The Fool As Feelings: Embracing New Beginnings

The fool is my favorite card in the tarot deck. It’s a fresh start, a blank canvas waiting to be painted with the colors of life’s experiences. When this card shows up in a reading focused on feelings, it’s like the first gust of wind on a hot summer day—refreshing, invigorating, and full of promise. The fool brings with it the sense of exhilaration you feel when you’re on the cusp of a new adventure, like setting off on a spontaneous road trip without a map. Capturing the thrill of the unknown and the joy of unscripted moments.

However, remember, the fool is called such for a reason, while it brings with it a fresh start, it also cautions you to not act to rashly. With that in mind, keep reading to find out everything you could want to know about the fool as feelings!

Key Takeaways:

General Symbolism

  • New Beginnings: Openness to love and self-discovery.
  • Freedom: Emotional liberation.
  • Spontaneity: Dive into new experiences.
  • Caution: Mindfulness of consequences.

Upright Fool

  • Singles: Self-discovery and openness.
  • Couples: Rekindle spark and communicate.
  • Ex-Partners: Reconnection or closure.
  • Family/Friends: Renew bonds and open talks.

Reversed Fool

  • Singles: Caution and self-doubt.
  • Couples: Reevaluation and hesitancy.
  • Ex-Partners: Second thoughts and unresolved issues.
  • Family/Friends: Tread carefully and avoid confrontation.

What Does The Fool As Feelings Symbolize?

Before we go deeper into what exactly the fool as feelings means, here’s just a brief guide on the things you can expect when you see the fool!

  • New Beginnings: At its core, The Fool represents the start of something new. As far as feelings go, this could mean a newfound openness to love, friendship, or even self-discovery.
  • Freedom and Liberation: The Fool is unburdened by past experiences or future expectations. This sense of freedom can manifest as emotional liberation, where you’re free to feel without judgment or restraint.
  • Spontaneity: He also embodies the spirit of spontaneity. Emotionally, it suggests a willingness to dive into new experiences without overthinking them.


The Fool is a bit of a paradox. On one hand, it encourages you to take emotional risks, to leap without looking. On the other hand, it serves as a cautionary tale, warning you to be mindful of the potential consequences.

Ever had that “butterflies in your stomach” feeling before making a big emotional decision? That’s The Fool’s energy, urging you to weigh the risks and rewards.

The Fool (0) Symbolism

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What Does The Upright Fool Mean ?

Upright, the fool asks you to embrace the full spectrum of your emotional self. It’s telling you to pay attention, and try to embody the following:

  • Optimism and Enthusiasm: An upright Fool is a beacon of optimism. It’s that “glass-half-full” mentality, urging you to see the best in situations and people.
  • Uninhibited Expression: The card encourages you to express your feelings freely, without the weight of societal expectations or self-imposed limitations.
  • Adventurous Spirit: The Upright Fool is the go ahead to explore new emotional territories, whether it’s diving into a new relationship or rekindling an old one with renewed vigor.
Relationship StatusImplications
SinglesSelf-discovery, openness, freedom to explore
CouplesTime to rekindle the spark, open communication, adventure
Ex-PartnersReconnection or closure, self-reflection
Family/FriendsRenew bonds, open talks, adventurous undertakings

For Singles

Getting the upright fool when you’re single is a fantastic card to get. I like to view it as a chance to go on a journey of self discovery, and giving yourself the freedom to explore areas of yourself you may not have explored before, whilst remaining open to new connection. When you get this card, you should take it as a sign of one of the following:

  • Self-Discovery: Being single often provides the space for self-discovery, and the upright Fool amplifies this. It’s an invitation to dive deep into your own emotional world, to discover what truly makes you tick.
  • Freedom to Explore: The upright Fool is all about freedom, especially emotional freedom. For singles, this means you have the liberty to explore relationships at your own pace, without the constraints of a partnership.
  • Openness to New Connections: This card encourages you to be open to new relationships, whether they’re romantic, platonic, or even a deeper connection with yourself.

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For Existing Relationships

If you’ve pulled it in regards to an existing relationship, it’s a gust of fresh air blowing through a room that’s been closed off for too long, bringing a unique twist on a relationship which may have started to go stale. For example:

  • Rekindling the Spark: The upright Fool can signify a return to the honeymoon phase, where everything feels new and exciting. It’s a reminder to bring spontaneity back into the relationship.
  • Open Communication: It also encourages open dialogue and emotional vulnerability. It’s a sign that you and your partner need to say “Hey, let’s drop the barriers and talk about our feelings.”
  • Exploration and Adventure: Whether it’s trying a new activity together or exploring new facets of your emotional connection, the Fool urges you to step out of your comfort zone.

For An Ex

If you’ve drawn it in a reading about your ex, it’s like a sign that you may still have feelings with your ex, and it may be worth exploring, however, always remember to tread carefully. He could mean:

  • Potential for Reconnection: The Fool’s energy of new beginnings could indicate the possibility of rekindling a relationship with your ex. It’s time to ask yourself “Am I sure this is over?”
  • Closure: However, on the flip side, the Fool can also signify the need for emotional closure. It’s a prompt to finally let go and move forward, free from the baggage of the past.
  • Self-Reflection: Lastly, The Fool encourages introspection. It’s an opportunity to look back at the relationship objectively, learning from both the good times and the bad.

Here’s a more in-depth look into what The Fool means when it comes to reconciliation!

For Family And Friends

If you want to know how to deal with your feeling as it pertains to you family and friends, just like with lovers, it can be a sign that it’s time to renew your bond and connection. This brings a whirlwind of possibilities for your relationships with those closest to you.

  • Renewed Bonds: The Fool’s energy of new beginnings can signify a time to renew and strengthen bonds with family and friends. Maybe it’s time for a family reunion or a catch-up with old friends.
  • Open Conversations: Now’s the time for open and honest communication. Have you been holding back from discussing something important with your family or friends? Now might be the time to speak your truth.
  • Adventurous Undertakings: The Fool’s adventurous spirit could manifest as a desire to try something new with your loved ones—perhaps a family vacation or a fun outing with friends.
The Fool Upright As Feelings

Common Misinterpretations

Often times, the fool is misinterpreted as naivety or just foolishness. However, it’s more about embracing new beginnings and having faith in the unknown. People might overlook its message of optimism and adventure, seeing it as a sign of irresponsibility or immaturity.

As A Shadow Card

In its shadow aspect, The Fool can indicate missed opportunities due to hesitation or fear. It’s about the lack of readiness to embark on new journeys. Here, the card warns against excessive caution or letting doubt overshadow potential growth and discovery.

Trust in yourself and your abilities. Believe in the magic of life.

– The Fool Upright

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What Does The Fool Reversed Mean?

When The Fool appears reversed in your tarot reading, it’s definitely a sign that you need to become more in tune with your emotions and take each step in your life with a bit more caution. Reversed brings with it a unique set of nuances that can serve as both a warning and an invitation for deeper self-reflection.

The Emotional Undercurrents

  • Hesitation and Doubt: Unlike its upright counterpart, which encourages leaps of faith, the reversed Fool signifies hesitation or self-doubt. Are you holding back from expressing your true feelings?
  • Fear of Risk: This card suggests a reluctance to take emotional risks, perhaps due to past experiences or fear of failure. It’s like you’re standing at the edge of a cliff, but something’s holding you back from jumping.
  • Stagnation: The reversed Fool shows emotional stagnation. Are you stuck in a rut, replaying old emotional tapes that no longer serve you?
Relationship StatusImplications
SinglesCaution, self-doubt, missed opportunities
CouplesReevaluation, hesitancy, stalled growth
Ex-PartnersSecond thoughts, unresolved issues, emotional guard
Family/FriendsTread carefully, emotional barriers, avoiding confrontation

For Singles

If you’re single and you’ve drawn the fool, it’s a sign that you may be hesitating or doubting yourself. Take a look at your mindset, and where you are in regards to dating. Do you truly feel ready to date, or is there still something holding you back?

  • Caution in Dating: The reversed Fool suggests a level of caution or hesitancy when it comes to dating or entering new relationships. Are past experiences making you wary of taking another emotional plunge?
  • Self-Doubt: This card can indicate a period of self-doubt or insecurity. Are you questioning your worth or attractiveness as a potential partner?
  • Missed Opportunities: The reversed Fool could also signify missed emotional opportunities due to fear or hesitation. Have you ever passed up a chance for connection because you talked yourself out of it?

Have you ever wondered how someone see’s you through the lens of The Fool?

For Existing Relationships

If you’re in a relationship, you need to take stock of where both you and your partner are. It’s time to check to see if you’re on the same page, and if not, communicate how you’re feeling and try to understand them as well.

  • Reevaluation: Re-evaluate the relationship. Are you both on the same page emotionally and spiritually?
  • Hesitation: Is there a reluctance to take the relationship to the next level. Is fear or past experience holding you back from making a commitment?
  • Stalled Growth: You may also be in a period of stagnation or routine in the relationship. Are you both stuck in a comfort zone, avoiding necessary changes?

For An Ex

When the Fool card appears reversed about an ex, the universe is really telling you to proceed with caution. Have you noticed yourself reliving the past, or thinking things might be different? Perhaps you may also be guarding yourself much more since you’ve been burnt before.

  • Second Thoughts: It can mean there’s a temptation to revisit the past, but it also serves as a cautionary note. Are you considering rekindling the relationship out of genuine love, or is it just nostalgia?
  • Unresolved Issues: This card can also signify a lingering emotional baggage that needs to be addressed. Have you truly moved on, or are there unresolved feelings that need closure?
  • Emotional Guard: The reversed Fool suggests a protective stance. Are you guarding your emotions due to past hurts from this relationship?

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For Family And Friends

When it comes to family and friends, you need to proceed with caution. If you have any unresolved issues, then you’ll need to bring them up delicately, and it generally signifies now may not be the time for confrontation.

  • Tread Carefully: It could suggest a need for caution in your interactions with family and friends. Are there sensitive topics or unresolved issues that require a delicate touch?
  • Emotional Barriers: There may be emotional walls that have been built up, either by you or your loved ones. Are these barriers serving a purpose, or are they hindering genuine connections?
  • Avoiding Confrontation: There could be a tendency to avoid difficult conversations or confrontations. Is it time to address the elephant in the room?
The Fool Reversed As Feelings

(Find out what the fools means as how someone see’s you)

Common Misinterpretations

The Fool reversed is commonly seen as a straightforward warning against recklessness. While it does caution against thoughtlessness, it’s more complex, often signaling an internal struggle with taking necessary risks or stepping out of comfort zones. Remember nothing ventured nothing gained, just don’t overstep your capabilities.

As A Shadow Card

As a shadow card, The Fool reversed reflects deep-seated fears or a feeling of being stuck. Right now this internal barrier could be stopping you from embracing change or pursuing personal growth. It’s about finding balance between caution and courage.

Learn from your mistakes and move forward.

– The Fool Reversed
The Fool As Feelings Infographic

Card Combinations That Go With The Fool

When the Fool card combines with other cards in a tarot reading focused on feelings, it gives even MORE depth to the narrative. Each combination below adds nuance and depth to the Fool’s inherent symbolism. However, remember to use your intuition as well as the cards meanings to get a deeper understanding!

The Fool and the Hanged Man

This combo suggests a tension between wanting to leap into new emotional experiences (The Fool) and needing to pause for deeper reflection (The Hanged Man). It’s like you’re on the verge of an emotional adventure but are wisely taking a moment to consider the implications.

The Fool and the King of Pentacles

Here, the adventurous spirit of The Fool meets the stable, grounded energy of the King of Pentacles. This suggests you’re willing to take emotional risks but in a well-thought-out, responsible manner. It’s a balance between emotional spontaneity and practical considerations.

The Fool and the Devil

This combination warns of the potential for emotional recklessness (The Fool) leading to unhealthy attachments or dependencies (The Devil). It’s a cautionary note to be mindful of the emotional choices you make, ensuring they don’t lead to toxic situations.

The Fool and 7 of Pentacles

The Fool’s desire for new experiences pairs with the 7 of Pentacles’ theme of assessment and patience. This suggests that while you’re eager for new emotional ventures, you’re also aware that good things take time to develop. It’s about balancing enthusiasm with patience.

The Fool and Death

This powerful combo signifies a transformative emotional journey. The Fool’s new beginnings mesh with Death’s theme of endings and rebirth, suggesting that you’re on the brink of a significant emotional transition. It’s a cycle of letting go and embracing new emotional landscapes.

The Fool and the Ace of Wands

Both cards are bursting with potential and new beginnings, but while The Fool is more about emotional exploration, the Ace of Wands focuses on passion and inspiration. This combination suggests an emotionally charged new start, filled with excitement and creative energy.


Being one of the most powerful cards in your tarot deck, you should never take the advice of the fool lightly. When the fool is upright it signifies an openness to new beginnings and adventure encouraging you to dive in. However, if you notice that the fool is face down, then it’s a sign that whatever avenue of your life that’s troubling you, you should proceed with caution.

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