Six Of Pentacles As Feelings: Love Is Kind (& Generous)

Unveiling the Six of Pentacles in a feelings-oriented reading opens up dialogues about emotional generosity and inequality. But there’s more nuance to it. This card calls for a keen examination of the emotional ledger, of what you give and receive emotionally.

Ever felt like the emotional benefactor or beneficiary in a situation? That’s the Six of Pentacles urging you to account for the emotional balances and imbalances in your life. Ready to adjust the scales? Keep reading.

Key Takeaways

General Symbolism

  • Emotional Generosity: A flow of kindness and compassion in emotional exchanges.
  • Balance: The card asks for equitable give-and-take in relationships.
  • Scrutiny: Calls for careful consideration of emotional contracts and agreements.
  • Long-Term Perspective: Advises a sustainable approach to emotional investments.

Upright Six of Pentacles

  • Singles: Focus on achieving emotional reciprocity with potential romantic partners.
  • Couples: Time to assess the division of emotional labor and responsibilities.
  • Ex-Partners: Indicates lingering emotional debts that need to be addressed.
  • Family/Friends: Highlights the importance of both giving and receiving emotional support.

Reversed Six of Pentacles

  • Singles: Risk of emotional imbalance; you might be giving too much or too little.
  • Couples: Signals imbalances that need to be recalibrated through open communication.
  • Ex-Partners: Suggests unresolved emotional or material issues that require closure.
  • Family/Friends: Time to reassess and amend the emotional contributions in these relationships.

What Does Six Of Pentacles As Feelings Symbolize?

The Six of Pentacles frequently brings up themes related to generosity, especially in the realm of emotions. You might find yourself either on the receiving end of emotional support or being the benefactor in providing that support to someone else. The sentiment here is genuinely beautiful—kindness and compassion flowing in and out. However, it begs the question, “Am I giving or receiving emotional support in a way that’s balanced and fair to all parties involved?”

If you’re investing your love, care, and emotional labor into someone, it’s only fair to expect a balanced return.

In the world of emotional generosity, not everything is as simple as it seems. Generosity often has its terms and conditions, whether stated or implied. The Six of Pentacles advises us to scrutinize these emotional contracts carefully. Are we investing our feelings into something genuine, or could there be a hidden agenda? It might be time to ask.

While the immediate scenery might look promising, this card calls for a long-term perspective. Will your current emotional investments be sustainable in the long run? Will they bring emotional fulfillment or potential emotional bankruptcy down the line? These are crucial factors to consider, especially if you aim to maintain emotional balance for years to come.

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What Does The Upright Six Of Pentacles As Feelings Symbolize?

When this card shows up in a feelings reading, it’s like a window into the give-and-take of your emotional life. It asks you to ponder on how emotional energies are being distributed, both in what you give to others and what you receive in return. In a world that’s emotionally taxing, it’s as if the universe is holding up a mirror, asking, “How balanced is your emotional ledger?” Are you being emotionally generous, or are you on the receiving end? Are the emotional exchanges in your life equitable?

  • Emotional Generosity: One of the key features of the Six of Pentacles is the theme of generosity. In the context of emotions, this could refer to freely giving love, understanding, or emotional support. Do you find yourself freely offering emotional sustenance to others?
  • The Art of Receiving: As much as this card celebrates giving, it also highlights the importance of being able to receive. Whether it’s love, guidance, or emotional support, receiving is an art in itself. Are you open and willing to accept what others offer you emotionally?
  • Emotional Boundaries: Interestingly, the Six of Pentacles also raises questions about emotional boundaries. It can be a reminder that while giving is good, overextending yourself can lead to emotional burnout. Are you maintaining healthy boundaries to ensure your emotional well-being?
  • Emotional Justice: This card taps into the idea of fairness and justice, particularly in emotional exchanges. It could signify that a previously imbalanced emotional situation is being corrected. Have you recently felt a sense of emotional equilibrium restored in your relationships?
  • Ebb and Flow of Relationships: Lastly, the Six of Pentacles speaks to the cyclical nature of emotional exchanges. Relationships often go through periods where the balance of giving and receiving shifts. Are you adapting to the natural ebb and flow in your emotional relationships?
Upright Six Of Pentacles As Feelings

For Singles:

The Six of Pentacles is a fascinating card for singles, as it nudges you to scrutinize your emotional balance when dealing with potential romantic partners. Are you giving too much of yourself emotionally without getting anything in return, or vice versa? This card serves as a gentle reminder to focus not only on providing love and understanding but also on being open to receiving it. If you’re going out on dates, ask yourself, are you experiencing emotional reciprocity or is it a one-sided affair?

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For Existing Relationships:

In established relationships, this card carries significant weight. It essentially asks you to take stock of how well emotional responsibilities and benefits are being shared between you and your partner. If you find that you’ve been the one carrying most of the emotional load, it may be time for an earnest conversation to restore equilibrium. How is the emotional labor divided in your relationship, and is it fair to both parties? Rebalancing now can save a lot of stress and heartache down the line.

For Exes:

When you find this card coming up in the context of ex-relationships, it can often signify lingering emotional debts that need to be settled. This might manifest as unresolved conflicts, emotional baggage, or even financial matters like alimony. These unresolved issues can weigh you down, affecting your emotional well-being and hindering your ability to move forward. Are there unresolved threads that need tying up to allow for a new emotional chapter in your life?

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For Family and Friends:

This card becomes incredibly poignant when considering your emotional interactions with family and friends. It’s wonderful to be the emotionally supportive person in your circle, but this card urges you to examine whether or not you’re also allowing yourself to be nurtured. It’s easy to fall into the trap of being the caregiver and ignoring your own needs. Are you being emotionally replenished by your social circle, or are you headed for emotional burnout?

What Does Six Of Pentacles Reversed As Feelings Symbolize?

The Six of Pentacles Reversed is a bit of an emotional disruptor. Whereas its upright version speaks of balance and mutual exchange, flip it over and you get an entirely different narrative—one of imbalance, inequality, and possibly even manipulation. This card’s appearance in a feelings reading is like an emotional red flag, signaling that something’s a bit off-kilter. Are you in a relationship where the give-and-take is uneven, or have you been feeling emotionally exploited? Time to dive in and explore what this card has to say.

  • Emotional Exploitation: The most striking message of the reversed Six of Pentacles is the potential for emotional exploitation. This card suggests that you or someone else might be giving or taking disproportionately. Ever felt like you’re the emotional crutch for someone but not getting the same support in return?
  • Strings Attached: Another nuance this card brings to the table is the concept of emotional manipulation. Sometimes, acts of kindness or emotional support come with strings attached. Have you experienced situations where emotional favors felt more like power plays?
  • Unmet Emotional Needs: The reversed Six of Pentacles also raises the issue of unmet emotional needs. It could indicate that you’re giving more than you’re receiving, which can result in feelings of depletion or resentment. Are your emotional needs being overlooked or disregarded?
  • Emotional Codependency: This card can also flag the issue of emotional codependency. It’s a cautionary sign, warning you about relationships that may seem mutually supportive but are actually imbalanced. Have you noticed any codependent tendencies in your relationships lately?
  • Emotional Boundaries Revisited: Lastly, whereas the upright Six talks about maintaining boundaries, the reversed suggests that boundaries may be crossed or disregarded. Are you clear about your emotional boundaries, and are they being respected?
Six Of Pentacles Reversedd As Feelings

For Singles:

When it comes to feelings, the Six of Pentacles for singles suggests you might be struggling with unequal emotional investment. Are you giving too much of yourself without getting enough in return? Or maybe you’ve been a bit too self-absorbed, missing chances to connect. The universe nudges you to take stock and even out those emotional scales.

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In Existing Relationships:

So, you’ve been together for a while, but suddenly you draw the Six of Pentacles reversed. Don’t panic; this isn’t a dire sign, but it is a wake-up call. There might be imbalances in your emotional or even financial investments in the relationship. Maybe one partner has become the giver while the other is predominantly taking. The question is, how do you restore that give-and-take? Open, honest communication is the key to getting things back on track.

For Exes:

What’s that phrase? “Old flames can burn you”? Well, the Six of Pentacles reversed taps into that sentiment. When this card shows up in the context of an ex-relationship, it signals unresolved emotional or material imbalances. You might still feel you owe them something, or vice versa. On the flip side, maybe you’re giving too much emotional energy to a past relationship that’s not worth it. Either way, it’s time to think about closure. How can you close this chapter and regain emotional equilibrium?

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Friendships and family relationships aren’t immune to imbalances, and that’s what the Six of Pentacles reversed highlights. Maybe you’ve been the go-to person for emotional support but feel your tank running empty. Or perhaps you’ve neglected your emotional duties, letting others bear the weight. Are you contributing fairly to the emotional piggy bank of your relationships? Now’s the time to reassess and make amends.

Six Of Pentacles As Feelings Infographic

Six Of Pentacles Combinations As Feelings

By pairing the Six of Pentacles with other cards, we can uncover more intricate layers of its meaning. Here are six card combinations that add depth and nuance to the Six of Pentacles in a feelings reading.

Six of Pentacles + The Lovers

When the Six of Pentacles meets The Lovers, it highlights the theme of emotional reciprocity in relationships. The Lovers often signify choices and partnership, and in this case, the choice to give or receive love openly. Feeling a bit uncertain about the give-and-take in your relationship? This combination serves as a reminder that emotional generosity and understanding can enhance your connection with your loved one.

Six of Pentacles + Nine of Swords

Paired with the Nine of Swords, the Six of Pentacles might signify that anxiety or fear is affecting the emotional balance. The Nine of Swords represents worries and mental anguish, while the Six of Pentacles usually symbolizes a balanced give-and-take. Are you worried about whether you’re giving too much or too little emotionally? This combo suggests you examine the root of your anxieties to find emotional equilibrium.

Six of Pentacles + Strength

When coupled with Strength, the Six of Pentacles emphasizes the role of emotional courage and resilience in maintaining balance. Strength represents inner fortitude and the ability to handle challenges gracefully. Do you feel like you’re the pillar of emotional support for others? This pairing offers a moment to recognize your emotional resilience and the generous role you play, but also a reminder to balance your own needs.

Six of Pentacles + Ten of Wands

The Ten of Wands, a card often representing burden or responsibility, adds a layer of complexity when combined with the Six of Pentacles. This duo might suggest that you’re carrying an emotional load that’s affecting your ability to give or receive freely. Are you overwhelmed by emotional responsibilities to the point it’s affecting your balance? If so, this combination invites you to reassess your emotional boundaries.

Six of Pentacles + The Wheel of Fortune

With the Wheel of Fortune, the Six of Pentacles suggests that the dynamics of giving and receiving are in a state of flux. The Wheel of Fortune symbolizes cycles, fate, and change. Does it feel like the emotional tides are shifting in your life? This pairing emphasizes that the balance of emotional give-and-take may be subject to changes beyond your control, encouraging adaptability.

Six of Pentacles + Judgment

When paired with Judgment, the Six of Pentacles often signifies a moment of realization or awakening about the nature of emotional generosity in your life. Judgment deals with rebirth, understanding, and self-reflection. Are you having a light-bulb moment about how you give or receive emotional support? This combo signifies that such insights could lead to a more balanced emotional life.


So, The Six of Pentacles is a powerful tarot card that speaks volumes about emotional generosity and balance. When this card appears in a reading, it urges you to reflect on the dynamics of giving and receiving emotional support. In essence, it asks, “Is the emotional support you’re providing or receiving balanced and fair?”

While the card celebrates the beauty of emotional kindness, it also cautions against potential pitfalls. Are you scrutinizing the emotional ‘terms and conditions’ involved? Are your emotional investments sustainable in the long run? These are the key questions to ponder, ensuring you’re involved in genuine emotional transactions that can stand the test of time.

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