Temperance As Reconciliation: Upright & Reversed

And then there’s Temperance. When this card shows up in your reconciliation reading, it’s all about finding that sweet spot, the perfect balance. Temperance is your reminder to take it slow, blend things just right. Are you and the other person a little bit like oil and water right now?

This card is saying, hey, maybe there’s a way to mix it up so everyone feels just right. How can you bring a little bit of calm, a touch of patience into this mix? Imagine how a balanced, thoughtful approach could smooth things over and bring you back to a good place.

Key Takeaways

Upright Temperance

  • For Exes: Encourages balance and harmony in rekindling an old relationship, focusing on blending differences and healing past wounds.
  • For Recent Break-Ups: Suggests a balanced approach to emotions, advising healing and finding your center before considering getting back together.
  • For Long Term Separation: Symbolizes the need for harmonious reintegration, blending old with new, and respecting both history and personal evolution.
  • For Early Stages Of Dating: Recommends a balanced and patient approach in nurturing a new connection.
  • For Those On The Fence: Guides towards a balanced decision, weighing emotions and rationale to decide on reconciliation.
  • For Friends & Family: Calls for peaceful resolution, blending different viewpoints, and finding compromise for stronger bonds.
  • In Careers: Suggests a diplomatic approach to resolving workplace conflicts, aiming for mutual benefits and sustainable solutions.

Temperance Reversed

  • For Exes: Reflects a lack of balance in the relationship, warning against rushing back without addressing fundamental issues.
  • For Recent Break-Ups: Highlights an imbalance in the healing process, advising finding emotional stability before considering reconciliation.
  • For Long Term Separation: Suggests unresolved issues or reluctance to accept changes, emphasizing the need for a new balanced approach.
  • For Early Stages Of Dating: Signals an imbalance in the connection, urging to address inequities for a healthy relationship.
  • For Those On The Fence: Reflects inner turmoil and imbalance in decision-making, suggesting a need for balanced emotions and logic.
  • For Friends & Family: Indicates disharmony and a lack of understanding, urging open communication and mutual respect.
  • In Careers: Points to potential conflicts or imbalances in the workplace, advocating for addressing issues and promoting a cooperative environment.

Symbolism of Temperance

Visualize an angelic figure, standing gracefully with one foot dipped in a gentle stream and the other firmly on the rocky land. This is Temperance, a symbol of perfect balance and harmony. She’s elegantly pouring water between two golden cups, in a continuous, effortless flow. This act is not just a party trick – it’s a profound representation of blending life’s varied experiences to find a harmonious equilibrium.

The water flowing seamlessly from cup to cup signifies the ideal balance of give and take, emotional and practical, work and play. Behind her stretches a path leading to a bright, golden crown, symbolizing the rewarding journey towards achieving personal enlightenment and higher wisdom. Temperance whispers the secret of life: it’s about finding the sweet spot, the perfect mix of elements that creates your unique recipe for a fulfilled life. She teaches us the art of patience, reminding us that great things take time to brew and mature.

Upright Temperance For Reconciliation

Think of the Upright Temperance card as a wise advisor encouraging you to find a perfect blend of elements in your reconciliation journey. This card is all about balance, harmony, and moderation. It’s like a gentle reminder that the best solutions often come from blending different perspectives and finding a middle ground.

Temperance in reconciliation signifies the importance of patience, compromise, and creating a harmonious balance in the relationship. It’s about understanding each other’s differences and working together to form a stronger bond. This card encourages a calm, steady approach, suggesting that healing and understanding grow gradually, nurtured by balanced emotions and thoughtful actions.

Temperance Upright As Reconciliation

For Exes

When Temperance appears upright while considering getting back with an ex, it’s like a gentle reminder to find balance and harmony. This card suggests a blending of differences and healing of past wounds through moderation and patience. It’s a call to approach reconciliation not as a quick fix but as a gradual process of merging different perspectives and experiences. If you’re thinking of rekindling an old flame, Temperance advises you to proceed with a mindset of creating a new equilibrium where both partners respect and complement each other’s growth.

For Recent Break-Ups

After a recent breakup, the presence of Temperance upright is a sign to take a balanced approach to your emotions and reactions. It’s about finding inner peace and emotional stability before considering reconciliation. This card encourages you to take the time to heal and find your center, ensuring that if you do decide to get back together, it’s from a place of calm and clarity. It suggests that reconciliation should be a journey of mutual growth and emotional balancing, not a hasty leap back into old patterns.

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For Long Term Separation

In the case of long-term separations, Temperance upright symbolizes the need for a harmonious reintegration. It speaks to the importance of blending the old with the new. This card indicates that both parties have likely undergone significant changes, and finding a common ground where these changes can coexist peacefully is essential for successful reconciliation. It’s about tempering past emotions with present realities, creating a relationship that respects both history and personal evolution.

For Early Stages Of Dating

For those in the early stages of dating, Temperance upright suggests a harmonious and measured approach to developing the relationship. It’s a reminder to nurture the budding connection with patience and understanding. This card encourages a steady growth, where both individuals take the time to truly understand and appreciate each other. In the context of reconciliation, it means building a foundation that is balanced and considerate of both parties’ needs and boundaries.

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For Those On The Fence

If you’re uncertain about rekindling a relationship, Temperance upright acts as a guide towards a balanced decision. It encourages you to weigh your decision with a clear mind and a calm heart. This card is about finding a middle path, one that respects your emotions and rationale. It suggests that reconciliation, if chosen, should be approached with a mindset of creating a more harmonious and balanced relationship than before.

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For Friends & Family

In friendships and family relationships, Temperance upright is a call for peaceful resolution and understanding. It suggests the importance of blending different viewpoints and finding a compromise that satisfies all parties. This card encourages patience, open communication, and a willingness to understand each other’s perspectives. Reconciliation here is about creating a peaceful and respectful environment where all can coexist in harmony.

In Careers

In a professional setting, Temperance upright suggests a diplomatic approach to resolving conflicts or differences. It’s about finding a balance between various interests and perspectives in the workplace. This card indicates the need for patience and moderation in dealing with colleagues or business partners, aiming for solutions that are mutually beneficial and sustainable.

Temperance upright, across all these relationships, represents the art of bringing together diverse elements to create harmony and balance. It’s a reminder that reconciliation often requires a blending of differences, a tempering of extremes, and a patient, thoughtful approach. Temperance encourages us to pursue a path of moderation and understanding, fostering relationships that are balanced, respectful, and enriching for all involved.

Actionable Advice:

  • Seek Balance: Aim for a fair balance of give and take in the relationship.
  • Practice Patience: Healing takes time, so be patient with yourself and your partner.
  • Find Common Ground: Look for areas where you can agree and build from there.
  • Avoid Extremes: Stay away from extreme reactions or solutions; moderation is key.
  • Cultivate Peace and Harmony: Strive to create a peaceful and harmonious environment for discussions and interactions.

Temperance Reversed For Reconciliation

When Temperance appears reversed, it’s like a signal that things are out of sync. This card hints at imbalance, excess, or a lack of harmony in the process of reconciling. It could be a sign that emotions are running too high or that one or both parties are not willing to compromise. Temperance Reversed asks you to reassess how you’re handling the situation.

Are you focusing too much on one aspect and neglecting others? Is there a need to cool down heated emotions or to be more open to finding a middle ground? This card is a call to rediscover equilibrium, to recognize where imbalances are occurring, and to work towards restoring harmony in the relationship.

Temperance Reversed As Reconciliation

For Exes

When Temperance appears reversed while considering reconciliation with an ex, it reflects a lack of balance in the relationship. This imbalance could manifest as emotional extremes, impatience, or a failure to compromise. It’s like a warning that rushing back into the relationship without addressing these fundamental issues could lead to further disharmony. Reconciliation in this case requires a conscious effort to re-establish equilibrium, ensuring that both partners are willing to work towards a more balanced and healthy relationship.

For Recent Break-Ups

In the wake of a recent breakup, Temperance reversed highlights an imbalance in the healing process. This could indicate rushing into a new phase without properly addressing the pain and lessons from the breakup. It’s a reminder that healing and reconciliation require time and patience. The card advises taking a step back to find emotional stability and clarity before considering whether getting back together is truly in your best interests.

For Long Term Separation

For long-term separations, Temperance reversed suggests an imbalance in the way you or your ex-partner may be approaching the possibility of getting back together. There might be unresolved issues or a reluctance to accept the changes that have occurred over time. Reconciliation here means not only acknowledging the past but also finding a new way to relate that reflects who you both are now, striving for a relationship that is more balanced and in tune with your current selves.

For Early Stages Of Dating

In new relationships, the appearance of Temperance reversed can signal an imbalance in the connection, perhaps one partner giving too much and the other not enough. It points to the need for establishing a more equitable give-and-take. If you’re considering reconciling after a brief separation or misunderstanding, it’s important to address these imbalances and work towards a relationship where both parties feel equally valued and heard.

For Those On The Fence

If you’re feeling uncertain about rekindling a relationship, Temperance reversed reflects inner turmoil and imbalance in your decision-making process. It suggests that your indecision may stem from not weighing the emotional and rational aspects equally. In considering reconciliation, it’s crucial to find a balance between your feelings and logic, ensuring that your choice leads to a harmonious outcome for both parties.

For Friends & Family

In the context of friendships and family relationships, Temperance reversed indicates disharmony and a lack of understanding. This imbalance can lead to conflicts or strained relationships. Reconciliation here involves finding a middle ground, where all parties can communicate openly and work towards understanding and respecting each other’s differences. It’s about restoring balance and harmony in your interactions.

In Careers

Professionally, Temperance reversed points to potential conflicts or imbalances in the workplace. It could be indicative of teamwork issues, communication breakdowns, or a lack of mutual respect among colleagues. Reconciliation in this setting involves addressing these issues head-on, striving for a more balanced and cooperative work environment where everyone’s contributions are valued and respected.

Temperance reversed in the context of reconciliation calls attention to the need for balance, patience, and moderation in relationships. Temperance urges a careful consideration of how equilibrium can be restored. It’s a reminder that successful reconciliation often requires addressing and rectifying imbalances, ensuring that relationships are rebuilt on a foundation of mutual respect, understanding, and harmony.

Actionable Advice:

  • Identify Imbalances: Look at areas where there’s too much or too little effort being made.
  • Manage Emotions: Work on keeping your emotions in check to avoid overreactions.
  • Encourage Compromise: Be open to meeting halfway, recognizing that both parties need to give a little.
  • Reevaluate Your Approach: Consider if a different method or perspective might bring better harmony.
  • Seek Help if Needed: Sometimes, a neutral third party can help to identify and correct imbalances.

Combinations That Go With Temperance For Reconciliation

In tarot readings about reconciliation, the Temperance card mixed with others can give you a pretty good idea about the best way to smooth things over. Temperance is like the voice of reason, reminding you to take it slow, mix things up just right, and find a happy medium. When it shows up with other cards, it’s like getting a recipe for how to bring balance and harmony back into a relationship.

Temperance and The Devil

When Temperance and The Devil come together, it’s a sign that you might need to break free from bad habits or unhealthy patterns in the relationship. This combo is telling you to find a healthier balance, to let go of things that aren’t doing you any good, and to bring a bit more moderation into how you deal with each other.

Temperance and The Lovers

Temperance with The Lovers is all about finding harmony in your emotional connection. It’s like saying you both need to understand and respect your differences to make things work. This pair suggests that blending your feelings and desires in just the right way can lead to a really strong and balanced relationship.

Temperance and The Hierophant

Mixing Temperance with The Hierophant points towards shared beliefs and values playing a big part in patching things up. It’s about finding common ground, maybe leaning on traditions or cultural norms you both value. This combination says that respecting each other’s beliefs and finding a middle ground based on shared principles can really help mend things.

Temperance and Six of Swords

The combo of Temperance and the Six of Swords suggests a calm and steady move away from troubled times. It’s about taking it slow, moving forward thoughtfully, and leaving behind the rough patches in a gentle, healing way. This pairing is like a quiet journey towards a more peaceful and understanding relationship.

Temperance and Ace of Cups

Temperance alongside the Ace of Cups is a nudge towards a new start in your emotional life, but with a balanced approach. It’s like saying, “Let your feelings grow naturally, without rushing.” This pairing is all about letting your emotions develop at their own pace, creating a deep and genuine connection that’s grounded and real.

Temperance and The Star

When Temperance teams up with The Star, it’s a beautiful mix of hope, healing, and balanced change. It’s a reminder to stay optimistic and positive about the future, while also being patient and realistic about working through current issues. This combo suggests that hope and a positive outlook, balanced with a grounded approach, can lead to a fulfilling and harmonious resolution.


To recap, Temperance in the dance of reconciliation is all about finding that sweet spot, where everything just flows. Imagine you’re mixing a cocktail, where every ingredient has to be just right. Upright, Temperance is your guide to achieving this perfect mix. It’s a reminder to bring a bit of patience here, a dash of understanding there, and maybe a sprinkle of compromise. It’s about knowing when to step forward and when to pull back, creating a harmonious blend of emotions and actions. This card is like a gentle hand on your shoulder, guiding you towards a middle path where things feel balanced and just right.

But, when Temperance flips upside down, it’s like the ingredients in our reconciliation cocktail are a bit off. Maybe there’s too much of one thing and not enough of another. Reversed Temperance is a little whisper in your ear saying, “Hey, let’s take a look at this. Are we going overboard or not doing enough?” It’s a call to reassess the mix, to make sure you’re not swinging too far in one direction. This card is like a reminder that finding balance is a delicate art – it’s about adjusting and readjusting until everything feels aligned and in harmony.

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