The Emperor As How Someone Sees You: Do They Think You’re Too Stubborn?

The Emperor stands for authority, structure, and control. Being seen as this archetypal figure suggests that someone may perceive you as a leader or a pillar of strength. Does this person respect your discipline and your ability to rule with wisdom, or are they intimidated by your commanding presence?

I’ll help you dissect the powerful attributes of The Emperor and how this influences the way others see your ability to lead and protect.

Key Takeaways

The Upright Emperor

  • For Singles: You’re seen as a figure of stability and foresight, making you appealing to those seeking a partner who exudes control and direction.
  • For New Relationships: Your partner may view you as a protective force, offering structure and security as your relationship grows.
  • For Existing Relationships: Regarded as the relationship’s anchor, providing strength and a sense of order that nurtures mutual growth.
  • For Exes: Ex-partners likely respect your leadership and the safe space your presence created, despite the relationship ending.
  • In Careers: Your leadership and authoritative approach are respected at work, positioning you as a central figure in maintaining order and driving success.
  • For Friendship: Friends look to you as the leader of the pack, the one who provides guidance and ensures everyone is taken care of.
  • Self-Perception: Seeing yourself through the lens of the Emperor means acknowledging your capability to lead and your innate sense of authority.

The Emperor Reversed

  • For Singles: Potential partners could see you as unpredictable or domineering, casting doubt on the stability of a future partnership.
  • For New Relationships: Your partner might feel uncertain about the relationship’s power dynamics, questioning either your dominance or lack of support.
  • For Existing Relationships: There may be a feeling of disequilibrium, with your significant other perceiving you as either too controlling or insufficiently present.
  • For Exes: An ex may view past issues as a lesson in the misuse or absence of the control and structure you were expected to provide.
  • In Careers: Colleagues and superiors could regard you as ineffective in leadership, either exerting too much or too little authority.
  • For Friendship: Friends might see you as going through a phase of imbalance, missing the decisive leadership you once offered.
  • Self-Perception: Recognizing the reversed Emperor in yourself suggests an awareness of the need to recalibrate your approach to leadership and control.

Symbolism of The Emperor

As The Emperor, you’re seen as a stabilizing force, much like the solid stone throne he sits upon, and the ram symbols on his throne and crown that signify his determination and leadership. Those around you see a person with an authoritative presence, someone who commands respect naturally.

Your approach to life is methodical, disciplined, and organized, just as The Emperor suggests. They may seek your guidance, looking up to you for your ability to make decisions with clarity and conviction. You represent strength and resilience, the ability to protect and establish order. In you, people find a leader, someone who can take charge of a situation and see it through with confidence. Your sense of responsibility and ability to provide structure in chaotic situations is likely comforting to those who rely on your guidance.

The Upright Emperor As How Someone See’s You

Seeing the Emperor in an upright position when it comes to how others see you is indicative of a potent mixture of authority and security that you exude. To others, you might be the embodiment of order and discipline, the kind that provides a framework within which they can operate. This card suggests that you’re viewed as a pillar of strength, providing a sense of reliability that comes from a place of experience and authority.

The Upright Emperor As How Someone See's You

For Singles

When it comes to the dating scene, your aura of control and leadership doesn’t go unnoticed. You may come across as someone who has a clear plan for their life, including their love life. Potential partners might see you as a safe harbor, someone who can provide stability and security in a world of uncertainty.

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For New Relationships

In the early stages of romance, your partner may find comfort in your presence, equating it with a sense of order and protection. Your capability to take charge of situations might be especially appealing, offering a sense of security as they navigate this new partnership with you.

For Existing Relationships

For your significant other, you’re likely viewed as the backbone of the relationship. Your ability to manage and lead could be a source of great comfort. They might lean on your decision-making skills and appreciate the structure that you naturally bring into your joint lives.

For Exes

Your ex might look back on your relationship with a sense of respect for your leadership qualities and the security that came with it. They may recall the stability and consistency you brought to the table, even if things didn’t work out in the end.

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In Careers

In a professional context, you’re probably seen as a keystone; someone who can be relied upon to uphold the structure of the organization. Your leadership abilities likely shine through, marking you as someone who could be, or is, an exceptional manager or executive.

For Friendship

Your friends may view you as the ‘go-to’ person when they need advice or when a situation calls for someone to take the reins. Your leadership is not just recognized but sought after in social circles, and your ability to direct and protect your group is highly valued.

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Self Perception

You might see yourself as the quintessential leader, someone who has a natural ability to navigate through life’s challenges with composure and a sense of command. This self-perception is something you carry with pride, and it molds the way you interact with the world around you.

What You Should Do

  • Embrace your leadership qualities and use them to guide others, but ensure you do so with compassion and understanding.
  • Recognize the importance of flexibility alongside the rules and structures you value so highly; allow others the space to contribute and shine.
  • Understand the difference between authority and authoritarianism; lead by example and inspire rather than dictate.

In essence, the Emperor in its upright position as a reflection of how someone sees you speaks volumes about the high regard in which they hold your leadership and stability. You are seen as someone who can command a room, provide guidance, and offer a safe and structured environment. Keep in mind, however, that with great power comes great responsibility. Ensure that your approach to leadership is always tempered with kindness and openness, allowing others to walk with you rather than behind you.

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The Emperor Reversed As How Someone See’s You

The Emperor in a reversed position when it comes to how people see you paints a challenging picture. It suggests that there might be an undercurrent of overbearing control or a lack of the very stability and structure you usually provide. To others, you may appear to either be imposing too much authority or not wielding enough, leading to a sense of imbalance or unpredictability in your presence.

The Emperor Reversed As How Someone See's You

For Singles

In the dating world, you might be seen as unpredictable or overly dominating. This could make potential partners hesitant, fearing that a relationship with you might lack the balance of power and the stability that is necessary for a healthy partnership.

For New Relationships

Those in a new relationship with you could feel a sense of instability or might be struggling with the boundaries you set. There may be concerns about whether you’re too controlling or, conversely, not providing enough guidance and support in this budding partnership.

For Existing Relationships

Your partner may be feeling the strain of a power imbalance. They might see you as either too authoritarian, stifling their independence, or as someone who is not upholding their share of the relationship’s structure, making them feel insecure or that they have to overcompensate.

For Exes

An ex might reflect on your time together and see it as a lesson in what happens when control is lost or misapplied. They may have felt oppressed or, on the flip side, that they were left to manage everything without enough support from you.

In Careers

Colleagues and superiors might view you as someone who struggles with authority, either by misusing it or by failing to step up when needed. This can affect your professional reputation, leading to questions about your leadership capabilities.

For Friendship

Your friends may see you as going through a phase of being uncharacteristically dominant or indecisive. They could be feeling the absence of the dependable leader they’re used to relying on, which might lead them to step back or challenge you more often.

Self Perception

You may be questioning your own authority and the way you exert control in various aspects of your life. This self-reflection is crucial, as it can help you realign your approach to leadership and authority.

What You Should Do

  • Reflect on your leadership style and consider whether you might be too controlling or too passive in your approach.
  • Work on finding a balance in relationships, ensuring that you neither dominate nor abdicate your role in providing stability.
  • Seek feedback from those around you to better understand how your behavior affects them and use this insight to make positive changes.

The Emperor reversed suggests a time for introspection and recalibration. It’s a call to examine the way you exercise control and to correct the course where necessary. Remember, true authority is about guiding rather than dictating, and stability comes from balance, not rigidity. Take this opportunity to refine the way you impact your world and move towards embodying the positive aspects of the Emperor once again.

The Emperor As Someone See's You Infographic

Combinations That Go With The Emperor For How Someone See’s You

The Emperor in a tarot spread about perceptions stands as a symbol of structure, authority, and control. If you are viewed through the Emperor’s archetype, you’re likely seen as a pillar of strength and stability. You’re the one with a plan, a person who embodies leadership and an orderly approach to life. To others, your presence might imply security and the assurance that comes from established power and wisdom. And with other cards, this understanding can go a whole layer deeper!

The Emperor and The Star

When the Emperor is paired with The Star, it suggests that you are seen as a beacon of hope and guidance. People perceive you as inspirational, with the Emperor’s authority coupled with the Star’s uplifting spirit. They might see you as someone who leads by example, encouraging others to follow their dreams while providing the structure necessary to attain those aspirations.

The Emperor and Two of Cups

The combination of the Emperor with the Two of Cups reveals that you are seen as a relationship anchor. In romantic or close partnerships, you’re perceived as the steady hand, someone who brings balance and stability while also respecting deep emotional bonds. You’re likely considered a reliable partner who values commitment and harmony in relationships.

The Emperor and Six of Wands

With the Six of Wands, the Emperor indicates that you are viewed as a victor, someone who commands respect and enjoys recognition. Your peers likely see you as accomplished and authoritative, with a natural ability to lead and succeed. The public acknowledgement that comes with the Six of Wands implies that your leadership qualities don’t go unnoticed.

The Emperor and Ten of Pentacles

The Emperor alongside the Ten of Pentacles suggests that you are perceived as a figure of prosperity and familial leadership. You might be viewed as the provider or protector within your community or family, someone who builds a legacy and ensures the welfare of others. People see you as grounded and responsible, with a strong focus on long-term security.

The Emperor and Ace of Swords

When the Emperor and the Ace of Swords come together, it is a sign that you are viewed as a powerful intellect with clear decision-making skills. Others see you as a person of clarity and conviction, someone who cuts through confusion with ease. You’re respected for your ability to communicate effectively and to lead with a sharp mind.

The Emperor and Knight of Cups

The combination of the Emperor with the Knight of Cups depicts you as a romantic with a robust backbone. You’re seen as someone who pursues their passions with determination and a strong will, blending the Emperor’s stability with the Knight’s idealistic quest for love. This mix may lead others to view you as a dreamer who is also practical and grounded, capable of turning dreams into reality through discipline.

Journaling Prompts For The Emperor

If you’ve drawn The Emperor and you want to take a deeper look into how you’re approaching situations, here are some great questions to ask yourself!

  • How can I show strong leadership and make decisions that others respect, while still working well with everyone?
  • What steps can I take to be seen as someone reliable and steady, someone others can always count on?
  • How can I organize my life and responsibilities better, so people see me as capable and in control?
  • What can I do to be assertive yet kind, proving I can lead with a caring heart?
  • Can I help or teach others based on my experiences, without taking over their chance to learn and grow?


In summary, seen as The Emperor, you are perceived as an authority figure exuding control and discipline. You’re the type of person who commands respect naturally, with a presence that’s both powerful and stabilizing. They see you as a cornerstone of strength, someone with a strategic mind and leadership qualities.

Reversed, The Emperor can suggest that they might view you as overly authoritative or rigid. They may feel intimidated by you or perceive you as someone who is inflexible and unwilling to listen to others.

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