could have hidden motives. It also indicates a preference for avoiding direct confrontation, perhaps choosing subtler, indirect methods.

Reversed, the Seven of Swords can imply a reconsideration of deceptive tactics or a movement towards greater honesty. This perspective suggests you’re seen as someone who is coming to terms with the consequences of previous secrecy or cunning, possibly seeking to rectify misunderstandings or rebuild trust.

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