The Fool (0) Tarot Card Meaning: Upright & Reversed

The fool is one of the most intriguing characters in the tarot deck. It’s a card about new beginnings, adventure, and the sheer unpredictability of life’s journey, It’s the card of renewal, the journey is complete, you’ve reached a higher plane, and a new journey begins! However, not all is as it seems with the fool, like every card in the tarot there are multiple meanings, and when you reverse the card, or combine it with other cards, these meanings become even more complex!

If you want a complete guide on The Fool, then you’ve found the right article! After reading this, you’ll know what the fool means in every aspect of your life. As well as having sound advice on what to do moving forward! So keep reading to find out everything there is to know!

Key Takeaways

Upright Fool in Tarot

  • New Beginnings: Emphasizes starting fresh and seizing opportunities.
  • Personal Growth: Encourages embracing the unknown for growth and experience.
  • Leap of Faith: Advises to trust your intuition and take action without waiting for perfection.

Reversed Fool Meaning

  • Indecision: Highlights a lack of direction and purpose, indecisiveness.
  • Risk Aversion: Points to fear of risks and new experiences.
  • Impulsivity Warning: Cautions against reckless actions without forethought.
  • Ignoring Inner Guidance: Suggests neglecting intuition for others’ opinions.
Key InformationThe Fool’s Attributes
NumerologyRepresents the number 0, symbolizing infinite potential and new beginnings.
Zodiac SignPisces
Ruling PlanetUranus – reflecting sudden change and freedom.
ElementAir, symbolizing thought, intellect, and new ideas.
Yes Or NoGenerally considered a “Yes”, indicating new opportunities and adventures.
CrystalsAquamarine and clear quartz are often associated with The Fool, enhancing clarity and fearlessness.

Symbolism Of The Fool

Reading tarot is all about looking at the symbolism and imagery and what it tells you, as well as knowing the cards meaning! Here is some of the imagery you should look at when you’re reading the card to give you a lot more insight about what the card means.

  • The Fool’s Attire: The Fool wears very simple clothing, this is a nod to the fact that he no longer cares for worldly possessions or anything material. He is driven by something much deeper.
  • The Fool’s Bundle: The Fool is carrying a small bundle of possessions, representing the limited amount of knowledge and experience he possesses., and feels like he needs. However, this bundle is also symbolic of the potential that lies within him, as well as a lack of planning.
  • The White Rose: The white rose is a symbol of purity, innocence, and spiritual awakening. It is often held in the Fool’s hand, representing his connection to higher ideals.
  • The Precipice: He walks along the edge of a cliff, symbolizing his willingness to take risks and his openness to new experiences. However, it also symbolizes the fact he’s not fully aware of the dangers that lie ahead.
  • The Dog: The dog that follows the Fool is a symbol of loyalty and unconditional love. Interpretations differ, but I often see the dog warning the fool of the coming precipice. Like you inner instinct warning you about things your conscious may not fully see.
The Fool (0) Symbolism

The Upright Fool Meaning

“Step into the unknown with an open heart and mind. Embrace new beginnings and trust your intuition to guide you

-The Fool Upright

The Fool tarot card is all about new beginnings and seizing opportunities. It’s about being ready to step off a cliff into something new, you don’t know where you’re going to land, but you have faith it will be somewhere soft. It’s time to follow your heart, even if it feels a bit crazy. And trust that the universe is guiding you to where you need to go.

This card is ALL about adventure and it right now you have an open and excited mind. Let go of your fears and anxieties, and be prepared to dive into the unknown. It’s a time for personal growth and new experiences.

The Fool Upright Meaning

Now is the moment to take that leap of faith, even if you don’t feel completely ready. Don’t wait for everything to be perfect or for someone else to say it’s okay. You’re ready now. If you’ve been looking for a sign to start, this is it.

Right now all your potential is laid before you. The world is full of possibilities, waiting for you to explore. Be creative and spontaneous, and use this magical time to bring your ideas to life.

The Fool invites you to embrace a playful and carefree attitude. Approach life like a curious child, full of wonder and excitement. Run wild, let your spirit soar, dance and be free! The Fool is calling you after all!

If you’re dealing with fear or doubt, meditate on The Fool. He represents your daring, carefree side – your inner child and playful soul. When fear holds you back, think of The Fool’s courage to face the unknown. Take risks and embrace the adventure. The Universe has your back, so go ahead and see where the journey takes you.

Area Of LifeWhat To Do
For LoveTake a leap of faith in new or existing relationships. Embrace spontaneity in intimacy.
FinancesVenture beyond your comfort zone in financial matters. Explore creative money management.
CareerFollow your passions in career choices. Be open to unconventional work ideas.
SpirituallyStart a journey of self-discovery. Let go of limiting beliefs and embrace new perspectives.
HealthPrioritize self-care for well-being. Try alternative and holistic health methods.
PastRelease past regrets and focus on the present. Retain childhood optimism for guidance.
PresentLive in the moment and appreciate experiences. Be open to new possibilities.
FutureTrust in limitless possibilities and intuition. Pursue dreams with optimism and faith.
As A LessonLearn from past experiences for growth. Trust your intuition in new ventures.
As AdviceEmbrace new opportunities. Learn from challenges and setbacks.
As RedirectionChange direction if feeling stuck. Follow your passions with determination.
Personality TypeSpontaneous, optimistic, adventurous. Creative with a childlike sense of wonder.

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The Fool Reversed Meaning

Take calculated risks and trust your intuition, but don’t be so impulsive that you disregard potential consequences.

– The Fool Reversed

The Reversed Fool in tarot is a wake-up call at life’s crossroads. It whispers to us in moments of uncertainty, nudging us to recognize our indecisiveness and procrastination. The universe can see you are stuck and it’s encouraging you to move forward. It’s not just about missing out on opportunities; it’s about understanding our true desires and directions in life.

It shines a light on the deep-seated fear of taking risks and embracing new experiences. It’s like you’re standing on the edge of a cliff, wanting to leap but being held back. We’ve all had this. “What if it doesn’t work out?” “What if I don’t make it?”, You might be keeping yourself safe, but you’re not growing, and you’re not living.

This card also balances the scales between caution and risk. It’s a gentle reminder that life is about taking calculated leaps. Being too cautious can stifle growth, while recklessness can lead to unintended consequences. It asks us to listen more to our inner voice, tuning out the noise of the world. It’s about learning from our past, not repeating the same mistakes, and breaking free from patterns that hold us back.

The Fool Reversed Meaning

Finally, The Reversed Fool is about embracing change and trusting ourselves. It reflects our inner battles with self-sabotage and fear of the unknown. This card is like a mirror, showing us how we might be our own biggest obstacle. It reminds us to nurture our inner selves, to trust our intuition, and to push beyond the boundaries we’ve set. It’s an invitation to a journey of personal growth, urging us to step into the unknown with courage and an open heart.

Area Of LifeWhat It Means
For LoveThe fear of commitment and past relationship hang-ups hinder new connections and personal growth.
FinancesImpulsive spending and risk aversion lead to financial instability and missed growth opportunities.
CareerResistance to change and a preference for conventional paths suppress true potential and fulfillment.
SpirituallySkepticism and clinging to outdated beliefs block spiritual growth and transformation.
HealthNeglecting self-care and resisting new health approaches can lead to imbalances and missed healing.
PastStruggling with past traumas and dwelling on regrets hampers current growth and relationships.
PresentChallenges in living in the moment and overthinking hinder spontaneity and enjoyment.
FutureFear of the unknown and self-sabotage limit potential for growth and achieving dreams.
As A LessonFocus on overcoming limiting beliefs and enhancing self-awareness and intuition.
As AdviceEmphasize caution in decision-making and find a balance between risk-taking and planning.
As RedirectionReevaluate goals when stuck and embrace calculated risks to broaden horizons.
Personality TypeImpulsiveness, indecisiveness, and struggle with commitment and focus.

Combinations For The Fool

Tarot is all about combining cards to get a whole view of the unfolding story in front of you! Here are combinations for The Fool with The Major Arcana!

Major ArcanaDescription
The MagicianA journey of potential coupled with the power to manifest and turn visions into reality.
The High PriestessEmbarking on a new path with a deepened connection to intuition and hidden knowledge.
The EmpressThe initiation of a journey blending with nurturing, creativity, and the emergence of new ideas or projects.
The EmperorA mix of new beginnings and structured leadership, symbolizing adventures requiring authority and discipline.
The HierophantThe Fool’s journey meets traditional values and beliefs, indicating learning new roles or embracing conventional wisdom.
The LoversRepresents a fresh start in relationships or choices, balancing innocence with commitment and partnerships.
The ChariotCombines The Fool’s open journey with determination and willpower, symbolizing a directed yet adventurous pursuit.
StrengthMerging new beginnings with courage and inner strength, emphasizing patience and compassion on the journey.
The HermitSignifies stepping into a new phase with introspection, seeking inner wisdom and solitude for guidance.
Wheel of FortuneRepresents the start of a journey with changing fortunes, reminding one to adapt to the cycles of life.
JusticeThe Fool’s path encountering the need for balance and fairness, emphasizing integrity and accountability.
The Hanged ManBlends The Fool’s fresh perspective with reflective pause, suggesting voluntary sacrifice or new viewpoints.
DeathSymbolizes profound transformation and new beginnings, intertwining the end of one phase with the start of another.
TemperanceThe Fool’s path meets moderation and balance, encouraging harmonious blending of opposites and patient development.
The DevilIndicates an adventurous journey that confronts materialism, temptation, or the need to break free from limiting bonds.
The TowerCombines new beginnings with sudden upheaval or revelation, symbolizing a journey through chaos to awakening.
The StarMerges The Fool’s journey with hope, inspiration, and serenity, suggesting a path towards healing and renewed optimism.
The MoonThe Fool embarks on a path filled with illusions, subconscious mysteries, and emotional exploration.
The SunThe Fool’s adventure is illuminated by The Sun’s positivity, joy, and clarity, symbolizing enlightenment and success.
JudgementRepresents a journey towards self-evaluation and rebirth, encountering a call to higher consciousness or transformation.
The WorldSymbolizes the completion of a cycle and the beginning of a new one, culminating in achievement and understanding.

Journaling Prompts For The Fool

I always recommend Tarot as a great way to gain insight into your innermost thoughts, and figure out where you are in life right now. That’s why I’d highly recommend journaling your readings so you get a better understanding of your thoughts, and what’s going on around you right now!

So with that in mind here are some great journaling prompts for you!

  1. Where is my inner Fool calling me to go? What new experiences or adventures am I being invited to embrace?
  2. What limiting beliefs or fears am I holding onto that are preventing me from stepping into the unknown?
  3. In what areas of my life do I need to be more playful, spontaneous, and open-minded?
  4. How can I trust my intuition and inner guidance to lead me through uncharted territories?
  5. What steps can I take today to embrace a childlike wonder and approach life with fresh eyes?

Final Message Of The Fool:

Embrace spontaneity, courage, and intuition, and trust new beginnings and uncharted territories. Embrace wonder, let go of fears and limitations, let your inner wisdom guide you. Remember, with a balanced approach between adventurous spirit and calculated planning, you can create a path that aligns with your true aspirations.


As you can see The Fool is a great card to pull in your tarot reading! It’s going to urge you to let go, run free, and trust the universe with an open heart, while also cautioning you against recklessness!

So make sure that you’re listening to the cards, and trusting your instinct, and you’ll take yourself to places you didn’t even think were possible!

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