The Chariot As Reconciliation: Upright & Reversed

The Chariot’s presence in your reconciliation reading definitely brings a sense of dynamism and control. This card is about overcoming challenges and steering a determined course. But in the context of reconciliation, what could this be directing you towards? It might be a call to take decisive action to move past obstacles, or perhaps it’s encouraging a more assertive approach to resolving conflicts.

The Chariot urges progress, but what form should that take in mending a relationship? Could it be suggesting that a focused, driven approach is necessary, or is there a deeper message about harnessing both willpower and understanding to guide your reconciliation journey? Let’s explore the potential paths The Chariot is illuminating.

Key Takeaways

The Upright Chariot

  • For Exes: Suggests moving forward with determination, using past experiences to direct the relationship positively.
  • For Recent Break-Ups: Indicates self-discipline and focus are needed to understand the breakup’s causes and to move forward.
  • For Long Term Separation: Points to potential for taking charge and making a calculated decision about rekindling the relationship.
  • For Early Stages Of Dating: Positive sign, encouraging active shaping of the relationship with clear intentions and desires.
  • For Those On The Fence: Advises evaluating the situation with a clear mind and heart, making a decision that aligns with true desires.
  • For Friends & Family: Signifies the drive to overcome obstacles and actively work towards reconciliation.
  • In Careers: Represents determination to overcome challenges and conflicts, suggesting a proactive approach in the workplace.

The Chariot Reversed

  • For Exes: Warns of a lack of direction or purpose in the relationship, advising to reconsider the motivation for reunion.
  • For Recent Break-Ups: Signals feelings of being overwhelmed, suggesting a need to regain balance before considering reconciliation.
  • For Long Term Separation: Indicates lingering unresolved issues, advising evaluation of readiness for a new relationship direction.
  • For Early Stages Of Dating: Points to confusion or mixed signals, encouraging open communication about expectations.
  • For Those On The Fence: Reflects indecision and confusion, advising a step back to assess motivations and potential outcomes.
  • For Friends & Family: Symbolizes stagnation or unresolved conflict, encouraging new approaches to promote understanding.
  • In Careers: Might represent a lack of direction in handling conflicts, advising a more structured approach to resolution.

Symbolism of The Chariot

The Chariot shows a figure riding in a chariot, pulled by two sphinxes or horses, often depicted in contrasting colors. The charioteer wears armor, suggesting protection and strength, and holds a wand, symbolizing willpower and determination. The city behind him signifies his departure from the civilized world into the unknown. The card’s imagery represents triumph, ambition, and determination.

It symbolizes the drive and willpower to overcome obstacles and achieve success. The contrasting animals pulling the chariot can represent opposing forces or challenges that need to be controlled and balanced. The Chariot suggests a journey, possibly a metaphorical one, where focus, control, and determination are needed to steer through the complexities of life towards victory.

The Upright Chariot For Reconciliation

Imagine The Upright Chariot as a powerful symbol of momentum and control. In the context of reconciliation, it’s like a valiant steed galloping towards resolution, driven by willpower and determination. This card signifies taking the reins, harnessing opposing forces, and steering the relationship towards a positive outcome. The Chariot calls for a blend of boldness and discipline, urging you to navigate the challenging path of reconciliation with confidence and a clear sense of direction. It’s about overcoming obstacles through sheer force of will and a balanced approach, combining strength with sensitivity.

The Chariot As Reconciliation

For Exes

When thinking about getting back with an ex, the Chariot symbolizes taking control of the situation and moving forward with determination. This card suggests that if you’re considering reuniting, it should be approached with a clear sense of direction and purpose. It’s about harnessing past experiences to steer the relationship in a more positive and healthy direction. The Chariot encourages you to be proactive and decisive, ensuring that any reunion is driven by mutual goals and a shared vision for the future.

For Recent Break-Ups

After a recent breakup, the Chariot indicates the need for self-discipline and focus to navigate through the emotions and challenges. It suggests a period of introspection to understand what led to the breakup and how you can learn from it. If considering reconciliation, this card advises taking a balanced approach, being mindful of both emotional needs and practical considerations. It’s about moving forward with a clear understanding of what needs to change for the relationship to be successful.

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For Long Term Separation

In cases of long-term separation, the Chariot points to the potential for taking charge of your emotional journey and deciding whether a reunion is truly what you want. It suggests using the wisdom gained from the time apart to make a calculated decision about rekindling the relationship. The card emphasizes the importance of having a clear goal and shared objectives in mind if you decide to reconnect.

For Early Stages Of Dating

For new relationships, the Chariot is a positive sign, indicating the potential to steer the relationship towards a successful and fulfilling path. It encourages taking an active role in shaping the relationship, being clear about your intentions and desires. This card is about balancing the drive for a successful relationship with the need to be attentive and responsive to your partner’s needs and expectations.

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For Those On The Fence

If you’re uncertain about reuniting with someone, the Chariot advises taking control of your indecision. It suggests a need to evaluate the situation with a clear mind and a determined heart. This card encourages you to consider all factors, both emotional and practical, and to make a decision that aligns with your true desires and goals. It’s about moving forward with purpose, whether that means reuniting or parting ways.

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For Friends & Family

In the context of platonic relationships, the Chariot signifies the drive to overcome obstacles and mend bonds. It suggests actively working towards reconciliation, using determination and a clear vision to resolve conflicts. This card encourages taking the lead in healing rifts, whether it means initiating conversations, setting boundaries, or finding common ground to rebuild the relationship.

In Careers

Professionally, the Chariot represents the determination to overcome challenges and conflicts in the workplace. It suggests taking a proactive approach to mending professional relationships, using a combination of emotional intelligence and practical strategies. The card encourages setting clear objectives for resolving conflicts and working towards a harmonious and productive work environment.

The Chariot, in its upright position, often symbolizes the drive and control necessary to navigate through various relationship challenges. It emphasizes the importance of having a clear goal, balanced approach, and determination in reconciliation efforts. The Chariot encourages a proactive and purposeful approach to overcoming obstacles and steering relationships towards a positive and mutually satisfying direction.

Actionable Advice:

  • Take Decisive Action: Now’s the time to be proactive. Step up and take the necessary steps towards mending the relationship.
  • Balance Strength with Compassion: While being assertive is good, temper it with understanding and empathy.
  • Stay Focused on the Goal: Keep your eyes on the desired outcome, not getting lost in the tumult of emotions and conflicts.
  • Overcome Obstacles with Determination: Face challenges head-on, using them as opportunities to strengthen the bond.
  • Maintain Control Over Emotions: Keep your emotions in check, ensuring they don’t derail the reconciliation process.

The Chariot Reversed For Reconciliation

The Chariot Reversed in reconciliation is like a cautionary signal, indicating loss of control or direction. It suggests that instead of moving forward, the relationship may be stuck or veering off course. This card often signifies internal conflicts or external circumstances that are throwing things out of balance. It’s a reminder to pause and reassess the situation. Are you pushing too hard, or perhaps not taking enough action? The Chariot Reversed asks you to realign your strategies and regain control, ensuring that your efforts to reconcile are neither overbearing nor underwhelming.

The Chariot Reversed As Reconciliation

For Exes

Reuniting with an ex under the influence of the reversed Chariot can suggest a lack of direction or purpose in the relationship. This card indicates that there might be unresolved issues driving the reunion, rather than a clear mutual goal. It warns against hastily getting back together without a solid plan or understanding of what each partner wants. The reversed Chariot advises you to pause and reconsider if the motivation to reunite is driven by genuine desire for reconciliation or by a sense of aimlessness and uncertainty.

For Recent Break-Ups

After a recent breakup, the Chariot reversed can signal feelings of being out of control or unsure of how to move forward. It might reflect a situation where emotions are overwhelming, preventing a clear understanding of the breakup’s root causes. If you’re considering reconciliation, this card suggests the need to first regain balance and control over your emotions. It advises taking time to reflect on whether getting back together is a decision based on clear thinking or a reaction to emotional turmoil.

For Long Term Separation

In situations of long-term separation, the reversed Chariot might indicate a lingering sense of unresolved issues and a lack of progress. It suggests that there may be a need to address underlying problems that were never resolved. This card advises evaluating whether both partners have genuinely moved beyond past conflicts and are ready to engage in a relationship with a new, clear direction, or if old patterns are likely to resurface.

For Early Stages Of Dating

In the early stages of dating, the Chariot reversed can point to a relationship that lacks clear intentions or direction. It suggests that there might be confusion or mixed signals between partners, leading to uncertainty about where the relationship is headed. This card encourages open communication about expectations and desires to ensure that both partners are aligned and that the relationship has a solid, mutually agreed-upon direction.

For Those On The Fence

If you’re unsure about reuniting with someone, the reversed Chariot reflects the indecision and confusion you might be feeling. It’s a sign to take a step back and assess your motivations and the potential outcomes of getting back together. The card suggests that acting impulsively or without a clear plan could lead to further complications or a repeat of past issues. It advises taking the time to gain clarity and to make a decision based on thoughtful consideration rather than impulse.

For Friends & Family

In friendships and family relationships, the reversed Chariot can symbolize a period of stagnation or unresolved conflict. It suggests that there may be a lack of progress in addressing and resolving issues, possibly due to a lack of clear communication or understanding. This card encourages finding new ways to approach conflicts, promoting open dialogue and mutual understanding to move past stagnant waters.

In Careers

Professionally, the Chariot reversed might represent a lack of direction or control in handling workplace conflicts. It suggests that there may be unresolved tensions or a lack of clear strategy in dealing with professional disagreements. This card advises reevaluating your approach to conflict resolution, encouraging a more structured and well-thought-out plan to address issues and restore harmony in the workplace.

The reversed Chariot for reconciliations highlights the challenges associated with a lack of clear direction and control in reconciliation efforts. It points to the need for careful evaluation of motivations and goals, urging a reconsideration of whether current approaches are effective or if new strategies are needed. The reversed Chariot calls for regaining balance, clarity, and purpose to effectively navigate through the complexities of mending and strengthening relationships.

Actionable Advice:

  • Reassess Your Approach: If your efforts aren’t yielding results, it might be time to change tactics.
  • Avoid Forceful Measures: Pushing too hard can create resistance. Strive for a more balanced approach.
  • Deal with Internal Conflicts: Address any personal issues that might be affecting your ability to move forward in the relationship.
  • Seek Harmony in Actions: Find the middle ground where your actions are neither too aggressive nor too passive.
  • Regain Focus: Take a step back to understand what’s truly important and refocus your energies accordingly.

Combinations That Go With The Chariot For Reconciliation

When the Chariot is mixed with other tarot cards in a reading about making up, it can show different ways of overcoming problems and getting back on track. The Chariot’s about being focused and determined, and when it teams up with other cards, it can tell us about the energy and direction needed for fixing things up.

Chariot and Two of Cups

Combining the Chariot with the Two of Cups can mean that coming back together might take a bit of push and pull. It’s like both sides needing to really understand each other’s feelings and work together to find a balance. This combo suggests that a strong effort to reconnect and a focus on shared emotions can make a big difference.

Chariot and The Hermit

The Chariot and The Hermit together suggest that sometimes, taking a step back and thinking things through can help with making up. This pairing is like saying, “Let’s take a moment to reflect and then come back together with a clearer plan.” It’s about finding the right balance between action and thoughtful consideration.

Chariot and The Tower

When the Chariot is paired with The Tower, it hints that sometimes things need to shake up a bit before they can get better. It’s like needing a big change or an eye-opening moment to clear the way for fixing the relationship. This combo suggests that after the dust settles, there’s a chance to rebuild things stronger than before.

Chariot and The Star

The Chariot alongside The Star is all about keeping hope alive and moving forward with optimism. This combination tells you that even when things are tough, keeping a positive outlook and staying focused on the goal of reconciliation can lead to a happier outcome.

Chariot and Six of Swords

Combining the Chariot with the Six of Swords might mean that moving on from past issues and heading towards a calmer place is key to making up. This pairing suggests that it’s important to leave behind the rough waters and steer towards a more peaceful and understanding relationship.

Chariot and Judgment

The Chariot and Judgment together can be about making big decisions and facing the truth to fix things up. This combo is like saying, “Let’s look at what went wrong, make some serious choices about our future, and then go for it with all we’ve got.”

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To recap, the Chariot in a reconciliation scenario is all about overcoming obstacles and moving forward with determination. This card symbolizes the drive and willpower to navigate through difficult times and steer things towards a positive outcome. The Chariot is a reminder that with focus and control, even the toughest conflicts can be resolved. It’s about harnessing your inner strength and using it to propel the situation towards a resolution.

Reversed, the Chariot is a warning that you might be pushing too hard or heading in the wrong direction. When this card is upside down, it’s a sign to reassess your approach. Are you trying to force a resolution? Is your determination turning into stubbornness? The reversed Chariot urges you to take a step back and ensure that your efforts to reconcile are actually leading towards a positive outcome, rather than creating more resistance or conflict.

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