Six Of Swords: Yes Or No (Upright & Reversed, Love & Career)

The Six of Swords feels like that exhale you take after finally resolving a stressful situation. It’s the card of transition, leaving choppy waters for calmer seas. But does this mean you’re getting a ‘yes’ when this card floats into your ‘yes or no’ spread?

Think of the Six of Swords as your spiritual GPS, guiding you towards resolution. So, does this compass point towards a ‘yes’ or is it steering you towards a ‘no’? Let’s dive in and unravel what this card’s tranquil voyage has to say about your query.

What Does The Six Of Swords Try To Tell You Overall In A Yes Or No Reading

The Six of Swords often symbolizes transition, change, or moving from a difficult situation to a more peaceful one. In a Yes or No reading, this card generally leans toward a “Yes,” particularly if you’re asking about improvement or moving forward. Think of this card as a ferryboat carrying you across choppy waters to a serene shore.

The Journey to Calmer Waters

  • Transition and Healing: The Six of Swords is like that sigh of relief after resolving a conflict. Are you ready for smoother sailing in your life?
  • Moving Forward: The card’s message is a resounding “Yes, but remember the lessons learned.” It’s akin to graduating from a tough course; you’re glad it’s over, but you’ve gained valuable insights.

Spiritually, the Six of Swords is a call to trust the journey. Imagine you’re meditating atop a mountain, gazing at the horizon; the past is behind you, and a new dawn is breaking. Do you feel the hope and promise in that moment?

Immediate and Future Implications

  • Short-term: In the near term, expect positive shifts or transitions. It’s like finally finding the right medication to alleviate a chronic condition; you’re not fully healed, but you’re on the right path.
  • Long-term: Over the long haul, this card signifies ongoing improvement and emotional growth. Have you ever planted a seed and watched it grow into a strong tree?

Questions for Reflection

  • Are you open to the new opportunities that change brings?
  • Could the struggles you’ve faced be stepping stones to a better future?

So I see the Six of Swords in a Yes or No reading leans toward a hopeful “Yes,” one that comes with the promise of better days ahead. It’s like reaching the last mile of a marathon; you’re tired but invigorated by the nearing finish line.

The Upright Six Of Swords Yes Or No Meaning 

Six of Swords Upright Yes Or No

For New Relationships: A Yes

Clear Answer:
Yes, the Six of Swords indicates a transition to smoother waters, suggesting a favorable time for embarking on a new relationship.

Detailed Explanation:
Picture the Six of Swords as a serene boat ride transitioning from choppy waters into a calm lake. This card brings the promise of emotional and mental peace, perfect for starting a new relationship. So, are you ready to leave behind past turmoil for a more peaceful love life? Now may be the opportune moment to step into a new chapter, filled with emotional tranquility and mutual understanding.

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For Existing Relationships: A Yes

Clear Answer:
Yes, the Six of Swords signifies a phase of resolution and harmony in existing relationships.

Detailed Explanation:
For existing relations ships visualize this card as a sunrise after a stormy night, symbolizing newfound clarity and peaceful resolution. It marks a phase where both parties can resolve their differences and move toward a stable future. Are you and your partner prepared to let bygones be bygones and journey into a more harmonious phase? This could be your chance to deepen your emotional connection and find peace together.

For Reconciling With An Ex: A Yes

Clear Answer:
Yes, the Six of Swords suggests that reconciling with an ex could lead to a more peaceful and stable relationship this time around.

Detailed Explanation:
Think of the Six of Swords as a bridge being rebuilt, one plank at a time. This card indicates that both you and your ex-partner have the maturity and understanding now to make things work better this time. Are both of you willing to put past grievances behind and take a new journey of emotional stability together? If so, a second chance may prove to be successful.

Here’s what the Six of Swords means for reconciliation with someone!

For Careers: A Yes

Clear Answer:
Yes, the Six of Swords points to a more stable and less stressful period in your career.

Detailed Explanation:
Imagine this card as finally finding your groove in a new job or project. It suggests that any prior difficulties or conflicts at work will start to ease, paving the way for a more stable work environment. Are you ready to transition into this new phase of professional harmony? This is likely a great time for you to showcase your skills without the burden of past stressors.

For Financial Matters: A Yes

Clear Answer:
Yes, the Six of Swords indicates a favorable transition in financial matters, moving toward stability.

Detailed Explanation:
Picture this card as switching from a rocky, unpaved road to a smooth highway. Financially speaking, this implies moving from a phase of instability to one of greater security. Are you prepared to make prudent decisions that pave the way for financial calm? This card suggests that now is a good time to make such moves, like investing wisely or paying down debt.

For Personal Growth: A Yes

Clear Answer:
Yes, the Six of Swords symbolizes a positive transition, indicating that personal growth is not only possible but likely.

Detailed Explanation:
See the Six of Swords as finally breaking free from a cocoon and emerging as a butterfly. This card marks a phase of personal development and mental clarity, making it an ideal time for self-improvement. Are you prepared to let go of past limitations and grow into a better version of yourself? The universe seems to be saying that the time is ripe for your personal evolution.

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The Six Of Swords Reversed Yes Or No Meaning

Six of Swords Reversed Yes Or No

For New Relationships: A No

Clear Answer:
No, the reversed Six of Swords suggests that now might not be the best time for starting a new relationship, as it indicates stagnation or going back to past issues.

Detailed Explanation:
Envision the reversed Six of Swords as a boat stuck in a muddy river, unable to move forward. This card warns that a new relationship might bring more of the same challenges and emotional turmoil you’ve experienced before. So, are you sure you want to jump into a situation that looks like it’s already fraught with issues? The card advises caution and introspection before taking such a step.

(What it means when someone sees you as the Six of Swords.)

For Existing Relationships: A No

Clear Answer:
No, the reversed Six of Swords implies that existing relationships may face complications, making progress difficult.

Detailed Explanation:
Visualize this card as a garden overrun with weeds, signifying obstacles in the growth of your relationship. It suggests that underlying issues might resurface, causing setbacks. Are both of you ready to tackle these challenges head-on, or will they be too overwhelming? This could be a time for serious conversation and evaluation.

For Reconciling With An Ex: A No

Clear Answer:
No, the reversed Six of Swords suggests that reconciliation may lead to repeated mistakes and old issues resurfacing.

Detailed Explanation:
Think of this card as a revolving door, bringing you right back to where you started. It’s cautioning that you and your ex might fall back into old patterns, making the relationship as problematic as it was before. Are you willing to risk going through the same emotional roller coaster? If not, this card advises to steer clear for now.

For Careers: A No

Clear Answer:
No, the reversed Six of Swords warns of stagnation and potential setbacks in your career.

Detailed Explanation:
Picture this card as a failed software update, leaving you stuck with bugs and glitches in a project or job role. It suggests that you might face obstacles that prevent progress at work. Are you ready to tackle these roadblocks, or could they derail your career goals? The card advises extra caution and preparation.

For Financial Matters: A No

Clear Answer:
No, the reversed Six of Swords indicates financial stagnation or potential losses.

Detailed Explanation:
See this card as a leaky wallet, with your finances slowly but surely draining away. It suggests that you could face unexpected financial hiccups or setbacks. Are you prepared to deal with financial challenges that require immediate attention? If not, you might want to rethink your budget and financial plans.

For Personal Growth: A No

Clear Answer:
No, the reversed Six of Swords suggests that personal growth may be hindered, indicating a period of stagnation.

Detailed Explanation:
Imagine this card as a treadmill, keeping you moving but not allowing you to go forward. It warns that this might not be the most fruitful time for personal development. Are you willing to put in extra effort to overcome these stagnant energies? If you’re not committed to pushing through, you may find yourself stuck in old habits and thought patterns.


In summary, the Six of Swords upright typically suggests a “yes” in a yes-or-no reading, hinting at transition, movement, or a journey towards something better. It’s as if you’re finally crossing a troubled sea to find calmer waters, signaling a positive change in circumstances.

However, when reversed, the Six of Swords leans toward a “no” in a yes-or-no reading. It suggests delays, stagnation, or a journey that may not go as smoothly as hoped. Imagine it like being on a boat that’s momentarily stuck; you’re not sinking, but you’re not moving forward either.

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