Six Of Wands As Feelings: Time To Pat Yourself On The Back

The Six of Wands is a card that often feels like a warm hug from the Universe. When this card waltzes into a tarot reading about feelings, it’s like someone is rolling out the red carpet just for you. But it isn’t just about a momentary rush of feel-good vibes. It’s a heartwarming invitation to explore the deeper nuances of emotional victories. So, what exactly are you feeling elated about?

Similar to the exhale after holding your breath, the Six of Wands arrives in the world of emotions as a sign of relief and validation. Think of it’s a pat on the back, signaling that it’s time to celebrate emotional milestones. Do you feel like you’ve just scaled a mountain of emotional challenges? This card nudges you to ask: “Have I really soaked in my moment of glory?”

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Key Takeaways

General Symbolism

  • Emotional Victory: Triumph and validation are at the forefront of your emotional landscape.
  • Confidence Boost: Your self-esteem is hitting new heights, making you feel good about your actions.
  • Spiritual Upliftment: You’ve advanced to a new level of emotional and spiritual growth.

Upright Six of Wands

  • For Singles: You’re the star of your love life now; enjoy the attention and confidence.
  • For Existing Relationships: High-fives are in order. Both you and your partner are in a “we did it” moment.
  • For An Ex: This card suggests you’ve gained emotional closure and are moving on.
  • For Family and Friends: Time for a group celebration; someone’s good fortune is lifting everyone’s spirits.

Reversed Six of Wands

  • For Singles: Not making meaningful connections? It’s time to reassess what you’re really looking for.
  • For Existing Relationships: Feeling undervalued in your relationship? Time for a serious talk with your partner.
  • For An Ex: Lingering issues with an ex? This card suggests unresolved emotional baggage.
  • For Family and Friends: Missing out on collective celebrations? This card warns of a lack of mutual recognition.

What Does Six Of Wands As Feelings Symbolize?

When the Six of Wands shows up in a tarot spread about feelings, it usually signals a moment of emotional victory or validation. You’re likely feeling acknowledged and appreciated by others, or maybe you’re finally giving yourself the credit you deserve.

This card exudes a sense of confidence and boosted self-esteem. If it appears in a reading about emotions, it indicates you’re feeling good about yourself and your actions.

After the emotional turbulence of the Five of Wands, the Six of Wands brings a kind of spiritual redemption. This card says, “Hey, you’ve faced the challenges and emerged stronger.” In emotional and spiritual terms, you’re leveling up. Have you taken the time to acknowledge your spiritual and emotional growth?

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What Does The Upright Six Of Wands As Feelings Symbolize?

Visualize yourself on a podium, a medal around your neck, the crowd cheering for you. That’s the emotional snapshot captured by the Six of Wands. This card is like a ticker-tape parade for your feelings, signifying victory, recognition, and achievement. So, what does this translate to emotionally?

  • Sense of Victory: One of the main themes of this card is feeling triumphant. Have you recently overcome an emotional hurdle and are now reaping the rewards?
  • Public Recognition: Often, the Six of Wands implies getting accolades or validation from others for your emotional intelligence or accomplishments. Do you feel acknowledged and appreciated?
  • Confidence Boost: This card infuses a dose of self-esteem into your emotional world. You may have needed this confidence boost for a while, and now it’s finally here!
  • Leadership and Influence: Along with personal triumphs, this card suggests you may be in a position to guide others emotionally. Are you finding that people look up to you more these days?
  • Positive Momentum: The Six of Wands indicates that your current emotional wins can be a stepping stone for future victories. Feeling inspired to tackle even more challenging emotional goals?
Upright Six Of Wands As Feelings

For Singles

For singles, the Six of Wands in its upright position is a real confidence booster. Unlike cards that signal emotional turmoil or indecisiveness, this one is all about feeling victorious and attractive. Right now you’re currently in a place where you’re drawing positive attention in your love life.

Here’s what the Six of Wands means as a love outcome.

For Existing Relationships

In committed relationships, the upright Six of Wands signifies a moment of triumph, perhaps after overcoming some difficulties. When you draw the Six of Wands it heralds a time of celebration and mutual pride. Essentially, it’s like both you and your partner are sharing a ‘we did it’ moment. How wonderful does it feel to succeed together?

For An Ex

When referring to an ex, the Six of Wands upright suggests that you may be feeling a sense of personal victory or closure. Unlike cards that point to unresolved feelings or lingering attachment, this one signifies that you’re moving on in a positive way. You’re finally back in the drivers seat of your own life, and you’re beginning to overcome the feelings you have for your ex.

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For Family and Friends

For your relationships with family and friends, the upright Six of Wands marks a time of communal achievements and celebrations. Unlike cards that denote discord or misunderstandings, this one screams joy and shared success. Essentially, it could be that someone in the family or friend group has achieved something remarkable, and it’s time for collective rejoicing. Ready to celebrate each other’s wins?

Relationship ContextEmotional ToneKey MeaningsActionable Advice
For SinglesConfidence & AttractionFeeling victorious and attractive.Embrace your newfound confidence and enjoy the positive attention you’re receiving in your love life.
For Existing RelationshipsTriumph & CelebrationCelebrating mutual success.Share the joy and pride of overcoming challenges or achieving milestones together in your relationship.
For An ExPersonal Victory & ClosureMoving on in a positive way.Embrace the sense of personal victory and closure as you move forward, regaining control of your life.
For Family and FriendsCommunal Achievements & CelebrationsJoy and shared success.Celebrate collective achievements within your family and friend group, fostering a sense of togetherness and support.

What Does Six Of Wands Reversed As Feelings Symbolize?

When the Six of Wands shows up reversed in a reading about your emotional state, it’s like a detour sign on the road to success and validation. The card highlights feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, and perhaps even embarrassment. So pay attention for any of the following:

  • Doubting Your Worth: Unlike its upright counterpart that rings with victory, the reversed card often signals insecurity. Do you feel like you’re not good enough or that your achievements are unacknowledged?
  • Feeling Overlooked: You might be experiencing a time when your efforts go unnoticed or underappreciated. Does it seem like others are basking in the spotlight while you’re left in the shadows?
  • Fear of Failure: This card can also indicate a heightened fear of public failure or humiliation. Are you holding back on showing your true self or taking risks because you’re afraid of public judgment?
  • Delayed Recognition: Sometimes, the Six of Wands reversed implies that the accolades you’re expecting are delayed. Are you growing impatient, waiting for emotional or professional rewards that seem to never arrive?
  • Imposter Syndrome: This is the card of the classic “imposter syndrome,” where you might feel that you don’t deserve your successes. Do you struggle with accepting your own worthiness?
Six Of Wands Reversed As Feelings

For Singles

If you’re single, the Six of Wands reversed might indicate feelings of disappointment or failure in the dating scene. You may be feeling like you’re not getting the validation or attention you’ve been seeking. Like your waiting for a match that doesn’t seem to come. Now is the time to ask yourself if you’re seeking the right kind of connection.

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For Existing Relationships

In existing relationships, the Six of Wands reversed often symbolizes setbacks or miscommunications. Instead of cards that portray love’s victories, this one suggests a stumbling block— Are you not feeling recognized or valued by your partner? If so you need to have a talk with your partner about how you can both recalibrate.

For An Ex

When it concerns an ex, the Six of Wands reversed signifies that there may be a lack of closure and unresolved issues. Unlike cards that hint at amicable separations or lessons learned, this one is more about lingering uncertainties or emotional loose ends. You may feel like this relationship ended to abruptly and you’re left with the emotions. Have you thought about how to fully wrap up this chapter in your life?

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For Family and Friends

Among family and friends, the Six of Wands reversed may signify a failure to achieve group goals or a lack of collective celebration. Unlike cards that indicate successful family ventures or happy milestones, this one suggests unmet expectations or lack of mutual recognition. Fundamentally, it’s like missing out on the family photo during a gathering. Is there a way to rebuild that sense of unity and collective pride?

Relationship ContextEmotional ToneKey MeaningsActionable Advice
For SinglesDisappointment & ReevaluationFeeling disappointed or unsuccessful.Reflect on your dating goals and consider whether you’re seeking the right kind of connection or validation.
For Existing RelationshipsSetbacks & MiscommunicationsExperiencing stumbling blocks.Communicate with your partner to address any feelings of unrecognized or undervalued contributions, and work together to recalibrate your relationship.
For An ExLack of Closure & UncertaintiesUnresolved issues and emotional loose ends.Consider ways to find closure and resolve lingering uncertainties from the past relationship to move forward emotionally.
For Family and FriendsUnmet Goals & Lack of RecognitionFailure to achieve group goals and celebrate collectively.Explore ways to rebuild a sense of unity and mutual recognition within your family and friend group, fostering a more positive and supportive atmosphere.

Six Of Wands Combinations As Feelings

These pairings with the Six of Wands explore the nuanced emotions around victory and achievement. From the pure thrill of winning to the complex feelings that accompany success, these combinations tell you that triumph often comes with its own set of emotional considerations. So how do you truly feel when you’re on top?

Six of Wands with The Fool

When the Six of Wands is paired with The Fool, you may be feeling an exhilarating sense of triumph, yet tinged with a youthful naivety about what comes next. You’re basking in your victory but are also keenly aware that this is just the beginning of your journey.

Six of Wands with Nine of Cups

Combining the Six of Wands with the Nine of Cups suggests an emotional high where you’re feeling not only victorious but also deeply fulfilled on a personal level. It’s like that moment when not only have you achieved your goals, but your innermost wishes have also come true.

Six of Wands with The Tower

When the Six of Wands and The Tower come together, you’re likely feeling a sense of triumph but can’t shake off the feeling that a significant change or upheaval is on the horizon. It’s a bittersweet mixture of success and impending transformation.

Six of Wands with Two of Swords

Pairing the Six of Wands with the Two of Swords indicates a state of emotional conflict despite the outward signs of success. You’re winning but are paralyzed by a tough decision that looms ahead. It’s like being at a crossroads immediately after a victory parade.

Six of Wands with The Star

The Six of Wands alongside The Star implies you’re feeling victorious and incredibly hopeful for the future. This combination radiates optimism; it’s as if your win has confirmed that the Universe is on your side.

Six of Wands with Ten of Pentacles

When the Six of Wands is combined with the Ten of Pentacles, you may be experiencing a profound sense of accomplishment that extends to your family or legacy. Your victory feels like it has long-term implications, possibly affecting your material wealth or family standing.

Six Of Wands As Feelings Infographic


In wrapping up, the Six of Wands is your emotional applause card, signifying a range of positive feelings from victory to recognition. When it appears in your reading, take it as a green light that you’re on a path of confidence and acknowledgment. It’s not just about you patting yourself on the back; it’s often about the world seeing your worth too.

When the card is upright, it paints a vivid emotional snapshot of triumph, public accolades, and a newfound surge in self-esteem. This is a card that positions you as a leader, setting the stage for future emotional wins. So, is the world finally catching on to your greatness?

On the flip side, the reversed Six of Wands signals emotional detours. It cautions you to be wary of self-doubt, feeling overlooked, or fearing public judgment. However, even these hurdles are temporary; the card nudges you to confront these setbacks head-on. Are you ready to reclaim your emotional limelight?

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