Temperance As Feelings: It’s All About Balance

The Temperance card as feelings is all about an exploration of emotional equilibrium, alchemical transformation, and yes, even spiritual wisdom. Its the universes way of holding up a mirror to your most complex emotional landscapes, fusing both your rational and intuitive energies into one.

When Temperance shows up in an emotion-centric reading, consider it’s a sign you are moving toward emotional alignment. Whether you’re struggling with extremes or seeking balance in a world of chaos, this card softly whispers the ancient wisdom of finding your centre, of melding disparate elements within you into a harmonious whole.

But what about when the card appears reversed? In that case, it might suggest emotional imbalances or unresolved tensions, urging you to get to the root of your feelings and, dare I say, recalibrate.

So keep reading to find out everything you need to know!

Key Takeaways

General Symbolism

  • Emotional Balance: Temperance symbolizes the pursuit of emotional stability and peace.
  • Synthesis: It’s not just about balancing elements but merging them into something new.
  • Spiritual Alchemy: Transformation of raw emotional material into something refined.
  • Caution Against Extremes: A warning against swinging too far in any emotional direction.

Upright Temperance

  • For Singles: Time of internal reflection and balance, preparing for a healthier future relationship.
  • For Couples: A phase of mutual emotional well-being, open communication, and respect.
  • For Ex-Partners: A time for closure, and potentially, a less emotionally charged future relationship.
  • For Family/Friends: Period of balanced emotional give-and-take, fostering deeper relationships.

Reversed Temperance

  • For Singles: Imbalance in emotional or romantic life, leading to poor decision-making.
  • For Existing Relationships: A period marked by emotional or practical imbalances, requiring reassessment and change.
  • For An Ex: Lingering issues, possibly preventing closure or peaceful coexistence.
  • For Family/Friends: Emotional imbalances or conflicts requiring active resolution.

What Does Temperance As Feelings Symbolize?

When Temperance appears in your tarot spread, it’s an indicator that you’re striving for emotional equilibrium. You may be in a place where you’re effectively blending feelings, thoughts, and actions to achieve a state of inner peace. Does this resonate with your current emotional vibe?

Remember, though, temperance isn’t just about balance; it’s about synthesis—transforming emotional elements to create something new. Are you finding that you’re able to combine different aspects of your life, or reconcile conflicting emotions into something more serene?

In the sequence of the Tarot, Temperance follows the transformative energy of Death. It signifies a spiritual alchemy, taking the raw materials left after a period of change and crafting them into something new. Are you using your spiritual wisdom to guide this emotional transmutation?

Just Mind the Extremes

While Temperance is a card of moderation, the opposite—emotional extremism—can be a pitfall. Are you tipping the scales too far in one direction, thereby disrupting your emotional balance? Sometimes, the quest for balance can itself become an extreme.

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What Does Upright Temperance As Feelings Symbolize?

When the Temperance card shows up in a reading about feelings, it symbolises balance and moderation, this card encourages you to find emotional equilibrium. The main areas temperance speaks to in life are:

  • Harmony: At the core of Temperance is all about internal balance. Right now you may feel like you’ve struck a chord that resonates perfectly, harmonizing your emotions with your thoughts. Have you ever had a moment where everything just “clicks,” and you feel at peace? That’s the vibe of this card.
  • Emotional Intelligence: The Temperance card also signifies a high degree of emotional self-awareness. It’s not just about controlling your feelings, but understanding them. It suggests that you’re pretty adept at reading the emotional room, not just for yourself but also in your interactions with others. Isn’t it empowering to navigate feelings with such grace?
  • Spiritual Connection: With Temperance, there’s often a deeper, spiritual layer to your feelings. You may feel a sense of unity with the universe, and understand your emotions as part of a larger cosmic balance.
Upright Temperance As Feelings

For Singles

For singles, the upright Temperance card often symbolizes balance, harmony, and self-reflection in your emotional life. It suggests that you’re in a phase of finding equilibrium within yourself, which will make you better prepared for a future relationship.

During this time the universe is encouraging moderation in all things, including the pursuit of love. Rather than rushing into a new romantic venture, Temperance advises you to take your time, find balance, and ensure that your next relationship aligns with your broader life goals. It’s a call to first cultivate inner harmony, knowing that a balanced self often attracts a balanced partnership.

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For Existing Relationships

In existing relationships, the upright Temperance card signifies a period of balance, emotional well-being, and mutual growth. It indicates that both partners are likely working in harmony to create a stable and fulfilling emotional landscape.

Temperance calls for patience, open communication, and the blending of diverse elements—whether those are emotional, intellectual, or even practical—to form a more complete whole. If you’ve drawn the temperance card, then right now you and your partner may be in a good position to resolve conflicts, nurture mutual respect, and create a deeper and more loving environment, which will grow the bond and enhance the longevity of the relationship.

For An Ex

When the upright Temperance card appears in a reading concerning an ex, you may finally be getting a more balanced perspective regarding your last relationship. The universe is letting you know you and your ex may be reaching a point of mutual understanding or closure, and it may even hint at the possibility of friendship or a less emotionally charged connection in the future.

Remember, temperance calls for calm reflection and the blending of life’s experiences to gain a more nuanced understanding of what went wrong and what could be carried forward, either with this individual or in future relationships.

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For Family & Friends

In the context of family and friends, the upright Temperance card signifies a time of emotional balance, open communication, and mutual respect. You may feel that your current relationships within your social or familial circle are currently marked by a balanced give-and-take.

It’s an indicator that you and your loved ones are successfully navigating the complexities of emotional bonds, perhaps even resolving long-standing issues or conflicts. Just keep in mind that temperance emphasizes the importance of patience and moderation in interactions, encouraging you to continue blending different perspectives to create a more unified, peaceful relational environment. Essentially, it’s a positive sign that you’re on the right track to deepening and enriching these important relationships.

Relationship ContextEmotional ToneKey MeaningsActionable Advice
For SinglesBalance, HarmonyReadiness for a balanced, future relationshipCultivate inner harmony, take your time in pursuing love
Existing RelationshipsEmotional Well-BeingStability and mutual growthFoster open communication, resolve conflicts, nurture respect
For An ExBalanced PerspectiveGaining closure or mutual understandingReflect on past experiences, consider friendship or emotional detachment
Family & FriendsEmotional BalanceSuccess in navigating emotional bondsExercise patience, continue open dialogue, enrich and deepen relationships

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What Does Temperance Reversed As Feelings Symbolize?

When Temperance shows up reversed in a reading about feelings, it’s a wake-up call urging you to re-evaluate your emotional state. Unlike its upright counterpart, which is all about balance and harmony, the reversed Temperance card rings alarm bells on several fronts:

  • Imbalance: If you’ve ever tried juggling too many things at once and dropped the ball, you know the feeling. The reversed Temperance card indicates a lack of equilibrium in your emotions. Are you finding it hard to manage your feelings? Your internal scales might just be tipped, causing stress and uncertainty.
  • Emotional Turbulence: Reversed temperance also implies that your emotions are a bit like a roller coaster lately. Up and down, they’re taking you on a wild ride. You’re having difficulty maintaining a consistent emotional tone, and it’s affecting the quality of your interactions with others. You may feel like a boat going through stormy waters right now.
  • Spiritual Disconnection: In contrast to the upright Temperance card, which gives off a feeling of spiritual unity, its reversed version feels like a spiritual vacuum. Leaving you feeling directionless.
  • Restlessness: Do you ever get that itch you can’t scratch, emotionally speaking? The reversed Temperance card could be highlighting a feeling of unease. It’s like having a nagging feeling that something’s off, but you can’t put your finger on what exactly needs to change.
Temperance Reversed As Feelings

For Singles

For singles, the reversed Temperance card often points to an imbalance or lack of harmony in your emotional or romantic life. Unlike its upright position, which advises balance and moderation, the reversed card suggests that you may be rushing into relationships or making impulsive decisions without fully considering their long-term impact.

It can also indicate emotional extremes, such as becoming too obsessed or detached in romantic pursuits. Essentially, the reversed Temperance card is a call to reassess your approach to love and relationships, encouraging you to restore balance and take a more measured approach for more meaningful connections.

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For Existing Relationships

In existing relationships, the reversed Temperance card also indicates a lack of balance, either emotionally or practically. Unlike its upright version, which symbolizes harmony and mutual growth, the reversed card suggests that there may be tensions, conflicts, or miscommunications that are throwing the relationship off-kilter.

It could manifest as one partner giving more than the other, or a lack of compromise on important issues. Essentially, this card serves as a cautionary signal, urging both partners to reassess the dynamics of their relationship and work towards restoring equilibrium for a more fulfilling and harmonious partnership.

For An Ex

When the reversed Temperance card appears in a reading concerning an ex, it can symbolize, lingering resentment, or a lack of closure. If you’ve pulled the reversed card it indicates that unresolved issues may still be influencing how you perceive and interact with your ex.

Often manifesting as recurring arguments, unsettled feelings, or an inability to find common ground. Essentially, the reversed Temperance card is a prompt to confront these unresolved matters, either for your own peace of mind or for a more amicable post-relationship dynamic.

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For Family & Friends

In the context of family and friends, the reversed Temperance card often signifies disharmony, misunderstandings, or conflicts. Are you feeling emotional or communicative imbalances within your social circle or family?

This could manifest as one-sided relationships, unresolved tensions, or a failure to see eye-to-eye on important matters. Essentially, the card is a signal to address these issues openly and work toward restoring a more balanced and harmonious dynamic among your family and friends.

Relationship ContextEmotional ToneKey MeaningsActionable Advice
For SinglesImbalance, ExtremesRushing into relationships, emotional extremesReassess approach to love, strive for emotional balance
Existing RelationshipsDisharmony, TensionConflicts, lack of compromiseReevaluate relationship dynamics, work towards balance
For An ExLingering ResentmentUnresolved issues affecting post-relationship dynamicConfront unresolved matters for peace of mind or better understanding
Family & FriendsDisharmony, ConflictOne-sided relationships, unresolved tensionsAddress issues openly, work towards restoring harmony

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Temperance As Feelings Infographic

Temperance Combinations As Feelings

Tarot is like a story, and you often get a better picture when cards have been drawn together. With that in mind here are some of my favorite cards to pull with temperance as they add even more complexities, and flesh out the reading even more!

Temperance and The Lovers

Temperance and The Lovers together suggest a well-balanced relationship. Temperance brings emotional balance, while The Lovers focus on choices in love. If you pull this in regards to feelings, then right now you are most likely in a deeply fulfilling partnership.

Temperance and The Five of Cups

When Temperance appears with the Five of Cups, emotional balance is key. Temperance urges you to stay moderate, while the Five of Cups hints at regrets or loss. Together, they recommend finding balance amid emotional turbulence.

Temperance and The Sun

If Temperance and The Sun show up together, expect good vibes. Temperance encourages balance, and The Sun signifies happiness. This pairing shows that you are now, or soon will be in a balanced and joyful emotional state.

Temperance and Nine of Swords

Temperance alongside the Nine of Swords suggests the need for mental peace. While Nine of Swords signals anxiety or sleepless nights, Temperance advises balance and calm. Together, they indicate the need to moderate your thoughts to mitigate stress.

Temperance and Four of Wands

When combined with the Four of Wands, Temperance implies that home life will be peaceful and good. The Four of Wands represents a stable, joyful home, while Temperance contributes balance. Together, they point to a balanced and happy household.

Temperance and Two of Cups

Temperance and the Two of Cups are a great pairing for emotional unity. The Two of Cups is about emotional bonds and partnerships, while Temperance balances those feelings. Together, they hint at a balanced, mutual emotional connection.


As you can see, if you pull temperance in regards to your feelings, then it’s a great sign that you are currently, or will soon be in balance between your emotions and your intuition. Your job now is to maintain the inner peace you’ve built, and use it to grow deeper connections.

However, if you’ve pulled temperance reversed, then it means you may be feeling uncertainty in your life. Take this time now to do some introspection, get in touch with your emotions and try to balance yourself again!

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