Strength As Intentions Towards You: Upright & Reversed

Imagine a scenario where strength isn’t just about roaring power, but also about the quiet, reassuring presence of a gentle lion. This is the riddle of Strength’s intentions towards you. Is this person offering you a protective embrace with the quiet confidence of a lion, or is there a subtler, more complex undertone to their strength?

Upright, Strength exudes calm fortitude, but reversed, it might hint at a struggle between power and vulnerability. The enigma of Strength’s intentions is a compelling blend of resilience and compassion, a narrative waiting to be explored. Join us as we delve into the heart of what Strength truly means for you.

Key Takeaways

Strength Upright as Intentions

  • Dating: Approach with a blend of confidence and tenderness, showing strength through consistency, understanding, and emotional maturity.
  • Relationships: Nurture the bond with patience, empathy, and resilience, handling challenges with grace and a gentle yet firm hand.
  • Exes: Seek closure or interaction with dignity and kindness, aiming for understanding and healing.
  • Commitment: Embrace unwavering intent focused on a future aligned with deep-seated values and relationship vision.
  • Friends & Family: Offer quiet leadership and support, being a pillar of strength and comfort for loved ones.
  • Careers: Experience colleagues or superiors who lead with integrity and compassion, providing firm guidance and support.
  • Your Intentions: Harness inner resilience and act with compassion, approaching goals and challenges with calm determination.

Strength Reversed as Intentions

  • Dating: Exhibit fluctuating confidence, with mixed signals and uncertainties in pursuing a relationship.
  • Relationships: Struggle with inner doubts, leading to emotional ups and downs and difficulty maintaining stability.
  • Exes: Approach with a sense of regret and longing, but unclear intentions, resulting in mixed signals.
  • Commitment: Face hesitation and doubts about deepening commitment due to fears and uncertainties.
  • Friends & Family: Provide inconsistent support, oscillating between being a guiding force and feeling overwhelmed.
  • Careers: Navigate professional challenges with wavering guidance, showing uncertainty and inconsistency.
  • Your Intentions: Embark on a journey to find inner strength but experience twists and turns along the way.

Symbolism of Strength

Strength features a serene figure gently closing the jaws of a lion, symbolizing power that is controlled and applied with gentle force. The infinity symbol above the figure’s head represents infinite potential and enduring patience, while the lion symbolizes raw passions and desires. The card embodies inner strength, courage, patience, and compassion.

It suggests overcoming challenges not through physical force, but through understanding, patience, and gentle determination. Strength encourages mastering emotions and impulses, and using inner fortitude to face challenges calmly and confidently. It’s about the quiet power of a resolved spirit and the ability to influence and resolve situations with a calm and gentle approach.

Upright Strength As Intentions

Imagine the quiet power of someone who can tame a wild beast not with force, but with calm confidence. That’s the vibe of the Strength card when it shows up upright in a tarot reading. It’s all about intentions that are infused with inner courage, patience, and a kind of soft control. Strength here isn’t about flexing muscles; it’s about the resilience of spirit and the power of gentleness.

Strength Upright As Intentions


In the dating world, someone influenced by Strength might approach you with a blend of confidence and tenderness. Their intentions often show a respectful pursuit, where they’re not about overwhelming you with flashy gestures, but rather showing their strength through consistency, understanding, and emotional maturity.

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For those in relationships, Strength indicates intentions to nurture the bond with patience and empathy. This person aims to handle relationship challenges with grace, showing resilience in the face of difficulties. Their approach is about supporting the partnership through understanding and a gentle yet firm hand.

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When it comes to ex-partners, Strength suggests a mature and compassionate approach. An ex influenced by this card might be seeking closure or interaction with a sense of dignity and kindness. Their approach is likely to be respectful, aiming for understanding and healing, rather than conflict.

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Will There Be Commitment?

In matters of commitment, Strength reflects a strong, unwavering intention. If someone is contemplating a deeper commitment under this card’s influence, they are doing so with serious intent, focused on a future that aligns with their deep-seated values and vision for the relationship.

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Friends & Family

In the context of friends and family, Strength suggests a role of quiet leadership and support. This individual might be the rock in their circle, offering strength and comfort during tough times. They approach their interactions with a mix of fortitude and warmth, being a pillar of support for their loved ones.

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In your career, Strength in intentions towards you might manifest as colleagues who lead with integrity and compassion. They may approach you and your work with a sense of firm guidance and support, emphasizing the importance of resilience and moral courage in the workplace.

Your Intentions

If you’re resonating with the Strength card, your intentions are likely centered around harnessing your inner resilience and acting with compassion. It’s about approaching your goals and challenges with a combination of inner calm and quiet determination, using your strength to support and uplift others.

Actionable Advice

  • Embrace Your Inner Strength: Tap into your inner well of patience and resilience in all interactions and decisions.
  • Show Compassion: Approach others with empathy and understanding, using your strength to support rather than overpower.
  • Maintain Calm Resilience: In challenging times, remember that true strength comes from a calm, steady approach.

Common Misinterpretations

Strength is often misconstrued as physical power, but its true meaning in tarot is about the strength of character. It’s not about overpowering others, but about influencing situations with inner resilience, patience, and kindness.

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Strength upright as intentions towards you signals a clear, directed approach from others. Whether in personal connections, professional endeavors, or social situations, expect interactions marked by a combination of compassion and inner confidence. This card suggests that those around you will be moving forward with clear objectives, using their inner strength to positively affect their interactions with you.

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Strength Reversed As Intentions

Imagine trying to navigate a boat in stormy seas – that’s the essence of Strength reversed in tarot. It speaks to intentions that are tossed about by the winds of insecurity, impatience, and a struggle for control. Where the upright Strength is a symbol of serene power, its reversed counterpart is like a flickering flame, unsteady and unpredictable.

Strength Reversed As Intentions


In the realm of dating, a person under the influence of Strength reversed might remind you of a chameleon, constantly changing colors. One minute, they’re all in, showering you with attention; the next, they’re distant, wrapped up in their own uncertainties. They’re like a puzzle, each piece reflecting a different level of confidence and vulnerability.


In established relationships, this card reversed is like a seesaw of emotions. One day, there’s harmony; the next, chaos. Your person is grappling with their own inner demons, leading to a rollercoaster of reactions. They want to be a supportive partner but often get lost in the maze of their own doubts, resulting in a tango of push and pull.


When it comes to exes, Strength reversed is like an unfinished symphony. There’s a lack of closure, a series of unresolved notes hanging in the air. This ex-partner may approach you with a mix of regret and longing, their intentions as clear as a foggy morning. They’re not entirely sure what they want, leaving a trail of mixed signals in their wake.

Will There Be Commitment?

Delving into commitment, the reversed Strength card is a shaky bridge over a chasm of doubts. It’s not that the intention to commit isn’t there; it’s just buried under layers of hesitation. The person in question might be standing at the edge, peering into the future, but their feet are rooted in a tangle of fears and what-ifs.

Friends & Family

In the context of friends and family, this card reversed is like a lighthouse with a flickering light. The individual wants to be a guiding force, but their own struggles dim their ability to shine consistently. They oscillate between being supportive and being overwhelmed, like a boat struggling to stay afloat in choppy waters.


In your career, encountering Strength reversed can feel like working with a mentor who’s lost their map. They have the experience and the knowledge, but they’re currently navigating their own professional fog. They might swing from being overly critical to surprisingly lenient, their guidance fluctuating like the phases of the moon.

Your Intentions

If you’re vibing with the Strength card reversed, it’s like you’re on a quest to find your true north. You have this reservoir of potential, but it’s like the tap is stuck – sometimes it gushes forth, other times it’s just a trickle. You’re learning to harness your inner strength, but it’s a journey with many twists and turns.

Actionable Advice

  • Embrace the Journey: Understand that finding your balance is a process. Celebrate the small victories along the way.
  • Cultivate Patience: Be patient with yourself as you navigate this phase. It’s okay to stumble as you find your footing.
  • Seek Clarity: Take time to reflect on what you truly want. Sometimes, the biggest strength lies in knowing your weaknesses.

Common Misinterpretations

Often, Strength reversed is seen as a sign of outright weakness, but it’s more nuanced than that. It’s about the struggle to channel inner strength effectively, not the absence of it. Like a garden in winter, the potential for growth is there – it just needs the right season to bloom.

Strength reversed as intentions towards you is a tapestry woven with complex threads. It’s a dance of push and pull, a journey of self-discovery for those under its influence. The key lies in understanding and navigating this intricate landscape with empathy and patience, whether it’s within yourself or in others you encounter.

Combinations That Go With Strength As Intentions

The Strength card in tarot, when paired with other cards, illuminates intentions that are centered around inner fortitude, compassion, and resilience. Known for symbolizing courage, patience, and influence over brute force, the Strength card’s interactions with other cards reveal a range of intentions, from overcoming challenges with grace to harnessing one’s inner power for positive influence.

Strength and The Hermit

When Strength meets The Hermit, it suggests an intention to combine inner resilience with introspection. This person aims to use their time alone or in contemplation to build inner strength and understanding. It’s about finding courage through self-reflection and wisdom, gaining clarity on how to use their inner power wisely.

Strength and Six of Swords

Combine Strength with the Six of Swords, and it reflects an intention to navigate through difficult transitions with resilience and calm. This individual is focused on moving away from turbulent times towards a more peaceful state, using their inner strength to guide them through the journey and find solace in smoother waters.

Strength and The Emperor

Pair Strength with The Emperor, and it brings an intention to exert control and authority with compassion and understanding. This person wants to lead or manage situations not through dominance but through strength of character and empathy. It’s about striking a balance between firmness and gentleness in leadership roles.

Strength and The Fool

Mix Strength with The Fool, and it indicates an intention to approach new ventures or changes with courage and a sense of adventure. This individual is ready to embrace the unknown or take risks, buoyed by their inner strength and confidence. They’re inclined to face uncertainty not recklessly but with a composed and courageous heart.

Strength and Nine of Cups

Strength alongside Nine of Cups suggests an intention to achieve personal desires and satisfaction through inner confidence and self-assurance. This person aims to realize their wishes by relying on their inner resources, such as self-esteem and emotional intelligence, understanding that true fulfillment comes from within.

Strength and The Tower

When Strength meets The Tower, it signifies an intention to face upheaval or dramatic change with resilience and steadiness. Faced with unexpected challenges, this person utilizes their inner strength to remain composed and steadfast, not being easily shaken by external chaos, and finding the power to rebuild or adapt as needed.


To recap, when Strength appears upright regarding someone’s intentions towards you, it suggests they are approaching you with patience, kindness, and emotional strength. They intend to handle the relationship gently and with understanding, using compassion and inner confidence. Their approach is likely nurturing and respectful, showing a willingness to support you with emotional resilience.

If Strength is reversed, it might mean their intentions are hampered by insecurity or a lack of emotional control in their approach towards you. This person could be struggling internally, which impacts how they interact with you. They may need to find inner strength and self-assurance to positively engage with you, balancing their emotional responses more effectively.

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