Temperance As Intentions Towards You: Upright & Reversed

When Temperance flows into your reading, it speaks of balance, moderation, and finding middle ground. But how does this translate into someone’s intentions towards you? Upright, Temperance suggests a harmonious and healing influence, perhaps someone aiming to bring stability and patience to your life.

But reversed, it might indicate a lack of harmony or extremes rather than balance. The tale of Temperance is a delicate dance of equilibrium and synthesis. Let’s delve into understanding the nuanced intentions behind this card and what it means for finding balance in your relationship.

Key Takeaways

Temperance Upright as Intentions

  • Dating: Intentions characterized by patience, balance, and a desire for a harmonious connection. Seeking a relationship that grows organically and calmly.
  • Relationships: Intentions to nurture and maintain equilibrium within the partnership. Focus on ensuring both partners’ needs are met in a fair and equal manner.
  • Exes: A balanced and mature approach to handling past relationship issues, seeking closure or interaction in a considerate and harmonious way.
  • Commitment: Intentions guided by fairness and responsibility, carefully weighing pros and cons to bring balance and benefit to both parties involved.
  • Friends & Family: A desire to promote harmony and understanding, often acting as a mediator and fostering an environment of mutual respect.
  • Your Intentions: Focused on finding balance and harmony in your life and relationships, seeking moderation and stability.

Temperance Reversed as Intentions

  • Dating: Intentions marred by impatience or imbalance, approaching relationships with intensity and potentially leading to volatility.
  • Relationships: Intentions contributing to disharmony, with impulsive actions or a lack of compromise disrupting the balance within the partnership.
  • Exes: Struggling to find a balanced perspective on the past relationship, influenced by unresolved emotions or extremes of sentiment.
  • Commitment: Intentions lacking balance or thoughtfulness, leading to uncertainty about moving forward in the relationship.
  • Friends & Family: Intentions disrupting harmony and understanding in relationships, possibly due to over-involvement or detachment.
  • Careers: Intentions misaligned with a balanced approach to work, potentially resulting in an unsustainable work environment or stress.
  • Your Intentions: A need to reassess areas of your life where imbalance prevails and seek moderation and harmony in your actions and decisions.

Symbolism of The Temperance

Temperance depicts an angelic figure pouring liquid between two cups, a symbol of balance, moderation, and the merging of opposites. The figure often stands with one foot in water and one on land, indicating the harmony between the subconscious and conscious, emotion and rationality. This card represents the blending of diverse elements to achieve equilibrium, suggesting patience, moderation, and the careful balancing of life’s various aspects.

Temperance is about seeking balance, practicing moderation, and finding a middle ground in life’s pursuits. It encourages adapting to situations with a calm and measured approach, highlighting the value of patience and the importance of not going to extremes.

The Upright Temperance As Intentions

When Temperance appears upright in a tarot reading, it symbolizes intentions imbued with balance, moderation, and harmony. Imagine blending different elements together to create a perfect equilibrium; that’s the essence of Temperance. This card speaks to a deliberate and thoughtful approach to life, emphasizing the importance of finding a middle ground and maintaining a steady, calm demeanor in various situations.

Temperance Upright As Intentions


When it comes to dating, Temperance suggests someone’s intentions are characterized by patience and a desire for a balanced, meaningful connection. They’re likely to approach you with a calm and measured demeanor, seeking a relationship that grows organically and harmoniously, rather than rushing into things or getting swept up in the heat of the moment.

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For those in relationships, Temperance indicates intentions to nurture and maintain equilibrium within the partnership. This person might focus on ensuring that both partners’ needs are met in a fair and equal manner. They believe in resolving conflicts through compromise and mutual understanding, valuing a stable and peaceful dynamic.

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Regarding an ex’s intentions, Temperance suggests a balanced and mature approach to handling past relationship issues. They might seek closure or interaction in a way that is considerate and seeks to maintain equilibrium, avoiding extreme emotions or actions.

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Will There Be Commitment?

When contemplating commitment, Temperance symbolizes intentions that are guided by a sense of fairness and responsibility. The person in question is likely to weigh the pros and cons carefully, aiming to make a decision that brings balance and is in the best interest of both parties involved. They view commitment as a significant decision, requiring a thoughtful and harmonious approach.

Here’s how to read Temperance as a yes or no in your life!

Friends & Family

For friends and family, Temperance indicates a desire to promote harmony and understanding. They might often act as a mediator, helping to resolve disputes with a calm and fair approach. They aim to create an environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

Want to know how Temperance may enter your life as a person?

For Careers

Temperance Upright reflects a balanced and harmonious approach from someone in your work life. They are likely striving for a stable and cooperative relationship with you, blending different elements to create a productive and pleasant working environment. It’s all about finding the middle ground with you.

Your Intentions

If you’re influenced by Temperance, your intentions are likely focused on finding balance and harmony in your life and relationships. It’s a call to approach your decisions with moderation, seeking to blend various aspects of your life in a way that creates a peaceful and stable environment.

Actionable Advice

  • Cultivate Balance: Strive for a balanced approach in all areas of your life. Avoid extremes and find the middle ground in your interactions and decisions.
  • Practice Patience: Be patient in your relationships and endeavors. Allow things to develop at their own pace, fostering growth that is steady and sustainable.
  • Seek Harmony: Work towards creating harmony in your relationships, balancing your needs with those of others, and finding solutions that benefit everyone involved.

Common Misinterpretations

Temperance is often seen as merely advocating for moderation or avoiding risk. However, its broader significance in tarot encompasses the idea of blending and balancing diverse elements to create harmony and stability. It’s not just about being cautious; it’s about the thoughtful integration of different aspects to achieve a state of equilibrium.

Temperance upright as intentions towards you suggests that others are likely to approach you with a desire for balance and harmony. Their interactions are likely to be marked by a measured, thoughtful approach, aiming to maintain a peaceful and stable relationship. This card encourages an environment where patience, understanding, and compromise are valued, fostering a sense of calm and balanced connection.

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The Temperance Reversed As Intentions

When Temperance appears reversed in a tarot reading, it often symbolizes intentions that are out of balance, marked by excess or lack of moderation. This inversion of Temperance is like a mixture that’s been imbalanced, where elements are not harmoniously blended, leading to discord and instability. It indicates a struggle with finding the middle ground, often leading to extremes in behavior, decisions, or emotions.

Temperance Reversed As Intentions


In the realm of dating, Temperance reversed might suggest someone’s intentions are marred by impatience or imbalance. They could approach relationships with an intensity that overshadows the need for a gradual, steady connection, potentially leading to volatile or inconsistent behaviors.


For those in existing relationships, this card reversed indicates intentions that might contribute to disharmony. There could be a tendency to act impulsively, without considering the repercussions on the relationship’s equilibrium. This could manifest as emotional extremes or a lack of compromise, disrupting the balance and peace within the partnership.


Regarding an ex’s intentions, Temperance reversed suggests they might be struggling with finding a balanced perspective on the past relationship. Their approach could be influenced by unresolved emotions or extremes of sentiment, hindering a harmonious closure or reconciliation.

Will There Be Commitment?

When contemplating commitment, Temperance reversed indicates intentions that may not be grounded in a balanced or thoughtful approach. The person in question might be wavering due to a lack of emotional stability or clarity, leading to uncertainty about moving forward in the relationship.

Friends & Family

For friends and family, Temperance reversed can reflect intentions that disrupt harmony and understanding. This individual might be contributing to or experiencing imbalances in these relationships, such as over-involvement or detachment, leading to potential conflicts or misunderstandings.

For Careers

Temperance Reversed indicates an imbalance in someone’s intentions towards you at work. Perhaps they’re struggling to find the right approach or are overcompensating in some way. This card suggests a need for recalibration in how they’re dealing with you professionally.

Your Intentions

If Temperance reversed is influencing your intentions, it may be a sign to reassess areas of your life where imbalance prevails. Consider ways to restore equilibrium, whether in your emotions, relationships, or work-life balance. It’s a call to seek moderation and harmony in your actions and decisions.

Actionable Advice

  • Identify Imbalances: Reflect on areas of your life where extremes are present. Look for ways to introduce more balance and stability.
  • Cultivate Moderation: Practice moderation in your actions, emotions, and decisions. Avoid swinging from one extreme to another.
  • Seek Harmony: Strive to create harmonious relationships and environments, whether at home, in relationships, or at work. This might involve compromise, open communication, or reassessing priorities.

Common Misinterpretations

Temperance reversed is often interpreted as mere lack of self-control or excess. However, its deeper meaning in tarot revolves around the challenges of finding and maintaining balance in various aspects of life. It’s not just about indulgence or restraint; it’s about the struggle to integrate different facets of life into a cohesive and harmonious whole.

Temperance reversed as intentions towards you suggests that others may be approaching you with a lack of balance or harmony. Their interactions might reflect struggles with maintaining equilibrium, leading to potential conflicts or inconsistencies. This card serves as a reminder of the importance of balance and moderation in all interactions and relationships, encouraging a mindful approach to restoring harmony.

Combinations That Go With The Temperance As Intentions

Temperance in tarot combinations offers a narrative of balance, moderation, and harmony. As this card interacts with others, it unveils intentions about finding equilibrium, blending opposites, and pursuing a peaceful, measured approach to life’s challenges. Temperance is a symbol of the alchemical mix of diverse elements, suggesting a journey towards a more centered and integrated self.

Temperance and The Devil

Temperance’s encounter with The Devil focuses on the intention to find balance amidst extremes or temptations. This pairing is about seeking moderation in the face of excess or addictive behaviors. It’s a call to establish harmony where there’s been imbalance, encouraging a more disciplined and thoughtful approach to life’s indulgences.

Temperance and Knight of Swords

When Temperance aligns with the Knight of Swords, the intention is to temper impulsive actions with thoughtfulness. This combination brings a measured approach to typically swift and decisive actions. It suggests slowing down, thinking things through, and not rushing headlong into situations, thereby finding a middle ground between haste and stagnation.

Temperance and Five of Pentacles

With Temperance and the Five of Pentacles, the focus is on finding equilibrium during times of hardship or scarcity. This pairing suggests the intention to bring balance and hope to challenging financial or material circumstances. It’s about finding a sustainable path through tough times, blending resourcefulness with a spirit of perseverance.

Temperance and The Sun

Pairing Temperance with The Sun highlights an intention to harmonize joy and contentment with a measured approach to life. This combination suggests finding happiness in balance and moderation, ensuring that life’s pleasures are enjoyed in a way that sustains long-term contentment and well-being.

Temperance and Two of Cups

Temperance alongside the Two of Cups points to an intention to cultivate balanced and harmonious relationships. This pairing is about blending different personalities or viewpoints in a relationship, fostering mutual understanding and respect. It’s a call for a diplomatic and empathetic approach to partnerships, whether romantic, platonic, or professional.

Temperance and Nine of Wands

Lastly, Temperance’s interaction with the Nine of Wands is about maintaining steadiness and composure in the face of adversity. This combination speaks to the intention of not giving up when challenges arise, but also not pushing oneself too hard. It’s about finding the sweet spot between persistence and rest, ensuring resilience doesn’t turn into burnout.


To summarize, Temperance upright in relation to someone’s intentions towards you reflects a desire for balance, harmony, and moderation. This person likely aims to ensure a calm, balanced approach in your relationship or interaction. They might be seeking to blend different elements harmoniously, striving for a peaceful and steady connection with you.

When reversed, Temperance could indicate an imbalance or excess in their intentions towards you. They might be struggling to find the middle ground or overdoing certain aspects of the relationship. This highlights a need for them to reassess their approach, seeking a more centered and moderate interaction that benefits both of you equally.

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