The Chariot (VII) Tarot Card Meaning: Upright & Reversed

I love the chariot card, it’s so rich with symbolism and it’ i’s the card that ultimately reminds us with our strength of will, we can accomplish anything. But success doesn’t come easily. The Chariot reminds us life is all about steering through life’s challenges with confidence and willpower. But in its reversed form The Chariot can signify loss of control, aggression, or directionless struggles.

If you want to understand more about what this means for you in a reading, this article will show you all the meanings as well as how to understand the strategic advice the card has to offer!

Key Takeaways

Upright Chariot Meaning

  • Victory and Determination: Symbolizes triumph, strong willpower, and control. Encourages moving forward with purpose and confidence.
  • Self-Control: Stresses the importance of self-discipline and harnessing personal power to achieve goals.
  • Balanced Ambition: Advises tempering ambition with wisdom to avoid overconfidence.

Reversed Chariot Meaning

  • Lack of Control: Indicates challenges in maintaining direction, with potential overconfidence or ego-driven decisions.
  • Misguided Efforts: Suggests pursuing goals that may not align with true desires or values, warning against reckless actions.
  • Need for Reassessment: Encourages a reevaluation of current paths and methods, advising a more balanced and considered approach.
Key InformationAttributes of The Chariot
NumerologyRepresents the number 7, symbolizing victory, control, and determination.
Zodiac SignCancer
Ruling PlanetThe Moon – reflecting intuition, emotion, and the subconscious mind.
ElementWater, representing fluidity, emotion, and intuition.
Yes Or NoOften considered a “Yes”, suggesting success and forward momentum.
CrystalsMoonstone and selenite are commonly associated with The Chariot, aiding in emotional balance and clarity of mind.

Symbolism Of The Chariot

  • Figure in the Chariot: The figure of course, represents you, sitting in a chariot, symbolizing your journey and control over the direction of your life.
  • The Chariot: The Chariot itself is the vehicle of self expression and what’s going to take you to your goals.
  • Black and White Sphinxes: The sphinxes pull the chariot and symbolize the opposing forces that the everyone must learn to control and harmonize to move forward. They are also a symbol unity, combining many animals into one.
  • Celestial Canopy: The blue canopy adorned with white stars indicates a celestial influence or divine guidance on the charioteer’s path.
  • The Armor: His armor shows us that he is aware he needs protection on his journey, and he’s taking the necessary steps. This is also true of the written symbols you notice adorning his robes.
  • Crescent Moon: Found on the figure’s shoulders, it represents spiritual influence and suggests that intuition plays a role in guiding the charioteer.
  • Crown: Signifies enlightenment and purity of will, indicating the charioteer’s noble intentions and awareness.
  • Square on the Chest: Represents the element of earth and the material world, grounding the figure and his actions in reality.
  • The City: The city behind him shows how much he’s already accomplished, and it should be held in memory moving forward.
The Chariot Symbolism

The Chariot Upright Meaning

The Chariot when drawn upright, is a powerful symbol of victory, and determination, as well as control. The image of the charioteer, standing firm in his stone carriage flanked by two sphinxes, represents the traveler about to embark on a journey. The city and river behind him are his past, and he looks forward to the road ahead with a clear sense of purpose and self-control. The card is rich in symbolism, incorporating elements from the preceding cards in the Major Arcana, indicating that the Chariot is a culmination of the journey thus far.

The Chariot’s connection to other cards is significant. The crescent moons on the charioteer’s shoulders echo the High Priestess, his starry crown is reminiscent of The Empress, and the stone chariot and pillars link back to The Emperor and the Hierophant. This imagery suggests that the Charioteer is drawing together all his past experiences to stay on his karmic life path. Numerologically, the number seven represents unification and is a reminder of the charioteer’s quest for balance and perfection.

The Chariot Upright Meaning

Overall though, it signifies a period of success and a major turning point. But it does ask you to harness your determination and focus as you move in a new direction. I feel like if you’ve drawn this card, you’ve made a decision and you’re ready to navigate your path and experience real progress. While it generally means that there’s going to be change in the material world, it may also represent a metaphorical journey toward self-mastery and personal development.

Most importantly though, the card emphasizes victory, achievement, willpower, and self-discipline. It’s about harnessing your energy to accomplish your goals and steering your life with intention and control. The Chariot’s presence is a sign that you’re capable of overcoming obstacles and achieving your ambitions with determination and focus.

However, there’s a cautionary tale within the Chariot’s symbolism. The story of Phaeton, who loses control of the sun chariot, serves as a warning against overconfidence and the need to temper ambition with wisdom. The Chariot encourages you to move forward but also reminds you of the importance of maintaining control and not letting your ego lead to your downfall.

The Chariot upright in a tarot reading is a positive omen, indicating forward momentum, control, and victory. It’s a time to take the reins, make decisive moves, and steer your life toward your desired destination. With determination, willpower, and self-discipline, you’re poised to conquer challenges and achieve your goals. Just remember to temper your confidence with caution to ensure a smooth and successful journey.

For Love and Relationships

When it comes to your love life, The Chariot upright shows you’re going through a period of forward momentum and even assertive action. If you’re single, it may be time to start taking those decisive steps toward finding the relationship you desire. For those in relationships, you are beginning to start actively working together to overcome obstacles and move forward in a positive direction.

The Chariot encourages both parties to maintain clear communication and mutual respect as you navigate this journey. However, it also warns against being overly controlling or allowing one partner to dominate the direction of the relationship. Remember, it’s about finding a balance between assertiveness and cooperation, steering the relationship toward a shared goal with determination and love.

For Money and Career

For your finances, The Chariot upright is a highly positive sign. It indicates that you’re on the path to success, driven by determination and a clear sense of direction. Now might be the time to take bold actions in your career, such as pursuing a promotion, starting a new business, or making significant investments.

With focus and willpower, you can overcome any challenges and steer your financial future towards prosperity. However, don’t be reckless or make overly ambitious moves. Ensure that your actions are guided by wisdom and a well-thought-out strategy, not just raw ambition.

For Spirituality

Spiritually, The Chariot represents a journey toward self-mastery and personal growth. You’re in a phase of actively pursuing your spiritual goals, perhaps seeking to balance and unify the various aspects of your self. So continue to harness your willpower and determination to overcome any inner conflicts and obstacles on this path you’ve chosen to take.

Remember true progress often requires discipline and focused effort. However, The Chariot also warns against becoming too rigid or dogmatic in your beliefs. Remember to remain open and adaptable, even as you delve deeper into your spirituality.

For Yes or No

In yes or no readings, The Chariot upright generally indicates a “yes.” It suggests that now is the time to move forward with determination. If your question involves taking action, making a change, or overcoming a challenge, The Chariot’s presence is a positive sign that you have the strength and willpower to succeed. It encourages you to take the reins and steer your life in the direction you desire, assuring you that victory is within reach if you maintain control and focus. Just be sure that your actions are guided by wisdom and a clear sense of purpose.

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The Chariot Reversed Meaning

When The Chariot appears reversed in a tarot reading, it suggests a significant deviation from the card’s upright meanings, instead, the reversed position indicates halted progress, a lack of control, and often, a display of impatience or aggression. Imagine the charioteer losing control of the chariot and going off course, either due to external obstacles or internal misguidance.

It’s less common, but it can also be a sign that you’re heading in the wrong direction. It’s a warning sign that the path you’re on may not lead to the destination you intend. This can manifest as pursuing goals that don’t align with your true desires or values, or it might indicate a lack of vision or planning. The pitfalls of aggression, ego, and arrogance are highlighted here, suggesting that overconfidence or a desire to dominate can lead to your downfall.

The Chariot Reversed Meaning

Arrogance and self-indulgence are key themes of The Chariot reversed. You may be in a situation where ego takes precedence over the greater good, leading to selfish decisions and reckless behavior. It could be poor leadership, where the desire to succeed or be right overshadows the needs and well-being of others. Here it warns against allowing your ego to drive your actions, as this can lead to chaos and conflict rather than the harmony and success.

The reversed Chariot also has practical implications, particularly related to travel and movement. It can indicate travel delays, difficulties with transportation, or problems with moving plans. If you’re planning a trip or a significant change of location, then be warned, you may encounter obstacles that hinder your progress. So plan in a way you can remain flexible and patient and to prepare for potential disruptions.

The Chariot reversed in a tarot reading signals a time of caution. It’s a call to reassess your direction and the methods you’re using to pursue your goals. Are you being driven by ego and aggression, or are you considering the broader impact of your actions? Take a step back, regain control of your situation, and realign with your true path. By doing so, you can avoid the negative consequences of recklessness and impatience and steer your life back toward a more positive and productive trajectory.

For Love and Relationships

For love and relationships The Chariot Reversed tends to highlight issues of control. You or your partner may be feeling as though the relationship is off course, or there may be a struggle for dominance. It’s a warning against letting ego or the need to ‘win’ overshadow the needs of the relationship.

You should also look at the direction of the relationship and find a more balanced approach if necessary. You need to recognise when to let go of control and when to work together to navigate the challenges you’re facing. So try to have patience, understanding, and if necessary reassess priorities to ensure that both partners are aligned and moving forward together.

For Money and Career

In terms of career and finances, The Chariot reversed suggests that you may be experiencing setbacks or a lack of progress. Your career path may feel stalled, or you might be pursuing goals that are not truly in line with your long-term aspirations. It warns against reckless decisions and impulsive actions that could lead to negative consequences.

It advises you to slow down, reassess your goals, and ensure that your actions are driven by a clear and constructive plan. It’s a reminder to balance ambition with wisdom and to consider the broader impact of your decisions on your financial and professional future.

For Spirituality

Spiritually, The Chariot reversed indicates a time of internal conflict and misdirection. You may be feeling as though you’ve lost your way on your spiritual journey, or you might be struggling to maintain control over your inner world. It’s a sign that your spiritual growth may be hindered by ego, and impatience. The reversed Chariot encourages you to pause, reflect, and realign with your true path. Examine the motivations behind your spiritual pursuits and seek a more balanced and intentional approach to your personal growth. By doing so, you can regain a sense of direction and purpose and continue on your path with renewed clarity and control.

For Yes or No

In yes or no readings, The Chariot reversed generally leans towards a “no.” The current approach or direction you’re on may be misguided or that you may be facing significant obstacles that could impede your progress. The reversed Chariot advises caution and reflection, encouraging you to reassess your situation and to consider whether you’re truly aligned with your goals and values. It’s a reminder that sometimes the best course of action is to pause, regroup, and potentially change direction to avoid the negative consequences of continuing on a problematic path.

Combinations For The Chariot

Major ArcanaNuanced Interpretation with The Chariot
The FoolThe Fool’s spontaneity and The Chariot’s direction suggest a journey where impulsive beginnings are driven by a strong will to succeed, blending innocence with ambition.
The MagicianThe Magician’s manifestation combined with The Chariot’s determination implies the powerful creation and forward momentum of turning ideas into reality with focused intent.
The High PriestessThe High Priestess’s intuition and The Chariot’s control suggest a dynamic balance between inner knowledge and outer action, guiding one’s path with both insight and conviction.
The EmpressThe Empress’s nurturing and The Chariot’s ambition highlight the growth and care of one’s goals with a driven and protective energy, ensuring that ambitions are nurtured to fruition.
The EmperorThe Emperor’s authority and The Chariot’s drive indicate a commanding presence fueled by discipline and determination, often leading to significant achievement and leadership.
The HierophantThe Hierophant’s traditional wisdom paired with The Chariot’s force suggest a journey where adherence to conventional beliefs is propelled forward with strong conviction.
The LoversThe Lovers’ choices and The Chariot’s willpower imply a focused decision-making process in relationships or paths chosen, driven by a strong commitment to the chosen course.
StrengthStrength’s inner resolve and The Chariot’s external control reflect the harmonious blend of soft power and hard power, mastering both inner and outer worlds through courage and will.
The HermitThe Hermit’s introspection and The Chariot’s action suggest a movement fueled by deep inner reflection, where solitude informs the direction of one’s drive and determination.
Wheel of FortuneThe Wheel’s changing fortune and The Chariot’s direction indicate that while destiny takes its course, the willpower and control of The Chariot guide one through ups and downs.
JusticeJustice’s balance and The Chariot’s conquest highlight the need for ethical considerations and fairness in one’s determined pursuit and the consequences of one’s actions.
The Hanged ManThe Hanged Man’s surrender and The Chariot’s triumph suggest the tension between pause and movement, teaching that sometimes progress requires a different perspective or a moment of stillness.
DeathDeath’s transformation combined with The Chariot indicates a powerful and often inevitable change that’s directed with purpose, moving away from the old and towards the new.
TemperanceTemperance’s moderation and The Chariot’s zeal suggest the beneficial balance of driving forward with purpose while also ensuring harmony and equilibrium in one’s journey.
The DevilThe Devil’s temptation and The Chariot’s mastery imply a warning against the obsessive or uncontrolled pursuit of goals, suggesting the need for self-discipline to overcome challenges.
The TowerThe Tower’s sudden change and The Chariot’s control highlight the capacity to navigate through upheaval with determination, often leading to unexpected new paths.
The StarThe Star’s hope and The Chariot’s victory symbolize the guided journey towards a brighter future, where determination is fueled by optimism and faith in one’s path.
The MoonThe Moon’s uncertainty and The Chariot’s confidence juxtapose the clarity of purpose with the confusion of illusions, suggesting the need to drive through fears and doubts.
The SunThe Sun’s vitality and The Chariot’s success represent the triumph and clarity that come from pursuing goals with full energy and bright confidence, leading to joyous achievements.
JudgementJudgement’s rebirth and The Chariot’s momentum suggest a significant transformation or decision that propels one forward with renewed purpose and clarity of mission.
The WorldThe World’s completion and The Chariot’s conquest imply the successful culmination of a journey, where determination and willpower have led to the achievement of a significant cycle.

Journaling Prompts For The Chariot

The Chariot is a great card for journaling prompts. Not can it help you steer yourself in the right direction, but it also motivated you to keep moving forward!

  1. Think about a significant obstacle you’ve overcome. What did you discover about yourself in the process?
  2. Are there areas in your life currently where you feel you’ve lost control? How might you regain the reins?
  3. Consider what determination means to you. Can you recall a time when your determination led you to success?
  4. Are there conflicting areas in your life now that need better balance to move forward effectively?
  5. What are your primary goals at the moment? How do you plan to achieve them?
  6. Are there smaller victories you might be overlooking in your daily life? How can acknowledging these help propel you forward?

Final Message Of The Chariot

“Life is not a gilded chariot on a pre-drawn track, but a wild bronco across a boundless plain. Grab the reins with the iron fist of conviction, feel the fire of purpose ignite in your heart, and charge towards the horizon. Forget the well-worn paths, the whispered doubts, the echoes of what should be. Trust the wild rhythm of your own spirit, the compass of your deepest desires. Let fear be the dust you kick up in your wake, not the wall that confines you.

Remember, every stumble is a lesson, every detour a new vista. So crack the whip of will, embrace the untamed wind in your hair, and carve your own legend across the canvas of existence. This is your chariot, this is your journey, and the reins are held by you alone.”


In summary, The Chariot card in the Tarot deck symbolizes victory, determination, and control. It portrays a charioteer ready for a journey, embodying forward momentum and self-discipline. The card’s imagery, rich in symbolism from previous Major Arcana cards, indicates the accumulation of past experiences as one embarks on a new life path.

Upright, The Chariot signifies a time of success and major turning points. It encourages the use of determination and focus in new directions, whether in the material world or personal development. The card highlights the importance of victory, achievement, willpower, and self-discipline. It’s about using energy effectively to reach goals, steering life with intention and control. However, The Chariot also carries a cautionary note against overconfidence, reminding us to balance ambition with wisdom.

Reversed, The Chariot suggests a loss of control, halted progress, and potential impatience or aggression. It may indicate a misguided direction, either due to external obstacles or internal confusion. The card warns of the dangers of arrogance, ego, and reckless behavior, suggesting that overconfidence or a desire to dominate can derail progress. It’s a call for reassessment of one’s path and methods, emphasizing the need to realign with true goals and avoid negative consequences of impulsive actions.

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