The Empress (III) Tarot Card Meaning: Upright & Reversed

The Empress is a great card to pull in a reading. She brings with her nothing but abundance, love, and the comfort that right now the universe is nurturing your soul and your life! In relationships and love she is a good omen of deepening connection and bonds growing stronger.

When reversed however, this changes and she shows more negative signs such as smothering, or self doubt. If you want to understand EXACTLY what the Empress means in your reading, from love to careers to a simple yes or no answer, then keep reading!

Key Takeaways

Upright Empres

  1. Feminine Energy and Creativity: The Empress embodies strong feminine energy, promoting creativity, fertility, and nurturing qualities. This card encourages both men and women to embrace these aspects for personal balance and growth.
  2. Abundance and Growth: This card signifies a period rich in life’s pleasures, luxuries, and opportunities for growth. It reminds you to be grateful for your current abundance, as this gratitude can attract even more prosperity.
  3. Connection with Nature: Representing Mother Earth, The Empress emphasizes the importance of connecting with nature for grounding and spiritual elevation.
  4. Nurturing Role: The card indicates a strong inclination towards nurturing and caring for others, potentially symbolizing motherhood or the nurturing of ideas and projects.
  5. Manifestation of Dreams: As a symbol of fertility and creativity, The Empress encourages the pursuit and nurturing of new projects or ideas.
  6. Love, Relationships, and Career: In love, it suggests deepening connections and favorable conditions for romance. In career and finances, it points to a phase of prosperity and successful ventures.

Reversed Empress

  1. Disruption in Creativity and Abundance: The reversed Empress suggests a block in creative and nurturing energies, leading to challenges like financial issues, domestic conflicts, or stifled creativity.
  2. Focus on Self-Love and Care: This position indicates the need for self-nurturing, particularly if you have been prioritizing others’ needs over your own. It encourages activities that foster personal growth and happiness.
  3. Creative Blocks and Insecurity: The card warns against a possible lack of confidence in achieving your goals and advises caution in financial matters.
  4. Reconnecting with Nature: The reversed Empress still maintains the theme of nature, suggesting a need to reconnect with natural elements for spiritual and emotional healing.
  5. Rebalancing Life Aspects: It’s a call to reassess aspects of your life, especially where you might be overextending yourself or facing emotional or creative blocks.
  6. Relationships and Career Challenges: In love, it may indicate imbalances or issues in relationships. In career, it could suggest a period of dissatisfaction or lack of fulfillment.
Key InformationThe Empress’ Attributes
NumerologyRepresents the number 3, symbolizing the triad: Mother, Father, Child
Zodiac SignTaurus, associated with sensuality, beauty, and connection to nature.
Ruling PlanetVenus – representing love, beauty, creativity, and harmony.
Card Number3 – The fourth card of the Major Arcana. Nurturing, abundance, and fertility.
ElementEarth: Groundedness, fertility, and material abundance.
Yes Or No“Yes”, reflecting positive growth, nurturing, and abundance.
CrystalsRose quartz and emerald, enhancing love, compassion, and emotional harmony.

Symbolism Of The Empress

The Empress is full of symbolism showcasing her role in the cards not just as a sign of fertility, but also as a sign of the nurturing essence we should all try to cultivate more of. Here is some more details on the symbolism!

  • The Pomegranates: The pomegranates symbolize fertility, death, and rebirth. They are associated with the Greek goddess Persephone, who was forced to spend half the year in the underworld, after she ate six pomegranate seeds. Showing the Empresses overarching connection with the cycle of life.
  • The Shield With The Sign Of Venus: The sign of Venus, which is a circle with a cross beneath, is associated with love, beauty, and creativity. It is a reminder that the Empress is a nurturing and compassionate being.
  • The Crown Of Twelve Stars: The crown symbolizes the Empress’s connection to the heavens and the spiritual. The twelve stars represent the twelve zodiac signs, which are associated with the cycles of nature and human life.
  • The Yellow Background: The yellow symbolizes consciousness, and support. It is a reminder that the Empress is a powerful guide and protector.
The Empress Symbolism

The Empress Upright Meaning

Nurture yourself and your loved ones with love and compassion.

The Empress Upright

The Empress in her upright position brings forward strong feminine energy. She is all about creativity, fertility, and all nurturing qualities. She is a creative force that brings life and richness to all she touches. If you’ve drawn this card, it’s time to embrace the full spectrum of femininity, from its elegance and sensuality to its power to nurture and create. (And for all the men reading, this means you too). After all, both men and women benefit from connecting with these feminine aspects.

Being a symbolism of abundance, The Empress signifies a time when life’s pleasures and luxuries are plentiful, and you should indulge your senses. However, while she is surrounded by comfort and beauty, she also heralds a period of growth and prosperity. She reminds you not to give up, everything you’ve hoped for and worked towards will come to fruition. In Tarot readings, her appearance is reminds you to acknowledge and be grateful for the abundance around you, as this gratitude will only serve to attract more prosperity.

The Empress Upright Meaning

She is also not just an empress, but seen as the Mother of All, Mother Earth. She reminds us how important it is to spend time in nature, and find gratefulness in the stillness. Whether it’s a forest, beach, mountain, or lake, immersing yourself in nature will help build a deeper connection with the earth and elevate your consciousness.

In her role as a nurturing mother, The Empress fosters a desire to care for others with compassion and love. This nurturing is not just a responsibility but a privilege, benefiting both the giver and receiver. And if you’re trying for a baby she symbolises literal motherhood, whether it’s through childbirth, adopting, or taking care of others’ children, and spending quality time with your own.

But if you’re not interested in children just yet, the less up front meaning of the Empress is the birth of new ideas or projects, urging you to be creative in your life right now, and start working on whatever you’ve been planning for a while. She is the fertile ground from which new concepts can grow and flourish, and she encourages you to pursue these creative endeavors with love and passion.

So, in a broader sense, The Empress represents the power we have to shape our reality through our thoughts, words, and actions. She is a reminder of our creative potential and our ability to manifest our dreams. As the third character in the Fool’s Journey, she now has the power and intuition that came before her.

Her association with Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty, highlights her connection to sensuality, grace, and the appreciation of beauty. This extends to relationships, indicating a favorable time for love, marriage, and family harmony.

The Empress, with her connection to Venus and her lush, fertile imagery, invites you to embrace the richness of life. She encourages you to stay rooted and flow with the rhythms of life, nurturing others and yourself with the same loving care. Her appearance in a reading is a powerful reminder of the beauty and abundance that life offers, and the power each of us has to create and nurture our own realities.

For Love and Relationships

For love and relationships The Empress shows now is the time for nurturing. It’s an extremely positive sign, showing your relationship and love will be deepening even more during this period. However, for singles, it’s still a sign that love is flourishing, so perhaps someone new will enter your life soon. So embrace love, sensuality, and emotional connection, and you’ll create an environment where love can grow!

For Money and Career

If you aren’t already, you’ll soon be coming into a time of prosperity, after all The Empress is all about abundance. This is particularly true and amplified for people who’s jobs are around creativity and nurturing. Now is an excellent time for financial growth and chasing after what you’re passionate about. However, remember she does say that you need to practice patience, like a mother with her child, so these things can take time. Financial security and comfort are within reach, and your efforts are likely to be rewarded.

For Spirituality

Spiritually, the Empress signifies a time of growth and connection with the natural world. She encourages you to embrace your inner nurturing spirit and to connect with your intuition and the earth. If you’ve felt like you’ve been missing a spiritual connection lately, she’s telling you to nurture this right now and foster a sense of connectedness.

So try spiritual practices such as meditation, spending time in nature, or simply doing things which are going to feed your soul. The Empress is a reminder to nurture your spiritual growth and to remain open to the abundance of spiritual insights and experiences.

For Yes or No

As a yes or no answer, the upright Empress is a big YES. Things are going to be going well for you right now. And whatever you plan on doing now will be fruitful for you! Remember to trust in the abundance and nurturing energy of the Empress to guide you towards a positive outcome.

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The Empress Reversed Meaning

Be gentle with yourself and allow yourself to heal and grow.

The Empress Reversed

When The Empress appears reversed in a Tarot reading, it is time to think about whether there is a disruption in your nurturing, abundant, creative energy. Is there something in your life that is currently blocking you from access to these?

A reversal like this means you may feel like you’re suffering with financial difficulties, domestic conflicts, or a stifling of creative expression. She represents a time when you feel overwhelmed by demands or find yourself in the grip of a controlling influence, particularly in a domestic setting.

The Empress Reversed Meaning

And with blocked creativity comes the idea of unfulfilled potential. You might be experiencing a sense of insecurity. Are you currently doubting your ability to achieve what you want? If so, remember to manage your resources wisely, including finances, without succumbing to fears of scarcity.

Either way if you’ve drawn The Empress Reversed now is a clear time for self-love and self-care. If you’ve been overextending yourself for others whilst neglecting your own needs in the process, bring some of that energy back and nurture your own soul. Start doing activities that bring you peace, and take some time to work on a personal creative project. And of course, if you’re still stumped, try to immerse yourself in nature more!

Time spent amongst the trees, finding your inner strength will help you recharge and find balance. So, appreciate the simple beauties of the world, which can be a balm for the stress and disconnection that the reversed Empress can sometimes signify.

If you need some actionable advice when it comes to your creative blocks, just remember patience and persistence go along way. Things may not go perfect at first, but keep showing up day by day, and things will turn to your favor.

ALSO it’s important to remember not to be overly concerned with external validation or success, you are the Empress, you are your own benchmark for your success, remember external validation will never bring you peace. So, embrace your creative output, regardless of its perceived quality.

Overall, The Empress reversed is a signal to re-examine and rebalance aspects of your life where you might be giving too much of yourself, neglecting your own needs, or facing creative and emotional blocks. It’s a call to nurture yourself, reconnect with nature, and trust in your own creative and nurturing abilities, even when they seem challenged.

For Love and Relationships

If you want to know about Love and Relationships The Empress Reversed shows there’s some sort of stagnation going on right now. Is one of you depending too much on the other? Or are there signs of neglect, perhaps an imbalance in giving and receiving care. If you’re in relationship, it generally means one of you may be feeling smothered right now.

For singles, it might indicate a time when you’re not attracting the right kind of partners, possibly due to a lack of self-love or unresolved issues from your past holding you back. Remember if you want to find the right love in your life, you need to work on yourself first!

For Money and Career

When it comes to Money and Career the Empress you may be struggling with a lot od creative blocks and even financial issues. Or it may just be something more simple like no longer finding the joy in your work. If this is the case, it’s time to find your passion in your job again, and tighten up your purse strings for a few months until you get yourself in a more stable position.

For Spirituality

When it comes to spirituality, the Reversed Empress means there’s a disconnect between you and the natural world. We’ve just gone through the journey of The High Priestess who reminds us of our inner wisdom and intuition, however somewhere along the way you may have lost your path.

Now you need to slow down, take a step back and reconnect with your inner voice and take some time to get back into nature. The Empress is coming now with a gentle nurturing reminder to take care of all aspects of your life, not just spiritual, but physical and emotional too.

For Yes or No

As a yes or no answer, the Empress reversed isn’t a dead set “no” but she is a “Not Yet.” At the moment your energy may not be right for what you want and there are unresolved issues that need to be addressed first. Before you do anything you need to slow down and reflect. Reconsider your approach to life and make sure that you’re not neglecting important aspects of the situation at hand.

Combinations For The Empress

If you’ve drawn the Empress with other cards from your deck, then here is what each combination means! Remember the main message of the cards will be about nurturing yourself, but there is more than that to it!

Major Arcana CardCombination with The Empress
The FoolNew beginnings filled with nurturing energy and potential for growth.
The MagicianManifestation of creative ideas, harnessing both intuition and practical skills.
The High PriestessDeepened intuition and understanding, balancing inner knowledge with nurturing.
The EmpressAmplified femininity, creativity, and abundance. A powerful force of nurturing and growth.
The EmperorBalancing masculine and feminine energies, structure and nurturing coming together.
The HierophantTraditional values and beliefs nurtured, possibly in a family or cultural context.
The LoversHarmonious relationships, choices made with love and care.
The ChariotDetermined progress balanced with a nurturing approach.
StrengthGentle power, inner strength combined with compassion and nurturing.
The HermitInner reflection leading to growth, nurturing one’s inner wisdom.
Wheel of FortuneCycles of life bringing growth and abundance, accepting change with grace.
JusticeFairness and balance in nurturing, karmic relationships.
The Hanged ManPausing to nurture oneself, re-evaluating what is truly nourishing.
DeathTransformation and renewal, letting go of the old to nurture new growth.
TemperanceBlending and balancing energies for harmony and nurturing growth.
The DevilOvercoming material or physical bonds to nurture the spirit and heart.
The TowerSudden change leading to the need for self-nurturing and reevaluation of priorities.
The StarHope and inspiration nurtured, healing and rejuvenation.
The MoonNurturing through uncertainty, trusting intuition amidst confusion.
The SunJoy and vitality, nurturing success and positivity.
JudgementSelf-reflection leading to growth, a call to nurture one’s true calling.
The WorldCompletion and fulfillment, celebrating achievements and nurturing new beginnings.

Journaling Prompts For The Empress

Drawing The Empress upright in a Tarot reading can be a profound and insightful experience, especially when it comes to journaling and self-reflection. Here are several journaling prompts that you can use to delve deeper into the meanings and personal implications of this card:

  1. How can I embrace and express my feminine energy more fully in my daily life?
  2. In what ways can I nurture my creative abilities or embark on creative projects?
  3. In what areas of my life am I most nurturing to others? How can I balance this with nurturing myself?
  4. What are the areas of abundance in my life right now and can I express gratitude for these blessings and attract even more?
  5. What are some ways I can deepen my connection to the Earth and how might this benefit my spiritual and emotional well-being?
  6. What positive traits have I inherited from maternal figures in my life, and how can I implement them more?
  7. What does self-love look like for me? How can I prioritize self-care in my routine to ensure I’m as nurturing to myself as I am to others?

Final Message Of The Empress

“My dear, as you move through your day, remember to embrace the world with open arms and a nurturing heart, just as I do. See the beauty in the small things—the way the morning light filters through the leaves, the smile of a stranger, the comfort of a warm cup of tea. These are the gifts of life, the simple joys that make each day a treasure. Nurture them, cherish them, and let them fill your heart with gratitude and peace.

And don’t forget, to nurture yourself as well. Be gentle with your soul, kind with your words, and loving in your actions. Your well-being is the source of your strength and the fountain of your ability to care for others. Remember that creativity and growth are not just about what you produce but also about how you bloom internally. Allow yourself to flourish in your own time and space. In doing so, you become love and light, not just for yourself, but for everyone around you. Go forth with love, grace, and the confidence that you are supported by the abundant energy of the universe.”


As you can see, the Empress is a fantastic card to pull in a reading. She’s a gentle reminder to come back to yourself and nature, and trust the universe’s plan for you, after all, it is nurturing you.

Even when reversed she is not a particularly aggressive card. Like a mother who wants the best for her children, the Empress is there to serve as a gentle reminder to be grateful for what you have, and to nurture your dreams to bring them into fruition.

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