The Empress As Intentions Towards You – Are They Embracing The Unknown?

The Empress as someone’s intention toward you suggests a nurturing, caring energy directed at your well-being. This person may be looking to create an environment of growth, comfort, and care for you. But what form does this nurturing take? Is it about emotional support, creating a sense of abundance and security, or fostering personal growth? The Empress symbolizes fertility, creativity, and the nurturing of nature – a person whose intentions are deeply rooted in providing care and fostering development. Let’s explore how The Empress’s intentions might manifest in your life, revealing the ways in which they aim to support and enrich your world.

Key Takeaways

The Empress Upright

  • Dating: Intend to nurture a flourishing connection, showering attention and care.
  • Relationships: Create a sanctuary of care and enrichment, nurturing a vibrant bond.
  • Exes: Seek healing and closure through gentle and transformative nurturing.
  • Commitment: Promise a future of growth and stability, fostering continuous evolution.
  • Friends & Family: Offer unwavering support and nurturing energy, creating strong bonds.
  • Careers: Nurture ambitions and creativity, striving for fulfillment and accomplishment.
  • Your Intentions: Embrace nurturing and creativity in your approach, fostering growth and abundance.

The Empress Reversed

  • Dating: Intentions swing between being too clingy or distant, causing imbalance.
  • Relationships: Care becomes overbearing or neglectful, disrupting the natural rhythm.
  • Exes: Intentions are muddled in nurturing, leading to overwhelming or void attempts.
  • Commitment: Hesitation to fully invest in the relationship’s growth, a half-hearted approach.
  • Friends & Family: Nurturing intentions miss the mark, resulting in stifling or neglect.
  • Careers: Creativity and growth are stifled, either by control or lack of support.
  • Your Intentions: Reflect on your nurturing approach, seeking a delicate balance.

Symbolism of The Empress

The Empress is often shown seated in a lush, verdant landscape, embodying fertility, creativity, and nurturing. She is associated with Venus, the planet of love and beauty, which is evident in her luxurious surroundings. The wheat in the foreground signifies abundance, and the flowing water symbolizes emotional richness and intuition.

The Empress represents nurturing growth, fostering connections with nature, and embracing one’s creativity. She encourages caring for others and oneself, cultivating beauty and harmony in life, and connecting with the natural world. The Empress is a reminder of the strength found in compassion, creativity, and emotional intelligence.

The Upright Empress As Intentions

The Empress in her upright position in tarot is like a symbol of nurturing abundance and creative energy. She’s the kind of ruler who tends her garden with love, ensuring that everything in it flourishes. When this card appears as intentions, it’s like a warm, welcoming embrace, filled with care, growth, and the promise of abundance. It’s about intentions that are deeply rooted in the desire to foster growth, creativity, and well-being.

The Empress Upright As Intentions


In the dating scene, The Empress’s presence is like going out with someone who showers you with attention and care. They’re all about creating beautiful experiences, thoughtful gestures, and an environment where romance can bloom like a well-tended rose. Their intentions are clear – they want to nurture a connection that is as rich and flourishing as a vibrant garden.

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Within relationships, The Empress signifies intentions steeped in care and nurturing. Imagine a partner who makes your relationship their sanctuary, always looking for ways to enrich it and make it more fulfilling. It’s about building a bond that’s not just strong but also thriving and vibrant, like a garden that’s tended with love and attention.

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Regarding intentions of exes, The Empress suggests a nurturing approach to resolving past issues. If an ex is influenced by the energy of The Empress, they might be seeking to heal old wounds and bring a sense of closure that is as gentle as it is profound, focusing on growth and positive transformation from the experiences shared.

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Will There Be Commitment?

When it comes to commitment, The Empress’s energy is like a promise of a future filled with growth and stability. It’s about creating a relationship that’s not just about staying together but about thriving together. The intention here is to build something that’s continuously evolving and blossoming.

Friends & Family

In the context of friends and family, The Empress shows intentions of nurturing and support. It’s about being there for each other, offering a listening ear, a comforting hug, and support that’s as steadfast as an ancient oak. It’s about creating a family or friendship bond that’s as nurturing as it is strong.

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The Empress Upright in a career context reflects nurturing and growth-oriented intentions. Someone is likely looking to support and encourage your professional development, viewing you with respect and admiration. They might see your potential and want to help you flourish in your career.

Your Intentions

Reflecting on your own intentions, The Empress encourages you to embrace nurturing and creativity in your approach. Whether it’s taking care of those around you, tending to your own personal growth, or fostering creativity in your endeavors, it’s about infusing your actions with care and thoughtfulness.

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Actionable Advice

  • Cultivate Growth and Creativity: Like a gardener tending to their plants, nurture your projects and relationships with care and creativity.
  • Embrace Nurturing Energy: Be the source of support and comfort in your relationships, offering a nurturing touch that encourages growth.
  • Encourage Flourishing Surroundings: Create environments, whether at home or work, that allow yourself and others to thrive.

Common Misinterpretations

The Empress is sometimes seen as just a symbol of fertility and motherhood, but her essence goes much deeper. She represents the nurturing of ideas, projects, and relationships. It’s not just about physical or maternal nurturing; it’s about providing the care and support needed for things to grow and flourish in all aspects of life.

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The Empress upright as intentions is a beautiful reminder of the power of nurturing and creativity in our lives. It’s about approaching each aspect of life with a caring and creative spirit, fostering growth and abundance wherever you go. Whether it’s in your personal relationships, your career, or your inner growth, The Empress invites you to cultivate an environment where everything and everyone can flourish.

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The Empress Reversed As Intentions

The Empress reversed in a tarot deck is like the nurturing nature of The Empress, but with a twist. Instead of the flourishing garden, imagine a garden where the plants aren’t getting quite enough water or sunlight. This card, when reversed, reflects intentions that might be nurturing but are somehow off-balance. It’s like the intention is there to care and create, but it’s either smothering or neglectful, leading to a stunted growth instead of a thriving bloom.

The Empress Reversed As Intentions


In dating, The Empress reversed can signal intentions that are either too clingy or too distant. It’s like going on a date with someone who either wants to be with you every moment or doesn’t show enough interest to water the seeds of a budding relationship. It’s a tricky balance where the nurturing intention is either overwhelming or insufficient.


Within relationships, The Empress reversed points to care that’s gone awry. It might manifest as overbearing behavior, where one partner smothers the other with attention, or the opposite, where there’s a lack of emotional support. It’s like a dance where one is trying too hard to lead, or not stepping into the dance at all, disrupting the natural rhythm of the relationship.


Regarding exes, this card reversed suggests intentions that might be muddled in terms of nurturing. An ex might be trying to rekindle a relationship with an overbearing attitude or, conversely, they might be neglecting the emotional closure needed to heal past wounds. It’s an imbalance in the nurturing process that either overwhelms or leaves a void.

Will There Be Commitment?

When it comes to commitment, The Empress reversed can indicate a fear of nurturing the relationship to its full potential. There might be a hesitation to fully invest in the relationship’s growth, leading to a half-hearted approach to commitment. It’s like wanting to plant a garden but hesitating to get your hands dirty.

Friends & Family

In the realm of friends and family, The Empress reversed can reflect nurturing intentions that miss the mark. Perhaps it’s being overprotective to the point of stifling, or not providing enough support where it’s needed. It’s the intention to care, but it either ends up as coddling or neglect.


The Empress Reversed suggests a lack of support or nurturing in someone’s approach towards you at work. They might be overlooking your needs or not providing the encouragement you require. This card indicates a need for more understanding and support in your professional relationship.

Your Intentions

When reflecting on your own intentions, The Empress reversed asks you to consider how you nurture yourself and others. Are you being too self-critical or not giving yourself enough credit? Or in trying to support others, are you perhaps being too controlling or not offering enough space to grow? It’s about finding that delicate balance in your nurturing approach.

Actionable Advice

  • Moderate Your Nurturing: Like a gardener, learn to give just the right amount of water – not too much, not too little.
  • Encourage Growth, Don’t Stifle It: Provide support and care, but allow room for independence and self-growth.
  • Balance Emotional Support: Offer a listening ear and a supportive hand, but avoid smothering or becoming indifferent.

Common Misinterpretations

The Empress reversed is often misinterpreted as just a lack of nurturing or creativity. However, its deeper meaning is about the misapplication of nurturing energy. It’s not just about the absence of care; it’s about care that is either overdone or underdone, failing to strike the right balance for healthy growth.

The Empress reversed as intentions is a call to examine and adjust the way we nurture and care, both for ourselves and others. It’s about ensuring that our intentions to support and create are balanced and effective, fostering growth in a way that is healthy and sustainable. This card invites you to be mindful of your nurturing approach, ensuring that it aids growth rather than hinders it.

Combinations That Go With The Empress As Intentions

The Empress in tarot, when combined with other cards, unveils intentions grounded in creativity, nurturing, and abundance. Renowned for her symbolism of fertility and care, the Empress’s interactions with other cards elucidate diverse motivations, from fostering growth and harmony to embracing the richness of life.

The Empress and The Hierophant

When The Empress meets The Hierophant, it suggests an intention to nurture within established structures or traditions. This person aims to bring creativity and care to traditional settings, possibly blending old ways with new ideas to foster growth and stability. It’s about respecting established norms while infusing them with warmth and innovation.

The Empress and The Chariot

Combine The Empress with The Chariot, and it reflects a determination to pursue goals with both drive and compassion. This individual channels their nurturing energy into achieving objectives, balancing ambition with empathy. It’s about moving forward decisively while also caring for those along the journey, ensuring progress is made with kindness and consideration.

The Empress and Ace of Swords

Pair The Empress with the Ace of Swords, and it brings forth an intention to cut through to the truth or clarity in a nurturing way. This person wants to communicate or reveal insights that are both enlightening and supportive. It’s about using intellect and clarity to foster understanding and growth.

The Empress and Nine of Pentacles

Mix The Empress with the Nine of Pentacles, and it indicates a desire to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor in a comfortable and luxurious environment. This individual intends to surround themselves with beauty and abundance, appreciating the sensory and material pleasures of life, all while maintaining a sense of independence and self-sufficiency.

The Empress and The Tower

The Empress alongside The Tower suggests an intention to provide care and support during times of upheaval or change. Amidst chaos or disruption, this person seeks to be a source of comfort and stability, using their nurturing qualities to help themselves and others through difficult transitions.

The Empress and Two of Cups

When The Empress meets the Two of Cups, it signifies an intention to foster deep, harmonious relationships. This person focuses on building connections that are based on mutual care and emotional support, seeking to create and maintain bonds that are both loving and nurturing.


To recap, the Empress upright in a reading signals intentions of nurturing, creativity, and abundance. This card embodies the desire to care for others, to create, and to enjoy the sensuality of life. The Empress represents a nurturing spirit, focusing on growth, comfort, and the beauty in the world. It suggests an intention to foster love, creativity, and emotional connections.

When reversed, the Empress’s intentions might be stifled, leading to overprotectiveness or neglect of one’s nurturing side. This can indicate a period where creativity and care are being suppressed, possibly due to external pressures or internal doubts. The intention here could be to rediscover one’s creative and nurturing abilities, balancing the act of caring for others with self-care.

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