Temperance As Love Outcome: Upright & Reversed

With the soothing energy of Temperance, love finds its balance, blending opposing forces into harmonious unity. This card speaks of patience, understanding, and the delicate art of compromise in relationships. Join me, and we’ll delve into the alchemy of love that Temperance so beautifully symbolizes, seeking equilibrium and mutual growth.

Key Takeaways

Upright Temperance

  • For Singles: Upright Temperance emphasizes inner balance and clarity before diving into a new relationship. It’s about preparing oneself emotionally for the profound connection that’s on the horizon.
  • For New Relationships: Signifies a bond rooted in mutual respect and understanding, hinting at a relationship based on maturity and genuine affection.
  • For Existing Relationships: Acts as a beacon of rejuvenation, indicating a return to harmony and deep connection, especially if recent times were challenging.
  • For Reconciliation with An Ex: A beacon of hope, urging both parties to consider the reconciliation maturely, using past experiences as a guiding light.
  • For Hopes and Fears in Love: There’s a profound hope for a harmonious relationship, but a concurrent fear of monotony and the peace being a precursor to a storm.

Temperance Reversed

  • For Singles: Suggests a phase of inner unrest or impatience, possibly due to eagerness or unresolved past emotional issues.
  • For New Relationships: Indicates a potential mismatch in pace or expectations, with the relationship possibly moving too quickly or a disparity in emotional investments.
  • For Existing Relationships: Points towards a period of disharmony, where mutual respect and balance may be teetering.
  • For Reconciliation with An Ex: A word of caution, indicating that past imbalances may still persist and can resurface.
  • For Hopes and Fears in Love: Underpins a deep desire for a balanced, fulfilling relationship, yet a fear of imbalances and settling for less than what truly resonates.

The Symbolism of Temperance

Temperance emphasizes balance and harmony. Portrayed as an angel blending water between two cups, it’s a symbol of synergy and equilibrium. When things seem to be spiraling, Temperance gently nudges you toward a more balanced and patient approach.

Upright Temperance As A Love Outcome

When diving into the symbolic layers of the Upright Temperance card, we encounter the essence of balance, patience, and a harmonious blend of different energies. Its presence in a love reading whispers tales of deep emotional understanding, unity borne out of diversity, and the magic that unfolds when two souls create a balanced dance of give and take. It’s a poignant reminder that while love can often be intense and consuming, it’s in the gentle equilibrium and mutual respect that true, lasting bonds are formed.

Temperance Upright As A Love Outcome

For Singles

For the single souls amongst us, the Upright Temperance card acts as a serene lighthouse. It signals a phase where inner balance becomes crucial. Before one can meld their life with another’s, a clear understanding of personal desires, strengths, weaknesses, and boundaries is imperative. This card is all about preparing one’s inner world, ensuring it’s a sanctuary of peace, clarity, and readiness for the profound connection that awaits.

What You Should Do
  • Deep Dive into Self-awareness: Spend time meditating, journaling, and reflecting. What have past relationships taught you? What patterns need breaking?
  • Trust the Universe’s Timing: Love isn’t about constantly seeking but sometimes allowing. Trust that as you work on achieving inner balance, the universe will conspire to bring the right connection your way.

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For New Relationships

In the context of budding romances, Upright Temperance beams with promise. It indicates a relationship that’s rooted in mutual respect, understanding, and patience. Both partners are likely approaching the bond with maturity, ready to understand, adapt, and create a foundation that promises stability and genuine affection.

What You Should Do
  • Cherish Every Moment: Every stage of a relationship is unique. Relish the initial phases of discovery, understanding, and deepening connection.
  • Foster Open Communication: Make it a priority to discuss dreams, fears, boundaries, and desires. Such discussions ensure that the relationship grows on a bedrock of trust and transparency.

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For Existing Relationships

For couples who’ve walked a considerable distance together, Upright Temperance brings a message of rejuvenation and rebalance. Perhaps recent times saw disagreements or moments of disconnect. This card promises a return to harmony, understanding, and a reaffirmation of the love that binds the two together.

What You Should Do
  • Introduce Fresh Experiences: Revitalize the bond by exploring new activities together. Be it dance lessons, cooking classes, or travel; shared experiences can reignite passion.
  • Practice Active Listening: It’s crucial not just to communicate but also to actively listen. It strengthens the bond and ensures both partners feel valued.

For Reconciliation With An Ex

Thinking of rekindling an old flame? Upright Temperance in this scenario offers a ray of hope but with a caveat of mature introspection. It nudges both parties to approach the idea of reconciliation with clear eyes, devoid of rose-tinted glasses, and armed with the wisdom of past experiences.

What You Should Do
  • Evaluate Past Dynamics: Before stepping back into familiar territory, objectively assess what went wrong previously. Are those issues surmountable now?
  • Seek Mediation if Needed: If considering a reunion, couples therapy or mediation can be an excellent way to navigate past issues and set the stage for a healthier relationship.

For Hopes And Fears In Love

With Upright Temperance in the mix, the underlying hope is clear: a desire for a relationship that’s as harmonious as it’s passionate. Yet, accompanying this hope is a fear—of monotony, of mistaking peaceful coexistence for lack of passion, of the calm before a possible storm.

What You Should Do
  • Maintain Individuality: A harmonious relationship doesn’t mean merging identities. Continue pursuing personal passions, ensuring the relationship remains vibrant and multifaceted.
  • Engage in Regular Check-ins: Periodic heart-to-hearts can help address any underlying concerns, ensuring both partners remain aligned in their love journey.

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In short, the Upright Temperance in a love context is an emblem of hope, balance, and harmonious coexistence. It beckons lovers to walk the middle path, avoiding extremes, cherishing the tranquil moments as much as the passionate ones, and always, always striving for mutual understanding and respect. It’s the universe’s gentle reminder that in love, as in life, it’s the balanced, steady flames that burn the brightest and the longest.

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Temperance Reversed As A Love Outcome

The Temperance card in its upright form speaks of balance, serenity, and harmonious unions. When reversed, the energies become somewhat tumultuous, signaling a phase where imbalances, impulsiveness, or lack of harmony might be in play. In a love context, this could highlight a time where emotional turbulence, misunderstandings, or imbalanced give-and-take become prominent. It serves as a gentle nudge, urging one to restore balance and seek harmony both within and in the relationship.

Temperance Reversed As A Love Outcome

For Singles

For those navigating the world of singlehood, the Reversed Temperance card often suggests a period of inner turmoil or impatience. Perhaps there’s an eagerness to jump into a relationship without adequate self-reflection, or past emotional baggage is causing a lack of clarity in romantic pursuits.

What You Should Do
  • Embrace Patience: It’s essential to recognize that everything has its time. Rushing might lead to unfulfilling or tumultuous connections.
  • Engage in Self-reflection: Delve deep to identify any unresolved emotional baggage. Healing and understanding oneself can pave the way for healthier romantic relationships down the line.

For New Relationships

In fledgling relationships, Temperance Reversed could indicate a dynamic where things are moving too fast, or there’s a mismatch in expectations. The initial excitement might be leading to hasty decisions, or one partner might be investing more emotionally and energetically than the other.

What You Should Do
  • Slow Down and Assess: It’s alright to take things slow. Evaluate if the relationship aligns with your long-term goals and values.
  • Open Lines of Communication: Ensure that you’re on the same page. Discuss your feelings, expectations, and any reservations you might have.

For Existing Relationships

Established couples might find Temperance Reversed pointing towards growing disparities or a period of disharmony. It could signal that the balance and mutual respect that once existed are now askew, leading to feelings of being unappreciated or misunderstood.

What You Should Do
  • Reconnect and Rediscover: Set aside quality time to rekindle the connection. Revisit shared memories, dreams, and perhaps even recreate some of your early dates.
  • Seek External Guidance: Couples therapy or relationship counseling might provide the tools and insights needed to navigate through this challenging phase.

For Reconciliation With An Ex

If one’s contemplating revisiting a past relationship, Temperance Reversed advises caution. It suggests that the same imbalances that led to the initial split might still exist, or there’s a potential for past issues to resurface.

What You Should Do
  • Analyze the Past Objectively: Ensure that the desire to reconnect isn’t just a result of loneliness or nostalgia. Assess whether the core issues that led to the breakup have been addressed.
  • Open Dialogues: If both parties are genuinely considering a reunion, it’s essential to have open conversations about past issues, current feelings, and future expectations.

For Hopes And Fears In Love

At its core, Temperance Reversed in this context indicates a deep-seated hope for equilibrium and a loving partnership that’s fulfilling. Yet, there’s an underlying fear of imbalances, misunderstandings, or settling for a relationship that doesn’t truly resonate.

What You Should Do
  • Trust Your Intuition: Deep down, you often know what’s right for you. If something feels off, it’s worth exploring those feelings further.
  • Engage in Self-love: Prioritizing self-care and personal growth ensures that you attract relationships that mirror your own self-worth and understanding.

In essence, while Temperance Reversed can suggest challenges and imbalances, it’s also a powerful prompt to realign, recalibrate, and restore the equilibrium that might be missing. Relationships, like all aspects of life, have their highs and lows. Yet, with understanding, patience, and a commitment to mutual growth, even the most challenging phases can transform into profound learning experiences.

Combinations That Go With Temperance For Love Outcome

The Temperance card radiates an energy of balance, patience, and harmonious blending. When it appears in love readings, it often hints at relationships that are evolving at the right pace, or it may advise patience and understanding. The card’s essence is about finding the middle ground and fostering mutual growth. Here’s how Temperance interacts with other tarot cards:

Temperance + Two of Cups:

Together, this duo speaks of a relationship that’s both emotionally fulfilling and balanced. The mutual affection and connection of the Two of Cups, paired with Temperance’s harmonizing energy, indicates a bond that’s based on understanding, patience, and mutual growth. It’s the kind of relationship that thrives on equal give-and-take.

Temperance + The Lovers:

This combination signifies choices or decisions in love that are made with patience, balance, and a deep sense of inner harmony. The Lovers points to romantic decisions, and Temperance’s influence implies that these choices are thoughtful, balanced, and rooted in genuine connection.

Temperance + Ten of Cups:

A harmonious blend, this pairing speaks of emotional contentment and happiness that is achieved through patience, balance, and understanding. The Ten of Cups depicts a state of emotional fulfillment, and Temperance adds its touch of harmony and balance, suggesting a relationship that thrives on mutual respect and patience.

Temperance + The Empress:

Together, these cards highlight a nurturing, caring relationship that also maintains a sense of balance and mutual growth. The Empress’s nurturing energy combined with Temperance’s harmony suggests a bond where both partners care for each other while also ensuring personal and collective growth.

Temperance + Knight of Cups:

This pairing captures romantic gestures or feelings that are genuine, balanced, and come from a place of patience and understanding. The Knight of Cups, a messenger of love, coupled with Temperance’s energy, indicates that romantic feelings and gestures are grounded, sincere, and are expressed with genuine intent.

Temperance + Ace of Pentacles:

These cards together suggest the beginning of a relationship or a new phase in love that is founded on patience, balance, and a steady pace. The Ace of Pentacles represents a fresh, tangible start, and Temperance adds its wisdom of harmony and balance, suggesting that this new venture in love will develop gradually and beautifully over time.


In summary, the upright Temperance card signals balance, harmony, and moderation in your love life. Whether you’re finding a balanced romantic relationship, fostering self-love, or nurturing harmonious friendships, Temperance assures you that patience and understanding will lead to genuine connections.

Reversed, Temperance might hint at potential imbalances or impatience in your love dynamics. It calls for introspection and adjustment, ensuring that all aspects of your love life flow harmoniously.

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