The Chariot As Intentions Towards You: Upright & Reversed

Have you ever felt like you’re about to be swept away on an adventure, but you’re not quite sure where it leads? That’s the essence of The Chariot’s intentions towards you. Is this a thrilling, purposeful charge led by someone with a clear goal, or are you being invited to a journey that might veer off the beaten path?

Upright, The Chariot suggests confidence and direction, but reversed, it could hint at a tumultuous ride without a clear destination. There’s a story behind The Chariot’s arrival in your life, one of momentum and purpose, yet its true intent is shrouded in intrigue. Let’s buckle up and discover the secrets behind The Chariot’s intentions.

Key Takeaways

The Chariot Upright as Intentions

  • Dating: Pursue a relationship with clear goals and determination, seeking a partner aligned with aspirations.
  • Relationships: Intend to steer the relationship toward specific achievements and overcome challenges together.
  • Exes: Approach closure or reconnection with a focused outcome in mind, seeking resolution or renewal.
  • Commitment: Contemplate commitment with unwavering intent, focused on future goals and relationship vision.
  • Friends & Family: Take on a leadership role, guiding the group with purpose and shared objectives.
  • Careers: Exhibit determined ambition, ready to overcome challenges and achieve professional goals.
  • Others’ Intentions Towards You: Expect direct, goal-oriented approaches from others.

The Chariot Reversed as Intentions

  • Dating: Struggle with mixed signals, indecision, or unclear intentions in pursuit of a relationship.
  • Relationships: Experience uncertainty or discord in steering the relationship, with partners pulling in different directions.
  • Exes: Express indecisive intentions regarding reconnection, unclear about their true desires.
  • Commitment: Face hesitancy or uncertainty about deepening the commitment, unsure of the right path.
  • Friends & Family: Lack cohesion or clear direction in group dynamics or intentions.
  • Careers: Deal with colleagues or superiors whose intentions lack clarity or consistency, leading to shifting goals.
  • Your Intentions: Reassess your current direction and goals, and seek a more effective path forward.

Symbolism of The Chariot

In The Chariot card, a figure stands in a chariot, pulled by two sphinxes or horses, often depicted in contrasting colors. The charioteer wears armor, symbolizing protection and strength, and holds a wand, indicating direction and control. The city behind them signifies their departure from the civilized world, representing conquest and triumph over challenges.

The Chariot embodies determination, control, and victory through willpower. It symbolizes the drive to succeed, overcome obstacles, and maintain focus on goals. This card encourages harnessing inner strength and determination to steer through life’s challenges and to achieve success through discipline and self-control.

The Upright Chariot As Intentions

Picture The Chariot in a tarot reading as a symbol of unwavering determination and focused ambition. When this card shows up upright, it’s all about moving forward with a clear goal in mind, embodying the spirit of a victorious charioteer. It represents intentions that are directed, assertive, and purposeful, like a well-driven chariot speeding towards its destination.

The Chariot Upright As Intentions


In the world of dating, The Chariot’s influence suggests someone approaching you with a definitive, goal-oriented mindset. They know exactly what they’re looking for and they’re not shy about pursuing it. Their intentions are clear and direct – they’re in pursuit of a relationship that aligns perfectly with their well-defined aspirations and desires.

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For those already in relationships, The Chariot signals intentions to steer the partnership towards specific goals or achievements. This person is all about moving the relationship forward, facing and overcoming any challenges together. They’re at the helm, guiding the partnership on a path of mutual progress and shared victories.

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Considering an ex’s intentions, The Chariot might indicate a purpose-driven approach to closure or reconnection. They likely have a specific outcome in mind, whether it’s to resolve past issues definitively or to explore the possibility of rekindling the relationship, but always with a clear end goal.

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Will There Be Commitment?

When it comes to commitment, The Chariot reflects a strong, unwavering intention. If someone is contemplating a deeper commitment under this card’s influence, they are doing so with serious intent, focused on a future that aligns with their goals and vision for the relationship.

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Others’ Intentions Towards You

When reflecting on others’ intentions towards you, The Chariot suggests a direct and purposeful approach. People influenced by this card will likely be straightforward in their interactions with you, whether in personal relationships, professional endeavors, or social connections. Their intentions will be clear, with a focus on achieving specific outcomes or moving forward in a determined manner.

Friends & Family

In the context of friends and family, The Chariot suggests a role of leadership and guidance. This individual might be the driving force in family decisions or group activities, leading with purpose and intent, ensuring that the group remains focused on shared objectives and collective well-being.

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When The Chariot appears upright, it’s about someone driving forward with clear intentions towards you in a career setting. They’re focused, determined, and have a strong sense of direction in how they want to interact with you. It’s like they’ve got their eyes on the prize and see you as a key part of their professional journey.

Actionable Advice

  • Be Ready for Direct Approaches: Prepare for interactions that are straightforward and goal-focused.
  • Understand Clear Intentions: Recognize when others are being direct and purposeful in their dealings with you.
  • Respond with Clarity: Meet this directness with your own clarity, understanding their goals and your own in the interaction.

Common Misinterpretations

The Chariot is often misunderstood as representing aggressive or unyielding ambition. However, its core essence is controlled, purposeful progression. It’s about moving forward with intention and clarity, not just charging ahead blindly.

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The Chariot upright as intentions towards you signals a clear, directed approach from others. During this time you should expect interactions marked by purpose and determination. This card suggests that those around you will be moving forward with clear objectives, and it’s an invitation for you to engage with them understanding their goals and your own within these dynamics.

The Chariot Reversed As Intentions

Imagine you’re in a chariot that’s supposed to be charging forward, but instead, it’s veering off path or stuck in the mud. That’s the essence of The Chariot reversed in a tarot reading. It symbolizes intentions that are facing a roadblock or losing direction. This card, when reversed, reflects a struggle with gaining momentum or a lack of control over the current course. It’s like wanting to move forward but finding the wheels just spinning in place.

The Chariot Reversed As Intentions


In the dating scene, The Chariot reversed might indicate someone’s intentions are stalled or misdirected. They could be giving mixed signals, unsure of what they want in a relationship, or maybe they’re trying to move things forward but keep running into emotional speed bumps. It’s like they want to take the next step but can’t quite find the accelerator.


For those already in a relationship, The Chariot reversed suggests intentions that are struggling to steer the partnership in a clear direction. This could mean there’s uncertainty about where the relationship is heading, or perhaps one partner feels they’re not in sync with the other. It’s a bit like trying to drive a chariot with each person pulling in a different direction.


When it comes to ex-partners, The Chariot reversed can signal intentions that are indecisive. Maybe they’re contemplating getting back together but aren’t sure it’s the right move, or they could be sending signals about wanting to reconnect without really being sure about it themselves.

Will There Be Commitment?

In terms of commitment, The Chariot reversed indicates intentions that are hesitant or uncertain. The person might be unsure about whether they’re ready to take things to the next level. It’s as if they’re at a crossroads, trying to decide which path to take, but the signposts are all a bit confusing.

Friends & Family

In the realm of friends and family, The Chariot reversed might reflect intentions that lack cohesion or direction. It could be someone in the family who wants to make changes but isn’t sure how, or a friend who intends to take a more active role in your life but keeps getting sidetracked.


In your career, The Chariot reversed in intentions towards you might mean colleagues or superiors who are unsure about the best course of action. They might have plans that involve you, but these plans could be changing frequently or lack a clear objective. It’s like being part of a team project where the goals keep shifting.

Your Intentions

If you’re influenced by The Chariot reversed, it’s a nudge to reassess your current direction. Are you pushing hard but going nowhere? It might be time to pull over, recalibrate your GPS, and figure out a more effective route to your goals.

Actionable Advice

  • Realign Your Course: Take a step back to reassess your direction. Sometimes a detour is needed to get back on track.
  • Avoid Rushing: Resist the urge to speed ahead without a clear plan. Slow and steady can sometimes win the race.
  • Seek Clarity: In situations that involve others, strive for clear and open communication to ensure everyone is heading in the same direction.

Common Misinterpretations

The Chariot reversed is often seen as a sign of complete failure or loss of control. However, it’s more about the challenges of finding the right path and the need to reassess one’s approach. It’s not a dead end; it’s more like a traffic jam that requires patience and a new strategy.

The Chariot reversed as intentions towards you indicates that there might be some uncertainty or lack of direction in how others are approaching their relationship with you. Whether it’s a partner, a friend, or a colleague, their actions might be well-meaning but lacking in clear purpose or momentum. This card reminds us that sometimes, to move forward effectively, we first need to stop and figure out the right way to go.

Combinations That Go With The Chariot As Intentions

The Chariot in tarot, when paired with other cards, reveals intentions characterized by determination, control, and the pursuit of goals. Renowned for symbolizing triumph, willpower, and overcoming obstacles, the Chariot’s interactions with other cards shed light on various aspects of intent, from the drive to conquer challenges to the journey towards a specific aim.

The Chariot and The High Priestess

When The Chariot meets The High Priestess, it suggests an intention to balance forward momentum with inner intuition. This person aims to pair their decisive action and determination with a deeper, more reflective understanding. It’s about advancing confidently while also listening to inner wisdom and hidden knowledge.

The Chariot and Two of Pentacles

Combine The Chariot with the Two of Pentacles, and it reflects an intention to manage multiple responsibilities or challenges while keeping momentum. This individual is focused on keeping things moving and balanced, even when juggling various tasks or facing fluctuating circumstances. It’s about maintaining control and progress amidst complexity.

The Chariot and The Star

Pair The Chariot with The Star, and it brings an intention to pursue goals with hope and inspiration. This person is driven not only by their will to succeed but also by their aspirations and dreams. They are motivated by a brighter future, using their determination to move towards a vision that is both inspiring and fulfilling.

The Chariot and The Tower

Mix The Chariot with The Tower, and it indicates an intention to push through upheaval or dramatic changes. Faced with sudden disruptions, this person uses their strength and resolve to navigate through chaos, determined to regain control and steer through the turmoil with a clear direction and purpose.

The Chariot and The Lovers

The Chariot alongside The Lovers suggests an intention to make decisive choices in relationships or to drive forward a significant personal connection. This individual uses their determination and clarity to overcome doubts or obstacles in their relationships, seeking harmony and resolution through assertive action.

The Chariot and The Empress

When The Chariot meets The Empress, it signifies an intention to combine ambition with nurturing and creativity. The person aims to channel their drive and determination into endeavors that are not just successful but also enriching and life-giving. It’s about pursuing goals with a sense of care, growth, and abundance, ensuring that their achievements are both fruitful and rewarding.


In summary, if someone’s intentions towards you are represented by The Chariot upright, they are likely determined to pursue a relationship or a goal involving you with a strong sense of purpose and control. This person is focused on moving the relationship or interaction forward, overcoming any obstacles that might arise. They are intent on steering the situation in a particular direction, driven by their clear vision and determination.

Reversed, The Chariot could indicate that their intentions towards you are misguided or out of control. They might be pushing too hard or trying to force the direction of the relationship or situation against its natural course. This suggests a need for them to reassess their approach towards you, finding a more balanced and less forceful way to proceed.

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