Six Of Swords As Feelings: Is The Worst Behind You?

The Six of Swords is an evocative tarot card that offers a passage from tumultuous waters to calmer shores. Whether you’re basking in self-discovery, transitioning into a more stable phase of romance, or seeking resolution in a long-term relationship, the Six of Swords provides guidance.

Stay with me as we voyage through the emotional seas charted by the Six of Swords. We’ll dive deep into its tranquil symbolism, learn about its implications for your love and relationships, and explore its interactions with other cards in your tarot spread.

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Key Takeaways

General Symbolism

  • Emotional Transition: Moving from a state of emotional turbulence to calmness.
  • Bittersweet Journey: Accepting change, even when it comes with some pain.
  • Intellectual Clarity: A time where rational thought aids emotional understanding.
  • Caution: Emotional baggage accompanies you in this transition.

Upright Six of Swords

  • Singles: Time for healing and self-reflection.
  • Couples: Emotional reset and rebuilding.
  • Ex-Partners: A moment to accept the past and move on.
  • Family/Friends: Resolve lingering disputes and seek emotional stability.

Reversed Six of Swords

  • Singles: Stuck in emotional limbo.
  • Couples: Time for reevaluation and facing fears.
  • Ex-Partners: Revisiting old wounds and reassessing their impact.
  • Family/Friends: Questioning the emotional roles you’ve outgrown.

What Does Six Of Swords As Feelings Symbolize?

When the Six of Swords enters a tarot reading about feelings, it often suggests a transition from turbulent emotions to a more peaceful state of mind. Imagine you’re on a boat, leaving behind choppy waters and heading towards a calmer destination, that’s the energy of the six of swords.

In short, the Six of Swords captures the essence of moving forward, even when the ride is bittersweet. It encourages you to carry your lessons, symbolized by the swords on the boat, as you transition into a new emotional phase.

This card is a gentle reminder that change, although sometimes uncomfortable, is often necessary for emotional growth. The end of one chapter marks the beginning of another, and the Six of Swords suggests that you’re moving in the right direction. So, are you ready to welcome the new emotional landscapes that lie ahead?

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What Does The Upright Six Of Swords As Feelings Symbolize?

The Upright Six of Swords is a card of transition, often pointing to a shift from a turbulent emotional state to a more peaceful one. Unlike the conflict-laden Five of Swords, this card suggests you’re moving toward emotional clarity and resolution, albeit with some lingering sadness or baggage.

  • Emotional Relocation: Imagine shifting from a frenzied emotional climate to a calmer one. That’s what the Six of Swords embodies. It’s like finally leaving a toxic environment for something healthier. Are you finding a new emotional “home” where you feel more aligned with your true self?
  • Carrying Emotional Baggage: Although this card suggests a move toward something better, it also reminds you that some emotional baggage will still come along for the ride. It’s akin to moving to a new city for a fresh start but realizing you still have old habits to break. What are you still holding onto that might weigh you down?
  • Navigating Through Emotional Waters: The Six of Swords often appears when you’re successfully navigating through emotional complexities. Like a sailor mastering the tides, you’re learning how to manage your feelings more effectively. Are you developing new coping mechanisms that help you steer through emotional challenges?
  • Intellectual Clarity: This card also hints at a period where rational thought helps in emotional situations. Have you recently had a sudden epiphany that brought emotional clarity? Sometimes, a logical perspective can offer the emotional respite you need.
  • Journey of Healing: At its core, the Six of Swords represents a journey toward emotional healing and better days. Even if the transition feels bittersweet, the ultimate destination promises a more peaceful emotional state. Are you prepared for this journey, knowing it will bring both challenges and rewards?
Upright Six Of Swords As Feelings

For Singles

Imagine the Six of Swords as that healing road trip you take after a breakup. You’re driving away from a place of emotional chaos, maybe even from a toxic past relationship, toward something that promises more peace. Yes, you’re single now, but are you feeling a newfound sense of alignment with your true self? It’s a moment of reckoning that can be both freeing and a tad bittersweet.

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For Those in Relationships

In a relationship, this card is like that calm, constructive conversation you have after a big fight. The drama is settling, and you’re both moving toward emotional stability. Yet, don’t forget, you’ll still be carrying some baggage into this newfound tranquility. Maybe it’s trust issues or insecurities. The question is, can you work on shedding that baggage for the sake of a healthier emotional landscape?

For Exes

If you’ve been ruminating over an ex, the Six of Swords might feel like finally unmuting them on social media—not because you want to slide back into their DMs, but because you’re genuinely healing. It’s a shift, like feeling less and less of a sting when you hear their name. Are you prepared to accept that the relationship is in the past and the hold they once had over you is gone.

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For Family and Friends

Family and friends often offer the emotional buoyancy we need, and the Six of Swords suggests a positive shift in these relationships. It’s like finally resolving that family dispute that’s been lingering for months. Even though some emotional scars may linger, you’re undoubtedly moving toward smoother waters. So, are you ready to embrace these changes, even if they come with a bit of nostalgia for the past?

What Does Six Of Swords Reversed As Feelings Symbolize?

When it comes to feelings, the Reversed Six of Cups is a complicated card, often marking a departure from the nostalgia and innocence associated with its upright version. This card in reverse can signal various emotional states, including being stuck in the past, fear of moving forward, or even liberating yourself from outgrown emotional patterns.

  • Emotional Stagnation: One facet of this card is the tendency to be emotionally fixated on the past. Have you ever felt stuck in a previous chapter of your life, unable to turn the page? This card suggests it might be time to confront and deal with these lingering feelings.
  • Fear of the Future: The Reversed Six of Cups might indicate a sense of trepidation or anxiety about what lies ahead. Like when you’re nervous about taking the next step in a relationship or career, it asks you, “What fears are holding you back from enjoying the present and embracing the future?”
  • Reevaluation of Relationships: The Six of Cups also signifies that you may need to reevaluate past relationships and their emotional impact on you. Could it be that a friendship or romance from your past isn’t as rosy as you remembered it? Are old relationships impacting your current emotional well-being?
  • Breaking Free from the Past: On a more uplifting note, this card can symbolize breaking free from previous emotional confines. Just like deciding to change old, unproductive habits, it could be a sign of emotionally outgrowing past limitations. Are you ready to step out of your emotional comfort zone?
  • Inner Child Healing: Sometimes, the Reversed Six of Cups can point to a need to address issues from your childhood that are affecting your emotional state today. Have you considered that old wounds might be influencing your current emotional responses?
Six Of Swords Reversed As Feelings

For Singles

Picture the Reversed Six of Cups as that old love song that you can’t stop replaying, but maybe it’s time you hit ‘next.’ This card often signals an emotional hang-up with the past. Perhaps you’re stuck pining over an old flame when you should be embracing new opportunities. Ask yourself, is holding onto the past really serving your emotional well-being right now?

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For Those in Relationships

In a committed relationship, this card can feel like a stark realization: maybe the ‘honeymoon phase’ glasses have finally come off. It’s a moment that calls for reevaluating the emotional landscape of your relationship. Could it be that certain aspects aren’t as wonderful as you once thought? Are lingering issues from past relationships clouding your current one?

For Exes

Ex-partners often come wrapped in a layer of nostalgia, but the Reversed Six of Cups advises caution. Perhaps it’s time to reassess what that past relationship truly represented for you emotionally. Was it as picture-perfect as you remember, or are you idealizing the past? Are these emotional flashbacks affecting your capacity to move forward?

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For Family and Friends

In the realm of family and friendships, this card can act as a wakeup call. Maybe you’ve outgrown certain relationships or familial roles. Just like choosing to leave behind childhood toys, are you ready to let go of relationships that no longer serve your emotional growth? It could also hint at unresolved issues from your youth affecting your interactions today.

Six Of Swords As Feelings Infographic

Six Of Swords Combinations As Feelings

Ah, the Six of Swords—a card that often signifies transition, moving from turbulent waters to calmer ones. A feelings reading with this card already hints at emotional shifts. But what happens when this card pairs with others from the Major and Minor Arcana? The combinations can offer deep insights, adding layers to your tarot reading. Here are six intriguing combos to consider:

1. Six of Swords & The Lovers

When the Six of Swords combines with The Lovers, it suggests that someone is grappling with a decision in their love life. Is it time to move on, or is there a new phase of deep emotional connection? It’s a bit like standing at a crossroads, trying to make sense of your heart’s compass.

2. Six of Swords & The Tower

Oof! This combo usually isn’t what you want to see. The Tower implies sudden changes or revelations. Paired with the Six of Swords, this can signify an emotional upheaval that propels you to seek better circumstances. It’s unsettling but also liberating—think of it as the universe hitting the “reset” button on your emotional state.

3. Six of Swords & Queen of Cups

What a harmonious blend! The Queen of Cups is emotionally intuitive, nurturing, and understands the depths of feelings like no other. When she comes alongside the Six of Swords, it’s like having a wise friend guiding you through emotional transitions. Trust your intuition and embrace the emotional wisdom this duo brings.

4. Six of Swords & Nine of Wands

When you pair the Six of Swords with the Nine of Wands, you’re looking at someone who’s been through the emotional ringer. They’re tired, but they’re not giving up. This combo says, “Hey, you’ve got the battle scars to prove your resilience, and now you’re heading toward a new emotional chapter.”

5. Six of Swords & The Hermit

The Hermit with the Six of Swords brings introspection into the mix. Are you in the process of soul-searching? Trying to gain emotional clarity? This pair nudges you to take some time out for deep contemplation. It’s your soul’s way of saying, “Let’s find that inner light to guide you to calmer waters.”

6. Six of Swords & Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles signifies new beginnings, and when it pairs with the Six of Swords, oh boy, are you in for a fresh emotional start. The physical and emotional realms are linking up, possibly signaling a new relationship or a renewed sense of self-love.


In the voyage of understanding the Six of Swords, we’ve uncovered its essence as a card of emotional transition and growth. Whether it shows up in an upright or reversed position, the card nudges us toward evaluating our emotional landscapes. From shifting away from turbulence to embracing clarity, it acts like a symbolic compass pointing you toward calmer emotional waters. It’s a sign that you’re not just drifting; you’re navigating toward something better.

Yet, it’s crucial to remember that this journey often comes with its own set of baggage—both literal and metaphorical. Whether you’re stepping into a new relationship or finding closure from the past, the Six of Swords asks you to consider what you’re bringing along. It challenges us to not only move forward but also to understand the complexities of what we leave behind and what we take with us. So, are you prepared to set sail on this emotional voyage?

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