Six Of Swords As How Someone Sees You: Upright & Reversed

Being seen as the Six of Swords could mean others think you’re moving away from a hard time and heading somewhere better. Are they seeing this as a good move for you, like getting away from trouble, or do they feel you’re leaving something behind? This card is all about going from rough times to a calmer place.

We’ll explore what this journey might mean for you. Are you the type who bravely gets through tough times, or do they see you as someone who’s just trying to find some peace? Understanding this can tell us a lot about how you handle life’s ups and downs.

Key Takeaways

The Upright Six of Swords

  • For Singles: You’re seen as moving past old heartaches. Others view you as heading towards healing and self-discovery.
  • For New Relationships: Your partner sees your past struggles but appreciates your positive outlook in building something new.
  • For Existing Relationships: Your significant other recognizes your growth. They support your move away from past issues.
  • For Exes: Ex-partners see your meaningful transition. They recognize your move from past troubles towards growth.
  • In Careers: At work, you’re seen as overcoming past challenges. Colleagues notice your efforts towards a positive environment.
  • For Friendship: Friends see your resilience. They admire your journey from turbulence to peace.
  • Self-Perception: You view this period as significant growth. You’re actively working towards a more stable future.

The Reversed Six of Swords

  • For Singles: Potential partners see you grappling with past relationship echoes. You might seem not quite ready for new romance.
  • For New Relationships: Your partner may sense your hesitation. They feel you might be holding back due to past issues.
  • For Existing Relationships: Your partner feels you’re struggling with unresolved matters. They see these issues hindering your relationship’s progress.
  • For Exes: Exes recall your difficulty in moving on. They see your ongoing challenge with leaving tough times behind.
  • In Careers: Colleagues notice your hesitance in embracing change. They see you clinging to familiar methods.
  • For Friendship: Friends are aware of your struggle with change. They’re ready to support you through these challenges.
  • Self-Perception: You recognize your current struggle. You’re seeking ways to move beyond these challenges into a happier phase.

Symbolism of The Six Of Swords

In the Six of Swords, figures are depicted on a boat, moving across water from rough to calmer shores. The boat is often steered by another figure, and the swords placed at the bottom of the boat suggest that the journey is fraught with memories or issues that are being carried along.

This card symbolizes transition, moving away from turbulence towards a more peaceful state. The journey across water represents a rite of passage, a necessary path to stability and a better future. It reflects the idea of leaving behind difficult circumstances and progressing towards a more hopeful and stable situation, albeit with some lingering challenges.

The Upright Six Of Swords As How Someone See’s You

When viewed through the lens of the Six of Swords, others may perceive you as someone who is transitioning from a turbulent phase to a more stable and calmer state. This tarot card often symbolizes a journey away from difficulties towards a place of greater peace and clarity. To those around you, it might suggest that you are navigating through challenging circumstances with a focus on moving towards a better situation, even if the journey isn’t entirely free from challenges.

Six Of Swords Upright As How Someone See's You

For Singles

In the realm of dating and relationships, potential partners might see you as someone who is moving past previous struggles or heartaches. They may perceive you as embarking on a journey towards healing and self-discovery, which could make you seem more introspective and thoughtful in your approach to new relationships.

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For New Relationships

If you’re in a new relationship, your partner likely appreciates your transition from past difficulties towards building something more positive and stable. They might see you as someone who is bringing lessons learned from past experiences to create a healthier and more fulfilling relationship.

For Existing Relationships

In an ongoing relationship, your significant other might recognize and support your journey away from past issues or conflicts. They may see this as a phase of growth for both of you, appreciating the effort you’re putting into moving the relationship into a calmer and more stable phase.

For Exes

Ex-partners might view your current path as a meaningful transition, recognizing that you are moving away from past troubles towards personal growth. They may see this change as a positive development, indicating your ability to learn from and move beyond previous challenges.

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In Careers

At work, colleagues and supervisors likely observe your efforts to move beyond past challenges, whether they are personal or professional. They might see you as someone who is actively working towards creating a more positive and productive environment, navigating through any difficulties with a focus on improvement and progress.

For Friendship

Friends probably notice your journey from a potentially turbulent period to a more peaceful and stable state. They may admire your resilience and your ability to navigate through tough times, seeing you as a source of inspiration for overcoming adversity.

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You may view this period as a significant phase of transition and growth. Recognizing the challenges you’ve faced, you see yourself as actively working towards a more stable and positive future, both in your personal life and in other areas.

What You Should Do

  • Continue Navigating Forward: Keep focusing on moving forward and transitioning from past difficulties to a more peaceful phase.
  • Learn from Past Experiences: Use the lessons learned from past challenges to inform your decisions and actions as you move forward.
  • Seek Support When Needed: Don’t hesitate to seek support from friends, family, or professionals as you navigate this transition. It’s okay to ask for help on your journey.

Through the Six of Swords, your path of moving away from difficulties towards a more peaceful and stable situation is evident to those around you. This perception highlights your resilience and your commitment to personal growth and improvement. Your journey, marked by a steady transition, is seen as a testament to your ability to overcome challenges and move towards a more positive future.

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The Six Of Swords Reversed As How Someone See’s You

When people look at you through the reversed Six of Swords, they likely see someone who’s having a tough time moving from a rough patch to smoother waters. This card in its reversed form usually points to struggles in leaving behind hard times and stepping into a more peaceful chapter. To those who know you, it might seem like you’re stuck in the middle of your journey, unsure or unable to leave the choppy seas behind for calmer shores.

Six Of Swords Reversed As How Someone See's You

For Singles

In the world of dating, you might come across to potential partners as someone who’s still working through the echoes of past relationships or emotional challenges. It could appear to them that you’re not quite ready to dive into a new romantic adventure, as if you’re still tethered to memories or experiences from the past.

For New Relationships

If you’re in the early stages of a relationship, your partner might sense a bit of hesitation in you. They could feel that you’re holding back because of past hurts or unresolved issues, which might be casting a shadow on your ability to fully embrace this new love.

For Existing Relationships

For your long-term partner, it might seem like you’re struggling with certain issues or conflicts that just won’t let go. They may feel that these unresolved matters are putting a damper on the relationship’s progress, creating a sense of frustration or making it seem like things are at a standstill.

For Exes

Your ex-partners might look at where you are now and think about how you’ve often found it hard to let go and move forward. They may see this as something that was a challenge in your relationship with them, a recurring theme of struggling to step away from tough times and into better ones.

In Careers

At work, your colleagues and supervisors might notice that you seem hesitant to embrace new methods or changes. To them, it might look like you’re holding onto familiar, but maybe outdated, ways of doing things, which could be slowing down your professional growth and adaptability.

For Friendship

Your friends are likely to see your resistance to moving on from past issues or adapting to new chapters in life. They might worry about your ability to tackle these challenges head-on, and they could be ready to offer a helping hand or a listening ear to help you navigate through these times.


You probably see yourself as being in a tough spot, where moving beyond past troubles feels more overwhelming than you’d like. You might be actively searching for ways to break free from these challenges, seeking a path to a more stable and happier phase in your life.

What You Should Do

  • Face Your Past Head-On: Try to really confront and deal with any lingering issues from your past. It’s about acknowledging these challenges and actively working to resolve them.
  • Be Open to Change: Recognize that change is a part of life, and it’s often for the better. Be willing to take the necessary steps, even if they’re small ones, towards making positive changes.
  • Lean on Your Support System: Remember, it’s okay to ask for help. Whether it’s friends, family, or professionals, having support can make a world of difference as you work through this transition.

Seen through the reversed Six of Swords, your current phase of life might seem to others like a challenging transition. It’s a journey where you’re trying to leave behind rough times and sail towards a more peaceful and fulfilling future. Tackling these challenges bravely, being open to change, and accepting support can be crucial in helping you navigate towards the calm and stability you’re seeking.

Six Of Swords As How Someone See's You Infographic

Combinations That Go With The Six Of Swords For How Someone See’s You

When this Six Of Swords appears with others in a reading about how someone sees you, it can shed light on their perceptions of your approach to change, your way of handling life’s shifts, and your journey towards improvement. Let’s dive into various combinations to understand more about how people might view your journey and adaptability.

Six of Swords and The Fool

When the Six of Swords meets The Fool, it suggests that people might see you as someone who embraces new beginnings with an open, optimistic mindset. You’re likely viewed as ready to move forward from challenging situations, stepping into the unknown with a sense of adventure and hope.

Six of Swords and The Magician

The combination of the Six of Swords with The Magician could indicate that others see you as resourceful and adaptable in times of transition. This pairing might show that people think you have the skills and ability to turn challenging situations into opportunities for growth and positive change.

Six of Swords and The High Priestess

Pairing the Six of Swords with The High Priestess might imply that people see you as someone who navigates changes with intuition and inner wisdom. This combination suggests that you’re viewed as deeply reflective and insightful, using your inner knowledge to guide you through life’s transitions.

Six of Swords and The Emperor

With The Emperor, the Six of Swords can signify that others view you as someone who approaches changes and transitions with structure and authority. This pairing suggests that you are seen as a stabilizing force, bringing order and control to the process of moving forward.

Six of Swords and The Star

When combined with The Star, the Six of Swords implies that people see you as hopeful and inspirational during times of change. This combination can indicate that you’re viewed as someone who brings optimism and a sense of renewal to the process of moving on from difficult situations.

Six of Swords and The Tower

The Six of Swords alongside The Tower might suggest that others view you as someone who can navigate through sudden and dramatic changes with a sense of calm and purpose. This pairing indicates that you’re seen as capable of finding a path to stability and recovery, even in the midst of chaos and upheaval.


In summary, the Six of Swords portrays you as someone transitioning from turbulent times to calmer waters. This view suggests you’re moving away from turmoil, seeking solace or stability. It can also indicate you’re perceived as a guiding figure, helping others navigate their own difficulties towards more peaceful circumstances.

Reversed, the Six of Swords suggests a delay or reluctance in moving away from difficulty. This perspective might indicate that you’re perceived as hesitant to leave behind a tumultuous situation, possibly due to unresolved issues or a sense of unfinished business. It can also imply a need for deeper introspection before achieving the tranquility and stability you seek.

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