Six Of Swords As Reconciliation: Upright & Reversed

Drawing the Six of Swords in a reconciliation reading often signals transition and moving on from troubled waters to calmer shores. This card can hint at a journey away from conflict towards a more peaceful state. But what does this transition look like for you and your partner? Are you both ready to leave behind the turbulent times and move towards a more harmonious future? The Six of Swords encourages you to embrace this journey, even though it might mean navigating through some residual emotions.

Consider how moving on from past conflicts can open up new possibilities for your relationship. Think about the importance of this journey – how can moving forward, both literally and metaphorically, help you find peace and a new understanding in your relationship?

Key Takeaways

The Upright Six Of Swords

  • For Exes: Indicates moving from conflict to understanding; transitioning to a peaceful relationship phase.
  • For Recent Breakups: Symbolizes moving on from pain; starting to see reasons behind the breakup clearly.
  • For Long Term Separation: Represents a shift in perspective; potential for a harmonious reunion.
  • For Early Stages of Dating: Signifies overcoming initial conflicts; moving towards greater harmony.
  • For Those On The Fence: Suggests clarity in decision-making; moving away from confusion.
  • For Friends & Family: Moving towards resolution after conflicts; fostering a calmer dynamic.
  • In Careers: Transitioning from workplace conflicts to a more harmonious environment.

The Six Of Swords Reversed

  • For Exes: Indicates hesitation to move past conflicts; need for deeper conversations to resolve issues.
  • For Recent Breakups: Suggests lingering feelings or questions; importance of addressing emotional ties.
  • For Long Term Separation: Points to difficulties in reconciling changes; assessment of current relationship state needed.
  • For Early Stages of Dating: Highlights hesitancy due to past experiences; importance of open communication.
  • For Those On The Fence: Calls for introspection about barriers to reconciliation; understanding personal hesitations.
  • For Friends & Family: Suggests reluctance to move past old disagreements; need for more healing efforts.
  • In Careers: Challenges in resolving workplace conflicts; proactive approach needed for resolution.

Symbolism of The Six Of Swords

The Six of Swords shows a figure, often a woman and child, being ferried across a body of water to a distant land. The water on one side of the boat is typically rough, while it is calmer on the other, symbolizing moving away from turbulence towards a more peaceful state. The swords placed in the boat suggest that while moving on, the figures are still carrying their past troubles or thoughts with them.

This card represents transition, change, and moving towards a potentially better situation. The journey depicted in the Six of Swords is not just physical but also metaphorical, indicating a mental or emotional transition from a place of hardship to one of hope or healing. It suggests leaving behind difficult circumstances and progressing towards a more hopeful and stable future.

The Upright Six Of Swords For Reconciliation

The Six of Swords upright in reconciliation represents a phase of moving away from conflict and towards a calmer, more stable state. It signifies a journey from turbulent waters to smoother ones, suggesting progress in resolving past issues and healing.

This card indicates that both parties are willing to leave behind the rough past and transition into a period of understanding and peace. It’s about moving forward with a sense of hope and mutual agreement, with an aim to find a resolution that benefits everyone involved. The Six of Swords in this position is a positive sign that despite the challenges faced, the relationship is heading towards a more harmonious and settled phase.

Six Of Swords Upright As Reconciliation

For Exes

For ex-partners, the Six of Swords can indicate a journey towards healing and possibly reconciliation. It suggests moving away from the turbulent waters of past conflicts towards a more peaceful and understanding relationship, whether that means coming back together or finding closure. This card implies a shared willingness to leave behind the negative aspects of the past and to move forward with a clearer, more constructive perspective.

For Recent Break Ups

In the case of recent breakups, this card symbolizes the process of moving on from the immediate pain and heartache. It suggests a phase where both parties start to see things more clearly and begin to understand the reasons behind the breakup. The Six of Swords in this scenario points towards a smoother path ahead, where reconciliation might be possible through mutual understanding and a willingness to start anew.

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For Long Term Separation

For long-separated couples, the Six of Swords can represent a significant shift in how you view the past relationship. It might indicate a time where you’re both able to look back with less emotional turbulence and more wisdom, potentially opening the door for reconciliation. This card suggests a journey of growth and understanding that could lead to reuniting with a newfound appreciation for each other.

For Early Stages Of Dating

In new relationships facing challenges, this card signifies moving past initial misunderstandings or conflicts. It suggests a transition period where both partners learn to navigate the relationship more smoothly, leading to greater understanding and harmony. The Six of Swords here encourages open communication and patience as you both learn to adjust to each other’s needs and expectations.

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For Those On The Fence

If you’re undecided about reconciling with someone, the Six of Swords implies a shift towards a clearer state of mind. It suggests that you’re moving away from the confusion and closer to a decision. This card advises you to consider the journey ahead and whether reconciliation will lead to a more peaceful and fulfilling relationship.

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For Friends & Family

Within friendships and family relationships, the Six of Swords can indicate moving towards resolution after conflicts or misunderstandings. It represents a time where the rough waters of disagreement are left behind, and a more peaceful, understanding dynamic takes its place. It’s about progressing towards healing and rebuilding the bond with a calmer, more thoughtful approach.

In Careers

Professionally, this card suggests moving away from workplace conflicts or tension towards a more harmonious environment. It might indicate resolving ongoing issues or finding a new way to work together that benefits all parties. The Six of Swords in a career context is about transitioning to a more stable and productive phase, where cooperation and mutual respect prevail.

The Six of Swords in a reconciliation context is about the journey from conflict to calm, from misunderstanding to understanding. It’s a reminder that moving forward often requires leaving certain things behind and approaching the future with a renewed perspective and a willingness to embrace change for the betterment of the relationship. Whether in personal or professional relationships, this card encourages a peaceful transition towards healing and mutual respect.

Actionable Advice

  • Embrace Change: Be open to new ways of interacting and resolving conflicts.
  • Seek Peaceful Resolutions: Focus on finding solutions that encourage peace and understanding.
  • Let Go of Past Hurt: Actively work to leave behind old grievances and focus on the future.
  • Encourage Open Communication: Maintain clear and honest dialogue as you move forward.
  • Cultivate Optimism: Stay hopeful about the relationship’s future and the potential for continued improvement.

The Six Of Swords Reversed For Reconciliation

When the Six of Swords is reversed, it suggests difficulties in moving away from past conflicts and toward reconciliation. This position indicates that there might be unresolved issues or an inability to fully let go of past grievances, leading to a sense of stagnation.

It’s a sign that the journey towards a peaceful resolution is being hindered by lingering emotions or unresolved matters. The reversed Six of Swords calls for addressing these challenges directly, to enable progress in the reconciliation process. It’s about finding ways to truly leave behind the turbulent past and to work collaboratively towards a more stable and peaceful relationship.

Six Of Swords Reversed As Reconciliation

For Exes

For ex-partners, the Six of Swords reversed can indicate a hesitance to leave behind the turbulent past. There might be unresolved issues or emotional baggage that both parties are struggling to let go of. This card suggests the need for further reflection and possibly more in-depth conversations to truly move past the conflicts and hurts. It’s about recognizing that the path to reconciliation isn’t just about physical reunion but also about navigating the emotional waters that have kept you apart.

For Recent Break Ups

In the aftermath of a recent breakup, this card reversed could signify that you or your partner are not yet ready to move on. There might be lingering feelings or unresolved questions that are preventing a clear path forward, whether that means reconciling or parting ways for good. The Six of Swords reversed calls for patience and understanding, highlighting the importance of addressing these emotional ties before making significant decisions about the future of the relationship.

For Long Term Separation

When considering reconnection after a long-term separation, the Six of Swords reversed points to potential difficulties in bridging the gap created by time and distance. It might be that the changes you’ve both undergone have created new challenges in reconciling your differences. This card suggests a need for a realistic assessment of the relationship’s current state and whether the desire to reconnect is grounded in the present reality or in the memory of what once was.

For Early Stages Of Dating

In new relationships, the reversed Six of Swords can indicate hesitancy in moving the relationship to a deeper level due to past experiences or fears. It’s a reminder that bringing old baggage into a new relationship can hinder its growth. This card encourages open communication about these fears and hesitations, allowing both partners to understand and support each other in overcoming them.

For Those On The Fence

If you’re feeling unsure about reconciling with someone, the Six of Swords reversed asks you to look closely at what’s holding you back. Is it fear of repeating past mistakes, unresolved hurt, or something else? This card encourages introspection and honesty with oneself to understand these barriers fully and to determine whether they can be overcome in a pursuit of reconciliation.

For Friends & Family

Within the context of friendships and family relationships, this card reversed might indicate a reluctance to move past old disagreements or hurts. It can be a sign that more work needs to be done to heal these relationships fully. This may involve having difficult conversations, offering apologies, or simply spending more time understanding each other’s perspectives.

In Careers

Professionally, the Six of Swords reversed suggests that transitioning out of a negative situation or resolving workplace conflicts might be more challenging than expected. It could be an indication that more effort is required to find common ground or to navigate away from a toxic environment. This card encourages a proactive approach to resolving these issues, ensuring that they don’t continue to hinder professional growth and harmony.

The Six of Swords reversed highlights the challenges in moving away from conflict and towards reconciliation. It serves as a reminder that sometimes the journey to a peaceful resolution is not straightforward and requires patience, understanding, and a willingness to address the underlying issues head-on. Whether in personal, familial, or professional relationships, this card underscores the importance of acknowledging and working through the obstacles that prevent progress and healing.

Actionable Advice

  • Identify Lingering Issues: Recognize and address the unresolved matters that are hindering progress.
  • Foster Forgiveness: Work towards forgiving past actions to help move the relationship forward.
  • Reevaluate Your Approach: Consider if a different strategy might be more effective in achieving reconciliation.
  • Seek Help if Needed: Sometimes external guidance or counseling can assist in moving past difficult issues.
  • Focus on Future Goals: Redirect your attention towards building a positive and peaceful future together.

Combinations That Go With The Six Of Swords For Reconciliation

In tarot readings focused on reconciliation, the Six of Swords paired with other cards often symbolizes a journey towards a calmer, more stable state after a period of turmoil or conflict. This card typically represents transition, moving away from rough waters into smoother ones, and suggests a shift from discord to understanding. When combined with other cards, it illuminates the path of moving forward, offering insights into how relationships can evolve and heal after challenging times.

Six of Swords and The Star

The Six of Swords combined with The Star suggests a journey towards hope and healing. This pairing indicates that moving on from past difficulties is guided by optimism and a sense of renewal. It’s about navigating away from turmoil with a hopeful outlook, where the healing and rejuvenating energies of The Star light the way to a more peaceful and promising phase in the relationship.

Six of Swords and Three of Cups

When the Six of Swords is paired with the Three of Cups, it indicates moving towards reconciliation that may lead to celebration and a renewed sense of camaraderie. This combination speaks to leaving behind conflicts and moving towards a time of joyful reconnection and mutual appreciation. It’s about finding common ground and rediscovering the joy of the relationship, fostering a sense of communal harmony and happiness.

Six of Swords and Justice

The Six of Swords alongside Justice highlights the importance of fairness and balance in the process of moving forward. This pairing suggests that the journey to a more peaceful state should be guided by principles of fairness and objectivity. It’s about ensuring that the resolution of past conflicts is equitable and just, laying a foundation for a more harmonious and balanced relationship.

Six of Swords and The Emperor

Pairing the Six of Swords with The Emperor suggests that stability, structure, and authority play a key role in the transition away from conflict. This combination points to the need for a strong, stable influence to guide and support the move towards a more peaceful and orderly relationship. It’s about finding security and stability after turbulence, with a focus on creating a solid and structured foundation for the future of the relationship.

Six of Swords and Ten of Wands

The Six of Swords combined with the Ten of Wands indicates a journey away from burdens and stress towards a lighter, more manageable state. This pairing suggests that the transition involves shedding overwhelming responsibilities or stressors that have weighed down the relationship. It’s about releasing the heavy load to move towards a more balanced and less strained dynamic.

Six of Swords and Ace of Wands

When the Six of Swords is paired with the Ace of Wands, it signifies a transition towards new beginnings and fresh energy. This combination speaks to leaving behind a troubled past and moving towards a phase of new initiatives and renewed passion. It’s about utilizing the lessons learned from past experiences to fuel a new and more vibrant chapter in the relationship.


To recap, the Six of Swords upright symbolizes a transition from rough waters to calmer ones. In the context of reconciliation, it represents moving away from conflict and towards a more peaceful and stable situation. It’s like embarking on a journey to a better place, leaving behind the turmoil and heading towards understanding and resolution. The Six of Swords suggests a time of healing and progress, where both parties are willing to leave the past behind and move forward in a more positive direction. It’s about navigating through the difficulties and finding a path to a more harmonious relationship.

Reversed, the Six of Swords might indicate a delay in this transition or reluctance to move on from the turbulent past. It suggests that the journey to a peaceful resolution is encountering some resistance or obstacles. Maybe there’s a reluctance to let go of old grievances, or external factors are making the move to calmer waters more challenging. The reversed Six of Swords is a reminder that while the path forward may not be smooth, the effort to find peace and understanding is still worthwhile. It’s about persisting through the setbacks and continuing to steer towards a more positive and stable future.

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