The Emperor As Intentions Towards You: Upright & Reversed

When The Emperor manifests as someone’s intention toward you, it speaks of a desire for structure, stability, and protection in your relationship. But what exactly does this structured approach entail? Are they looking to provide guidance and support, or do they seek to establish a sense of order and control? The Emperor is a symbol of authority and leadership, often indicating a person who wants to take charge or offer a strong foundation. Let’s delve into the motivations behind The Emperor’s intentions, uncovering whether they aim to be a pillar of strength for you or if there’s more to their desire for leadership and stability.

Key Takeaways

The Emperor Upright

  • Dating: Seek a stable and structured relationship, value clear expectations and honesty.
  • Relationships: Intend to maintain stability and order, may take on a protective or authoritative role.
  • Exes: Desire to regain control or stability after a breakup, seeking closure or resolution.
  • Commitment: Strong intention for long-term stability, serious approach to relationships.
  • Friends & Family: Intentions of leadership or guidance, creating security and order within relationships.
  • Careers: Ambitions oriented towards leadership and success, disciplined approach to career goals.
  • Your Intentions: Take charge, establish clear goals, and work methodically towards them.

The Emperor Reversed

  • Dating: Intermittently decisive and indecisive, intentions fluctuate in dating pursuits.
  • Relationships: Swinging between control and passivity, creating uncertainty in the relationship.
  • Exes: Mixed intentions of control and avoidance, leading to confusion and uncertainty.
  • Commitment: Indecisive intentions about commitment, struggling to make clear decisions.
  • Friends & Family: Oscillation between leadership and withdrawal, creating inconsistency in relationships.
  • Careers: Alternating between micromanagement and absence, leading to inconsistency in leadership.
  • Your Intentions: Reflect on your approach to control and decision-making, find a balanced assertiveness.

Symbolism of The Emperor

The Emperor is depicted as a formidable figure, seated on a throne adorned with ram heads, symbolizing leadership, authority, and determination. He holds an ankh, the ancient Egyptian symbol of life, in one hand, and a globe, representing his dominion over the world, in the other. His stern expression and regal posture convey a sense of unwavering command.

The Emperor symbolizes structure, order, and control. He encourages establishing clear boundaries and rules, asserting authority, and providing guidance and protection. This card represents the power of leadership and the responsibility that comes with it, emphasizing the importance of discipline, stability, and rational decision-making.

The Upright Emperor As Intentions

The Emperor in its upright position is a potent symbol of authority, structure, and control in tarot. When this card surfaces in a reading as intentions, it signifies a desire for order, stability, and leadership. The Emperor’s energy is about taking charge, setting boundaries, and establishing rules. This card represents a powerful force of will and determination, often pointing to intentions that are grounded in the desire to create structure and maintain control in various aspects of life.

The Emperor Upright As Intentions


In the dating scene, The Emperor’s intentions speak to a desire for a stable and structured relationship. Someone influenced by The Emperor might approach dating with a clear idea of what they are looking for, preferring to establish clear expectations from the start. They may come across as very direct and decisive, valuing honesty and straightforwardness in romantic pursuits.

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Within relationships, The Emperor suggests an intention to maintain stability and order. This can mean a partner who wants to protect and provide, or who may take a more traditional or authoritative role in the relationship. It’s about creating a secure and predictable environment, where roles and responsibilities are clearly defined.

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Regarding exes, The Emperor as intentions might indicate a desire to regain control or stability after a breakup. If an ex is influenced by this energy, they might be seeking closure or trying to re-establish a sense of order in their lives. It could also imply a wish to resolve past issues with authority and clarity.

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Will There Be Commitment?

In terms of commitment, The Emperor is a strong sign. It indicates a serious approach to relationships and a strong desire for long-term stability. When this card appears, it suggests that the person in question is likely thinking about a stable future and is ready to make the necessary commitments to achieve it.

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Friends & Family

In the context of friends and family, The Emperor’s intentions reflect a desire to lead or guide. This could manifest as taking on a protective role, offering advice, or being the ‘rock’ that others can rely on. It’s about creating a sense of security and order within the family or friend group.

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The Emperor Upright signifies a structured, authoritative approach from someone in your career. Their intentions towards you are likely very clear and organized. They might be offering guidance, setting clear boundaries, or establishing rules in your professional interaction, aiming for stability and order.

Your Intentions

Reflecting on your personal intentions with The Emperor, consider areas of your life where you need more structure or control. This card encourages you to take charge of your situation, to establish clear goals, and to work methodically towards achieving them. It’s a reminder of the power of discipline and organization in realizing your ambitions.

Actionable Advice

  • Set Clear Goals: Define what you want to achieve and create a structured plan to get there.
  • Establish Boundaries: Know your limits and be clear about what is acceptable in your personal and professional life.
  • Lead with Confidence: Take charge of situations where your leadership can bring order and stability.

Common Misinterpretations

The Emperor is sometimes viewed as overly rigid or authoritarian. However, its core message is about the positive aspects of structure and control. The Emperor’s energy is not about dominance for its own sake but about creating order and stability through strong leadership and clear intentions.

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The Emperor upright as intentions is a call to embrace structure, authority, and discipline in your life. Whether it’s in relationships, career, or personal development, this card encourages a methodical and organized approach to achieving your goals. It’s about understanding the power of clear intentions and the stability that comes from strong leadership and well-defined boundaries. The Emperor invites you to step into a role of authority in your own life, guiding yourself and others towards a more structured and secure future.

The Emperor Reversed As Intentions

Imagine The Emperor in the world of tarot as a figure of authority and control, confidently holding the reins of power. But when this card is reversed, it’s like a ruler who’s lost their grip on the scepter. The Emperor reversed speaks volumes about the intentions of people, but in a way that’s more like a seesaw teetering between too much control and not enough. It’s a fascinating journey into the world of intentions, where decisiveness and hesitation play an endless game of tug-of-war.

The Emperor Reversed As Intentions


In the dating scene, The Emperor reversed is like going out with someone who alternates between picking out every detail of the date and being utterly indecisive. One moment, they’re planning your future together, and the next, they can’t even decide what to wear. Their intentions are a rollercoaster, leaving you wondering what the next twist will be.


In relationships, this card reversed is like a dance where the lead keeps swapping. Picture a partner who’s one day setting all the rules, and the next day, stepping back completely. Their intentions are a mix of taking charge and suddenly taking a back seat, creating a rhythm that’s hard to follow.


With ex-partners, The Emperor reversed can stir up a storm of confusion. It’s like an ex who wants to dictate the post-breakup terms with one breath and then vanishes into thin air with the next. Their intentions are murky, caught between a desire to control and an urge to avoid.

Will There Be Commitment?

When pondering commitment, The Emperor reversed is a symbol of indecision. It’s like your partner is on a seesaw, unable to decide whether to jump into a future together or keep things floating in ambiguity. Their intentions towards commitment are as clear as a foggy morning.

Friends & Family

In the realm of friends and family, this card can show up as the person who swings between organizing every detail of gatherings and then being completely hands-off. Their intentions are a puzzle, pieces of wanting to take the lead mixed with moments of stepping back into the shadows.


At work, The Emperor reversed might reflect a boss who oscillates between micromanaging and being completely absent. One day they’re setting rules with an iron fist; the next, they’re as relaxed as a holidaymaker. Their intentions to lead effectively get lost in a whirlwind of inconsistency.

Your Intentions

With your intentions, The Emperor reversed asks you to reflect on your approach to decision-making and control. Are you swinging from being overly authoritative to being too hands-off? Finding a middle ground in your assertiveness is key – neither too forceful nor too laid-back.

Actionable Advice

  • Embrace Balanced Leadership: Be the conductor who knows just when to lead and when to let the orchestra shine.
  • Adjust Your Sails Steadily: Like a skilled sailor, keep your course steady, adapting to the changing winds without losing direction.
  • Stay Observant: Keep an eye on your tendencies to swing between control and passivity, and adjust accordingly.

Common Misinterpretations

The Emperor reversed is often misunderstood as just signifying a lack of control or overbearing authority. However, its essence is about the challenges of managing power dynamics. It’s not just about being a tyrant or a pushover; it’s about understanding and navigating the complex dance of leadership and control.

In summing up, The Emperor reversed as intentions is a fascinating exploration into the world of fluctuating power dynamics. It’s about understanding the push and pull of control in relationships, whether personal or professional. This card encourages you to find your balance in leading and being led, ensuring that your intentions and those of others align in a harmonious dance of mutual respect and understanding. It’s about navigating life with a balanced hand on

Combinations That Go With The Emperor As Intentions

The Emperor in tarot, when paired with other cards, highlights intentions that are centered around authority, structure, and control. Known for his embodiment of leadership and discipline, the Emperor’s interactions with other cards flesh out various facets of intent, from establishing order and stability to enforcing rules and strategies.

The Emperor and The Fool

When The Emperor meets The Fool, it indicates an intention to bring structure to new beginnings. This combination speaks to the desire to approach fresh starts or adventures with a plan and a sense of order. It’s about tempering the spontaneity of The Fool with the discipline and control of The Emperor, ensuring that new ventures have a solid foundation.

The Emperor and The Lovers

Combine The Emperor with The Lovers, and it suggests an intention to make decisive choices in relationships or partnerships. This person aims to use their leadership and judgment skills to navigate the complexities of relationships, ensuring harmony and balance through clear decision-making and authoritative guidance.

The Emperor and Six of Cups

Pair The Emperor with the Six of Cups, and it brings a sense of responsibility to reminiscences or past connections. The individual intends to manage or reconcile past relationships with maturity and a sense of duty, possibly bringing closure or a new structure to old ties.

The Emperor and Ten of Wands

Mix The Emperor with the Ten of Wands, and it reflects an intention to manage burdens or responsibilities effectively. This person is looking to apply their organizational skills to handle heavy workloads or challenges, striving to maintain control and order even under pressure.

The Emperor and The Star

The Emperor alongside The Star suggests an intention to align authority with hope and inspiration. This combination indicates a desire to use leadership and structured approach not just for practical ends but also to inspire and guide others towards a hopeful future. It’s about being a beacon of stability and optimism.

The Emperor and Knight of Pentacles

When The Emperor meets the Knight of Pentacles, it indicates an intention to pursue goals with steadfastness and practical planning. This person aims to apply their methodical and disciplined approach to achieve tangible results, combining the Emperor’s strategic mind with the Knight’s dedication to duty and detail.


In summary, when The Emperor appears upright in a reading, the intention is about establishing structure, authority, and control. This card signifies a desire for order and stability, often suggesting a disciplined approach to achieving goals. The Emperor’s energy is about leadership and making decisions based on logic and practicality, focusing on creating a solid foundation and maintaining order.

Reversed, The Emperor’s intentions may be misguided, leading to rigidity or authoritarianism. This can indicate a need to loosen control and to be more flexible in approach. The intention might be to reassess one’s leadership style, ensuring that authority is exercised with fairness and compassion, and not becoming overly controlling or inflexible.

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