Ten Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning: Upright & Reversed

The Ten of Pentacles symbolizes lasting success and the creation of a stable foundation for those around you and possibly future generations. It shows that your efforts have created wealth and security that will support your family, hopefully for years to come. However, when reversed, this card warns of potential conflicts over wealth or the realization that financial stability alone doesn’t guarantee happiness.

If you want to know more about this card, or you’re troubled about what the reversed version of it could mean, then keep reading to find out everything there is to know!

Numerology1 (1+0): Symbolizes new beginnings, hard work, new ventures.
Zodiac SignCapricorn: Emphasizes structure, tradition, and the achievement of long-term goals. Capricorn’s influence here is on the creation and maintenance of wealth that endures across generations.
Ruling PlanetSaturn: Represents discipline, responsibility, and the rewards of long-term planning. Saturn’s role in the Ten of Pentacles underscores the importance of structured effort and persistence in building a secure and prosperous foundation.
ElementEarth: Indicates a culmination of material success, stability, and the realization of collective goals.
Yes or NoYes: Suggests lasting success, fulfillment of material goals, and the establishment of a legacy.
CrystalsJade for wealth and longevity; Ruby for vitality and maintaining wealth.

Symbolism Of The Ten Of Pentacles

  1. The Family Gathering: The card shows a family spanning generations, gathered in a courtyard or estate. This gathering highlights the importance of family ties, community, and the sharing of wealth and wisdom across ages. It shows a sense of belonging and the comfort of being part of something enduring and stable.
  2. The Wealthy Estate: The background typically features a home or estate, symbolizing financial stability, security, and the achievements of a lifetime. This setting underscores the idea of a well-established foundation, a place from which future generations can grow and prosper.
  3. The Ten Pentacles: Arranged throughout the card, the pentacles symbolize material wealth, but they also represent the various aspects of one’s life that contribute to overall fulfillment, including health, relationships, and community. The distribution of pentacles suggests that true wealth is multifaceted and extends beyond mere financial success.
  4. The Elderly Figure: The older person is in the card, symbolizes wisdom, experience, and the passing of knowledge and wealth to younger generations. He is about the concept of legacy and the value of leaving something meaningful behind.
  5. The Robes and Symbols: The figures’ clothing and the surrounding architecture feature symbols of family, heritage, and prosperity, such as crests, animals, and plants. These details emphasize the richness of tradition and the importance of heritage and lineage.
  6. The Dogs: The dogs symbolizes loyalty, protection, and the simple joys that enrich our lives. Pets represent the unconditional love and comfort that contribute to a sense of home and belonging.
  7. The Colors: Rich, deep colors dominate the card, conveying a sense of warmth, abundance, and celebration. Golds, greens, and reds may be prominent, painting a picture of prosperity, vitality, and the wealth of connections that make up a full life.
Ten Of Pentacles Symbolism

The Ten Of Pentacles Upright Meaning

The Ten of Pentacles is a card that is here to tell you that your hard work is paying off, and you’re creating a legacy of abundance and security. Picture a future where you and your loved ones are surrounded by the fruits of your labor—comfort, stability, and happiness. This card is all about reaching that sweet spot in life where everything you’ve built sets the stage for long-term success and contentment.

At its core, this card celebrates the joys of family and the idea of leaving behind something meaningful. It’s like planting a tree under whose shade you may never sit, but knowing your loved ones will. The Ten of Pentacles encourages you to think about the values, traditions, and wealth you’re passing down, making sure your impact lasts well beyond your years. It’s about creating a story that will be told through generations, one that’s rich with your achievements and the love you’ve shared.

Financial security is a big deal with the Ten of Pentacles. It symbolizes reaching a point where you’re not just getting by; you’re thriving. It’s here to reassure you that it’s possible to reach a place where you’re free from financial worries, allowing you to focus on the things that truly matter in life. It’s a nod to the comfort that comes from knowing you’ve built a sturdy financial foundation that will support you and your family now and in the future.

Ten Of Pentacles Upright Meaning

The idea of inheritance, whether it’s wealth, wisdom, or both, plays a significant role here, too. The Ten of Pentacles might mean you’re on the receiving end of generosity or that you’re in the position to pass on your own legacy. It asks you to consider what you want that legacy to be and how you can lay the groundwork for it today. It’s about passing down your achievements and lessons, enriching the lives of those who come after you.

And let’s not forget the importance of strong foundations and stability—the bedrock of the Ten of Pentacles. This card is a high-five for the effort you’ve put into building something lasting. It’s proof that dedication and perseverance can lead to a life where you’re not just dreaming of success; you’re living it.

In a nutshell, the Ten of Pentacles is your reminder that the best investments aren’t just financial—they’re the time, love, and energy you invest in your family and your dreams. It’s a call to celebrate the milestones you’ve reached and to keep looking forward, knowing you’re creating a legacy of wealth, wisdom, and well-being that will endure. So, take a moment to appreciate how far you’ve come and get excited about where you’re headed. Remember, the richness of your life is measured not just in material gains but in the lasting mark you leave on the world and the people you love.

Love and Relationships

The Ten of Pentacles casts a spotlight on the richness of relationships built over time. For singles, right now there is the potential for forming connections that are not only emotionally fulfilling but also bring a sense of stability and security to your life. If you’re already in a relationship, it urges you to remember the importance of building a shared future together, one that’s rich in love, understanding, and mutual support. It’s about nurturing bonds that stand the test of time, creating a legacy of love that extends beyond the present.

Career and Finances

When it comes to money and you’re career this card is here to let you know that you’re on the right path to achieving financial stability and creating a career that not only sustains you but also contributes to your long-term vision. It’s a reminder to keep building on your successes, to stay focused on your goals, and to remember that the work you’re doing now is laying the foundation for a prosperous future. Whether you’re climbing the career ladder or building your empire, the Ten of Pentacles reassures you that your efforts will lead to lasting rewards.


On a spiritual level, the Ten of Pentacles encourages you to reflect on the legacy of wisdom and values you’re creating. It’s about recognizing the interconnectedness of material success and spiritual growth, understanding that true abundance comes from a life lived with purpose and intention. Take some time to consider how your spiritual journey is intertwined with your worldly achievements, and remember to cultivate a legacy that reflects your deepest beliefs and highest aspirations.

Yes or No

When faced with a yes-or-no question, the Ten of Pentacles leans strongly towards a “yes,” especially in matters related to long-term investments, family, and financial planning. It suggests that your endeavors are likely to lead to success and fulfillment, offering a green light for actions that contribute to building a secure and prosperous future. It’s a reminder that the seeds you plant now, rooted in hard work and careful planning, are set to blossom into a legacy of abundance and joy.

Book Recommendation – The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

If you’ve drawn the Ten of Pentacles, then it means that you’re close to or already achieved happiness and contentment in your life. However, just because you have it now doesn’t mean you can stop working for it. In fact, it’s like a plant that needs to be consistently watered. This book is here to give you different philosophies on how to maintain happiness and joy in your life!

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The Ten Of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

When you draw the Ten of Pentacles reversed it brings a challenging message, shining a light on the less stable aspects of our lives and relationships. It points to turbulence in areas we usually associate with security and permanence, such as family, finances, and long-term success. It’s a signal to address underlying issues that may be causing discord or instability, urging you to find a path back to solid ground.

Family disputes are a prominent theme of the Ten of Pentacles reversed. There may be tension simmering beneath the surface, possibly related to financial matters, inheritance, or differing values. You need to take some time to engage in open dialogue and understanding as a means to heal these rifts, and remember that finding common ground can help mend the fabric of relationships that have become frayed.

And with that in mind, instability and fleeting success also color the message of this card. It warns of the potential for achievements and financial security to feel uncertain or temporary, and urges you to re-evaluate how you manage your resources and ambitions. You may need to build more sustainable practices into your life, to ensure that success is not just a passing moment but a lasting foundation.

Breaking traditions is another aspect highlighted by the reversal of the Ten of Pentacles. It reflects moments when the tried and true paths no longer serve us, prompting a reexamination of long-held beliefs and practices. While challenging, this it means that there can be growth and renewal in forging new ways forward, even if it means departing from what has always been done.

Ten Of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

You may also be going through a phase where there are conflicts about money and the strain of debt is a significant concern. The Ten of Pentacles highlights how financial issues can become a source of stress and contention, underscoring the need for clear communication and strategic planning to navigate out of financial difficulties and to prevent them from undermining your stability and relationships.

In essence, the Ten of Pentacles reversed is a reminder that even the most stable foundations can face challenges. It invites you to confront the issues that threaten your sense of security and harmony, whether they stem from within your family, your finances, or your approach to success. By addressing these challenges head-on, you open the door to resolving conflicts, rebuilding stability, and creating a future that is not only successful but also sustainable. Remember, the path to enduring security often involves navigating through storms, but with perseverance and unity, you can emerge stronger and more connected than before.

Love and Relationships

The Ten of Pentacles reversed brings attention to the shaky grounds in relationships and family life. If you’re single, it might mean that the search for a stable and lasting connection feels more challenging than usual. In relationships, it signals a time to address any underlying tensions or disagreements, especially those related to money or family matters. It’s a call to communicate openly and work together to strengthen your bond, ensuring that your relationship can weather any storm.

Career and Finances

When it comes to your career and finances, you may be going through a period of uncertainty or instability. You may feel like your financial security is on shaky ground, or that your career path is not as stable as you’d hoped. Take a closer look at your financial management and career goals. By reassessing your strategies and perhaps setting new, more achievable targets, you can work towards rebuilding a solid foundation for your future.


Spiritually, the Ten of Pentacles reversed challenges you to find stability within, even when external circumstances are turbulent. You need to take some time to reflect on your values and what truly brings you a sense of peace and fulfillment. This may even prompt a reevaluation of your spiritual beliefs and practices, guiding you towards a path that feels more aligned with your true self.

Yes or No

For a yes-or-no question, the Ten of Pentacles is a “no,” as now may not be the best time for making major decisions, especially those related to long-term commitments or financial investments. It advises caution and a thorough examination of all factors involved before proceeding, reminding you that patience and careful planning are key to navigating through uncertain times.

Book Recommendation – Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations For A Lifetime Of Love by Sue Johnson

If you’re not feeling 100% secure in your relationships right now, then this is definitely the book for you. It’s going to help you feel more secure in your attachment, and also help you understand the different ways in which people connect and latch to each other. Which of course, in turn, will help you create stronger and more secure bonds.

Journaling Prompts For The Ten Of Pentacles

If you’ve drawn the Ten of Pentacles, then you’ve most likely reached completion in some area of your life. With that in mind, you should reflect on how far you’ve come! With that in mind, here are some great journaling prompts to consider.

  1. Think about your definition of success. How does it encompass not just financial wealth but also emotional and spiritual fulfillment?
  2. What legacy do you want to leave behind your family and those around you? What values and achievements do you hope to pass down?
  3. Think about the steps you’re taking to achieve long-term stability in your life. How do you plan for the future while enjoying the present?
  4. Take a moment to think about important lessons you’ve learned from older family members or mentors. How have these lessons influenced your path toward stability and success?
  5. Think about ways you share your wealth, whether material or in knowledge and experience. How does sharing enrich your life?
  6. Write about your hopes for your family’s future. How do you think your current efforts contributing to that vision?

Final Message Of The Ten Of Pentacles

Sunlight paints your world golden. You stand amidst bountiful vineyards, the fruits of generations gathered around you. This is the Ten of Pentacles, offering its final wisdom before you move on.

Remember, wealth is not just material. It’s the legacy you leave, the love you share, the wisdom you pass on. While gold held high may shimmer and shine, its true value lies in the lives it enriches.

Celebrate your journey, for it echoes through generations. Embrace the warmth of family, the strength of community, and the joy of leaving a positive mark on the world.

Though independent, remember that roots nourish even the tallest tree. Tend to your connections, for they anchor you and fuel your growth. Share your blessings, offer guidance, and let your success inspire others.

So go through life with a full heart, and leave a legacy richer than gold, a tapestry woven with love, generosity, and the echoes of your fulfilled life. Let your light shine, inspiring others to build their own bountiful gardens.

Remember, your greatest wealth lies not in what you possess, but in the abundance you create for yourself and the world around you.


The Ten of Pentacles celebrates the rewards of hard work, suggesting a time of comfort, security, and abundance ahead. It’s about building a lasting legacy that benefits you and your loved ones. It encourages you to focus on the long-term, building a stable foundation that supports your family’s future, emphasizing the importance of passing down values and wisdom along with material wealth.

However, when reversed, the Ten of Pentacles warns of potential instability in areas we often take for granted, like family and finances. It highlights family disagreements, especially regarding finances or inheritance, and suggests a need for open dialogue to resolve tensions. The card also points to fleeting success and financial instability, urging you to adopt sustainable practices for lasting security. It’s a call to reassess traditions and manage financial challenges proactively, aiming to rebuild a stable and harmonious foundation for the future.

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