The Fool As Intentions Towards You – A Sign Of New Beginnings?

When someone’s intentions towards you are represented by The Fool, it’s an invitation to a journey filled with spontaneity and the unexpected. This person might want you to embrace new experiences and to take a leap of faith into the unknown with them.

But what lies beneath this adventurous proposition? Are they seeking a companion for a journey of pure freedom and discovery, or is there a deeper significance to their desire to break away from convention? The Fool’s intentions are hard to interpret, a blend of carefree joy and the allure of the unexplored. Keep reading to find out what the Fool as Intentions means!

Key Takeaways

The Upright Fool

  • Dating: Embrace a free-spirited approach, explore with excitement, and keep expectations light.
  • Relationships: Inject spontaneity and joy into established relationships, break free from routine.
  • Exes: Consider a fresh start or exploration beyond the past, embrace uncertainty.
  • Will There Be Commitment: Enjoy the journey of getting to know each other, don’t rush into commitment.
  • Friends & Family: Seek new shared experiences, break out of old patterns, create fresh memories together.
  • Careers: Embark on a new, possibly unexpected path, embrace risks, and follow your passions.
  • Your Intentions: Embrace new beginnings, trust in the journey, and be open to lessons and experiences.

The Reversed Fool

  • Dating: Hesitation and uncertainty in embracing a new relationship, potential unrealistic expectations.
  • Relationships: Caution and resistance to change, stagnation in the relationship.
  • Exes: Lack of clarity or practical consideration, idealization of the past.
  • Will There Be Commitment: Hesitancy and fear of moving forward, address doubts and fears.
  • Friends & Family: Resistance to new adventures or experiences, hindrance to relationship growth.
  • Careers: Reluctance to embrace new opportunities or changes, fear of stepping out of the comfort zone.
  • Your Intentions: Examine barriers due to fear or impractical expectations, find a balance between caution and healthy risk-taking.

Symbolism of The Fool

The Fool is depicted as a carefree traveler stepping off a cliff, a small dog at his heels. He carries a knapsack, symbolizing the experiences he collects along his journey. This card is rich with symbolism, representing new beginnings, spontaneity, and a leap of faith. The cliff edge signifies the unknown, the dog represents loyalty and protection, and the knapsack contains all the Fool needs – implying simplicity and trust in the universe.

The Fool encourages embracing new experiences with an open heart and mind, suggesting a willingness to step into the unknown with optimism. It represents the purest form of curiosity and adventure, reminding us to maintain our innocence and wonder in the face of life’s journey.

The Fool (0) Symbolism

The Upright Fool As Intentions

Right now the intention toward you is to step off a cliff into a vast world of unknown possibilities. While often misunderstood, The Fool is not about foolishness or naivety. Instead, it’s a symbol of pure potential, the very first step on a new journey. When The Fool shows up, it’s a sign to embrace change, be open to new experiences, and face life with a sense of wonder and adventure, maybe this person is here to guide you to new happiness, especially if you’ve been in a rut for a while.

The Fool Upright As Intentions


When The Fool appears for dating, it speaks to a free-spirited approach. The person you’re interested in, or maybe you yourself, are likely approaching dating with exploration and excitement. There’s a willingness to embrace the unknown, to experience the joy of meeting new people without heavy expectations or rigid plans. It’s a playful adventure in the world of romance, where each date is a step into new experiences.

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In relationships, The Fool suggests a desire to rejuvenate and refresh the connection. It’s about breaking free from routine and bringing a new spark of joy and exploration into the relationship. Now is the time for couples to rediscover the excitement of their early days, to be impulsive, plan surprise outings, and explore new aspects of their relationship together.

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When it comes to exes, The Fool can indicate a range of intentions. It might mean an ex is considering a fresh start with you or simply looking to explore what life offers beyond your past relationship. It’s a reminder that revisiting the past can be a path to new beginnings, but with The Fool, there’s always a sense of uncertainty and exploration involved. So if you do follow this path, remember it’s all about trusting in God.

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Will There Be Commitment?

If you’re wondering about commitment, The Fool tells a story of a journey that’s just beginning. It suggests that while there’s potential for something deeper, the road to commitment is still unfolding. So just enjoy the process of getting to know each other, without rushing to define the future too soon.

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Friends & Family

When it comes to friends and family, The Fool’s intentions hint at seeking new shared experiences. Perhaps your friends or family want to break out of the old patterns and try something entirely different, like a spontaneous trip or a new hobby. It’s about creating fresh, memorable moments together.

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In your career, The Fool is a sign of embarking on a new, possibly unexpected path. It could be about changing careers, starting a new role, or even taking a leap into the unknown world of entrepreneurship. This card is a reminder of the rewards that can come from taking risks and following your passions, even when the path isn’t fully clear.

Your Intentions

And for you The Fool is a card which is asking you to consider embracing new beginnings and being open to where life’s path may lead. This card encourages you to listen to your heart and pursue your dreams, even if the destination isn’t yet visible. It’s a call to trust in the journey and be open to the lessons and experiences along the way.

Actionable Advice

  • Embrace Change Boldly: Be open to new paths and experiences, and don’t shy away from the unknown.
  • Cultivate Curiosity: Always keep asking, exploring, and learning. Each new experience is a step on your journey.
  • Live in the Moment: Appreciate the journey as much as the destination. Savor each moment and let it guide you to your next adventure.

Common Misinterpretations

Many people mistake The Fool as a sign of recklessness or a lack of seriousness in intentions. However, it’s important to see this card more as a sign beginnings, potential, and the joy of exploration. The Fool isn’t about ignoring consequences; it’s about embracing life with a spirit of adventure and openness. The Fool may not have all the answers, but he does have enough trust that he’s ready to take a leap of face.

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The Fool as intentions is a powerful call to embrace the new, the unknown, and the journey of life with an open heart and mind. It’s about taking that first step into uncharted territory with excitement and optimism. It encourages you to approach life with a sense of adventure, ready to learn and experience all that comes your way. Let The Fool guide you in embracing every new beginning and discovering the endless possibilities that await.

Embrace the thrill of the adventure and the excitement of the unexpected. Let your curiosity guide you as you explore new possibilities and expand your horizons.

– The Fool Upright

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The Fool Reversed As Intentions

The Reversed Fool paints a completely different picture . When this card appears reversed, He’s standing at the edge of that cliff, but with hesitation and uncertainty (or even worse, not thinking at all). The Reversed Fool indicates both fear of the unknown, and recklessness without thought of consequences, and sometimes even a journey that’s being resisted. It’s a sign that intentions may be clouded by doubt, indecision, or impracticality.

The Fool Reversed As Intentions


For dating, The Reversed Fool means that that someone is not fully ready to embrace a new relationship. There might be a fear of getting hurt or an unwillingness to move on from the past. It’s a sign of holding back, where one might be entering the dating scene but with significant reservations or unrealistic expectations.


For those in relationships, it signals caution. It might show that one or both partners are not ready for change or are afraid to take the next step. This could manifest as stagnation in the relationship, where things feel stuck or unable to progress naturally.


For exes, The Reversed Fool suggests a lack of clarity or an inability to move forward. It could mean that an ex is considering a reunion, but their intentions are not grounded in reality. There might be an idealization of the past, without a practical consideration of what a reunion would entail.

Will There Be Commitment?

When it comes to commitment, it signals a hesitancy or fear of moving forward. The path to a deeper commitment might be blocked by fears, doubts, or unrealistic expectations. You must address these issues before proceeding. If you’re not feeling it in your own life, then this is what your partner, or potential love interest may be feeling.

Friends & Family

For friends and family, The Reversed Fool might mean intentions are being held back by fear or a desire to maintain the status quo. Plans for new adventures with loved ones may be met with resistance or apprehension, hindering the growth of these relationships.


In career matters, there could be a reluctance to embrace new opportunities or changes. It may point to fears about taking risks or stepping out of a comfort zone. This could lead to missed opportunities or staying in an unfulfilling job out of fear of the unknown.

Your Intentions

When reflecting on your own intentions, it’s time for you to examine where you might be holding yourself back due to fear or impractical expectations. You need to address these barriers and to find a balance between cautious planning and healthy risk-taking.

Actionable Advice

  • Acknowledge Fear: Recognize where fear or hesitation is holding you back and confront these feelings.
  • Seek Balance: Find a middle ground between cautious planning and embracing new experiences.
  • Realistic Expectations: Set practical and achievable goals for yourself to overcome the paralysis of indecision.

Common Misinterpretations

The Reversed Fool is often misinterpreted as just bad decision-making or foolishness. However, it’s more about the fear of stepping into the unknown and the hesitation to embrace change. It’s not just about making poor choices, but about the reasons behind why one might be afraid to make any choice at all.

The Reversed Fool as intentions is a nuanced signal to reassess your readiness for change, to confront your fears, and to approach life with a more grounded perspective. It’s a reminder to find balance between caution and adventure, and to move forward with intentions that are both practical and optimistic. It invites you to take a thoughtful step forward, overcoming fears and doubts to embrace the journey ahead.

Reassess your decisions and make sure they align with your true desires. Don’t rush into anything without careful consideration and thoughtfulness.

– The Fool Reversed

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Combinations That Go With The Fool As Intentions

The Fool in tarot, when combined with other cards, helps us read even more of the story the universe is trying to tell us! While this card, typically representing new beginnings, adventure, and a leap of faith, when it interacts with other cards to reveal the intent becomes even more clear, and reminds us that life is never simple. It could be ranging from the desire for fresh experiences to the willingness to embrace the unknown.

The Fool and The Magician

When The Fool meets The Magician, it signifies an intention to turn new beginnings into tangible actions. This combination speaks to the desire to channel one’s potential and enthusiasm into creating something real and meaningful. It’s about harnessing the raw energy of The Fool and directing it with the skill and willpower of The Magician.

The Fool and The High Priestess

Combine The Fool with The High Priestess, and it shows that someone you know or you need to trust intuition on a new journey you’re about to embark on. It’s about stepping into an unknown future, but with an inner belief that their instincts will guide them rightly. It’s about balancing an adventurous spirit with a deeper sense of inner wisdom and understanding.

The Fool and Six of Swords

Pair The Fool with the Six of Swords, and it reflects an intention to move forward into a new phase of life, leaving behind past troubles. They seek a fresh start, possibly after a period of difficulty, with the hope of finding calmer waters ahead. It’s about embracing change and seeking a smoother path, guided by the optimism of The Fool.

The Fool and Ten of Pentacles

Mix The Fool with the Ten of Pentacles, and it shows there’s time for a new path that may eventually lead to long-term stability and fulfillment. This person wants to lay the foundations for future success, whether in family, career, or finances, but is willing to start this journey with an open heart and mind, ready to embrace new experiences along the way.

The Fool and The Star

The Fool alongside The Star suggests an intention to follow one’s dreams and aspirations, no matter how distant they may seem. This combination speaks to the desire to pursue one’s highest hopes with a sense of adventure and faith. It’s about believing in the possibility of a brighter future and taking the first steps towards it with optimism and trust.

The Fool and Knight of Cups

When The Fool meets the Knight of Cups, they most likely wish to pursue passions and emotional desires bravely. This person is ready to embark on a journey led by their heart, seeking experiences that fulfill their emotional and creative needs. It’s about taking a leap into the realm of feelings and creativity, guided by the romantic and adventurous spirit of these two cards.


In summary, when The Fool appears upright, the intention is about having a fresh start, and marching forward into the unknown with a sense of optimism. There’s a desire for fresh experiences, a willingness to take risks, and a youthful enthusiasm for life. The Fool represents a leap of faith, urging one to follow their heart and take chances, trusting that the journey itself is the reward.

Reversed, The Fool’s intentions can hint at recklessness or naivety. It’s a caution against jumping into situations without proper thought or preparation. It’s a reminder to look before leaping and to consider the consequences of actions. The intention here might be to find a balance between adventure and practicality, ensuring that one’s enthusiasm does not lead to unnecessary pitfalls.

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